A group of military recruits are milked of their cum by super-villain "The Leech" in the enticing introduction to a new superhero series from the mind of Todd Fleming.

The Elementals - Chapter 1
by Todd Fleming
Series: The Elementals



The full moon shined down on Fort Landon as the boot camp headquarters slumbered after a hard day of training. Besides a few recruits on duty, there was hardly a sound throughout the entire base. In building 4306, there was not the usual sounds of slumber. Sounds of muffled moans echoed through the huge room of the barracks.

Filled with 40 bunk beds and small lockers, the recruits of squadron 4306 were wide awake. Their mouths had been gagged with their socks and their wrists and ankles tied to each of the bed posts. Tatters of their t-shirts and boxers littered the mattresses around their aroused naked bodies as they struggled to escape their bondage.

The Leech stood in the middle of the room smiling at the scene before him. The smell of male arousal filled his senses as he hungered for what the young men offered. His slaves went from bed to bed making sure each recruit was edged to the point of orgasm and then denied. They had been doing this for two hours and it was almost time to begin his feast.

Looking to be an average sized man, The Leech’s coal black hair was slicked back so no one would miss his ruby red eyes. Dressed in a black suit, he sensed that one of the recruits was ready for his personal attention.

The young man was trying to break free of his bonds as The Leech approached and became more frenzied when he saw the red eyes of his captor. His nine inch cock pulsed with the need to release his seed. These recruits had been in training for six weeks and without any sexual release during that time. It was for this reason that they were picked for this little project of his.

His mouth started to drool as he looked at the hard rock cock that had been teased for the last two hours. Running his hands across the muscled chest of the bound recruit, The Leech engulfed the cock with his mouth.

Despite the revulsion of another man sucking on his cock, the sexual denial he received made the recruit close his eyes in ecstasy. Thrusting his hips up so his cock would enter more deeply into the mouth of his jailor, the recruit’s moans became louder as he edged towards release for the seventh time tonight.

As The Leech skillfully sucked on the recruit’s cock, he played with his victim’s nipples with one hand while tugging on his balls with the other. The young man had no chance at all to resist as the combination of being edged and the lack of sexual release for six weeks took its toll on him.

Thrashing in his bondage, the recruit screamed as he felt a powerful orgasm build inside his manipulated balls. As a huge load shot through his erect cock, the muffled screams of sexual release grew louder as The Leech devoured every drop of the recruit’s seed.

The orgasm seemed to last for an eternity as shot after shot of pent up cum went straight into The Leech’s mouth. Feeling the salty substance digest in his body, he felt the power surge within him. After he made sure that every drop of cum was devoured, The Leech stood up as the result of his meal started to take effect.

The suit on his body grew tighter as his slim body became more muscled as the cum flowed through his body. Within seconds the suit ripped as the his muscled frame could not take the slim confines of the material. The Leech smiled as he felt more powerful than before. He chose his victims wisely.

The recruit nearly passes out as the pleasure of the best orgasm of his life started to fade. One of The Leech’s slaves came over and untied the sexually exhausted young man and then went to check on one of his fellow recruits.

Breathing heavily, the look of hate and revulsion he gave his captor started to soften as a heavenly afterglow filled his body. His spent cock that had been softening started to harden again as the need to experience an orgasm as powerful as the one he just had filled his body.

The naked recruit forced himself to get to his feet as his legs felt like jelly from tonight’s ordeal. He walked over to the man who orally raped him and kissed him on the lips. “I want you again,” The recruit said softly as he broke off the kiss.

The Leech smiled as he caressed his victim’s cheek causing him to shudder with pleasure. It was rare for one of his victims to instantly feel the after effects of his cum extraction. Most would not feel the effects for hours after the fact, but the result is always the same.

His victims would become addicted to the powerful orgasm that he caused them to have and would do anything to get another. “Go, and tell me when one of your fellow recruits are close to cumming, boy,” His deep voice instructed.

The recruit nodded and did as instructed hoping his instant obedience would reward him with another mind blowing orgasm.

The Leech looked down as his torn suit and sighed. He really should have brought a change of clothes. His body no longer average looked like he had been weight training for years. His new power coursed through his body as he flexed. This was only the start of his mission to get more potent sperm. He looked and noticed another recruit was ready to shoot his load. With a smile on his face, The Leech went to get his next meal. Dinner was being served.


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  1. GayBondageFiction - July 19, 2015, 2:18 am

    Hot hot hot!!! Thanks Todd!

  2. scotts60143 - July 20, 2015, 7:09 am

    What a great concept and great beginning! Wow…that is something to imagine…40 guys tied naked to the bed with a boner sticking up?? Talk about a feast!

  3. intense.restraint - January 17, 2016, 5:06 pm

    Very hot!

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