Undercover DEA Agent Nick Costa's cover has been blown. He makes a failed attempt at escape before being abducted by the Aguilar drug cartel who plan a intense interrogation of their captive.

DEA Agents Suffer Electro Genital Torture - Part 1
by Torture Him
Series: DEA Agents Suffer Electro Genital Torture
Art by Cavelo

electro-genital-tortureNick Costa was frantic, uncharted territory for a DEA agent known for keeping his cool. As he furiously typed away at his laptop uploading a collection of photos that represented the last three months of dangerous work, he could not shake the feeling that his cover had been blown and things were about to get downright unpleasant. Nick had learned to trust his gut. It wasn't only the dark-featured Italian hunk's athleticism that had recently made him a star cadet at the academy but also his keen ability to read a situation. And his intuition was telling him that something wasn't right.

Nick and his partner Antoine Johnson had been working undercover in Mexico on an assignment to infiltrate and document the Aguilar drug cartel posing as up-and-coming drug smugglers Ryan Star and Freddie Houston. The DEA could not have put together a better team. Nick's handsome face and sun-kissed skin in addition to his usually laid-back confident demeanor helped him easily influence others. Hours spent in the gym paid off in the form of a physical prowess that made him an ideal candidate for the risky assignment. Nick was impressive enough but at well over six feet of pure muscle, Antoine carried an even more imposing presence. Until recently, their mission seemed to be a success. It appeared they had won the trust of the reclusive members of the cartel and even succeeded in attaining photos of the cartel's entire hierarchy all the way up to the head of the family, Juan Aguilar. But Nick couldn't shake the feeling of danger he got from the looks he received from Juan's younger brother, Carlos, at their last meeting. And where the hell was Antoine?? He should have been back hours ago. It wasn't like him not to answer his phone or check in on a regular basis.

Nick checked the time as the last of the photos completed their upload to a secure server who's password was known only to the pair. He couldn't wait any longer. It was just too damn risky. He quickly dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt over his tight wife-beater, grabbed the laptop and made his way to the car to begin the two drive toward the border and safety.

As he drove his rented Mercedes through the dusty streets of the small Mexican town, Nick peered into his rear view mirror and noticed to two conspicuous SUV's trailing him. He made a quick right. They followed suit. With wheels screeching, he made a last-minute left. They stayed on his tail.

"Fuck!" he thought. "I've got to get out of here."

Nick pushed the pedal to the floor board as he left the town in the dust heading down a desert highway. The SUV's continued their pursuit until one of the vehicles accelerated pulling up beside him. Nick peered up into the passenger side of the car and his worst fears were realized. It was Carlos!

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he screamed. "I'm so fucking fucked!!"

The SUV swerved into Nick's lane almost running him off the road. But Nick refused to give up. He sped up further but the SUV still trailing him sped up and slammed into his rear bumper causing the Mercedes to fish-tail and spin out of control off the side of the road. By the time the dust had cleared, Nick saw the small group of men, well-dressed in black suits & ties, exiting their vehicles carrying massive assault rifles. He knew there was little chance of escape. He could either engage a gun battle which he was certain to lose or give himself up and look for another opportunity to escape. Exiting the vehicle with his hands already behind his head, Nick had clearly chosen the later.

"A dónde vas amigo?" asked Carlos with smirk. Like the other men, his eyes were obscured by dark sun-glasses. But Nick could recognize that mustached face anywhere. He was like to a twin to his older brother, Juan. Only younger and smaller.

"Nowhere, Carlos. Just out for a drive." he responded knowing there was virtually no chance they'd believe him. "I didn't know it was you. W-Why are you following me, my friend?"

"Juan would like a word with you."

Two of the men approached him. Pulling his hands behind his back, they slapped metal handcuffs around his wrists and blindfolded him with a dirty rag then pushed him into the back seat of Carlos' SUV and quickly made their way to Juan Aguilar's palatial desert estate.


SLAMMM!!! Nick tried not to scream out in pain as the invisible fist crashed into his already bloody face. Still blind-folded but now stripped down to his equally bloody under-shirt, Nick sat on a metal chair with his hands attached to the back with handcuffs. He could hear the laughter of the men as another series of quick punches to his abs took his breath away.

"Basta!" Nick heard the voice entering the room and recognized it immediately. His blindfold was roughly removed to reveal, as he suspected, Juan Aguilar himself standing over the trembling agent and flanked by an attentive audience of six of his men still dressed as though they were about to attend a formal dinner party. Juan presented a less formal though no less intimidating image dressed in an expensive denim shirt tucked into his jeans and rolled up to the elbow revealing strong forearms with thin hair over golden brown skin. At only 35 years of age, Juan was young to be the head of such a powerful cartel. But his good looks and reputation as both shrewd decision maker and a ruthless leader earned him the respect needed to run the successful enterprise. Juan pulled up a chair directly across from Nick and took a seat leaning in close enough to the agent that he could feel his breath.

"Que pasa, amigo? Why were you leaving in a such a hurry?" he asked in a surprisingly relaxed tone.

"What's going on, Juan?" demanded Nick trying to hide the fear in his voice. "Why have your men brought be here?"

"My brother tells me you and your amigo Tyrone have betrayed la familia. He says you are DEA. You have taken advantage of our trust. Taken our pictures. Sent them to your government. Digeme! What is your name and the name of your partner?"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, Juan. Please let me go. Let's discuss this like friends." Nick responded nervously pulling at his restraints.

Juan shook his head and looked Nick in the eyes. "You lie, amigo. My men have collected your laptop. They tell me you have uploaded the photos to a server. What is the password?"

Nick remained silent unable to come up with a response. Juan leaned in closer and stretched his open palm out gently stroking Nick's stubble-covered face. "Ay, we could have been friends. Let's do this the easy way and I promise you a painless death. Or you can resist and I can apply more interesting techniques."

Juan forcibly brought his open palm down slapping Nick across his already swollen right cheek but Nick remained stoic.

"Give it your best shot asshole!"

Juan shook his head. "Carlos, tráeme La Máquina!" He looked at other men "Amigos, let's help Senor fucking DEA agent get more comfortable."

"Si Juan." Carlos responded with a smile.

A couple of Juan's men, eyes still obscured by their dark sunglasses, coldly approached the clearly nervous Nick. Using small pocket knives they cut a slit in the top of his bloody undershirt and in one quick move ripped it off completely revealing Nick's chiseled physique - strong arms, round shoulders, well-developed pecs covered by a dark thick hair that tapered into an enticing trail heading down his ripped abdomen into cover of his khaki pants.

"We've got a hairy gringo!" joked Juan to the amusement of his men as he examined Nick's chest with his hand.

Another one of Juan's men approached them carrying a plastic bucket filled with water. Juan stepped back as the freezing cold contents of the bucked drenched Nick who began to shiver not only from the cold but the sight of gleeful Carlos who had stripped down into his undershirt and returned with "La Máquina" - a sinister looking device with all kinds of wires and clips attached to a central unit with several dials and knobs. With a wide grin Carlos proudly placed the device on the desk in front of Nick.

Nick looked at Juan unable to hide the fear in his eyes.

"Soon amigo you will be singing like a Mariachi band!" Juan laughed, singing "Ay, ay, ay ay!" to the laughter of his men.



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