The "House of Malik" is a bustle as auction day approaches.....

Duped - Part 13 (Page 1)
by Chrisus
Series: Duped
Art piece by Joji
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Slave auction days at the "House of Malik" are always frenetic and cause Malik much concern; the principal one being the slaves who are to be sold.

Without doubt, there is no surlier creature than a slave who knows he is scheduled to mount the auction block within a few hours. He can be more difficult and obstinate than even the most cantankerous, flea ridden, desert caravan camel that must be whipped by his handler to get it to its feet.

And so it is with the slaves! They have to beaten into obedience and although Malik doesn't like to see his slaves heavily marked as they step up onto the block, he nevertheless accepts the odd stripe or two on a slave's naked ass or shoulders as inevitable - and in some ways even desirable.

Long experienced in successfully marketing his livestock - and there is no more successful slave-trader than Malik - has demonstrated to him that the buyer is quite prepared to accept the odd superficial stripe of the cane or the strap on a slave's body as he inspects the merchandize. Indeed, Malik's keen observation over many years has convinced him that a buyer likes to see a slave so marked. At times too numerous for him to recall, Malik has watched as a buyer used a fingertip to almost lovingly trace along a welt raised by a cane or a strap in what resembles a gentle caress. Perhaps, at these times, the would-be buyer is fantasizing about adding his own marks to the slave's body.

Malik does understand this position and has some sympathy with it. He personally believes a few punishment marks enhance a slave's appearance when being shown to a prospective buyer. What better way of demonstrating to the buyer that the slave is property to be used, abused and punished at his owner's discretion than to see the results of previous chastisements.

Why, only the day before yesterday, he'd looked down on his friend, Anwar's new slave as he crouched at the feet of Prince Omar. Of necessity, the slave, Matthew, had felt the cane and the quirt as he was put through his paces before the prince and, earlier in the day, when he'd been presented to the African father and son who'd shown so much interest in him and the Irish slave with the unusual name of Finbar.

As the slave knelt with his striped ass pointing to the heavens, Prince Omar couldn't contain himself. He leant forward in his chair - to the consternation of his two body slaves who worried that his overburdened body could topple forward - and leered at the slave. The old lecher had salivated at the sight of the slave's naked ass and he'd licked his lips lasciviously as he contemplated brutally beating it with one of his ornately carved, wooden paddles.

Rumours are whispered about Prince Omar's impotence and his infamous, black proxy, Gansu who always stands in his place after Prince Omar has sadistically beaten the slave. He is the butt of many crude and lewd jokes but only a fool would peddle these publicly and those who do are dealt with harshly. After all, Maluchistan is an absolute monarchy and any disrespect to the reigning king or members of his family are viewed as treasonable and harshly punished. Forget that and you pay the price for your carelessness.

And so, while Malik is well aware of Prince Omar's "deficiency" - after all, he has seen it fail to manifest itself many times as the prince examines a potential purchase - he wisely keeps a still tongue in his head least it be plucked out as has happened to those foolish enough to give voice to the rumours.

There is much to be done to prepare the slaves and make them ready for the viewing area. Indeed preparations for today's showing and auction began yesterday when the slaves were fed early in the morning and given a purgative to empty their bowels. After that, they received no more solids and were given only water to drink.

Malik is most fastidious in this. One thing he abhors is the possibility of a nervous slave voiding his bowels on the viewing platform. No, it's far better that the slave abstain from eating, even if he does suffer hunger pangs, rather than to disgrace himself in front of Malik's esteemed clients.

The rest of yesterday was spent preparing the slaves for today's public viewings. The slave-handlers worked tirelessly to crop heads, smooth shave bodies, pare and buff finger and toe nails and to enhance the slaves' overall appearances and thus their marketability. After they'd finished, Malik minutely inspected the slaves. He is very "hands-on" and leaves nothing to chance. Each slave was inspected individually to see there were no stray hairs to mar the smoothness of his nude body. Really, nothing detracts from a slave's overall appearance as much as a stray hair under the arms or in the ass-crack.

Then each slave was fitted with a special, made-to-order, stainless steel collar and matching cock ring; each artistically engraved with the logo "House of Malik" in delicate, cursive lettering. Although the collars and cock rings are expensive - these are especially made for him by a skilled, metal working artisan in the Souq - Malik considers the prime quality of his merchandize merits this goodwill gesture to his esteemed clients. And the collars and rings do enhance the slaves as they stand on the viewing platform and later as they step up on to the auction-block. Malik considers that the collars emphasize a slave's abject servitude while the cock rings re-enforce his absolute slavery to the buyers.

When Malik was completely satisfied with their appearance, each slave's body was given a light coating of display oil to enhance his physique and to highlight his musculature. Then the slaves were returned to their pens to rest for the morrow, their public displaying and finally the auction.

Malik is personally supervising all aspects of today's operations and there is much to be done. As is customary on sale-days, he is liverish and bad-tempered and his household slaves bear the brunt of his bad humour. The wretched slaves have come to dread sale days as much as Malik looks forward to them. For Malik there is the chance of ingratiating himself with his wealthy clients and the prospect of much profit to be made by day's end.

However, for his household slaves, they must abjectly endure his verbal and physical abuse. Malik will flail about him with a cane of a short leather whip - whichever is at hand - and woe betide any unfortunate slave who incurs his wrath.

Today, the apprehensive house slaves are busy in the viewing area set aside for the purchasers and laying out refreshments for them to enjoy as they peruse the animals on display or debate among themselves the merits of a particular slave.

Malik is a traditionalist and eschews the modern practise of displaying his livestock in showrooms that glitter and shine with chrome and gilt. He is well aware that some of his competitors have gone to great expense to do so and he is sometimes urged by his friends to keep pace and modernize his establishment. However, he has resisted all such urgings and maintains the status quo.

The "House of Malik" has stood virtually unchanged in the same location for several centuries and to Malik's thinking it has admirably stood the test of time. It's true that his establishment reflects its medieval origins and lacks the glamour and sparkle of the newer slave emporiums to be found in the more salubrious areas of the city. But the "House of Malik" has things they seriously lack and these are "gravitas and atmosphere" with which his family's slave-trading has imbued it. One has only to walk through the solid wooden gates opening from the street into the courtyard of his premises and immediately you feel the difference between Malik's traditional slave-market and his newer competitors' faux slave emporiums.

Here, at the "House of Malik", the very ambience lends itself to the successful display and marketing of slaves; it suggests to the visitor that this is, in every sense, a real slave-market. The venerable walls of the courtyards have re-echoed with the sad whisperings and entreaties to be set free; the ancient, clay bricks have reverberated with the sound of leather striking naked flesh and of the anguished cries of the countless, suffering slaves who have passed through over the centuries.

The walls of the slave pens are covered with the names of those luckless victims who have recorded their names there in the vain hope that someone will eventually find them. More poignant are the sad messages of those who have abandoned hope and recorded their last goodbyes to family and loved ones. All who have passed through these pens have left something of their essence behind in their fear induced sweating as they waited for their turn on the auction-block. The cobblestone floors have been worn shining-smooth by the shuffling of their shackled, naked feet moving under the overseers' whips from the pens to the display podiums and ultimately up onto the auction-block.

And today is market day! Malik has thirty-one prime, male slaves chained to the viewing podium and soon the first of his esteemed clients will be arriving to inspect them and hopefully to bid for them. On auction days, Malik usually offers thirty slaves for sale; over the years he has found this to be the optimum number to work with. Today however, that number has increased to thirty-one; the additional slave being Anwar's new slave, Matthew. Malik does this as a special favour to his old friend who is anxious that his slave be sold before he returns to London tomorrow.

Today's offering has much to commend itself to the discerning buyer. The slaves, as Malik has noted, are a superb collection ranging through the whole spectrum of hair colouring. There are flaxen haired beauties from the Slavic regions, tow-haired blonds from Northern Europe and the decadent West and olive skinned slaves with the blackest of black hair from the Mediterranean area. Why, there is even one with smooth, milky white skin and flaming red hair. Of course, slaves such as this aren't suited to outdoor labour as the sun speckles their hides with unsightly blemishes. Such slaves are suited only to the bedchamber or to serve in the household. Nevertheless, the red-haired slave will attract strong bidding as he stands on the auction-block.

The slaves range in age from a mere stripling of some seventeen or eighteen years through to those aged in their mid -twenties. Malik considers this age range to be the optimum one and he considers any slave over twenty-five as "mature" and not offering the buyer good value for money.

Malik has a few minutes to spare and is inspecting the slaves shackled into position on the viewing platform. The slaves' oiled torsos glisten sensually in the diffused sunlight filtering down through the stout timbered rafters and the walls and arches of the ancient courtyard provide an evocative backdrop to their naked forms. Mostly the slaves stand placidly as they await the arrival of the buyers but boredom causes them to fidget and rattle their chains. Their movements accentuate their superb physiques and bring into play the rippling and flexing of their hard, well-defined muscles. Altogether, the slaves make a most agreeable sight and Malik is well pleased with today's offerings.

And like cattle chewing the cud, the slaves munch on sprigs of freshly picked mint to sweeten their breath as the buyers examine the soundness of their teeth and the health of their tongues.

Each slave has his lot number painted onto the podium at his feet and, additionally, it is marked on his right pectoral and left flank. That way the slave's lot number is always visible to the buyer no matter at what angle the slave is viewed.

As Malik walks slowly along the line of slaves he is gratified. Today's offering includes Mustapha's six waiters and Anwar's new slave. And additionally, there is his Spanish slave, Miguel whom he has decided to sell.

In a way, he regrets parting with Miguel who has served him well as both a house slave and a bed-buck. He was always a delight to fuck with his tight, eager hole and unceasing willingness to please. Malik hasn't any complaints about Miguel's abilities to serve but the slave is at the peak of condition and after a year's slavery, he is ready to sell. Malik knows from experience that Miguel will sell well and return him a handsome profit. And he knows Miguel will more than please the most discerning of new masters.

Malik stands in front of Miguel who is offered for sale as lot 14 and surveys him for one last time. The slave stands with his legs apart - which displays his generous genitalia to perfection - his muscular body held erect and his head bowed in humility. Of course, he is buck naked and without his customary loincloth which is as it should be. Like all animals offered for sale, slaves should be displayed "au naturel" and with nothing hidden from the prospective buyers. His clients expect no less!

However, Malik has a preference to clothe his house-slaves in minimalist loincloths. It's not that he is prudish nor is it done for any moralistic reasons. Indeed, Malik enjoys looking upon the naked bodies of his slaves. But he is of the opinion that loincloths lend an air of mystery to a slave. A small cloth covering a slave's ass and genitals whets the appetite and inflames the imagination. One can salivate most erotically at what lies hidden behind those small scraps of flimsy material.

Standing next in line to Miguel is lot 15, Anwar's golden-haired slave, Matthew. Both slaves are opposites of one another; Miguel's olive complexion and black hair show his Mediterranean origins whereas the other slave is more Germanic in appearance. Nevertheless, they complement each other beautifully. What a winning combination they'd make for the discerning buyer. They are a stunning pair of slaves; a glorious rarity for the genuine connoisseur of magnificent, male slave-flesh!

The fact that Matthew stands next to Miguel isn't by mere chance. No indeed, it was cunningly planned by Malik who unerringly knows how to display his slaves to full advantage on sale day. He'd recognized the potential these two slaves had to engender the erotic interest of the buyers. Seen together, Miguel and Matthew are superb. The genuine connoisseur would recognize that fact and would find it hard to choose between the two. Hopefully, the buyer, unable to decide which slave to buy, would loosen his purse-strings and bid for both slaves. This is the clever ploy that the ever canny Malik often employs and most times it works to his monetary advantage.

Anwar's slave is a superb animal with all the lines of a true thoroughbred. Tall, long-limbed and muscular, this slave will excite the most jaded buyer. And how superb he looks fitted with his new slave collar and cock ring. As the slave nervously fidgets on his podium, both collar and cock ring glint in the filtered sunlight and add to his overall allure. The neck collar certainly suits the new slave but it is the cock-ring that does most to enhance his appearance. The ring has the desired effect of bundling up the slave's cock and balls into a tight package and showing them to perfection. The slave is massively aroused and his circumcised cock points in the direction of where Malik is standing.

Like Miguel, the slave, Matthew stands with his legs apart and his head bowed. But his nervousness is more evident in the quickened rise and fall of his heaving chest and the fluttering of his abdominal muscles. Yet despite this, the slave is massively aroused almost as though he is enjoying the new experience of being displayed so publicly. And most delightfully, a slender, silver thread of his precum hangs precariously from his piss-slit.

What was it that Anwar had said about this slave?

Ah yes! It was that Matthew was a born slave who craved slavery as much as life itself. Well, the slave is to be granted his wish. Within a few hours, his new owner will lead him from this place to his new home and into lifelong slavery.

Malik wonders who'll be the successful bidder for this slave. Will it be the African father and son? Or will it be Prince Omar. In a way, Malik hopes that it will be the Africans who buy Matthew rather than the odious prince. The slave's beauty is such that it should be savoured like the rarest of wines with him lying on a silken covered rutting couch and not quaffed as a raw, newly brewed beer with Matthew doubled over the prince's ornate wooden paddling bench.

Still why should he be concerned with who buys the slave. After he is sold, the slave will be of no interest to Malik and who buys him of no consequence to him. Such is the nature of chattel slavery. Slaves are simply commodities to be bought, sold and used at the whim of their masters.

Malik looks at the lot number written on the slave's chest and ass and notes that he will be offered immediately after his own slave, Miguel. He'll enjoy watching as these two slaves are sold and he will follow the bidding wars they'll engender with great interest as his auctioneer entices the buyers to part with their cash.

Malik glances at his watch and notes that the arrival of the first of his clients is imminent. He takes his leave of the slaves and hurries to the entrance courtyard to be on hand to personally welcome the first of his clients. Malik wonders who that will be.


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