A gay homeowner finds his posh California neighborhood to be fertile hunting grounds for his straight boy prey in new series from Richard that features lots of spanking, cum control, tickling and large cast of humiliated straight men!

Door-To-Door Mischief - Part 1
by Richard
Series: Door-To-Door Mischief
Art Piece by Franco

Gay homeowner Chase Miller loved working from his “Old Money”/ “Old Pasadena” vintage largish family-sized home/small mansion, because he had learned that with people (including himself) having more things delivered from food to household items nowadays this presented certain “opportunities” in the event any of the delivery people or door-to-door solicitors or handbill distributors were attractive, since he had learned that many of them, though not all, were receptive of offers of money to “service” them. Chase even convinced himself, if a bit guiltily, that since these persons tended to be low on cash, and Chase was doing very well financially, it was a way to “spread the relative wealth” while at the same time receiving what he wanted and fulfilling his desires which included seducing guys who otherwise identified as “straight” which Chase found to be a major turn-on.

One day when Chase was taking a break from his computer in the street-facing study of his vintage semi-mansion located in a tony area of “Old Money” “Old Pasadena,” an area of the town where the substantial “character” houses were not set on multiple acres but rather were spaced somewhat closer together yet maintained their vintage charm, he noticed a cute young Latino guy walking down both sides of his “upscale” (a word he detested but lived with) block and reaching into a bag around one shoulder and leaving advertising handbills on the doors of each house in Chase’s affluent neighborhood with an air of understandable disinterest in the activity. Chase was intrigued because in the past the men he had seen distributing handbills were generally much older and nowhere near as good-looking as this guy was.

Moreover, he knew the neighbors all hated the proliferation of handbills since they had to be disposed of quickly lest they pile up and indicate to burglars that no one was home, thus inviting burglars. However, in this case, Chase was not annoyed by it and basically “lay in wait” until the
cute guy approached his own front door.

When the cute young Latino guy was just about on Chase’s own doorstep, Chase “just happened” to open his front door and assumed a look of surprise as he came face-to-face with the young handbill distributor who already was approaching with a handbill in hand about to place it on Chase’s front door, Chase going “Oh, let me take that..” as the young guy handed him the handbill.

The darkly handsome young 6’ Latino guy appeared to be about 18 or 19 with a muscular build and very handsome face with thick manly brows and jet-black hair that was shaved short on the sides but with his longish jet-black hair slicked back with some sort of pomade or hair gel, swept back from the middle of his forehead and was clad in blue jeans and a white crew-neck tee shirt with a gold crucifix cross on a chain around his neck. Chase thought he was practically a “dead ringer” for “Baller” on the Latinboyz.com website.

The young guy apparently assumed that Chase was really another of the annoyed neighbors since the young guy went: “Look, mister, I just deliver these things. Don’t hassle me for leaving them around. Some lady down the street just cursed me out as it is…”

Chase went: “No, don’t worry. I’m not annoyed by it at all. But I mean it must not pay very well and be boring work not to mention the fact that some people are annoyed by handbills and curse you out like that. Would you be interested in earning some more money by, er, helping me out around the house? I’m Chase Miller by the way and you are?”

“My name is Carlos, man. And, yeah, sure, I’m always interested in better-paying work- this job sucks and doesn’t pay squat. I’ve only got a few more handbills to deal with so I could come back in a few to help you out. What kind of work did you have in mind? I can clean out gutters, do yard work, wash cars, and I know a little about plumbing…”

Chase said “Look, why don’t you come into the house to discuss? Honestly, if I were you, I would just dump the rest of those handbills but it shows you are honest and want to do what you were hired to do. But come on in, OK?”

Carlos therefore entered the house and accepted Chase’s offer of a cold bottle of water which he chugged down as they spoke.

Carlos then went: “Thanks, man, that really hit the spot. Now, what kind of work did you have in mind, and, er, how much are you willing to pay? I mean I could really use the money- behind in my car payments and my girlfriend is griping I never take her out for a ‘real date’ and you know what they say-‘no money-no honey!’”

Chase went: “Well I’m willing to pay you quite generously if you are OK with what I am proposing, say $500?”

Carlos then went “Damn! five hundred for like an hour’s work?! Sure, but what do I have to do?”

“Well, you don’t really have to do much per se, but I could not help noticing your great body and I would love to see you naked…and, maybe, like, er, admire it?”

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!?? YOU MEAN YOU’RE A FAG??? NO WAY, MAN! I’M NOT INTO THAT SHIT AT ALL!” fumed Carlos, pissed off that Chase had led him to think it was for “regular” work.

“OK, OK, cool down, man! Look, you don’t have to, but just think what ‘easy money’ it would be and no one need ever know it even happened. It would be “on the down low” and just involve you getting naked, letting me look you over and then like giving you a simple blowjob, that’s it,” replied Chase, laying out 5 $100 bills as extra visual incentive.

Carlos was still fuming but Chase could see he was thinking about it, figuring there would be money to help with his back payments and to take his girlfriend out and all he would have to do was strip and let Chase suck him off.

After thinking it over for a minute or two, Carlos, calmer, went “Just a blowjob, nothing more?”

Chase replied “Yes, that’s all..” although Chase hoped for more even if he had to pay more for it but he left that unsaid not wanting to scare Carlos off.

“OK, man, it’s a deal. Sounds like the easiest 500 bucks I’ve ever made…”

Chase went “Great! Now, er, if you would just, er, begin…”

Carlos, glaring with resentment but resigned to his simple and well paying task, began to take his clothes off, his resentment combined with a secret frisson of excitement as Carlos thought it might actually be fun to kind of “put on a show” for Chase as he did so, thinking it might actually be amusing to tease the “fag,” well knowing that Carlos had seen other gay guys admiring his body in the gym and knew that the “sick-os” had the hots for him as much as “the ladies” did. Carlos also thought that if he played his cards right, he could get Chase to fork over even more money by tempting him by conditioning any extra “favors” Carlos might grant Chase, like letting him “touch” him in addition to blowing him. Carlos began to realize that he could make a bundle if he played his cards right and got the gay guy really going and drooling for it.

Carlos began by slowly removing his white crew-neck tee shirt slowly drawing it up and over his head to reveal that he actually wore a typical Latino white body-hugging wife-beater tank-top-type tee shirt under it, Carlos noting that Chase’s admiring eyes were laser-focused on Carlos’ dark brown biceps and drooling over the brief exposure of the depths of Carlos’ sweaty jet-black-haired armpits as he tossed his tee shirt over to Chase, who not-too-subtly eagerly sniffed its armpit areas taking in Carlos’ manly scent.

This left Carlos clad in his white body-hugging wife-beater tank-top type tee shirt, with Carlos egging Chase on by running his strong brown hands over his magnificently-muscled smooth dark-brown chest, and over and tweaking two quarter-sized nips visible through the thin white cotton fabric that clung to them, making them harden into an erect state as Carlos was rewarded by the sound of Chase being unable to suppress a moan of lust as Chase licked his lips with excitement, just as Carlos had hoped.

Carlos then slowly lifted the bottom of his white body-hugging wife beater tank-top-type tee shirt, revealing his rock-hard six-pack abs and a happy trail of jet-black hair that led from the stud’s “innie” navel before disappearing into his blue jeans and then revealing the muscular planes of his smooth dark-brown chest, his gold crucifix on a gold chain hanging around his bull-like neck and resting between the cleft of his muscular chest next to a kind of “bad boy” LA (for LA Dodgers) tattoo on the left upper plane of Carlos’ darkly muscular chest just above his left nipple and revealing a small “king crown” tattoo on his right shoulder above his right bicep. This once again also revealed the depths of his sweaty jet-black-haired armpits as he tossed his wife beater tee shirt over to Chase, who once again not-too-subtly eagerly sniffed its armpit areas, again taking in Carlos’ manly scent.

Carlos then suggestively caressed and ran a finger tracing over his “bad boy” LA (for LA Dodgers) tattoo on the left upper plane of Carlos’ darkly muscular chest just above his left nipple and then ran one strong hand over and outlined his small “king crown” tattoo on his right shoulder above his right bicep, going “Ya like my ‘bad boy’ tattoos man? Just enough tatts but not too many… Ya wanna admire ‘em more up close, eh? Gonna cost ya another Benjamin, though. Put it on the table and then ya can come over and check ’em out up close….”

Chase eagerly produced another $100 bill and went over to where the now shirtless Carlos stood, Carlos taking Chase’s hand in his own hand and bringing it up and over Carlos’ “bad boy” LA (for LA Dodgers) tattoo on the left upper plane of Carlos’ darkly muscular chest just above his left nipple, dragging Chase’s eager hand over it and outlining it with Chase’s fingers, then lowering it a bit so that Chase’s hand could tweak Carlos’ left nip, Carlos breaking a big white smile inches from Chase’s own face as Carlos went “see how you’re makin’ it bloom, eh, Chase??” as Carlos could not suppress a tiny gasp and moan as his sensitive nip hardened and stood up like a little dick. Carlos then shifted and again grasped Chase’s own hand in his own hand and had Chase outline his small “king crown” tattoo on his right shoulder above his right bicep as well, Carlos again breaking a smile as Chase’s hand lingered just above Carlos’ right bicep, Carlos deliberately raising his arm a bit so that Carlos’ right, jet-black haired sweaty armpit was on full view, Carlos going “Ya wanna sniff that pit don’tcha, fag? We’ll include that in the extra Benjamin. Go ahead…”

Chase then eagerly did so, not only sniffing Carlo’s manly pit but eagerly plunging his face into it, slavishly tonguing out Carlos’ sweat and chewing and pulling on his profuse armpit hairs and tugging them with his teeth and then tickling his taster over the tender sensitive armpit flesh underneath, Carlos amazed that this intimate contact with his manly pit caused Carlos’ own big uncut pinga to jump in response, Carlos also unable to suppress a moan of lust at the weird taboo-ness of it all.

Carlos then rather roughly shoved Chase aside and ordered him back across the room to watch “the rest of the show…” as he kicked off his athletic shoes and unbuckled his big belt buckle and unbuttoned the button of his blue jeans and then unzipped them, slowly tugging them down and off his deeply brown muscular legs which were sprinkled with wiry, jet-black leg hairs, leaving him now clad in just a pair of baggy plaid boxer shorts. Carlos then kicked off his white socks and tossed both his jeans and socks to one side.

Carlos then smiled another brilliant white smile and went : “Now for the big unveiling…” as he yanked down his baggy boxer shorts revealing his big thick pinga and big hairy balls under a profuse nest of jet-black pubic hair as Chase gasped in pleasurable surprise at the sexy Latino’s amazing endowment. Carlos’ mid-section was several shades lighter in contrast to the rest of his dark brown muscular body.

“Ya wanna see my damn ass, too?” queried Carlos unnecessarily but Chase obliged with an eager “YES!”

Carlos then whirled around to reveal his slightly hair-flecked bubble butt which was also sexily several shades lighter in contrast to the rest of his dark brown muscular body, and was split by a line of more jet-black body fur. Carlos even decided to “really get to the fag” by bending way over and separating the cheeks of his manly ass to reveal his fur-lined crack and expose his hair-haloed virgin asshole, Carlos going “but no way you’re going anywhere near there, fag, but for $600 you’re entitled to a brief look…” as Carlos gave an evil laugh.

Carlos then turned around and faced Chase once more. Chase then went “May I touch it?” gesturing to Carlo’s imposing manhood.

Carlos folded his arms over his chest and went “Yeah, maybe, but it’ll cost ya another Benjamin….”

Chase eagerly parted with another $100 bill and placed it on the table and then went over to where Carlos stood and reached out to grasp Carlos’ big uncut pinga weighing its heft and retracting the foreskin a bit while also reaching down to tickle and tease and weigh Carlo’s big hairy cum-churning balls as Carlos’ cock began to expand and harden as Carlos sighed while also going “I didn’t say you could play with my balls, but considering the other Benjamin I’ll overlook it….”

Chase then had Carlos lie back naked on the couch while Chase kneeled by the couch and bent over to give Carlos the agreed blowjob/handjob, with Carlos reaching down to grasp the back of Chase’s head to direct his movements as Chase went to town chowing down on the hunky Latino dude’s big pinga.

Chase then spent several more minutes blowing Carlos and tickling his balls while reaching up to tweak both of Carlo’s erect nips. Carlos was soon moaning with lust and clearly was liking the unaccustomed nipple action which was bringing Carlos closer and closer to a big orgasm until Carlos announced “IM CUMMING!!!!” whereupon Chase backed off to jerk Carlo’s big pinga as it exploded with fountains of red hot baby-makers, the volleys shooting right into a startled Carlos’ own face, eyes, and hair and over his head to the floor behind the side of the couch with additional volleys striking his heaving dark brown smooth muscular chest.

As Carlos recovered from one of the biggest orgasms of his life, Chase leaned down to lick Carlos’ cum off of Carlos’ chest and a smiling Carlos then scooped up the cum from his face and hair and fed it to Chase off of his fingers.

Carlos was a bit taken aback when Chase himself suddenly stripped naked in record time exposing Chase’s own muscular body with Chase taking Carlos’ place lying on the couch himself, Chase paying Carlos another Benjamin to reach over the side of the couch and tweak Chase’s nips as Chase jerked himself off to a huge orgasm as well.

Carlos even good-naturedly accepted Chase’s offer of a mutual shower to wash off all the excess cum, as they sudsed each other up and rinsed each other off.

As Chase accompanied a now again clothed Carlos to the door, Chase broached the subject of another “session” in the future, only this time suggesting that he would like to have some fun with Carlos “tied up”!

As expected, Carlos was horrified at this idea and adamantly refused since he would be tied up and helpless to “protect his ass” but when Chase suggested that Carlos could bring a trusted friend as “chaperone” as it were, Carlos said that “might” go for it, but warned he would need to be paid “at least $1,000” plus “something for the chaperone” but Chase indicated that would not be a problem.


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