A young man who desires his older sister's Army grunt boyfriend, seizes an opportunity to tie him up and make him beg in this erotic bondage story from new author Don.

Dominating Jackson - Part 1
by Don
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jacksonOn the bed, with the light from the window spilling over him, Jackson shifted from his side to his back. The broad width of his chest rose up and down, slow with his breathing. His shorts snagged, pulling even lower along his hips. The sharp cut of muscle where his abdomen went smooth to the top of his thigh stretched, a taut, hard muscle.

Aaron was supposed to keep walking down the hall. But he stopped, and he stood in the doorway. Looking.

His mouth watered. His cock got hard just watching him sleep. The Army grunt dating his sister had drank too much, and now his sister was gone, out with her girlfriends, and he was here, alone with him.

“You’re not going out too?” Jackson sarcastically asked earlier, before he’d gotten too drunk to go out himself. Smirking, the cocky bastard had lifted his beer to his lips and took a long swig. Sitting shirtless with his thighs braced wide in bulging green Army-issued boxers and a jaunty look in his eyes, he spread his legs open wider with a small knowing smirk. "I know why, faggot." he taunted him. Fuck, Aaron wanted so badly to punch him in his face.

That desire only grew when Jackson leaned back in the chair, pulled his phone out from his pocket and start texting. The little smirk on Jackson’s face and the glint of his blue eyes when he lifted his head and turned the screen forward, were all little parts of the little teases Aaron had become accustomed to.

On the screen, the image of a near-naked woman leaned forward like she was trying to get through the phone, her breasts bulging in some lacy little thing, her painted mouth parted. The text was too small to read from across the room but the words "suck your dick", capitalized like they were, were easy enough to make out.

“You think she’s hot?” Jackson asked him. He shook his head, and looked back at the screen. He took another swig of the beer. “Of course you don’t.”

Jackson was always doing that, always hinting at him that he was cheating on his sister, and sometimes he took it even further. The last time he went with them to a bar, while Rosa was on the other side of the floor talking with her friends, Jackson stood leaning against the counter, and the way it always was, everyone kept looking at him. A woman in a tight little dress walked up to him and stood on the toes of her heels pressing her hand on his side to whisper up to him. He placed his own hand on the small of her back and leaned down to listen. Looking over her shoulder, his eyes on Aaron’s eyes, he slid his hand down until it rested on the curve of her ass. Aaron watched him take her number. He told Rose that time. He had to tell her. But Jackson called him a liar. Just jealous, Jackson had said, and he leaned down and kissed Rosa on her cheek, his blue eyes filling with laughter.

“I can’t help it if they want me,” Jackson told her. “But you’re the only girl for me, baby.”

But Aaron wanted him too. He couldn't help it. Wanted to fuck him. He imagined it. Riding that rock hard body, gripping his hips so hard he left him marked.

Breathing so hard he feared he might wake the giant up, Aaron walked into his sister's room. At the edge of the bed, he stood, quiet, staring down. In the dark of the room, without the smirk twisting his lips and with his eyes closed, Jackson was beautiful.

It was strange to think of the guy he’d been telling his sister to dump as beautiful but he was. And it was strange to want to fuck his sisters boyfriend but, hell, in some ways, it would actually be doing her a favor. Besides, he wasn’t going to really do it.

He couldn’t really do it though. That would be crazy.

Still, before he could stop himself, he let his hand follow its compulsion. Just to touch him at the place where his abdomen stretched above the top of the shorts. There was nothing soft there, nothing but hard muscle and taut skin. His gaze shifted.

Fuck. Jackson’s bulge was huge.

He really wasn’t going to do it.

His hand slid, slowly, carefully, down the outside of the shorts, around the massive jut of Jackson’s hidden cock, down the thick, broad width of his thigh.

Aaron almost groaned. His other hand twitched, wanting to touch too. His dick jumped getting rock hard in his shorts. Biting his bottom lip, he raised his other hand and placed it flat against his dick then closed his fist. He gave it a few slow tugs through the loose material of his own shorts. He could stand here. Touch him a little. Just jerk off.

Or he could tie him up. Blindfold him. Gag him. The idea of Jackson stretched out on his back with his arms tied over his head and his thick thighs spread wide, helpless and blind, was almost too much to handle. He had to make himself breathe. He had to stop rubbing his dick into his fist, because even the thought of it…

He had to make himself stop. What the hell was he doing? Standing here with his hand open wide on his sister’s boyfriend’s thigh, with his other hand wrapped around his throbbing dick. He was crazy. He would stop.

But then Jackson murmured through the pout of his soft looking lips and shifted in the bed. His arm extended up above his head and he rolled from his side to his back again. The shorts hitched a fraction lower on his hips and he breathed in slow and he breathed out deep and the sight of all of that tight muscle made Aaron’s hands clench. His dick twitched in his own fist. Jackson had just sealed his fate.

He was doing this.

And he was doing it right.

He had rope in the car. And his sister, he remembered, had cuffs right here, probably in her bottom dresser drawer where she kept all of the things she didn’t want anyone to see. Hell, maybe even she’d bought them to do the very same thing he was about to do to her boyfriend.


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  1. scotts60143 - May 9, 2021, 5:15 pm

    Great intro! Can’t wait to see what happens to the big soldier boy when he is all tied up!

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