A college jock visits the doctor for a routine physical buts gets tied up and milked.

Doc Gets A New Bull
by HipToHypno

cock leashYoung Tony Girardi wasn't the brightest guy in the world.But if you were he, you probably wouldn't be either.At 21, this cocky Italian kid from Brooklyn was a stud baseball player for as long as he could remember.Now standing 6'0, 200 lbs. of solid muscle, he was the star catcher for a big midwestern college.He certainly wouldn't have gotten into college on his grades alone.Tony always concentrated on baseball, well, baseball and fucking every chick he could get his big Italian cock into.

On this particularly hot summer day, Tony had just got done with baseball practice when his coach told him that he had to drive crosstown to get his yearly physical because the regular team physician was out sick.It took Tony forever to find a parking spot, and on top of that, he had a date with the babe who was tutoring him so he could stay on the team."Tonight's the night I'm gonna bag that one," he thought.

It was 6:05 PM and Tony thought he was going to miss his appointment, but as luck would have it, the receptionist was leaving as Tony arrived."The doctor's in the back room waiting for you.Just lock this door behind you when you go in," she said.And that's just what Tony did.

Tony walked down the long, dark corridor towards the only lighted room he could see.There the doctor was waiting for him.Dr. Bruce Slater was the sort of guy that looked like the Marlboro Man in a lab coat.6'2, 240 lbs. ruggedly tan and mustached, Dr. Slater spent as much time on his farm as he did in his medical practice.

"You must be Tony," the doctor correctly assumed.

"Yeah Doc, uh can we get this overwith, I got plans tonight."

"What's her name?"

Tony just laughed at the fact that the doctor knew there was a girl involved."Her name is Tara."

"Pretty name, but Tara's going to have to wait.I have a responsibility to the university to check you out thoroughly, and I'm certainly not going to spend less time check on you than I would spend on one of my farm animals. Now strip down to you underwear."

Tony, usually the one calling the shots in his world, wasn't used to the authoritative tone that the doctor had used with him, but he guessed the faster he did what he was told, the faster he would get out of there.So Tony started to strip out of his uniform, giving the doctor quite the strip show, especially when he bent over to take off his pants.All Tony had on underneath was his white jock perfectly framing his big catcher's ass. When Tony turned around to sit on the table he gave the doctor a view of the massively stuffed pouch of his jock."Good Lord," the doctor thought, "this kid's packing like one of my bulls.I'll have to examine him very thoroughly..."

The doctor took a second to marvel over the sight before him: this barrel-chested young stud, with equally huge arms, certainly no six-pack, but solid nonetheless in the middle, thick hairy legs and package that looked like Tony was hiding a baby in his jock.

"Take a deep breath, Tony," the doctor said while putting his cold stethoscope on the massive pecs of this young stud.Between the cold of the device and the air conditioning in the room, Tony's nipples were jutting from his chest like pencil erasers.As the doctor continued, he grazed one of the nips and saw Tony's package jerk ever so slightly. "Boy's hardwired from his tits to his cock...good to know," thought the doctor.

As the doctor continued the exam, he had Tony lie on his back and bend his knees to his chest, just to make sure his knees were okay.This also gave the doctor a view of Tony virgin hole, and also of the package straining the jockstrap.It was now time for the doctor to tame his new young bull.

"Take off you jock, son.We have to check you for hernia."

"Are we almost done yet?"Tony asked impatiently.

"I'll tell you when we're done, boy.Now get that damn jock off, NOW"

Tony was shocked into a submission that was completely new to him, and so he just pulled his jock off and got back up on the inclined-style table. Now it was the doctor's turn to be shocked.This stud must have been at least 8 inches of the fattest piece of meat this doctor had ever seen with a set of nuts that were hanging lower than they should have been considering the coolness of the room.

"No wonder you're in such a rush.I see that your brain is completely between your legs and that all you can think about is fucking Tara."Tony was feeling a little uncomfortable with the sex talk coming from the doctor, considering he was naked, and the talk was starting to get to his dick.

"Cough," the doctor told Tony as he completed his hernia test."The good news is there is no hernia.The bad news is we have two more tests to run before you go.The first is to see if your balls hang any lower in the heat than they do now."

"Why do we have to do that?"Tony asked.

"Because you're a catcher.I'm sure you've been hit in the cup before.I need to make sure that your testicles are moving naturally like they should."With that, the doctor pulled out a hot towel and grabbed Tony by his big nut sack."Sit back and relax, kid, this'll just take a minute." Tony leaned back and let the doctor grab him by the nuts with the hot towel.The towel felt good, and Tony's cock started to grow in front of the doctor."Good boy.Concentrate on your cock.Now I've got you," thought the doctor.

By this point, Tony's cock had grown to about 10 inches hard and the hot towel had his balls nice and low."Ok, Tony your testicles responded to the heat, which is good.Now the last test is the steroid test.Now normally, I would get my nurse to take a blood sample, but she's not here, and I don't like to give needles, so I'm going to need a sperm sample."

"No way am I jerking off for you, I've got a date tonight!I'm outta here!"Tony yelled.But when he tried to get off the table, something was grabbing him by his nut sack."What the fuck!" Tony screamed.

"I thought you might react this way, so when I had the towel around your big nut sack, I slipped this nifty little strap over you balls, so that I could keep you under control.I have bulls ten times the size of you on the farm, and I get them to nut whenever I want.A cocky, horny overdicked jock like you is not going to give me much trouble."And with that, the doctor pressed a button on the remote in his pocket.The remote controlled the strap around Tony's nuts, making it tighter and making it rotate.

"OWW MY NUTS!!"Tony screamed.

"I suggest you follow the strap and flip over boy, unless you want your nuts ripped off."

Tony reached down to try to remove the strap, but the doctor made it even tighter."Put your fucking hands behind your head and flip over before I neuter your ass, boy!Your balls are mine now!"

Tony had no choice but to obey the doctor who now had him by his big balls. The doctor pushed another button and the table started to flatten out.In the middle of the table was a hole, which had a good old fashioned farm sperm collector used for horses and bulls attached to the other side.The doctor grabbed Tony's cock and put it in the hole.Then he turned on the collector, which started pumping on the captive jock's cock like nothing Tony had ever felt before.

"Oh fuck, this thing is pumping my cock!I don't want to cum like this-FUCK!"Tony moaned.

Now that Tony was attached to the collector, the doctor knew that he wasn't going anywhere, and so he released the strap from Tony's balls and replaced the strap with his big calloused hands.

"Yeah, boy. I think I've got myself a new bull in my stable.Your big bull cock is gonna get milked for me and I got you oversized bull balls in my hands.I'm controlling you now, stud."

"Oh fuck, you've got me held hostage by my cock and my big nuts!You're using my fucking oversized gear against me!"

"That's right boy, and this is only the beginning.I'm gonna milk you over and over again and then I'm gonna take that sweet jock ass of yours and fuck it into a pussy!"

"FUCK NO! NOT MY ASS!!!"Tony tried to lift himself off the table trying with all his might to free himself from the collector.All he did however is give his captor access to his secret buttons-his nips.The doctor walked around the table and grabbed Tony's big meaty jock titties."Where you think you're going boy?That thing holds bulls in place.You're not going anywhere, but I do think it's time that you cum the first time!" With that the doctor started expertly manipulating Tony's nips.

"Oh, fuck not the nips...oh shit my fucking trigger....uh,uh,uh..."

"That's right boy, stop fighting it.I gotcha now.Let it go!"

With the collector pumping Tony's big cock to a size it had never been before, almost a foot of solid steel jock dick, and his nips being worked by a pro, Tony could not hold his wad any longer.He felt his nuts rising to meet his dick and the inevitable was about to happen....

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna fucking cum!"

"That's right, boy.Fill that tube up with your jock spunk.Let it rip!"


The milked jock laid face down, defeated and exhausted, but his cock was still attached to the now full collector.

"Time for load Number 2, boy!"

by HipToHypno


  1. Amalaric - September 23, 2016, 3:51 am

    Farking hot story!! So much more could be done…testing the bull’s stamina.

  2. Flamingo009 - January 5, 2019, 7:31 am

    Amalaric is right. Hope this is only the beginning!

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