New author Wolfpek takes us on an amazing undersea erotic adventure in his series Deep Blue. Chapters 1 & 2.


Deep Blue - Chapters 1 & 2
by Wolfpek
Art by Amalaric
Series: Deep Blue

1. Deep Blue

It is not silent in the depths. The hollow crackling sound of the creatures which feed on the coral, The movement of water, and of course the steady rhythym of one's own focused breath echoing into one's regulator. It is not silent but it is serene, and beautiful Navy Seal Lieutenant Jason Flint wished he had time to appreciate the rainbow of coral that surrounded him, as he skimed passed a billowing lionfish floating near a giant clam, but this was not a vacation in the Seychelles, he was on a mission. Intelligence had information that arch terroist "Qube" had built an undersea laborotory near this site and was planning to denoate explosives along the tectonic plates. His assignment was to locate signs of this structure and report back to the submarine. More air-brushed than clothing the spandex of Flint's suit recorded every ripple, and contour of the play of muscles which worked to push him smoothly through the water. Flint had not developed his body to lethal perfection out of vanity, rather the square jawed twenty seven year old warrior had devoted every hour of his life to toning body and mind to an absolute killing machine and protector of his nation. He had suceeded. For the sake of aerodynamic effciency he wore only a jock strap under his second skin of spandex, leaving each sculpted contour highlighted without interruption, and he moved, graceful, slick and seemingly uncovered as the acid green eel which darted under a brain coral in the corner of his eye. Something else caught his eye, a sharp bright something which didn't belong. Shark like, he changed direction and darted toward it moving smoothly through bits of loose floating sea vegetation, translucent and very visible this cloud of vegetaion seemed to grow thicker collecting onto his body suit growing so dense it inhibited his movements. He counters to move back around, and try another approach, and finds he is unable to extracte himself. His steely blue eyes widen as this mysterious sea grass grows weblike, the more he struggles against it he finds the more entrapped he becomes.. A quick check at his pressure gauge reveals a concerning depletion of oxygen. A fighting machine like Flint does not panic, but he does move slowlt to test the strength of this new problem. His massive shoulders, and thin hips undulate slowly as he searches for potential weakness in his mossy opponent .

So fully absorbed with this unique equation, he does not sense a new presence swimming near him, not until he feels a sharp pinprick pinch into his neck. He turns quickly to react but sees only scales, scales and then blackness Scales which cover long thin arms which wrap around the limp form of the unconcious navy seal, carrying away the hunky prey, scaly webbed fingers whihc open a pressure lock hidden ingeneously within the coral. A scaly shoulder over which is thrown the perfect round ass outlined by sleek wet spandex, and carried up a steel ladder, wading with it's prize into a fetid chamber filled ankle deep with water. A scaly figure which drops the dead weight of the sleeping stud face down into the pooled water covering the limestone floor. the dim light of the chamber reflecting off of the nylon covered muclses of the broad back and ripe ass. A sharp well place kick knocks the slumbering hunk face up. Liver spotted human hands tear away the mask and hood revealing the all-American buzz cut beauty, these same hands cup the granite jaw. "Ahhh, the great Lieutenat Flint. I had hoped you'd join us"

2. The Rapture of the Deep

The ache in his arms invaded his slumbering conciousness in the same way an alarm clock invades a dream, Flint's eyes were open before his brain was able to interput the bizarre images they sent. Dim, and dappled a merucial light filtered in through the thick glass, upon the dripping walls of hhis cavern prison.A damp fetid stench filled his nostrils, smelling for all the world like cum. His eyes focused first on Qube slouching languidly on some sort of granite throne with glowing control panels on it's monumental arms. His dainty, slippered feet resting on an odd steel ottoman with chains at four corners.The dim light shimmered of of his shaved head. His vaginal goatee twisted into a fey smirk. Other images came into view, most importantly his oxygen tank, regulator, mask and weight belt, implements of freedom teaslingly peeked from behind the stone age barcalounger. "My what a fine catch I have pulled from the ocean today" He rose languidly wafting towards his suspended prize, his loose white lounging suit flowing behind him. Sculpted limbs pulled into an mouthwatering X by the same sticky ooze which had brought him here. "What a fine muscled, virile catch in my little net" A long delicate fingertpis came to tenative rest on the massive chest, like a butterfly ready to flit away. "The question is what was such a prime fish doing swimming so close to my ...hook?" The butterlfy hand flew up to wipe the hawking ball of spit that hand landed squarely in it's owner's eye, and just as swiftly slapped the square jaw of his defiant prisoner. "And what to do with such a prime catch?" Less, gently both hands now explored the contours of the torso beneath the slick wetsuit. "Tell me Flint, what do you seek here? I expect you are not alone." He recieved only a recitation of name rank and serial number. The ovlivious hands continued to explore down the tapering stomach to cup the impressive cock protected only by two layers of mylon and cotton, interupting the litany.

"Get your hands off me you fucking faggot!!!" The grip of the thin hand became surpisingly strong around the outline of his cock

"An extremely accurate assesment of the obvious Lt. Flint. I am indeed a faggot, and I plan to be fucking very soon" Wide awake now, Flint began to curse and struggle frantically against his organic bonds "I'll kill you first" Qube smiled. "The living material which currently holds your delicious wrists and ankles so securly in my power is actually a rare sort of algae. I have been cross breeding it with the jelly fish in this area. Like you, it is extremely strong, yet pliant, and strikingly beautiful. So strong, not even your Heculean "guns" cannot break them. Unlike you, I am able to control it telepathically, comme ca" Flint's meaty arms were yanked painfully up and down along the steel apparatus like a hunky puppet. He yelped in response. The oozing bonds yanked him back into the x shape and stopped. "Ahh how your voice must sound in agony. Manly, gruff and yet vulnerable, and boyishly tender. How you must sound during sex...or torture. Exquiste." Steel blue eyes stared back silently contemptous. "It is time for you to meet more of the locals" He clapped his hands. Flint's face fell into a maskof disbelief as five bizarre figures entered the room, as if they had stepped of of the screen of a very bad nineteen fifties horror film. Humanoid in that they stood upright, and had two arms, and two legs. Standing at about five feet, they were covered in slime covered grey scales. Long sinewy limbs, ended in wide, webbed,, "hands and feet". each carried an impressive spear. Unlike fish their round, yellow eyes were set forward, predatory, not to they sides of rather elegant elongated heads Obviously amphibian, gills sprouted from below each pointed ear in rows to thier shoulders. A long spiked fin ran from the top of the skull forming a reptlian tale behind the knee. The fin was repeated along the underside of their terrifyingly large cocks, whixh were rigidly erect and oozing squid black cum. "Meet my frogmen, they brought you to me.It took me a very long time to gain thier allegience, but it seems we have something in common, an appreciation for the idealized male form. Of course, they do not share my restraint. Thier all consuming lust has resulted in the actual consumption of several unfortunate young divers. You understand the laws of the ocean, hunt and consume. I have taught them to slow down and enoy all of the charms of thier prey for a long time before thier hungry lusts destroy what I consider to be works of art. In appreciation for improvingthe quality of thier lives,they now serve me" Qube was pulling on black gloves They like you, can you see how they are 'pointing' toward you? My presence, and continued well being are all that stands between you and their primal needs. Shall I give them a show?" He slowly unzipped the front of the stunned stud's wetsuit. His breathing beacme shallow as he parted the clinging nylon skin to reveal the hard golden flesh it could no longer protect. Hairless armoured pecs capped by small pink nipples framed by impossibly broad shoulders. Shuddering he rested his head lovingly on the naked rock of his victim's chest, just the way Lisa used to do gazing into the bonfire on the beach back home in far away Nag's Head. He raised one gloved hand. "Do you like these gloves my love? They are sharkskin, actual sharkskin, very fancy, they can also adminsiter electric shock." The hand descended upon the opposite chest. The rough substance immediatly cut tiny little paper cuts into the flawless bare skin. Flint winced. He clenched around the rounded muscle and began to rub in pressing circles over the tender nipple, while his tounge gently flicked the other hardening numb. Intermittent currents of electricity rolled through his body. Flint unsuccessfully tried not to moan. He tried to murmer his name, rank and serial number between grunts of pain. The hand moved further over the exposed ribs. toward the flat quivering stomach. Tiny red welts formed in it's wake. Qube spoke into the nipple. "What I have admired about your body for so long is that there is nothing uneccesary about it.

No excess fat, spare. massive muscles over rippling adbominals. I can count every rib, light fingers played along the sensitive ribs, Flint shivered in reaction. You have spent your life training it into the perfect fighting machine, now I shall continue your training, into my prefect pleasure machine. Oh the things I will do to you". Flint, to maintain sanity simply repeated name, rank, serial number..The voltage increased in intensity his body jumped within its gooey shackles. "Tell me about your sub. It is my understanding that your fellow crewmen are as fine specimens as yourself. I have dispatched some of my frogmen to greet them. if you cooperate I will spare them." Flint knew this was a lie. "How much is known of my plan and whereabouts?" The zipper descended further, and Qube gasped. Strange howling sounds came from the frogmen whose fins flapped up and down excitedly "Only a jockstrap? Breathtaking. Did you dress to please me? Thank you my love."

It was too big for the strap to fully contain. Flint's dick under the cotton was fat, unusually long, and to his shame, semi- erect. The head barely peeping from its cloth cage, the curve of fat balls overflowed from the sides. Blonde fur dusted the surrounding area The reainder of the wet suit was quickly zipped away.. The heroic form of the navy seal now fully exposed to the tongue and cutting gloves of his captor heading inexorably toward the bulging jock. The gloves dived first, in front and behind, one burrowing into the golden forest of Flint's pubic hait, the other clawed at the hard muscle of his high round right glute, leaving the tongue to count the abdominals, and taste the first line of hair beginning at the naval. Qube steppd back to admire his catch., he reomved one glove. " I have another treat for you" He stepped back to the nearest frogman, and collected a droplet of sperm dripping from it's bobing cock. He held it up for Flint to see, and the touched it lightly to his ravaged nipple. Flint through his head back and screamed, and a burning itch shot into the nub. Qube had longed for this sound. "Amazing stuff, isn't it? Persnally, I find it delcious" Fliny siged as it was licked away. The gloved hand pulled the jock down, just enough to reveal the vulnerable slit.


"Tell me how many are on the sub" "Lt. Jason Flint. US Navy.... Ahhhhhhrrrrggghhh! ahh unnhh" The head dropped back swooning from the burn into his manhood. "Poor boy, your suffering has only begun." He knelt reverntley before his suspended obect of worship, grasping the hard round buttocks in both hands, and pulled the rising cock toward him to kiss away the stinging black ooze. His saliva saturated the fabric of the cup, as he licked and then took the still covered cock into his mouth. A brave heatseeking finger worked it's way to the undefended crack between the twin dimpled globes, and found himself unable to breathe. Flint's steel thighs were wrapped viselike around his neck, cutting off his air.

"I can snap your little neck like a twig faggot! Tell your little fishies to stand down, and let me free... NOW!!!" With a waive of his hand, the frogman dropped their weapons and stepped backwards. Catlike reflexes allowed Flint to take control as soon as the seagrass shackles released him. With swift economic movements, Flint had snatched the knife from his wetsuit, and up to Qube's neck in a matter of seconds.

"Now Mis Piggy, we're gonna walk re-al slow over to my tank, and your little Kermits aren't gonna make any sudden moves" He angled his would be rapist across the room, and as he reached for his tank, he was ready when the frogmen, jumped. Only two remained alive as he slipped on his tank, weightbelt, and mask. He would have to leave the wetsuit, and fins. He backed out over the bloody amphibain bodies. "Qube, you're real lucky my goverment wants you alive. Faggots. It's been real, but I'll just be saying goodbye for now. We'll be back to pick you up soon" and he was gone Those creepy little frog things were still out there, he had to be fast. Damn, one strap of his tank had been severed in the struggle, he would have to carry it. He checked his gauge. It wasn't as bad as he thought, he had plenty to get back to the sub. It was strange to be this deep in ust a tank, and jockstrap, but goddam it was good to be free. The luminesent coral glowed in the dappled light, the colours were almost psychedleic.It really was beautiful down here. He saw a ray float by, angelic. Funny he was moving, but the scenery had not changed, or was he moving?He looked around and his vision seemed to track behind the movements of his head. His breathe into is regualtor was ringing in his ear, faint buzzing music. His mind reeled toward the ship. He had to save his men, but it felt so good here. The healing sea salt stung his wounds. Why was he still here? The tank. It was more full than he remembered. Qube had refilled it. with what?! Some sort of euphoric gas. Ticklish buzzing waves rolled through is center. Lights blinked in the corner of his eyes. He kicked forward with all of his strength. No, no he was kicking he was floating descending gently toward the sea floor. Was this what they called the rapture of the deep? Qube had won, but not really. At least he was spared the fate worse than death that the sick faggot had planned for him.He would die breathing Qube's drugged air He felt his body come to rest gently along the sea bad, his hips met rock raising is naked ass slightly, wouldn't Qube have liked that?. The tank fell next to him. His body was steched long, arms above his head. His thick rounded delts, stretched to impressivly wide shoulders, tapering in a complicated array of muscles to a surprisingly ting waist forming the perfect V-shaped back, flared out again into the pert full melon shaped ass, and long, slightly over-mucled legs, all stretched out in the sand and rocks of Davey Jone's locker. Through heavy lids he saw the little nutbranks and fish which feed upon the nearby coral. He was part of the sea life now. The littel creatures surrpounded him, nibbling along his naked flesh. Nibbling into his underarms and along the rib cage, some small enough to wiggle under nibbling at his tits, nibbling at his cock sticking out from the cup, rock hard, thanks to their attention and Qube's gas, exposed between his legs pointing to his feet. Nibbling at his balls, along the instep of his feet. Nibbling at the hairs which surrounded the hole buried between the mounds of his dimpled ass. He moaned piteouslsy into his mouthpiece.

He hadn't gotten far, he could see now that he lay just below Qube's window. He could see Qube watching drink in hand. He gave him a dainty wave. He understood the plan. Mind reeling in terror, he could only lie still, as he felt the presence behind him. The webbed hands, tear away his jockstrap, gasping his lats for leverage, and the fate he thought he had avoided, that immense finned cock against his virgin hole. The huge scaly rod poking into the crack seperating flawless creamy mounds, of the helpless navy seal The littel fish nibbled away With one brutal thrust, the monster tore past the rings of his tight sphincter Even the euphoric drug could not ease the pain of that invasion. Flint screamed, tensed and fell limp as the frogman pistoned into him, slamming his hips into the rock pedestal. the webbed hands cupped his pecs,and another presence pulled his legs apart and squirmed underneath to take the cock into it's amphibious mouth. A warmth grew in the pit of his stomach and spread to his loins, and inside his thighs. A warmth that became a burining need, as tangible as a cushion forcing his hips up to meet the pounding thrust tearing into his prostate, hurting the walls of his ruined chute. A red hot burn that poured fthrough his cock into the greedy sucking mouth, in violent exhausting spurts. The frog ceature tensed, and he could feel the fiery fluid filling his bowels. The pain and the drug finally overcame the Lt. Jason Flint and he lay, deorated nay seal, naked and raped on the sea floor Once more scaly arms gathered the limp hunk and pulled his insensate form towards the villain's lair. His suffering, as Qube had promised, had only just begun.


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