A group of hairy attorneys are abucted by a group of black men, stripped, bound and forced to take their big cocks up their ass.

Debriefing the Attorneys
by WoofDaddy2

The four attorneys played basketball every Thursday. Todd’s uncle is the janitor for a local church recreation center and Todd has an extra key. We head down to the center every Thursday, play some hoops, shower and return to the office. The four of us are equally matched, all between 5’ 10’ and 6’1”. We are between 35 and 40, smallest waist is 32, largest is 35. Chests from 48” to 54”. As to hairy, two have light fur down the front and Todd and I are both hairy front and back with dark tufts above and in our ass cracks. The chest hair is so thick, that our nips cannot be found without rubbing around for them.

We play two on two, shirts and skins. Todd and I are skins because we sweat so much. The Rec center is in a rough neighborhood but we have never had any trouble and our cars are in a fenced lot. We had just finished our game and started to finish our water bottles before heading to shower when they walked into the gym. The four large, black men, all wearing black track suits and black ski masks and one carrying a large, black gym bag stood before us. They waved their pistols and we assumed it was a robbery. We were ordered to strip so we could not follow them. Todd and I only had sneakers, sox, gym shorts and jocks on. The other two had white tanks to remove as well.

Two of the masked men held the group at bay while two others took each one of us to different locations. Once isolated, a gag was strapped on (mine was shaped like a penis, I would later find out the others received the same treatment), a hood placed over the head and I was bent over a bench with my hands duck taped together under the bench and my ankles spread apart and duct taped to two posts. After several minutes of hearing lockers open and close and I assumed our stuff rifled through and valuables like watches, money, credit cards, cell phones, etc. taken, it got very quiet.

The next sound I heard was footsteps of one man coming up behind me. Then I felt his hot breathe on my back as he pressed his hand into the small of my back and whispered, “You have such a sweet ass, it would be a shame not to take some pleasure from it.” I felt his fingers rub something warm and wet around and into my ass lips. He used his fingers to poke into my hole and lube it for a few minutes. I knew what would happen next. He reached under my belly, pulled my cock and balls back toward my feet and taped my dick to the bench so I could not move.

Now I felt what could only be described as something the size of a large bologna loaf from the deli shop rub against my man hole. The pressure as he pushed forward to spread my ass open and violate my inner sanctum was intense. He had used enough lube and I had, unbeknownst to my co-workers, taken many a big-dicked man up my man cunt over the years but this one was huge. He pushed forward with a slow but steady pace. I felt my ass hole open to this invasion and my ass lips wrap around the head. The head was almost two inches long based on when my hole stretched around it and started to relax. It took several minutes to get what felt like ten or eleven inches inside me. Once he was totally inside me and I could feel his balls resting on my back stretched nut sack, he lay on my back and whispered “sweet ass, it feels so hot around my pole. You got me off last year in court and now you’ll get me off again. Thanks for the cum hole.”

It felt like I had a baseball bat stuffed up my over stretched man chute. He slowly pulled back until just the head was inside and then moved it forward to fill me again. He did this slow in and out fucking for several minutes, then picked up the paces and after a while began to piston fuck me. The pressure on my prostate forced me to a hard on, bent back and taped as it was. I had very little freedom to move but I could rock my hips a bit and I did that in time to his deep thrusts.

Suddenly he stopped, rammed it home hard, one last time and began to pour out several streams of his creamy seed deep in my bowels. I felt like I was burning deep inside his seed was so hot. When he finished emptying his juices into my now willing hole, he slowly backed out. That’s when I got the surprise of the day. The constant pressure on my prostate and the new it took by his hot and wet PA’d cock head caused me to shoot several loads of sperm out my trapped man tube. He felt my hole spasm and jammed his man root all the way back in and then pulled out with one fast move.

I continued to shoot sperm for several more seconds and he rubbed my sore cock head with his rough fingers to milk out all he could get. He laughed, slapped my butt as few times and I think he took a knife out and shave my gaping ass hole clean of hair. Next he cut some of tape around my hands so I could free myself in a few minutes struggle and he left.

I was able to free myself but the tape hurt like hell when I ripped it off. It pulled hair off the back of my palms and ankles and ripping it off my cock hurt like hell. I removed the hood and gag, and then walked around butt naked looking for my associates. I found each of them in a position similar to mine with their balls shaved and Todd has his nipples shaved as well. Each man was leaking a stream of white creamy sperm from his ass hole. The black gym bag was full of our stuff, it was not stolen after all, but there were pictures of each of us getting shaved and riding a big black cock up the ass. There were pics of the penetration, the full length inside and the withdrawal with sperm leaking out our man holes.

A card said, “Don’t ask don’t tell”. We never did.


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