A young man has his first gay BDSM experience when he is invited over by his classmate who has some sinister plans for the him.

Day Gone Wrong
by Callum Young

Day Gone WrongI walked into Jay’s house, he says his parents have gone out for the day and that he was really bored so he invited someone he NEVER talks to round for the day. His bright green eyes were staring at me in that way that I could tell he was hiding something. His hair was plastered down so much that if you touched it, it might break. We continued into the kitchen and he offers me a drink, I refuse saying I had one before I came. We walked out of the kitchen and ascended the stairs leading to his room. I enter his room and I notice the bed with chains attached where limbs should go and that there is a latex cover and carpet surrounding the bed. I notice there is an on-suite bathroom and that there is someone in there. Jay disappears into the bathroom and re-appears with this really annoying (and kind of cute guy) from school, Angus. Jay disappears back into the bathroom and appears a few minutes later wearing a black skin-tight latex bodysuit; I notice that Angus and jay started walking towards me putting out their hands. I started to back away, slowly at first because they weren’t approaching that fast. They started speed-walking towards me, my back against the door I fumble for the handle; I twist and the handle sticks mid-turn. Jay and Angus reach toward me, Angus pulls out a piece of cloth from his pocket. Jay pins me against the door and Angus shoves the piece of cloth onto my face, covering my nose and mouth. Within minutes I blackout, I re-awaken to realise that I can’t move and that I am partially naked. I see jay looming over me like a phantom and Angus sitting at the bottom of the bed examining a tray with objects on it. Jay squeezes my nose until I open my mouth for air and he shoves a ball gag into it, I start struggling to get free but Jay pushes my head back and sits on by stomach. I hear metallic objects moving about on the tray and I see Angus pick up a small metal ball. Jay starts smiling his braces just creeping out to give his smile that sinister look. For some reason I started getting hard, this was strange because I am straight. Angus slowly pulls at my jeans trying to pull them off. Jay undoes the button at the top and Angus pulls them down. Jay gets off my body and starts attaching ropes to things on the ceiling and under the bed. I start to struggle again when Angus starts touching my boxers and starts playing with my dick. Jay seems to have expected I would do that and as soon as I had started he was tying ropes to my legs and shins. He undid the chains fastening me to his latex bed and reattached me to the ropes. He hoisted my legs up so that my ass was in clear view if you removed my boxers. Once Jay had finished securing the ropes he came over to me and remover the ball gag from my mouth, it was instantly replaced by a large metal ring. He undid the latex suit and exposed his body to me. At the same time Angus started to remove my boxers, in one fluid motion they were round my ankles and my naked ass was exposed to whoever wanted it. Jay started rubbing his limp dick against my face and I could feel it get harder and harder every time he moved it. It then hit me that the ring in my mouth was for his cock to go in, I frantically started to struggle but the presence of something in my ass stopped me. Angus had pushed the metal ball into my ass crack, when he pushed it further the pain was like standing on broken glass. The pain soon died away but all that was left was the feeling of not being me anymore. Jay inserted his dick into the ring and within minutes he had come inside my mouth. Angus slowly pushed his hand into my ass and I started to yell, they both started smiling and Angus started pushing his hand in and out of my ass. I started moaning, then Angus slowly got up onto the latex bed and pushed his lubed up dick into my ass. I started struggling again to break free of this nightmare but jay put back on his latex suit and re-gagged me. He sat on top of me this time head towards my dick and he started sucking. I couldn’t struggle due to his weight pushing me into the bed and with Angus almost about to come I felt this fear build up inside me that this could happen again with other friends. Angus came inside me and he pushed his hand in and removed the metal ball, now covered with come. He removed the gag from my mouth and shoved the ball in until I had removed all of his come from it. I refused so he plugged my nose until my mouth opened and he grabbed my tongue. Making me lick it up with my tongue under his control, once he had finished making me lick it up he didn’t put the gag back in. instead he shoved his dick into my mouth and got to work again. I could feel myself about to come and Jay deep throated it. He came back up to my mouth and put his mouth onto mine and pegged my nose once again. He made me swallow my own cum. I thought I was about to be sick. Angus immediately put his dick back in my mouth and slowly face fucked me. Jay walked into the bathroom and dragged back in a trolley with a machine on top of it. He came up to my ear and whispered ‘every time Angus thinks you are being bad, I will turn it up a speed. It only had two speeds, slow and very very fast. Be careful.’

Jay walked slowly to the tray and admired the different heads the machine could have, he picked one that was extra-long. He went over to the machine and attached it. He started the machine and inserted it into my ass I started moaning, Angus told Jay I was being bad and it instantly sped up, I started screaming. Angus whispered in my ear, ‘were going to keep you here for a while, you’re our little toy’.

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