While his electro torture continues, Superman is forced to sucked his captors' cocks. But still the superhero remains defiant.

Darkseid's Revenge - Chapter 5
by Todd Fleming
Series: Darkseid's Revenge
More from Todd at his website: Todd-Fleming.com

darkseid-5As the wave of electric current against his nipples came to an end, Superman noticed that the two Parademon guards had not left. They watched him, obviously enjoying the mighty hero being tortured.

“Not so tough anymore!” One of them said with a chuckle. He reached down and pulled on the clamp causing a shrill scream to erupt from the helpless hero’s lips.

“I think he likes it!” The other said as he flicked the mushroom head of his throbbing cock.

Superman grunted as the two minions laughed at his reactions. Normally he could have wiped the floor with them, but in his weakened condition a school girl could have overpowered him. He never felt so humiliated in his entire life. How could he be so stupid to fall into a trap like this?

The Parademon on his left grabbed the hero’s face and jerked his head up. “Let’s have some fun with him before Desaad comes back.”

The hero watched in horror as the two minions unzipped their pants and fished out their cocks. Seeing him helpless was enough to get them completely hard as they stood on the concrete bench towering over the weak titan.

Superman cried out as the cycle of electric shocks started up again. He closed his eyes as his body convulsed in a combination of pain and pleasure. As the cycle ended, he slowly opened his eyes again and was shocked to see the Parademon’s cocks almost touching his face. Clamping his mouth shut, the hero shuddered as they slapped their meat against his cheeks and lips.

“Open up and suck, Superman!” One of the ordered.

Refusing to succumb to hold on to the last shred of dignity, Superman glared at his captor’s minions. It would be a cold day in hell before he would willing suck another man’s cock. The Parademons didn’t seem to care as they rolled and slapped their cocks all over his chiseled face.

The smell of their manly musk was overwhelming as their hardened rods rolled over his lips. Some precum managed to slip down into his mouth and he could taste the salty liquid as is rolled on his tongue.

As the next cycle of shocks to his tortured nipples started, Superman could not help himself and cried out in pain. One of the Parademons shoved his cock into the open mouth and started to fuck his face as the hero writhed in pain and pleasure.

Rage filled his eyes as Superman glared up at the minion who started to rape his mouth. He was about to bite down hard on the invading member when he felt a hand grip his throbbing cock.

“If there is any sensation of teeth, I will rip your fucking cock out by its roots!” The Parademon growled.

A hard yank on his cock was all that was needed to convince the once mighty hero that his captor was serious. For the first time in his life, Superman sucked on another man’s cock. His jaw felt like it was going to be unhinged as his mouth stretched wide to accommodate the invading member.

As the next wave of shocks hit him, Superman tried his best to keep his mouth as open as possible. His screams of pain were muffled by his cock sucking as fear kept him from biting down. His own cock was painfully erect that sent a torrent of pleasure through his body. How could he still be so hard?

Before Superman assumed that watching the tortures of Superboy was the reason for his excitement. Although it pained him to admit that he like such perversions. Yet now in the midst of his own sexual tortures, he was even more excited than before.

The new found pain was now almost as familiar as the pleasure that flooded his body. The combination created a feeling of excitement that he never felt before. Was he just as perverted as his sick captors?

The Parademon fucking his mouth pulled out and it was promptly replaced by his partner who waited patiently for his turn to violate the once mighty hero. With his cock covered in super saliva, the minion started to jerk himself off quickly. It didn’t take long for him to go over the edge and thick ropes of cum exploded from his cock.

Superman winced as he felt the hot seed hitting his chest. He felt so dirty and excited at the same time as the thick goo became deeply entrenched in his chest hair. What was worse some of the cum had landed on his nipples and it seemed to enhance the electrical shocks that assaulted them.

It didn’t take long for the other Parademon to follow suit as he added his seed to his partners. Superman’s chest was now covered in cum while his own cock still yearned to have an orgasm of its own.

Before the minions shoved their cocks back in their pants, they picked up a piece of Superman’s discarded costume and used it to clean the saliva and cum from their manhood. Superman felt a stab of humiliation as his once proud costume was now stained with their seed.

“What have we here?” Desaad asked with a hint of amusement as he walked back into the cell.

The Parademons stood at either side of the pain and pleasure riddled hero as they went to attention. The evil torturer walked over to Superman whose face burned with humiliation over his current state.

Desaad tutted as he noticed the globs of cum in the forest of black hair on the hero’s chest. “I don’t know who had more fun, The Parademons or Superman?”

Superman grunted in disgust as he glared at his captor. “I hated every second of it!” He declared.

“Then why is your cock still hard as a rock, Superman?” Desaad asked as he flicked the pulsing tool. “It’s like a lie detector.”

The Man of Steel blushed as he looked down at his betraying arousal. He realized that there was truth to what the evil man said. His body shuddered with pleasure when he realized that he had been aroused the entire time. Was this something he secretly yearned for?

“Darkseid can give you endless cocks to suck on Superman, if you just submit.” Desaad promised as he brushed his fingers up and down the hero’s shaft.

No matter how much he wanted to deny that he enjoyed his sexual assault, Superman had to admit that it felt good to him. He never felt so hard in his entire life. Even in the past when he had erections fantasizing about Lois, the pleasure was never this great. Perhaps this was something that he wanted.

One thing was certain. No matter how much of a sexual awakening he experienced in the hands of this evil little man, he could never submit to Darkseid. Once he was free and the evil god punished, Superman could explore these new sexual feelings that he was experiencing.

“I will never submit!” Superman swore as he glared up at his captor.

Desaad shook his head, but there was glee in his eyes. “So be it.” He said with a theatrical sigh.

Snapping his fingers, the Parademons snapped to attention before they laid their hands on the helpless hero. The chains were taken off and they picked the hero up off the bench. Desaad left the cell with the prisoner and his escort following.

Unfortunately the trip from the cell to the same room where Superboy was broken did not give Superman enough time to recover his strength. As soon as he entered the room with the stage, he could feel his recovering powers fading away.

The Parademon escort pushed Superman to the center of the stage where he had the chains hanging from the ceiling attached to his wrists. In this vulnerable position, the hero was painfully aware of his own nudity as well as his erect cock that seemed to enjoy every second of his bondage.

As he hung supported by the thick chains around his wrists, another wave of electric shock torture slammed into his battered nipples. Superman danced in a small circle as his wails of pain and pleasure filled the room.

As the cycle ended, the hero felt Desaad behind him. His eyes grew wide as he felt the little evil man pawing at his ass. A sharp pain stabbed within him as he felt something being shoved in his hole.

“What is that?” Superman demanded weakly.

“Something to help you in making your decision to submit.” Desaad said casually.

The man of steel squirmed as he felt something vibrate deep in his ass. Superman cried out as it sent a new level of pleasure through his weakened body. The impossible happened as his cock hardened even more.

The vibration in his ass was suddenly accompanied by the electric shocks on his nipples that created a sensation that completely overwhelmed the poor helpless hero. “Oh Rao!” He moaned pitifully as his hips started to thrust.

His need to cum was unlike anything he had felt before. With both is prostate and nipples being stimulated at the same time, Superman felt himself very close to the edge of a mind numbing orgasm. Yet the pleasure he felt was not enough to push him to the point of no return.

After a few minutes of this new stimulation, Superman began to hump the air trying to get his cock to touch anything at all. “Please,” He begged as he turned to face his captor. “I need to cum!”

Desaad patted his prisoner’s cheek. “Are you ready to admit that you love to be tortured?”

Superman paled as he bowed his head in shame. “Yes.”

“Are you ready to admit that you are just a sexual deviant? A pervert who love to be dominated?”

“Yes.” The soft reply came.

“Are you ready to submit to Darkseid and become his slave?”

Superman once again found the shred of defiance needed as his eyes sharpened. “I will not submit!” he said slowly emphasizing each word.

Desaad frowned as he stared at his stubborn prisoner. “We shall see.” He said softly.

His hand flickered and an energy whip appeared in his hand. He pushed the hero back around so his back was facing away from him. With a look of pure pleasure and glee and he started to use the whip to assault the vulnerable body of the man of steel.

Superman screamed as the whip cut deep into him. It wasn’t sharp enough to make him bleed, but it felt like his skin was being ripped to shreds. What was worse was the stimulation to his ass and nipples never stopped.

The hero felt himself being brought closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. Even with the pain of the whipping, his body eager accepted this and used it to further stimulate his need to cum. A look of joy came over his face as the pressure of a powerful orgasm started to build in his balls. Right when he expected his cock to explode, everything suddenly stopped. The electric shocks to his nipples ceased and the object in his ass stopped vibrating. Even Desaad stopped punishing his prone body with his whip.

Superman almost screamed in frustration as he humped the air in a vain attempt to cum. “Please,” He begged as he felt the surge of his orgasm fade away. “I need to cum!”

Desaad waited several minutes for Superman’s orgasm to completely die before he started to process over again. He would bring his prisoner to the brink of a powerful orgasm only to deny him what he truly craved. The process repeated over and over again until Superman lost count of how many times he was edged and then denied his release.

The process eroded his mind until there was hardly anything left to the helpless hero. Desaad walked over to his weak hanging body and lifted up his sweat covered face. Superman’s blue eyes were completely blank as he stared back with no expression.

“Are you ready to submit to Darkseid?” Desaad asked. “Once you submit you will be rewarded with your release.”

Superman trembled in fear as his sweat drenched body quivered from the hours of torture. “I will never submit!”

Snarling in frustration, Desaad slapped the helpless hero across the face. Superman screamed as overwhelming pain racked his body. The electrical currents in his nipples went full blast as the clamps started to smoke a little bit.

Superman’s screams were so mighty that it could have shattered glass as his body convulsed. His entire mind shut down as the tremendous pain was too much for him to handle. As the blackness invaded his sight and he slowly drifted away, Superman welcomed death with pride. He had not given in.

Desaad released the chains holding Superman as his limp body fell to the floor. He had barely gotten control of himself before he had killed his prisoner. Darkseid would not have been pleased if Superman had died in the process of his torture.

How could Superman still resist his sexual tortures? Granny and he had come up with a brilliant plan that worked wonders for Superboy. Yet no matter how low he had taken Superman, the fool still would not submit.

“It seems that you have failed me, Desaad.” Darkseid said as he entered the room.

The evil man fell on his belly as he prostrated himself in front of his master. “Please Lord Darkseid!” He begged. “Give me more time, he is very close to breaking.”

“Your time is up Desaad.” The evil god said coldly. He looked down at the limp body of his enemy as his red eyes glowed with anger. “Close does not get the job done. It seems that I must finish this job myself. Superman will be mine and the rest of the Justice League will fall at my hand.”

Desaad felt his body tremble as his god’s words suggested that his life will be extinguished. Usually those who failed Darkseid ended up in his hands, but his own failure would produce a much grimmer fate. He shuddered to think what kind of painful death Darkseid had in store for him.

Yet death didn’t come as the evil god stared thoughtfully down at the weakened Kryptonian. Superman’s cock was still rock hard thanks to his little pet feeding off the urine and feces of the superhero.

“I want you to dress Superman and return him back to his cell. Chain him back in his bondage, but leave the red sun lamps off.”

“But my lord,” Desaad protested. “He will quickly recover his powers if I do that.”

Darkseid smiled as he nodded. “He will come straight for me and I will finish what you cannot.”


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