Three POW's are tortured and taught a language lesson in this hot story with a bunch of truly amazing manips from Amalaric!

A Crash Course in Farsi - Page 1
by Anonymous
Art by Amalaric
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I stepped into the “classroom” anticipating a rewarding afternoon. Three of the recently captured POW’s were waiting for me – the instructor.

As I looked about the room I began to smile. These three exceeded all of my expectations. They were perfect virile specimens of the military. I would use them well. Each would have a different purpose.

The ranking officer was the only one that had any information we needed to extract. The other two would be used for that purpose, and then kept for amusement or sold to the highest bidder to support our fight against the infidel.

The ranking officer was well muscled and had a light covering of hair across his chest and abdominals, but the rest of his body was smooth. He was tied to a post when I entered the room; I commanded that he be hung by his wrists so that he could barely touch the ground to support himself, but that they ensure he was facing the center of the room and the mirror on the other side of the wall. I also had him gagged. I left him one scrap of covering, his underwear, as I would remove that later when his turn came.

The other two in the room were just as handsome and enticing. There was a young foot soldier who was trying not to show fear as he stood in his underwear and looked at his comrade. The young soldier was smooth but his muscles were hard and well defined, enhancing the beauty of his face. I called him number 2 and had that inked on his shoulder.

The third soldier was hanging from his bonds, exhausted from the ‘softening’ process I required before language lessons. He was more hirsute than the other two but just as muscular and just as handsome. I’d allowed the guards some fun with him as long as they left him unmarked and penetration free. Obviously, he was number 3.

When the guards in the room completed suspending the ranking officer by his wrists I ordered them to force the young soldier to strip. When you want to prove to a man how little power he has you strip him. When you want to humiliate him but leave a small amount of hope, you have him strip himself. The young soldier protested only once, and then began removing his clothing and finally his underwear. I left him with his wrists loosely shackled together.

And now I was ready to truly begin the lessons in Farsi.


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