19 yo Cory thinks he's about to a have a virtual experience but it quickly becomes all too real. The poor boy is bound stripped and subjected to foot torture and electro-genital torture.
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Cory's Virtual Reality Day
by D.R. von Todtenhausen

coryCory, a youthful-looking 19-year-old with dishwater blond hair and bleached bangs was an avid gamer and was especially fond of virtual reality type games. He would do everything he could to seek out new and untried virtual reality games and every time he heard of something new, he was usually out to try it first. One day he was walking down the street and came to a new store-front shop in a rather run-down part of town. In the window there was a large poster advertising a spectacular and unforgettable new virtual reality game. There was no other description, only the promise that it was completely new and offered an experience that the user would never forget. This, of course, was just the type of thing that interested Cory and he went into the shop.

Behind the counter was a man with a stock of many virtual reality games, all of which Cory had already seen and tried. He asked about the new game advertised in the window and was told that that game was something that had never been seen before and would offer an experience that Cory would never, never forget. Right away he had caught Cory’s interest and Cory asked more about the game, but the man would tell him nothing else about it. All the man would say was that the game was indescribable and whoever wanted to try it would be totally unprepared for the experience and would never experience anything like it. Cory couldn’t stand the anticipation any longer and wanted to try the game right away. He asked what the cost was and the man said that since Cory was the first to try the game he would let him have the experience without cost. Now Cory was really excited.

The man called an assistant from the back room to keep an eye on the shop while he took Cory through a side door and into a room with virtual reality headgear on several shelves. The man gave Cory a headpiece and helped to strap it on with the virtual reality screen inside the face guard. He then turned the headpiece on and Cory saw what looked like a long stone hallway with torches lining the walls for light. The man asked what Cory saw and Cory described the hallway and a set of large, heavy wooden doors at the end of the passage. The man said that everything was working fine and that he would help Cory walk down the passageway and through the doors. He led Cory forward a way and Cory described the view of walking down the passageway and seeing the torches as he passed. Finally the man stopped in front of a door, which Cory saw as the heavy, wooden double doors on the screen. The doors opened and Cory was led into a large, torch-lit stone room with vaulted ceilings. All Cory saw on the screen was the large stone room, but suddenly he was grabbed on both sides by strong, muscular arms and pulled forward further into the room. Cory couldn’t believe the feeling. He had never experienced a virtual reality game with such true-to-life feelings and experiences. He was really starting to think that this was, indeed, a very realistic new game and he was looking forward to it even more.

Suddenly, the strap was loosened on the headpiece and the whole thing was yanked off Cory’s head. When his eyes focused, he found himself in a room very like the one shown on the virtual reality headpiece screen, except that instead of being empty, the room was a fully-equipped torture chamber and the arms holding him belonged to two big, burly guys with black hoods over their heads. Cory still wasn’t sure what was real and what was virtual-reality. The big guys dragged Cory forward into the room and Cory protested saying “Hey, what is this?” “What happened to the virtual reality game?”

One of the burly men holding him said: “This is the game!” “You were told that this was going to be an experience you would never forget, and I’m telling you that it is going to be more real than you ever expected!”

With that the man from the shop entered the room clothed in a flowing black robe. Cory said: “Hey, I don’t think I’m going to like this game. I think I want to quit now.”

“Oooooh, it’s much too late for that,” answered the man. “The experience is just beginning, and as I promised, it will be one that will be unforgettable.”

At a nod from the robed man, the two hooded men tore the shirt from Cory’s body leaving him bare to the waist.

Cory yelled: “Hey, what are you doing?” “You just ruined a good shirt.”

“You won’t be needing it,” said one of the hooded men and both men then lifted Cory off the floor and pulled off his shoes. Again Cory protested, but to no avail. Cory was then pulled over to a large, wide wheel with boards, which looked like someone could get inside and walk on the boards somewhat like a wheel in a hamster cage. Cory was brought up to the wheel, standing with his back against the boards on the outside of the wheel. His arms were jerked up over his head and his wrists were secured to two large metal rings fastened to the wheel.

Cory kept yelling: “What are you doing?” “Stop!”

The hooded men then unfastened Cory’s pants and let them fall to his ankles. By this time Cory was really protesting and asking what was going on. The men then pulled down his underwear, leaving Cory naked except for the clothes at his ankles. Those weren’t there very long because the men bent down and pulled the pants and underpants off and Cory was standing there with his back against the wheel and only his white socks were left of his clothing. He kept protesting and protesting until the hooded men bent down and pulled off Cory’s socks, leaving him naked. The men were tired of Cory’s complaining and one of them grabbed Cory by his dick and balls and squeezed hard. Cory opened his mouth to cry out in pain and the other hooded man stuffed Cory’s socks into his mouth to silence the griping.

Now Cory was standing there totally naked and exposed and the men began to fasten shackles onto Cory’s ankles. The metal shackles were attached to two chains, which were also attached to metal rings embedded into the stone floor. The chain on each ankle was about a foot and a half in length. The men began to turn a wheel with spokes, which then started the larger wheel to turn. The more the wheel turned, the more pressure Cory felt on his arms stretched above his head. Soon he felt his heels start to rise up from the floor, leaving only his bare toes touching the cold stone floor. Soon those toes, too, were lifted off the floor and the weight of Cory’s body was hanging on his arms except for where his back arched over the wide wheel. Soon the wheel turned far enough that the chains on his ankle shackles had reached the limit of their length and started to put a downward pull on his ankles. Now things started to get rather painful for Cory. He kept mumbling sounds and shaking his head from side to side, but the socks in his mouth made his protests unintelligible. The more the wheel turned, the more pressure was placed on Cory’s arched back and the stretching from his arms and ankles became unbearable.

By this time the robed man from the shop was seated at a table and watching the whole scene with delight. Cory kept making sounds and shaking his head from side to side until the robed man said: “You know, we’re missing a lot of enjoyment as things are. Let’s get rid of those socks so we can hear the boy better.”

The hooded men then pulled the socks from Cory’s mouth and Cory cried out: “Stop!” “Stop!” “Why are you doing this?”

The man at the table answered: “You wanted a totally new experience, now we are giving it to you.”

“No, No!” yelled Cory. “I don’t want to do this any more.”

“Oh, no, we can’t stop now,” said the man at the table, “this is way too much fun!”
“You know,” he continued, “I think we are missing out on a lot of the sound effects for this game.”

As he said this, he nodded, and the hooded men began to turn the wheel tighter. Cory stretched further and further until finally the pain got so bad that he screamed: “Ahhhhhh, aaaahhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” “Stop! I can’t stand it!”

“Now, that sounds much better to get the proper sound effects for the game,” said the robed man at the table. “But I think we need a little more shrieking.”

When he said this one of the hooded men took a set of long tongs and brought out a shallow metal pan filled with glowing coals. He slid the pan under Cory’s bare feet which were above the floor to the length of the chains holding his ankles. Soon the heat from the coals began to rise and Cory felt the pain on the soles of his feet.

“EEEEEEEEEEE!” “Eeeeaaaahhhh, eeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh!” Cory shrieked as the robed man smiled with pleasure and the heat tore into Cory’s feet. “Yeeaaaaahaaah!, take it away! Take it away! Eeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh! It burns! It burns!” Cory squealed.

“That’s more like it,” said the robed man. “That’s what I like to hear! I just love those shrieking screams!”

Cory screeched and screamed over and over as the heat from the coals burned the bottoms of his feet. The hooded men were careful, however, and pulled the pan of glowing coals out from under Cory’s feet before causing major damage. Then they slid it back under again bringing more screams from Cory as the heat hit his tender soles again. Cory was stretched taut on the wheel and the chains were pulling on his ankles so he couldn’t move his feet away from the heat. All he could do was scream and curl his toes upward or downward to try to protect his feet as much as possible. The hooded men and the robed man at the table were enjoying Cory’s torture totally. Every expression of pain on Cory’s face and every scream and squeal that came from Cory’s mouth brought a smile of pleasure to the faces of his tormentors. Cory was in total agony and they knew it and loved it!

The Torment Continues

As the hooded men pulled the pan of coals out from under Cory’s feet again, the robed man at the table said: “Now let’s try something else for entertainment.”

The hooded men loosened the tension on the wheel and Cory’s feet came down to rest on the ground again. The cold stone of the floor felt soothing on the bare soles of his feet after the heat from the coals. The shackles were released from his ankles and his wrists were loosened from the rings on the wheel, letting his arms fall to his sides. Cory was so exhausted he just crumpled on the floor. The hooded men grabbed him and lifted him up to walk/drag him across the floor to a spot where two vertical upright poles were embedded into the floor. There were metal rings near the tops and bottoms of the poles. Cory was dragged between the poles and ropes were fastened around his wrists and then brought through the rings at the top of the poles, one arm to each pole. The ropes were pulled, stretching Cory’s arms upward and outward, spreading the arms wide and pulling Cory’s feet off the floor again. They left Cory hanging there for a while with just his arms spread wide and his feet dangling beneath him. All three men sat back and just looked at Cory’s beautiful body suspended there with his spread-eagled arms making his beautiful bare chest stand out perfectly. After a while the robed man nodded and the two hooded men went over and grabbed Cory’s feet, each one fastening a rope around Cory’s ankles. These ropes were then pulled through the metal rings near the bottoms of the poles and Cory’s legs were spread and stretched widely apart. Now Cory was truly and totally spread-eagled between the upright poles. Cory groaned with pain as the weight of his body pulled on his arms and shoulders. His wide-spread legs left him completely vulnerable for anything his tormentors wanted to do to him. The hooded men fondled and played with Cory’s dick and balls but Cory was so exhausted and in so much pain, he just groaned again as his head drooped so his chin was resting on his chest.

“I think he needs a little stimulation to wake him up,” said the robed man. His assistants knew just what to do and one of the hooded men brought over a flaming torch. He walked up behind Cory and held the flaming end of the torch under Cory’s dick and balls, passing the flame from back to front between Cory’s spread legs.

“Yiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaahah!” cried Cory as the flames tickled his dick and balls and the acrid smell of burning pubic hair filled the room. Again the torch was passed under Cory and pulled out again with Cory screaming all the while the torch was under him. The robed man walked over to stand in the front of Cory and looked down at Cory’s exposed genitals.

“Well,” said the robed man. “This is really great!” And as he said this he used his hands to slap Cory’s dick and balls. “That flame saved us the trouble of shaving him,” the man said as he again brushed Cory’s genitals with his fingers. Cory’s dick and balls were slightly red, but not really burned, but the hair was all singed off and it was almost as if he had been shaved. “It’s so nice to see the merchandise without all that hair in the way,” said the man in the robe. “This will be much nicer for us to continue.”

Now the other hooded man took the flaming torch and walked behind Cory again. Cory was in terror not knowing what to expect next and not being able to see behind him to know what was coming. Suddenly he felt a searing pain on his right foot. The hooded man was holding the torch under Cory’s already tender sole. A loud, piercing scream tore from Cory’s throat and another came quickly thereafter as the torch flames were passed under his other foot. Back and forth the torch went – not lingering long enough to burn Cory’s feet, but certainly enough to elicit a scream of anguish from Cory with each pass. Again and again the torch flames were passed under Cory’s feet and between his legs. Finally it was too much and Cory passed out from the pain and exhaustion.

“Bathe him in a warm bath and scrub him clean,” were the orders given by the head man. “Let him soak and relax and take him to his cell for the night, we will have more fun tomorrow.”

Cory awoke when he was placed into the warm bath and felt soothed on his aching muscles after his ordeal. He was then given a robe and slippers and taken to his cell where he immediately fell asleep.

When morning came any hopes Cory might have had of an end to the torment were quickly dashed when the hooded men came again. They grabbed him and took him back into the room with the seated figures at the table. This time they took off his robe and placed Cory onto a rack. They pulled his arms up and fastened them to the winch. Then Cory’s slippers were removed and his ankles were attached at the opposite end of the table. Immediately the soles of Cory’s bare feet were whipped with a long wooden rod. Each stroke brought a scream of pain from Cory. Then the rack began to tighten and he was stretched like he was on the wheel. The pain was horrible and Cory began to moan and finally began screaming and screaming, begging them to stop the torture. The rack stretched him tighter and tighter until he thought he couldn’t bear any more. Finally he screamed a loud, high-pitched scream and fainted again.

His beautiful naked body was a delight for those who watched and they were waiting to make Cory’s virtual-reality/reality experience even more enjoyable – for them, that is.

This time, while Cory was still passed out, he was carried over to a square stone column about two foot by two foot and about four feet high. The top of the column was capped with a curved stone cap that was straight on two sides and curved like an arch on the other two sides. Cory was placed with the small of his back against the curved top of the column cap. His head and arms hung limply on one side, while his legs and feet dangled loosely on the other. His tormentors then took each arm and spread them wide and fastened ropes to his wrists. These ropes were attached to large wheels with winches on other stone columns a good distance from where Cory’s wrists were attached. Then the same thing was done to Cory’s legs, which were spread wide apart and the ankles roped and attached to wheels on columns in the same manner as his arms were. Cory was still unconscious but was now spread-eagled between the four columns with his head hanging down and the small of his back resting on the curved top of the center column. At this point Cory was awakened with icy cold water on his face. As soon as he awoke he yelled: “What is going on now?” Soon he felt the tension on his arms and legs getting tighter as the wheels on the four columns were turned, thus stretching Cory spread-eagled in four directions. The pain on his already sore and tender joints was terrible. Tighter and tighter he was stretched in the four directions. He pleaded with them to stop the torture in between moans and screams of pain. Tighter and tighter he was stretched until even his back was lifted from the center column with the curved top. Cory was in anguish as he felt himself being pulled in four directions. Then he was whipped on his bare chest as the stretching continued. Screams of pain and terror escaped his lips as he was stretched and whipped even more. Then a new torture was added. Cory felt the sting of thin wooden rods as they beat the soles of his bare feet, already tender from the taste of the coals and flames. Scream after scream echoed through the torture chamber until Cory again passed out.

Cory was released from the columns and placed spread-eagled on a large wooden table. His ankles and wrists were secured loosely and wires were clipped to his dick and balls. When he awoke from his faint, he didn’t know what was coming next. Then electricity started to surge through the wires and Cory arched his back and dug his bare heels into the table as he screamed while the electric charges surged through his genitals. The current was turned off and then on again and each time Cory screamed in anguish. The power was increased and Cory screamed even more, arching his back and showing the beauty of his nakedness. He had no way of stopping the torture and was begging for the torment to stop. His torturers stopped and started the current over and over again, each time increasing the voltage a bit, making Cory scream and arch his back more and more, as he flopped down on the table when the current was not surging through him. At last the pain of the shocking was so bad that Cory again passed out.

When he came to, he found himself fully dressed and sitting in a chair in the front of the virtual reality game store. Not knowing what was really real and what was virtual reality, he vowed to himself that he would never again be interested in any virtual-reality games. He fled the store, but he felt sore all over and when he checked himself at home he found the whip marks on his chest and saw how tender the soles of his feet were. When he went back to the location to confront the people, he found that the store-front was empty and there was no trace of the game store.

D.R. von Todtenhausen


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