Body-building gay couple Cort & Ryder are abducted by a massive pro body-builder and taken to his personal dungeon.


The Ordeal of Cort and Ryder - Chapter 1: Captured Painslaves
by Ragnar1963
Series: The Ordeal of Cort and Ryder

Ryder and Colt are two young muscleheads obsessed with getting the most awesome ripped hardbodies they can. They spend hours each day working out at the gym and at home, pumping iron and striving for zero body fat, resulting in incredible V torsos and etched eight-pack abs. They are also horndogs, and when they're not at the gym they're likely either making out hungrily or fucking like rabbits. Young, hot, and inseparable, they are envied and desired by many.

One man in particular became obsessed with the boys. He is a pro bodybuilder who one day showed up at their gym and drew all eyes, especially Ryder's and Colt's. The two could not stop staring at his huge shredded bulk: the football biceps, the slabs of pec meat--and the bulge in his Speedos.

He introduced himself as Hondo, but didn't say much more. 40ish, shaved head, intense demeanor, not handsome but sexy in a rough macho way. He kept one eye on Cort and Ryder as they continued their workout--now competing to push themselves even harder, showing off for the hugely muscled stranger, flexing and posing stripped to their shorts.

Hondo showed up at random over the next couple weeks, aloof but watching the two like a hawk as they worked out nearby. Finally the two young studs, their boners quite obvious in their shorts, got up the nerve to do more than make small talk--they asked Hondo if he would coach them, help them build up their muscle.

Honda knew he had the two right where he wanted them. "We'll start tonight. Meet me out back at closing time and we'll go back to my place."

Cort and Ryder were too horned up to be cautious. When the gym closed, they slipped out into the dark back alley. The two young studs were too proud of their bodies to wear shirts, and met Hondo in only the shorts and flip-flops they worked out in. Just as they greeted the muscle giant, who was standing next to a black van, two men slipped up suddenly behind them. Before they could fight back, huge arms gripped them and strong hands clamped chloroformed rags over their nose and mouth. Ryder and Cort collapsed in the thugs' arms as Hondo watched coldly. With a nod, he ordered the thugs to put the limp bodies in the van.

When Cort and Ryder woke up, they had no idea how much time had passed. They found that they lay side by side, on their stomachs, on the floor of the back of the van. In only their gym shorts, they had been hogtied and tightly gagged. Their flips had been taken and their bare feet were bound behind them to their wrists with heavy iron shackles. They communicated only in grunts, groans, pointless muffled screams, and panicked eye contact as the van bumped along, their mouths each filled with a large rubber dildo gag and held in place by tight head straps.

The two kidnapped studs writhed and struggled as the van drove for what seemed like hours. Suddenly it turned, slowed, and seemed to pull into a garage of some sort. The van's rear door swung open. Muscled arms grabbed them and pulled them out, thrusting black cloth bags over their heads and tying them in place to blindfold them. They struggled, but the arms manhandling them were too strong for even their muscled bodies to resist. "MMMMM! MMMPH!!!!" is all they could yell, their mouths still full of cock-shaped hard rubber.

The chains were removed and each boy's wrists were recuffed in front of him. Their shorts were pulled off and what felt like leather jockstraps were roughly pulled on. Otherwise naked, the lads were forced to stand back to back. Hobble chains were locked onto their ankles. Their elbows were pulled back, and between the crook of their elbows and the small of their back, a thick wooden pole was thrust, trapping their hands uselessly against their eightpacks and thrusting out their well-developed bare chests. Ryder and Cort stood back to back, facing opposite directions but their elbows wrapped around the same pole.

They gasped in pain and protested helplessly as both ends of the pole were lifted by unseen men. They dangled back to back as the pole was carried, down what the boys could only guess were long corridors. Struggling was useless. More impotently protesting "MMMMPH!!!"s came from the gagged mouths under the black bags that covered the heads of the two kidnapped young bucks.

Doors were unlocked, opened, and relocked after the men and their muscled cargo passed through. They descended stairs. More doors. A bolt was slid back loudly and and a door slowly and heavily creaked open. A few more steps and the stripped bound lads were set down. The men who had been carrying them retreated. The door creaked and slammed shut and a bolt slid loudly into place behind them.

More muffled screams from the young men, now standing barefoot on what felt like a cold stone floor. They waited for several minutes. The awkward way they were trussed back to back and the cold hobble chains on their ankles made any movement difficult and an escape attempt pointless--even if they hadn't been blindfolded by the black bags.

Suddenly a far door creaked open. Footsteps approached slowly. An evil chuckle. The footsteps stopped nearby and the chuckle turned to laughter.

"Mine. All mine!" said a cold cruel voice.

Hondo! The boys recognized it and began to shout, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!?" they tried to say, but the dildo gags made it unintelligible.

Laughing coldly, Hondo reached up and removed the bags. The furious boys began to protest... but the sight that awaited them froze them.

They were standing in a vast stone room lit with torches on the walls and filled with--they could not believe their eyes--torture furniture and implements of all kinds! Cort and Ryder stared in shocked silence at X crosses... whipping posts and other stout bondage frames... stocks...chains dangling from the ceiling... a large wheel... a rack... other tables and platforms with manacles at their four corners... a pit filled with glowing red-hot coals...

Hondo was again shirtless, wearing only tight pants and tall boots, all of black leather. He circled his captives slowly, gazing at their ripped young bodies now shackled back to back. But even his magnificent rippling bodybuilder torso, which the boys had lusted after from the first moment they saw it, could not distract them from the paralyzing sight of the stone room's fearsome accoutrements.

"Welcome, Ryder and Cort. Welcome to my Torture Dungeon." He paused to let the words sink in. The muscle boys stared in awe and disbelief. The bodybuilder they had befriended had kidnapped them and brought them here? To this chamber of horrors?

Amused at their staring, fear-filled eyes, Hondo reached up and removed the gags that had filled their mouths for hours. They swallowed heavily, gasped for air, and the shouts and protests that had been bottled up broke out. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?! WHERE ARE WE!?!?! YOU SICK FUCK!!!! GET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, YOU FUCKING PERVERT!!!"

Hondo laughed again. "No, my young heroes. You will never 'get the fuck out of here.' Even if you could escape this dungeon, and my heavily guarded compound, we are in the middle of nowhere, 50 miles from the nearest sign of humanity."

Cort and Ryder struggled in anger at Hondo's words. "What the fuck do you want with us?"

"To test you, my friends. To test those beautiful muscled young bodies against the ordeals and agonies of my dungeon." The boys angrily tried to pull away as Hondo caressed their rock-hard biceps, pecs, abs... "To watch you suffer... to hear your screams of pain and begging for mercy for my amusement."

"You can't keep us here forever, you bastard!!!"

Another ice-cold snicker. "No, my studs. Not forever. Only as long as your suffering arouses me. But until then... you shall serve as my painslaves."

The word "slave" infuriated Ryder and Cole anew. Growls of fury rose from their throats as they thrashed wildly against the chains and the pole to no avail. Impetuously, Ryder spat into Hondo's face.

Just as furious, Hondo raised his thickly muscled arm and struck Ryder a cruel cracking blow across his handsome young face. He wiped the spittle from his cheek and snapped his fingers. Two men entered the room. The boys sensed they were the same thugs who'd chloroformed them in the alley, stuffed them in the van, and trussed them up.

They too were hugely muscled. One was covered in sinister tattoos--arms, torso, even his face and shaved scalp. The other was a beast, compact and swarthy, with a torso covered in thick black hair. Both were barefoot and wore only leather shorts.

Hondo barked an order. "Dax, Dez--chain the pole. We must work some of the fight out of our new prisoners." Chains were lowered from the ceiling and attached to each end of the pole threaded through the boys' elbows. Another moment later a pulley raised those chains into the air--and Cort and Ryder were pulled up, their feet leaving the floor, dangling painfully from the pole, their elbows pulled behind them, hanging like slabs of beef.

"Perhaps a night spent hanging will teach you manners," Hondo sneered, aroused by the grimaces of pain on the dangling lads' faces. "FUCK YOU!!!!" Cort shouted in fury as the three musclemen strode from the dungeon, bolting the door behind them.

Chained back to back, their arms pulled and twisted painfully behind them, Cort and Ryder soon began to squirm. They struggled to find relief from the pain of dangling by their elbows, but it was no use. How their muscles rippled as they writhed, showing off their bodies in an erotic spectacle of pain. From the comfort of his private chambers, Hondo, joined by Dax and Dez, watched the arousing spectacle of the struggling muscle boys on a video screen.

"How the fuck are we gonna get out of this, bro?" said Ryder.

"Look at this place--it looks like the fucking gym from hell!" Cort joked.

"Yeah, looks like that muscled bastard is really gonna torture us bad."

"All because you got off on his muscles."

"Fuck you! You're the one who wouldn't shut up about how much you hoped he would fuck you!"

"You thought he was just as hot as I did! And now here we are... strung up like meat in a sadist's dungeon..."

Amused by their banter, Hondo stroked himself, sensitive nips and hardening cock, as he watched. "Perhaps we should raise the stakes," he said cruelly as he watched greedily from his secret lair.

Dax smirked. "Are you going to warm them up, Boss?" he said as Hondo pressed a button on his control panel. Beneath the dangling studs a trap door in the floor slid open to reveal a pit about eight feet deep. The press of another button activated gas pipes at the bottom of the pit... and flames sprang to life underneath where Cort and Ryder hung!

"FUCK! NOOOO!!" Ryder shouted.


Hondo, Dax, and Dez laughed, and their cocks stiffened, at the sight of their two muscled young captives hanging over the fire, struggling and writhing.... the flames leapt up and licked just a foot or so beneath their bare soles, helplessly dangling... the hellish heat and the flexing struggle soon raised a sheen of sweat on their young fat-free bodies, etched muscle gleaming in the light of the fire, handsome faces twisted in pain....


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