Officer Hanes subjects the young prisoners to bastinado and forced exercise in Chapter 2!

Corrections - Chapter 2
by A.J. Moor
Series: Corrections
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As Hanes stood behind where the boys remained in their upright pushup position, he smiled in cruel amusement at the knowledge that they would soon be straining with all their might just to maintain that stance. And as he did so, he stared intently at the bare soles of their feet, clutching the strap tightly in his hand. It would be so easy just to WHACK a random pair of soles with that strap, but he didn’t want to move too fast. No, he desired to savor this moment of fear and torment as the prison boys got ready for their sadistic forced workout, and he would make them suffer. No mercy for these young men.

As he stood there, he walked once more to the bare soles of Sergio, the prisoner who had shown such defiance in his young eyes. Hanes was beyond determined to break this young prisoner, but he would bide his time. He wanted to fully experience the natural flavor of that submission, how the boy would move from bitter defiance to obsequious deference in a matter of mere hours. And he would ensure that this boy went through just such a transformation.

He looked down once more at the sweaty, straining soles of the Hispanic boy’s bare feet, and he watched as those brown toes twitched from where they strained, tucked underneath his feet in a cruel pushup position. He stood right behind those big bare feet, and he realized they were probably size 11 or so. He moved the tip of his strap down to the young taut soles of those feet, and he lightly caressed the boy’s soles with his strap, gently tickling them. It was the calm before the bastinado storm, and Hanes knew well it wouldn’t be long before he subjected those bare Hispanic feet to merciless discipline to make this hot young stud obey him in complete submission. But again, he didn’t want to move too fast. No, he wanted to take his time with this boy, make him go at his own pace toward that submission. And his big bare feet wouldn’t be the only part of his young body he would torment. He would also take the strap and CRACK it against the young man’s sweaty back, his shoulders, his thighs. He would create red welts, and he would force the young man to cry out under the cruelty of the strap that would so torment his flesh, breaking him, bringing him around to the whims of his new master.

“As I said,” Hanes remarked as he continued to stand behind the prison boys, their arms starting to tremble in the upright pushup position he forced them to maintain on threat of punishment, “you’re going to do pushups. And we’re going to do chants. Do you already know how those chants go?”

The prisoners were silent, and now Hanes walked around to see if he could tell why. Their eyes were clenched tightly shut as the exhaustion of that position was starting to break them. He could easily see the sweat forming on their young faces, creating beads on their foreheads. Yes, now in front of him were ten prison boys, essentially his slave boys to do with as he wished. But it would still be Sergio who would be his favorite. This boy was the one that would make his cock hard as he moved closer and still closer toward unconditionally accepting his fate as a young prison boy who would have to submit to complete slavery at the mercy—or lack thereof—of Hanes.

Hanes walked back behind the boys, and this time he positioned himself just diagonally to a young prisoner, this one probably only recently having turned 18, and he was white and actually very cute. Hanes laid his strap on the bench right next to that boy and then put his hands over the young man’s ankles, dangerously holding them there, clasping them with his hands. His grip was powerful, and the skin around the boy’s young ankles started to blanch from that pressure.

“I asked you a question, boy,” he said.

“Please Sir,” the young man responded, clearly not having nearly the defiance Sergio did. This one would be no fun to punish at all, as there was simply nowhere to take his attitude. No, the most fun punishments were always the prison boys who didn’t yet know their place. But this prison boy clearly already did. “Yes Sir, we know the chants, Sir.”

With those words, Hanes’s cock grew two inches in his pants, and he clutched the boy’s bare ankles a little tighter for a moment before letting go and then grabbing his strap once more, wielding it with terror, ready to strike any young prison boy who might dare defy him. And he would tolerate no defiance. Ever.

The trembling of the boy’s voice was not nearly as appealing to Hanes as the anger—even the rage—in Sergio’s eyes. What was it about that young Hispanic man that so captivated Hanes? He didn’t know what it was other than that anger, and yet he had seen anger before. He had run across many young men who had shown that kind of fear and rage in their eyes on many occasions in the past. Perhaps it was the beauty of Sergio’s form that kept Hanes’s interest as much as possible. He didn’t know. All he knew was that he was ready to break that boy.

But that wouldn’t stop him from being gratuitously mean in any case. He lifted the strap in the air, clutching it hard in his fingers, and left it suspended over the weaker boy’s bare feet for several seconds before bringing it sailing through the air and CRACKING it against the soft, warm, vulnerable flesh of the boy’s young soles.

“Oh fuck!” he screamed, and he immediately pulled his bare feet off the bench and let his them fall to the ground. He lay on the floor for several seconds, the pain in his toes and feet overwhelming him. And even being weaker and less defiant than Sergio, Hanes had to admit it was quite hot to torture this other handsome young man.

“Get back on the bench,” Hanes commanded, and his words were cool and crisp, as if torturing a young guy like that prisoner was nothing more than a mere chore to be done. Of course, Hanes enjoyed it far more than that, but that didn’t mean he had to let these boys know that they actually did hold a bit of power over him—at least sexually.

The boy stood up, and now there was a mild defiance in his own eyes, but Hanes could see he would be too easy to break. It wouldn’t be a challenge at all! That’s why he needed to return his attention to hot young Sergio. He would spend a lot of time breaking that young Hispanic boy, and it would actually be fun. The young prisoner Hanes just beat lowered his head a little and then put his bare feet back onto the bench, returning once more to the cruel, exhausting pushup position. And once again, Hanes walked a few feet to his left to stand behind his now favorite prison boy Sergio. He put his strap out in front of him, once more tickling the young man’s bare foot with that strap. Sergio’s sole wrinkled a little bit, but he tried to remain as stoic as possible. And that was when Hanes realized the boy would try as hard as he could to avoid being broken, even as hard as Hanes himself tried to break the hot young lad.

And yet he pulled the strap away once again. He wouldn’t beat the boy. Not yet anyway. There were more pressing and humiliating things to do at this point.

“As you all know the chants, let’s begin,” Hanes said, the cruelty dripping from his voice as he spoke. He stood to the side of the boys now, watching the profile of their position, and he placed the strap behind his back, holding it there menacingly, ready to CRACK it against a boy’s soft young flesh should he try anything out of order.

“Who’s going down?” Hanes shouted, starting the chant.

Immediately, the prisoners went down to the floor, but they left their young bare feet on the bench, now doing a forced workout of decline pushups. And then they responded, albeit weakly.

“The prison boys!” the said, but they were soft about it. It was awkward, and it was not to Hanes’s liking. He walked to Sergio now and raised his strap in the air, even higher than he had done with the other prisoner, and standing in front of the lad, he brought that strap down on his shoulders. Hard. CRACK!

“Oh fuck!” Sergio screamed, and he contorted his face in pain, but he didn’t get out of position. He did, however, look up into Hanes’s eyes, the hate now completely evident on his face.

“Louder!” Hanes commanded, and Sergio stared at the man for another long moment before lowering his gaze once more.
“Who’s going up?” Hanes now said.

Now the boy’s strained to bring themselves back into an upright pushup position. And this time they were indeed louder.

“THE PRISON BOYS!” they shouted. And Hanes smiled to himself, clearly both emotionally and sexually excited at the humiliation in these prisoners’ eyes.

Now he walked behind the prisoners once again, and once more he was able to stare at their manly, muscular, young feet. He watched as the beads of sweat formed on their soles, just as it was doing on their faces. And Sergio’s brown skin now glistened in a light sheen of sweat that formed all over his body. This punishment was already getting to him, and then when he walked back around for a moment to see his eyes, there was already an exhaustion in them that told Hanes he was getting tired. And Hanes knew well that fatigue was vital to making prison boys submit completely. That’s why he so often employed forced workouts in his punishments.

“In a few minutes you boys are going to wish you could do more pushups,” he said with cruelty in his voice. Then he walked back behind Sergio, once more staring at the young man’s soft, sweaty, tannish-pink soles.

“Who’s going down?”


“Who’s going up?”


“Who’s going down?”


“Who’s going up?”


They were all starting to get tired, and even Sergio was growing more fatigued than before.

“Yes, soon you boys are going to wish you could do this shit all day long.” Then he walked back to Sergio’s feet and raised his strap in the air. He didn’t beat the boy’s soles too hard that time, but it was enough to make him wince.

“Mmmpphh,” Sergio moaned, but Hanes also knew he had used the strap in that moment more as a humiliation punishment than anything else. He wanted to simultaneously break the boy physically and mentally. By strapping his soft, young, Latino soles hard enough to hurt but not so hard as to be pure torture, he was able to add that mental component of humiliation to the mix. And he was glad to do it. He wanted to punish Sergio even more, but as he held the strap once again in his hand, deciding if the boy needed yet another stroke, he somehow knew this young man would need intense suffering and humiliation that went well beyond just a few cracks of the strap on his bare soles. He might even need something far more potent than that. He might need his entire being broken, and Hanes mulled over in his mind just how he might venture to accomplish that.

And this humiliation was certainly potent, but it wasn’t enough. Oh, it was enough for most of these guys, and he even looked over at the Asian prisoner who strained to keep up with the pushups, as he was so thin and not at all muscular. And yet, Hanes also knew that the strap was a powerful motivator to make even the weakest boys give their best to the forced workouts they were subjected to.

And in that moment, he walked away from Sergio and looked down from behind at the sweaty back of the young Asian man. He was obviously at least 18, or he wouldn’t be in this facility. But he didn’t look a day over 15, and Hanes started to wonder what he had done to get sent to this terrible prison at all.

“Hold your stance, prisoner,” Hanes demanded, staring down at the Asian boy and quickly CRACKING the strap against his young soles.

“Please Sir!” he cried out. “I don’t belong here, Sir!” And with those words, Hanes CRACKED the strap against his young soles once more. “Oh fuck!” he shouted, and he was sniffling like a child. What was it about the bastinado that Hanes liked so much? It seemed one of the most effective punishments he had yet run across, and he never grew bored with it. But once more, he made his way back to his favorite prison boy, Sergio, even as the officer and his prison boys continued the workout and the bitter humiliation chants.

“That’s enough!” Hanes said. “Stand up!” And they obeyed. Then he pointed to two of them. “Bring that rolling high bar over here.” And Hanes pointed his strap at a high bar on rollers that was in the corner and could be moved to the middle of the room. “And the rope, too. Bring all of it.” Hanes knew he would need as much rope as possible to do what he needed to do with that bar. He stared at it for a moment, studying it. It was probably 15 feet long and about 6 and a half feet off the ground. It would be perfect for some sadistic suspension bondage with these boys, but he also knew he would need some help getting them into it. He walked to the door and opened it.

“Can you guys help me?” he called out, and then he came back in, staring at the prison boys whose bitter punishment he would soon continue. Sergio still stared at him with eyes of hate, and Hanes wondered if the boy’s bare soles were sore from having been beaten at least to some extent only a moments before.

“Now we’re going to have some fun,” Hanes continued, but this time he was speaking to the prison boys he was getting ready to punish even more. “We’re going to play a game. I call it sleeping bat.”

“Sleeping bat, Sir?” Sergio said, raising an eyebrow. Hanes walked up to him, standing directly in the young prison boy’s face.

“That’s right, and you’re gonna play till you pass out if I fucking want you to, prisoner.” Sergio stepped back for a moment, and the fear was evident in his eyes for a split second. But then it went away again, replaced by the same defiance as before. “And you’re gonna be my star player, boy. So get ready.”


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  1. ragnar1963 - August 8, 2019, 12:50 pm

    Fantastic! My mind is reeling at the torture punishments Sergio and the others will receive, on their bare helpless soles and elsewhere….

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