When Detective Mike Williams is captured by the German drug dealing ring that he is investigating, they interrogate the cop using carefully directed electro techniques that keep him on edge of orgasm in the ultimate combination of pleasure and pain. A hot new story by Doctor Odd. Art by Franco. Page 1


Captured Cop's Electro Stimulation Interrogation - Page 1
by Dr Odd
Art by Franco

For Detective Mike Williams, the exhilaration of catching the bad guys was the only thing that made the hassles of his work worthwhile. Nothing thrilled him more than feeling the click of his cuffs as he closed them tightly around the wrists of some conquered criminal. And no one was better at it than Mike.

He joined the force immediately out of high school, a skinny but good looking kid. That was nearly 20 years ago. During those two decades, he worked himself up through the ranks to become one of the leading detectives on the force and his hard-earned muscular physique matched that impressive achievement.

For the past two years, Mike had been investigating a sophisticated cartel of German drug smugglers - not your typical gang of drug runners. With the help of a secret informant, he had finally tracked down their base of operations and had been running surveillance on the building for several days when he realized that none other than Hans Koch – the suspected ring leader – was not only present but preparing to leave the country.

Mike considered calling for backup, but since he was so far away from town, it would take the team nearly thirty minutes to get there. He watched as Koch walked out of the front door and towards a waiting jeep. It was then that Mike decided to take a chance, realizing that it was now or never. Today, he was bound and determined to prove why he was the best.

He slammed his car into gear and barreled towards the Jeep. But the driveway coming into the complex was heavily guarded and he was only able to barely make it within thirty yards of Koch before a massive bullet from one of the guard’s guns went straight through his engine block, stopping his car in its tracks.

Mike tried to make a quick exit but not quick enough as a team of Germans convened on him and in a matter of moments, had him out of the car and stripped of all his weapons. He struggled in vain as they overpowered him and tied his hands behind his back and placed a black cloth bag over his head, blocking all light and leaving Mike in nothing but total darkness.

The men picked him up and carried him towards the waiting Jeep then with a thud, they roughly tossed him in the back and the Jeep took off down the driveway. Mike had lost track of time before the jeep finally came to a halt, the back hatch opened, and the of group of men grabbed his arms and pulled him out. He tried to fight against them but his efforts were futile, seeing as they outnumbered him five to one. Eventually, he submitted to their control and they dragged him up a set of steps and into another building.

Mike had no idea where they were or where he was being taken. He did his best to follow their commands in German as they finally reached their destination and Mike felt them shove him into a room and shut the door. He waited in that room in darkness for what seemed like hours before he finally heard the door open again and footsteps approach him.

“Detective Mike Williams,” came a heavily accented male voice. It was apparent that English was not his native language. “You have been a very hard man to track down.” He heard the steps of the man grow closer to him as the voice was became more clear. It was Hans Koch himself.

“You’re not easy to find yourself, Koch” Mike replied.

“I’m flattered you recognize me, detective.”

“I can smell your stink from a mile away, Koch,” Mike replied, ignoring the fact that the cards were definitely not in his favor.

“Let me make this easy for you, Detective.” The German started circling around the him. “You tell me what you know about my organization and I will let you go freely.”

“How about you let me go freely and I promise not to bring the entire department down on your ass.”

“Strong words from a man that’s by himself with no back up coming.”

“How do you know? I’m wearing a GPS tracker,” he lied. “It’s only a matter of time before they come for me.”

“Oh detective, you always have to do things the hard way. You under estimate me. I scanned you for a tracker while you were in my jeep. If you were wearing a tracker, I would have found it. Now, I’m going to go against my normal nature and offer you a second chance. Tell me what you know or suffer the consequences.”

“I’ll die before I give into you, Koch.”

“Your choice, detective. Doctor, you know what to do.”

“Gladly,” a second, even more accented voice declared.

The door shut and more footsteps approached him. Suddenly, two men grabbed either arm and lifted him up while a third man began to unbutton his shirt revealing a slightly hairy but well-developed chest. The man’s hands worked their way down over his washboard abs and began to unbuckle his belt.

“What the hell are you doing?” the humiliated detective screamed out as the man firmly pulled down his pants and underwear revealing his impressively meaty circumcised-cock and a sizeable set of hairy balls dangling between his legs.

“Tie him to the chair,” the new voice ordered.

The men forced him backwards and pushed him down into the wooden chair then, taking several strands of rough rope, they tied down his muscular arms and fashioned a belt around his waist to hold his torso firmly against the chair.

Without warning, the black cloth was ripped from his head and Mike was finally able to see the men that had gathered around him. Koch sat comfortably in the corner watching the proceedings with an intent gaze. The guards leaned against the wall in phony disinterest. And standing directly in front of Mike was a short older man with a thin stature, bald head and wire-framed glasses.

“Hello, Detective. I am Dr Peter Von Bustonut. It is my job to procure the information we need from you. I have many interesting ways to achieve this goal. But let us be gentle with you. Now, tell me. What does your department know about our little organization?”

Mike stared him in willful silence.

“Come now. I can force you to tell me. We have ways of making you talk.”

“How original, doc!” Mike jeered back before spitting in his direction. He turned and looked behind him and noticed a small metal desk on which sat a deviously curious little machine on top of it. Attached to the bottom of the machine were two wires, one red and one white, and several switches surrounding a large black button in the middle.

“Detective,” the bald German doctor started again. “This will be your last chance before I start my..uh..special attentions. Do the police know of our rendezvous point?”

“I hope you burn in hell, you German freak.”

“As you wish, detective.” said the doctor as he strolled over the metal desk. He picked up the two wires attached to the machine and then calmly made his way back around the desk and kneeled down between Mike’s legs. Mike shook involuntarily as the doctor took his soft but plump cock in his hand and attached the node on the end of the red wire to the base of Mike’s shaft. Retaining a firm grip on his victim’s hardening cock, the doctor attached the white wire on the underside of Mike’s bulging purple head. Then, satisfied that both wires were properly placed, the doctor released Mike’s cock and strolled back around the desk, sitting down in front of the control unit.

“What kind of sick freak are you?” demanded Mike while staring down with alarm at the attachments connected to his increasingly hard cock.

“The kind that has you by the balls, so to speak, detective!” chuckled the doctor. “Perhaps you will find my special attentions quite stimulating.”

“I doubt it, Kraut.” retorted Mike in a nervous tone.

“Detective, I assure you that by the time I am done, you will be begging me to let you cum.”



  1. scotts60143 - December 16, 2016, 7:46 am

    Great set up, and can’t wait to read next chapter! A naked, hairy cop subjected to electro-torture? What could be hotter!

  2. Franco - January 31, 2017, 8:48 am

    It is the perfect set up. You took this an ran with it…like you got into my head and then poof, the entire fantasy laid out…so very well done……

  3. 31118azti - April 16, 2019, 9:16 am

    A naked cop on display, it is a shame that more wires were not also placed on his nipples!

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