A supersoldier leading the resistance to a sadistic dictator is captured and put through a series a humiliations including the milking of MANY of his loads all while being broadcast to the public in this HOT and unique story by new author, The Jest.

Conquering Sergeant Sam - Chapter 1
by The Jest

conquering-sargent-sam“Sergeant Sam, its time to wake up. The show is about to start.”

Sergeant Samuel Freeman opened his eyes to an indiscernible blur. The soldier winced from the pounding in his head. He felt as if he had the worst hangover in his life.

“Welcome back Sergeant. I’m so happy you could join us.”

The groggy soldier tilted his head at the direction of the voice and tried to focus his vision. Sitting several feet away in a lavish armchair was a man with a familiar face. In fact it was the most famous face in the world. A great black bushy mustache sat in the center it. Above the mustache was a large red nose, a pair of twinkling brown eyes, and a shiny bald head. The man’s large form was covered in a dress military outfit and he sat with one thick leg crossed over the other. The man’s lips were twisted into an eerily warm grin as he held a snifter of brandy. The Supreme General of the Federated Territories was immensely pleased.

The sight of his hated nemesis made the supersoldier’s blood boil. Two days ago the freedom fighters of the resistance had received intel that the Supreme General would be touring a weapons facility in a remote mountainous region near the border. His superior officers had insisted it was too dangerous to send a strike team, but the Sergeant knew this would be their best chance to kill the dictator. Against orders the brash young supersoldier secretly commandeered a flight ship, and headed straight for the underground facility. He would end this war once and for all!

Except the mission hadn’t exactly gone as the supersoldier intended. The last thing Sam remembered was entering the weapons depot to find a curiously empty hangar. Then a electric bolt hit the man square in the chest, dropping him to the ground.

“I have to say that I didn’t really expect such an obvious trap to work. I guess that serum only gave you super strength, not super brains eh young man?”

General Locklen’s demeaning tone filled Sam with rage, snapping his senses back under his control. Only then did he realize his current situation. The musclebound soldier was lying naked, face up on an examination table. Struggling to move, Sam quickly discovered his fists were encased in silver cylinders above his head. Even with his extreme strength, the supersoldier couldn’t free them. The harder he pulled, the more energy the cuffs exerted to keep his hands in place. His bulging biceps strained ineffectual against his bindings, and his body broke out in a slick sweat. The soldier’s meaty legs were raised into stirrups, and his feet were similarly captured in round metal spheres that were anchored to the ground. In between his raised thighs lay a hairy ballsack and his 6 inch flaccid cut cock. Sergeant Sam had been put on display.

“Struggle all you like Sergeant. It’s quite futile,” taunted the dictator.

“Just kill me already you fuck!” screamed the frustrated soldier. He would rather be dead than have to look at this fat piece of shit a second longer.

“My my. Such language.”

The moderately portly leader of the Federated Territories stood up and swaggered toward the prone soldier.

“You see, young man, I could kill you as you suggest. But it would just create another problem.”

General Locklen daintily removed his silk gloves, laying them on a nearby medical cart. Looking down at the beautiful manly specimen, the dictator lazily dragged his fingers across the younger soldier’s bare torso. Being touched by the detested leader made Sam cringe. This was the Butcher of Bayton, the one responsible for the infamous June 22nd Night Raids. Sam retched as he felt his body caressed lovingly by the man.

“You have used your strength, speed and agility to cause a great amount of trouble for me over the last few years boy. The recent incident at the shipyards in Sloveria was quite the spectacle. But more than that, you’re a hero to your people Sergeant. You inspire my own citizens to turn against me. If I kill you, you will just become a martyr.”

The dictator’s pudgy digits pinched Sam’s red nips playfully as the villain continued his monologue.

“No Sergeant, simply killing you would be a bad idea. To destroy your rebellion I have to destroy its will. And to destroy its will, I can’t just kill its beloved hero. I have to conquer him."

A shiver of unaccustomed fear ran through the nude soldier’s spine.

"You might not understand what that means right now Sergeant, but I promise that you soon will.”"

The leader’s voice had momentarily dropped to a low venomous growl. It didn’t last long however as the general immediately brightened into his usual cheery disposition as he pinched Sam’s cheeks.

“Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Sam hated this man with every ounce of his being, but he did not doubt his ability. This was the mastermind of The Great Coup, the man who envisioned the power of the propaganda network, the general behind the Atlas Day Massacre. Whatever General Locklen had in mind it was sure not to be pleasant. The soldier let out a brief gasp as his man nubs were painfully squeezed and released. Blood flowed to his pecs and they bloomed red under the bright halogen lights.

“Your body is a work of art,” cooed the general into captive man’s ear. Sam could feel the black mustache tickling the side of his face.

“It’s times like these that I feel truly blessed.”

The dictator then lifted a syringe off the nearby table filled with a bright green substance.

“So you know, I insisted that I be the one to perform this act on you. It’s important that you know it is I, General Locklen, the man you failed to kill, your most hated enemy, that is responsible for all that is to follow.”

General Locklen jabbed the side of Sam’s buttocks with the needle and emptied the unknown substance into his meaty flesh.

“Sir, everything is ready. We can go live anytime,” said an attendant who had approached the general.

“Excellent, excellent,” said the dictator as he turned to face a camera that had been wheeled in front of the hapless Sergeant. He quickly regloved his hands.

“I’ll kill you, you son of bitch. You’ll pay for all the things you’ve done!” screamed the soldier.

“Now now, we can’t have that.” The dictator snapped his fingers and pointed at Sam’s mouth. A medical technician emerged from the shadows and quickly fitted a greasy black ball gag into the prone man’s mouth. The Sergeant’s muffled bellows were now barely audible by the camera.
The dictator shuffled in front of the soldier, blocking the camera from seeing the naked man behind him.

“We are live in 3… 2...1.,.”

“Greetings citizens of the Federated Territories. I come to you with glad tidings. The war that has devastated our nation is coming to an end!” The dictator raised his white gloved fists in triumph at the declaration.

Sergeant Sam felt woozy. His breathing was becoming heavy and his head started to swim. What was in that syringe?

“Too long have we been plagued by rats hiding amongst us. Too long have we suffered from the cowardly attacks of those that do not show their faces. As you well know these insurgents have been led by the infamous Sergeant Sam. This super terrorist has used his enhanced abilities to wreak havoc upon our way of life. But tonight that ends!”

The large dictator stepped to his side, revealing the naked man behind him. Millions of people on the other end of the transmission gasped. It was Sergeant Sam, captured and exposed! His handsome face and cut jaw were immediately recognizable even with his mouth stuffed open with a gag. Each curve and mound of the supersoldier’s muscular frame was highlighted under the harsh lamps. Viewers could see thick brown fur covering the soldier’s bulbous chest, legs, and arms. Sergeant Sam was truly the most perfect specimen of masculinity the world had ever known.

But to his horror the soldier felt a twitch in his dick. “No no no” whispered the soldier to himself silently as he felt himself harden live before the citizens of the Federated Territories. The substance which he had been injected with was causing the soldier to become aroused against his will. Soon Sam’s rod was standing at its full mast of 10 inches.

“The Federation’s brave soldiers have captured this “invincible” upstart,” the dictator made air quotes as he spoke to the camera. “And as you can see the great Sergeant Sam has turned out to be quite the depraved individual.”

The camera zoomed in on Sam’s quivering member. A fire of need had erupted in the captive soldier’s crotch and his rod swayed back and forth in front of the camera. The Sergeant groaned into the gag as his arousal continued to build like a tsunami.

“This so called hero practically begged us to take him captive.”

LIES! All terrible lies! But the soldier was unable to refute them. Instead he lay in full view of the entire Federated Territories with a massive throbbing erection giving proof to the dictator’s words.

“Our scientists have long sought the technology that created this so called superhuman. The rebels themselves were only able to create it once. But we have had no success in our attempts. Until now that is. I am told that this secret lies not in test tubes or laboratories, but within here.” The leader lifted the soldier’s ample ballsack with his gloved hands for his citizens to view.

“In exchange for feeding his perverted desires, Sergeant Sam has agreed to give the Federated Territories all the material we need to develop our own superserum!”

The soldier screamed into the ball gag. This couldn’t be happening. He would not be milked in front of the entire world like an animal! But against his will precum bubbled out of his yawning dickslit, oozing down the length of his pale shaft like a melting candle. Oh god, he needed to cum.

“I understand that such a tale might sound too fantastic to believe but that is why I am letting everyone, law abiding citizens and insurgents alike, have the chance observe the entire extraction procedure on this very... very... willing... participant.” The General enunciated these last words slowly to drive home Sam’s horrifying humiliation.

The dictator patted the soldier’s buzzcut head gently with mock affection. Sam blushed in shame. He would have put a fist through the man’s smile if he could only just move. Instead he could only lay there and stare at the cameras. Medical technicians with their faces obscured by surgical masks brought forth a long hose with a clear nozzle at the end. They quickly inserted the Sergeant’s aching member into the nozzle, and latched it in place. The soldier continued to struggle in vain as a motor on a cart was wheeled into place between his upturned thighs. A slick black dildo was mounted onto a rod and attached to the motor. The rubbery spear was ready.

“I leave you now dear citizens as I have more pressing matters to attend to. But please stay tuned to watch the end of both this pitiful rebellion and the “hero” known as Sergeant Sam. The show has truly just begun….”



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    Great beginning…can’t wait to get to chapter 2!!

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