An arrogant & homophobic conservative politician and his hunky Italian bodyguard get their just dues when they visit a spa run by a horny and vengeful "fag" in a brand new story from Richard featuring lots of tickling, shaving, cum control and more! Pics from MenOnEdge.


Congressman Burns Gets His - Page 1
by Richard
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Elegant, tuxedo-clad, 30-year-old Congressman Beauregard "Beau" Burns, an arch-conservative staunch, stalwart Republican had just finished his wedding rehearsal along with his wife-to-be "Southern Belle" Melissa "Missy" Tidwell. While "Missy" of course had not worn her designer wedding gown to the rehearsal since wedding gowns were reserved for the fast-approaching "big day" itself, her 6' 4" husband-to-be, up-and-coming Congressman Burns, saw no reason not to wear his own designer tuxedo to the rehearsal since he felt that it only emphasized his movie-star-handsome good looks.

rep4Congressman Burns, although only a freshman member of the House Of Representatives, had already quickly ascended in rank as a member of several Republican-dominated committees and was already famous (maybe even infamous) for publicly "sharing" his vehemently anti-gay and thinly-veiled white supremacist views to the "liberal media" or anyone who cared to listen.

To Congressman Burns' secret chagrin, however, he had allowed his fiancé "Missy" to schedule an appointment that very afternoon at a "boutique-type spa" that catered to men and women for spa treatments, massage, and personal grooming. The establishment had been recommended to her by her ex-sorority sisters who had scheduled such appointments for their own husbands and/or frat-boy boyfriends. Both "Missy" and her coterie of like-minded empty-headed debutantes essentially forced their spouses/boyfriends to have a certain amount of "manscaping" performed there since the "sweet Southern Belles" otherwise all-but-refused to go "down there" during sex.

"Missy" had made it clear that she expected her "Beau-honey" (as she called him) to do likewise, openly criticizing his hirsute pubes and what she called his "monkey butt" in her "charming Southern way," the asscheeks of his sexy bubble butt being on the "fuzzy side," and had accordingly scheduled today's appointment so he would be "ready" for the honeymoon.

vinnie13Therefore, Congressman Beau Burns reluctantly found himself in the elegant lobby of the expensive spa place accompanied, as always, by his darkly-handsome Italian-American bodyguard, the crew-cutted 35-year-old 6' 5" ex-Marine/ex-cop bodyguard, the darkly handsome Vinnie Napoli, Vinnie clad in a black suit and tie, white dress shirt, mirrored designer sunglasses, and earpiece to "headquarters," his shoulder gun holster also evident under his tight black jacket. Vinnie had become necessary because the brash, arrogant Congressman Burns' anti-gay and racist diatribes had somehow (inexplicably-to-Burns) caused him to receive various threats against him.

The soon-to-be groom paused to admire his own tuxedoed reflection in an antique gilt mirror in the chandeliered lobby of the place, (the place must cost a fortune but for once "Missy's" old-money but tight-fisted Southern Family the Tidwells were paying for it), lovingly patting his carefully-layered dirty-blond designer-cut hair into place, shamelessly admiring his reflection and gym-toned body evident under his spiffy tuxedo. His wife-to-be, "Missy," loved to run her fingers through his sexy, full head of hair, and ruffle it in what she considered to be a "sexy" way, calling him her "Sexy Samson," and had just done so at the rehearsal even though it mussed up his precious designer-cut locks every time. But, then again, who could blame her since her handsome politico was so "God's gift to women."

His designer-cut hair now satisfactorily properly arranged, the brash Congressman Burns announced himself as "the pre-eminent United States Representative-Congressman Beauregard Burns" to a well-dressed and coiffed blonde young woman at reception, gruffly introducing "and my bodyguard, Officer Vinnie Napoli" with an air of pride, since he always felt having a bodyguard somehow made one seem even more of an impressive VIP, further stating "I believe my fiancé made an, er, appointment for me today?"

The elegant young woman replied "Why yes, she most certainly did! We are so honored to have you as a guest, Congressman Burns. Why, when he heard you were to be our guest today our finest technician, Matt, absolutely insisted that he personally assist you himself -even though he was fully booked today he re-scheduled everyone to clear his calendar just for you! I'm afraid that little-old-me knows nothing of politics but Matt had the nicest things to say about you and how he supports all your of your er 'positions', er, that is, on 'issues' I believe they call them? Anyway, I'm sure he'll share that with you. Shall I notify him you are here, Congressman Burns?"

Glowing with pride that the person who was going to, er, assist him today was a fellow conservative, Beau magnanimously replied "Why, yes, of course. The sooner I get this, er, matter taken care of the better."

The elegant receptionist then pressed a button and a minute later "Matt" appeared, a 6' 3" dark-haired suntanned, muscular dude in his 20's with a neatly trimmed short beard clad in white pressed cotton shorts and a form-fitting white cotton polo-type shirt with the spa logo on it. He smilingly introduced himself as "Hi, I'm Matt. I will be assisting you today. We are so honored to be of service to you. I've heard so much about you and your views and I am a huge fan."

Still glowing at the welcome adulation (had this "Matt" not made it clear that he was a firm supporter of Beau's conservative causes he might have feared from the look of him that Matt might be a dreaded "leftie" or even a- God-forbid- "homo"). Smiling at the adulation by baring his glowingly-white minty fresh perfect teeth, Congressman Burns stated: "The pleasure is all mine. It is always refreshing to hear from a satisfied conservative constituent like yourself!"

Beau and Vinnie then accompanied Matt, who showed them to the "examination room" where the services would be performed, a large airy white-painted room made all the brighter due to an abundance of natural light from skylights and a window that, while shielded from outside view by strategic plantings, still provided an abundance of bright, natural light, a padded massage table the focal point of the impressive room.

"Now just so we're clear here, I only want a very light- just a trim really-, er, you know very, very minor 'manscaping' I guess it is called before my wedding. My 'Missy,' er that's my wife-to-be, er, objects to my, er, pubic, er, bush and what she calls my slightly hairy 'monkey butt,'" warned Congressman Burns right off the bat.

"Very common requests, Congressman! Now, don't you worry I know just what you need, you are in the best of hands, a fellow Young Republican. I am the most sought-after technician here. Not only am I completely professional and absolutely discreet, but you can rest assured that I am fully aware of your VIP status and will make sure that when your treatment is finished that you will leave a new man!" enthused Matt.

"Plus you can rest assured that this fine establishment only caters to the crème de la crème- As a manager, I carefully make every effort to discreetly turn away any of those people the left-wing media call "people of color" or any goddamned fags, either as customers or employees- You can imagine how we have to be very careful to keep the faggots out as employees given the highly personal areas involved in such personal grooming matters! Good riddance I say! A bunch of riffraff! So you will feel right at home here- kind of like the 'absolutely restricted' country club like I am sure you belong to!" went on Matt, putting Beau even more at ease.

"Well, that is very reassuring to hear, Matt! It's so good to hear a fine young person like yourself espouse proper moral beliefs, keeping the goddamned fags back in their damn closet, and a belief in the God-given superiority of the white race! The liberal media so tries to brainwash the uneducated public! I could go on and on (he usually did) but suffice it to say that I am now quite at ease at having a fine upstanding young man like yourself take care of this, er, highly discreet personal grooming matter," replied a much-relieved Beau, who had been concerned by Matt's suntanned musculature, equating it as being a possible sign of being a "goddamned fag." "So let's get on with it then, eh Matt?" continued Beau.

rep1"Absolutely, Congressman, sir! Now if you’ll just disrobe and climb onto the massage table face down, please" instructed Matt, handing Beau what he called a "privacy towel" that was rather on the skimpy side, Beau thought.

Taken a bit aback at being ordered to remove his spiffy tuxedo (and everything else!) and in front of Matt as well as in front of his smirking (he did seem to be smirking) fully-clothed bodyguard Vinnie Napoli, Beau had no choice but to do so, having realized deep down all along that some degree of nudity would be involved given the intimate areas "Missy" wanted "manscaped."

Congressman Burns therefore began by undoing his bow tie and then slowly unbuttoning the black onyx studs that served as his white tuxedo shirt "buttons" whereupon he imperiously gestured for Vinnie to come over and retrieve them, (treating Vinnie like he was his fucking servant or something secretly fumed Vinnie), whereupon Beau then removed his tuxedo shirt altogether and handed it to Vinnie, revealing Beau's suntanned, moderately hairy chest, the dirty-blond to darker chest hairs fanning out over the planes of his gym-toned chest and encircling two hair-haloed pink nipples that stood to attention in the coolly air-conditioned room as well as the Congressman's happy trail down his six-pack abs, Vinnie again fumingly being reduced to neatly folding and placing his boss's tuxedo shirt aside.

After pointedly placing the "privacy towel" over his midsection, Congressman Burns then undid his cummerbund and belt and unhitched his tightly-tailored tuxedo pants, Burns imperiously gesturing for his bodyguard Vinnie to servilely remove his black patent leather Bally loafers, whereupon Burns dropped his tuxedo pants under cover of the towel, revealing his suntanned, muscular thighs and legs generously sprinkled with darkish, wiry leg hairs, and then his calf-length executive socks, each of which were handed to Vinnie to fumingly fold and place with the rest of the arrogant Congressman's tuxedo.

Then, as Vinnie smirkingly looked on, the pompous Burns sort of shimmied under the cover of the tiny towel only to wiggle a pair of sweaty, white Emporio Armani boxer briefs out from under the towel and hand them to his smirking bodyguard, the trio in the room now fully aware that while Matt and Vinnie remained fully clothed, the now blushing, hotshot Congressman stood before them completely balls-ass-naked but for the towel that mercilessly barely covered the hotshot bombastic politician's modesty.

Vinnie could not resist making a business out of neatly folding the sweaty intimate garment inside out, making an explicit display of the portion that moments ago caressed the sweaty confines of the brash Congressman's privates and ass area, Vinnie disappointed that the intimate garment contained not even the slightest "skid-mark," hoping to take his demanding boss down an embarrassing peg or two, but it was not to be, so he fumingly folded them and placed them with the rest of Burns' tuxedo, but satisfyingly well out of reach of his blushing , and, for-all-intents-and-purposes, naked boss.

"Now please proceed to the massage table and lie face down on it please" instructed Matt.

Congressman Burns did so, doing his best to keep the skimpy towel covering his ass to the greatest extent possible.

rep2To the pompous politician's abject horror, however, Matt suddenly whisked the tiny towel off of Burns' bare ass altogether, not only revealing to Matt and Vinnie that he indeed did have something of a "monkey butt" as "Missy" put it, his upturned bare white asscheeks containing a distinct amount of "fur," his hair-flecked bubble butt being alabaster white in stark contrast to the rest of the hotshot politician's suntanned, muscular body. Vinnie smirked all the more when he noticed that his boss' fat, no-doubt cum-filled, hairy balls were also fully visible from where Vinnie stood in his full bodyguard uniform complete with designer sunglasses in the bright room, as his boss's hairy balls lay against the padded leather surface of the massage table between Burns' widely-spread, muscular, hairy legs. Vinnie couldn't resist secretly snapping a few pics of this with his cell phone that Matt either didn't see or pretended not to notice-always good to have a little blackmail material on the asshole when it was time for a raise (not that his boss's hole was currently visible, it appearing that Burns' entire crack was even hairier!)

"What the fuck!!?? Matt, what are you doing? I'm completely naked! Put the towel back!" ordered Burns, scandalized at his sudden exposure and in front of his no-doubt-still-smirking bodyguard!

"Not to worry, Congressman Burns! We just need to expose the area in question in order to take care of it, is all. You must understand that..."

"Er, well, yes, of course, I, er, do understand- it was just so sudden!" said Burns.

"Now, before we begin, our insurance company, you know the one that also wisely refuses to take any Obamacare patients, does require us to carefully restrain our customers on the table while the 'procedure' is being performed. Some clients are more sensitive to the 'procedure' than others and are prone to sudden reactive movements that could result in injury from the equipment itself or from falling off the table altogether. I am sure that your bodyguard Vinnie here will agree that the restraints will ensure your safety as well, which he is sworn to protect as well, correct Vinnie?"

Vinnie, smirking now to the max (Vinnie was starting to like this guy Matt all the more!) heartily chimed in with "Yes of course, Matt. The safety of Congressman Burns is my number one priority as well! Here, I'll even help you with the safety restraints to make sure he's all snug and safe!"

Seconds later, before Burns could utter a protest and since that insurance company was also a major donor to his own campaigns and supported conservative values including loss prevention from frivolous lawsuits brought by liberal consumer attorneys, Burns found himself quickly secured at wrists and ankles to the massage table as he lay on his stomach, fuzzy ass up, balls-ass-naked.

Beau squirmed a bit, testing his new bondage which he found unsettling. Worse, he was only too well aware that his bodyguard was actually enjoying his employer's naked embarrassment and that even more embarrassing things like the "manscaping" was about to begin. Although he was aware that he was essentially helpless in his current position Burns did not want to give Vinnie the satisfaction of witnessing what was about to happen, and, since Burns totally felt secure with a fellow "fag-hater" like Matt, decided to dismiss Vinnie from the room.

"Er, Vinnie, thanks very much for your assistance. I am in good hands now. Please wait in the lobby until we are finished here." ordered Congressman Burns.

"But, boss! You're completely helpless now! Tied down bareass naked, man! It's for your safety like Matt said but, no, as your trained bodyguard I must insist that I be allowed to make sure you are safe until this 'procedure-thing' is completely over and you are released from confinement!" countered Vinnie, not willing to so easily give up on having a chance to see his demanding boss being humiliated and getting his asscheeks shaved and his pubies trimmed.

Vinnie personally thought Burns was being "pussy-whipped" by that snotty bitch he intended to marry- that bossy "Missy" bitch. That bitch had always looked at him like he was the scum of the earth as being too "ethnic" for her. But no one would ever get hardass ex-Marine/ex-cop bodyguard Vinnie Napoli to "manscape" off ANY-as in not one fuckin' follicle- of his precious body hair-no way no how!

Vinnie was a "man's man"- he said "let the bitches suffocate on my damn hirsute pubes, let 'em know it's a real man they're going down on, choking on my big Italian salami! Serve the bitches right!"

Congressman Burns insisted that Vinnie depart, however, so Vinnie thought to himself "well, what the fuck-don't say I didn't warn you, asshole!" but knowing he could not mouth those words and not risk losing his well-paid job simply said "OK, boss, have it your way. I'll be out in the lobby if you need anything- just holler!"

While this exchange had gone on between Burns and his bodyguard, Vinnie noticed that Matt had made a quick call on the phone that hung on the wall of the room and had apparently murmured some instructions to someone else on the staff of the place.

As Vinnie strode off toward the lobby, Matt followed him to the door which was opened a crack to reveal a gorgeous, buxom blonde clad in a super-tight tiny t-shirt (or half of one really) her huge, braless natural breasts and pert nips practically popping out at an appreciative Vinnie whose own manhood jerked down below in instant response, his dark olive eyes lustfully following down to her white mini-shorts that barely covered her v-jay-jay, her fine Kardashian-sized ass further on display reflected in the mirror beyond, as she sexily wagged it as she bent slightly forward to be introduced to Vinnie by Matt.

"Vinnie, this is Tammi. Look, this procedure on Congressman Burns may take a while- I mean it's not complicated but it takes a lot of precision to do it right and that takes time. So, I asked Tammi to give you one of her "special total stress relief" massages to pass the time- free of charge and on the house-I think you'll find it very, um, relaxing, if you know what I mean..." Matt giving him a knowing man-to-man grin and pointed wink that Vinnie picked up on immediately. He thought "Shit, this guy Matt is all right! Hooking me up with a sexy blonde chick for a happy-ending massage FUCKING FREE! and an "anything goes" romp with this sexy bitch while my fucking asshole boss get his hotshot ass literally mowed down till it's fucking hairless and some of his fucking pubies plucked or whatever the fuck they do! Fan-fucking-tastic!" However, his reply to Matt was to say "Hey, thanks, man! You're the greatest!" Vinnie gently rubbing his crotch through his black bodyguard suit pants as the three of them erupted in knowing giggles!

While Tammi escorted a lust-filled Vinnie across the lobby to another sound-proofed "treatment room" on the other side of it, Matt returned to a trussed- up naked Congressman Burns saying "Vinnie just reiterated that if you need anything he'll be in the lobby waiting. So, let's get on with it, eh? Oh, I forgot to mention that part of the insurance regulations also require that the client be blindfolded during the 'procedure'..."

Before the pompous, trussed-up Congressman Burns could respond with anything more than a "what the??" he felt a black blindfold being placed over his eyes whereupon he suddenly felt and heard a battery-operated steel hair clipper whirring into action as Matt began slow and steady strokes of it across his upturned, furry ass, the instrument gliding rhythmically in expert strokes against the hotshot Republican politician's bare ass, Beau squirming in his bonds as far as they would allow since the metal teeth of the clippers were tickling the sensitive nerves of his upturned asscheeks' nerve-endings as his ass was shaved, making the denuded Congressman squirm at the tickling sensation and inadvertently putting pressure on the hotshot's manhood as it lay trapped underneath on the padded massage table, goose bumps appearing on Burns' now newly nearly hairless alabaster asscheeks of his upturned bubble butt.

rep3The denuded, now blindfolded, Congressman Burns continued to squirm in his inescapable bondage as the whirring clippers made their surprisingly sensuous forays up and down and all over the upturned alabaster cheeks of his upturned bubble butt, as Burns found himself unaccountably reduced to quietly "oooing and ahhhing" at the surprisingly erotic contact of the whirring clippers with the never-before-known sensitive nerve endings of his sexy, upturned and oh-so-bare, vulnerable ass as Matt matter-of-factly performed the very same "manscaping" procedure he had apparently performed many, many times before, to an extent that he seemed to do so with a highly professional clinical indifference.

Nevertheless, Burns realized, to his horror, that the hotshot's manhood unaccountably was beginning to fill with blood as it surprisingly reacted to this strangely erotic shaving of his vulnerable, nerve-sensitive asscheeks, his manhood beginning to harden into a full-fledged hard-on as it was increasingly smashed into the soft butter leather of the massage table as the bombastic Congressman Burns continued to squirm in his inescapable bondage or from the delicate contact on his hopelessly exposed, upturned bubble butt. Beau was totally freaked out by this, but tried to attribute it to pent-up sexual tension and wedding anxiety coupled with the fact that "Missy" had, in fact, refused him any sort of sexual activity until he was fully "manscaped" per her demands which would not occur until their as-not-yet-consummated honeymoon (although "Missy" had reluctantly "submitted" to Beau's sexual advances in the past but only enough "sampling" to get him to marry her).

As Beau tried to deal with his body's betrayal and unaccountable sexual arousal, Matt stated that it was time for the "next step," whereupon he announced that he was now kneeling behind Congressman Burns [Matt now naked himself unbeknownst to the blindfolded Congressman!] [unbeknownst to Beau- Matt had now himself stripped out of his white shorts and polo shirt and was now himself fully naked!] with a sudsy water bowl placed squarely between the denuded Congressman's outstretched-in-bondage-on- his-stomach hairy legs and then proceeded to use a wet wash cloth to lather up the sexy hotshot groom-to-be's ass with thick shaving cream in order to shave off every last tiny hair that was missed by the clippers, whereupon Matt proceeded to slowly razor shave every inch of arrogant Congressman Burns' upturned ass, sliding the safety razor through the thick shave-cream applied to the arrogant stud's upturned ass, slowly, in practiced, erotic strokes, again eliciting muffled ooos and ahhhs from Beau, whose manhood only throbbed and now even grew to rock-hard status despite the mortified hotshot blindfolded politician's best efforts to will it to soften- it made no sense that his body could possibly react in such a way to such contact yet alone by another man! The trusted Matt had not ventured anywhere very near Congressman Burns' privates and yet they were unaccountably responding in the most disturbing ways. Beau decided [mistakenly!] that most likely Matt was unable to notice the increasingly embarrassing aroused distress Beau was experiencing since, after all, his privates were sort of squashed underneath and not fully in view (or so the blindfolded Congressman mistakenly hoped).

After several minutes of more safety razor shaving of Congressman Burns' upturned alabaster asscheeks, Matt had made them now completely hairless, Matt using the sudsy washcloth to remove every last trace of the thick white shave cream so that the buff young VIP legislator's bottom glowed and shone as explicitly shown in the sunlight pouring in through the skylight above. Matt was well aware that the security cameras were recording the entire process, the cameras no doubt also capturing the fact that, unbeknownst to the clueless bound hotshot Congressman, Matt himself was kneeling bareass naked behind him on the massage table, Matt's own hairy crack and hole and dangling cock and balls explicitly exposed to the cameras as well as he leaned way forward to finish his deforestation of his esteemed client's upturned backside.

rep5To Beau's further horror, he suddenly felt something unaccountably warmish-hot and kind of sticky being applied by some tiny metal instrument that felt like a tiny spatula right into the hairy crack of his ass as he felt one of Matt's strong hands rather roughly pry one newly deforested asscheek to one side to spread his hairy asscrack wider open, Beau horrified to feel the thing slowly "paint" his crack with whatever warmish-hot sticky stuff Matt was laboriously applying to it. When Beau felt the instrument actually make its way right down to the buff, bound politician's anal opening and begin to "paint" the stuff right over and around his delicate anal rosebud Beau literally jumped as much as he could in his tight bondage and with a surprised yelp went "WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MATT??? YOU WERE ONLY SUPPOSED TO 'MANSCAPE' MY ASSCHEEKS NOT MY DAMNED CRACK AND HOLE! STOP THAT SHIT! WIPE WHATEVER THAT STUFF IS OFF MY DAMN CRACK!"

Matt, who by then had managed to apply "the stuff" to the pompous Republican Congressman's entire crack from the small of his back down over his taint and to just above where his hairy balls lay squashed against the padded massage table, replied with a surprised tone of voice "But Congressman Burns, our 'manscaping' of our clients ALWAYS includes a careful waxing of the cleft between their buttocks! It's all part of the procedure-included in the price of course not that price is any object to a man of your esteemed position...and look it's, er, hardened and ready to come off now anyway....." whereupon [with a great deal of satisfaction and secret amusement] Matt proceed to suddenly roughly yank the hardened depilatory wax from the small of the arrogant homophobic and racist Congressman Burns' back to just above his hairy balls in one fell swoop, the action making a huge "RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" sound as Matt yanked the long wad of hardened wax and the dense forest of pubic hair that had resided in the crack of the pompous stud's asscrack since puberty, the violent action causing extreme sudden pain to a comically shrieking Burns the entire crack area including his tiny virginal anal rosebud turning angrily pinkish-red and burning "Burns" like crazy!

The arrogant stud shrieked "AIEEEEEEEEE!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! OWWWWWW!!! MY CRACK IS ON FIRE!!!!!! STOPPPPPPP!!! OWWWWWW!!!!" [A bemused Matt secretly secured the waxy mess left with its profusion of Congressman Burns'' curly crack hairs as a "souvenir" to amuse his friends in the future while Burns went on shrieking like a banshee].

"Why, Congressman Burns, while some clients experience a bit of pain from that part of the procedure, most fare quite well with it. I am frankly a bit taken aback by your slight overreaction, a man of your muscular build and strong demeanor. But luckily we do keep a special ointment that will soothe that area very nicely. Do you want me to apply that to the affected area?" queried Matt.

"YESSSS!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE YES!!! AND HURRY!! MY CRACK IS ON FIRE!!!!" demanded Burns who had gone quite red in the face as well as he squirmed wildly on the massage table, even rocking it a bit.

To Burns' further horror he then heard the distinct sound of Matt snapping on a pair of latex surgical gloves, a sound Beau dreaded during his annual medical check-ups, Beau more often than not succeeding in "deferring" that part of the examination. He then felt Matt, who once again knelt naked [unbeknownst to the blindfolded Burns] right behind Burns' own behind, Matt's own cock now rock hard itself, begin to slowly apply the ointment to the arrogant stud's burning asscrack with his latex-gloved hands. While Matt had considered using Icy Hot or the amusingly named Ben-Gay to the asshole politician's crack, he knew that would be too over-the-top and tip off Burns to Matt's true mission too soon, such that Matt instead chose to use a truly soothing ointment that would indeed make the hotshot's inflamed crack feel good- hopefully very good indeed- to rattle the hetero hotshot's mind all the more.

Beau had been relieved by one aspect of having had his asscrack so painfully [and humiliatingly] waxed bare, that being the fact that the pain had caused his rock hard erection to subside considerably, Burns relieved that when he would be obliged to roll over onto his back in order to have his pubic bush "trimmed but not shaved" as instructed [which was, to Burns' understanding, the only part of the "procedure" that had not yet been completed], his manhood would be back in its normally flaccid repose as it properly should be. Burns silently shuddered at the thought of the embarrassment of rolling over on the table and having an unwanted, giant erection sticking up in front of a straight-arrow fellow like this Matt, a fellow fag-hater like himself! Why, if that happened, poor Matt might think that 1000% straight Burns was a bit queer himself- unthinkable!

However, at that very moment, Matt was applying the very soothing ointment assuming an apparent air of clinical medical detachment [actually Matt was enjoying himself immensely!] Matt slowly and sensuously applying the ointment as it cooled and soothed the inflamed sensitive skin, Matt again widely spreading the cheeks of pompous Congressman Burns' upturned ass to totally expose the hotshot Republican politician's tiny pink [now completely hairless] anal rosebud, the soothing ointment being soothingly applied to the tiny, tight aperture of Congressman Burns' sacrosanct anus in erotic, concentric circles, Matt expertly applying just enough pressure so that one ointment-laded digit of his strong, latex-gloved hands actually ever-so-slightly penetrated the ultra-tight ring of the butch politician's virginal and now hairless butthole while other ointment-rich fingers tickled and teased Burns' newly deforested taint just above his fat, hairy balls that lay squashed against the padded massage table.

Matt smiled a Cheshire-cat smile as his talented, ointment-rich fingers goosing and teasing Congressman Burns' most private and carefully guarded orifice and most intimate areas resulted in Burns not being able to suppress abject [and loud!]sexual moans, mewls, and signs of contentment [all caught on the hidden audio as well], as the soothing ointment worked its magic, the pain now completely forgotten as a feeling of soothing relief mingled with a strange sort of never-before-experienced pleasure from having his anal region manipulated in such an unaccustomed fashion once again made Burns' manhood twitch and then begin to harden to full-fledged erection, Matt having devilishly also squirted a dollop of the ointment onto the part of the padded massage table just below Burns' fat hairy cum-churning balls, so that as Burns squirmed in ecstatic response to Matt's expert manipulations the dollops of ointment melted and lubricated the padded leather right under his private parts so that his cock and balls slid around sensuously as well, heightening his victim's [er, client's lol] unbidden sexual arousal.

Congressman Burns again visibly jumped and awoke from his pleasant reverie as a result of the soothing ointment when he felt (could it possibly be?) an old-fashioned silvertip badger shaving brush lathered up with more thick white shaving cream "painting" his fat, hairy balls!

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!??? NOOOOO, MATT!!!! STOPPP!!!! WE DIDN'T DISCUSS SHAVING MY, ER, TESTICLES AS WELL!! " yelled a shocked Congressman Burns.

"Not to worry Congressman Burns! I am well-schooled in shaving in that area! The Burns 'crown jewels' are in expert hands! Although it was not explicitly discussed I'm sure your 'Missy' would insist on that for sure! My own girlfriend won't go anywhere near my own unless I keep 'em shaved! Just don't make any sudden moves- we wouldn't want an accident of that sort with your big wedding day approaching- haha" replied Matt.

Bound as he was in inescapable bondage and concentrating wildly on not making any "sudden moves" lest he be de-balled and singing falsetto on the floor of Congress, the pompous young Congressman Beauregard Burns had no choice but to cringe as the soft bristles of the old-fashioned silvertip badger shaving brush continued to bathe the ultrasensitive back of his hairy balls with the thick white shaving cream as they lay semi-squashed and fat under the weight of the rest of his body, Burns unable to suppress a few girlish giggles as the soft-yet-stiff badger bristles of the shaving brush tickled his cum-churning balls causing him to make the dreaded "sudden moves" he was trying not to make so as to preserve his precious crown jewels.

Worse, when Matt began to carefully shave away the shaving cream leaving the backs of the hotshot's balls now hairless, the stimulation of his manly nuts both by Matt's [apparently inadvertent] tickling fingers and the tickling by the razor itself, only combined to make Burns' now-giant pecker pulse with embarrassing, unwanted, sexual excitement- his worst fears coming true unless he was able to masterfully will his manhood to deflate- Burns prided himself on his ability to will himself to do anything- but this time it did not seem to be working!

rep6Then, to Burns' further horror, Matt then announced "Well, time to roll ya over to do the front side of your testicles and the, er, trimming, of your pubic area, sir," whereupon, before Burns could protest, the arrogant politico felt himself being released at his wrists and ankles, and, while still disoriented by still being blindfolded, suddenly felt himself be expertly rolled over onto his back and the restraints once again secured to his wrists and ankles as he now lay on his back, his hairy chest heaving, and his manhood freed into the open air, hard as a rock and sticking straight up at the ceiling under his profuse pubic bush and half-shaved balls!


"Not to worry, Congressman Burns, sir. It happens all the time. All that close attention to those intimate areas of the body- it could happen to anyone. Usually their penises go down as we wind down the procedure- you'll see- I'm sure you're just like all the others!" reassured Matt, laughing to himself at Burns' throbbing boner all caught on the cams- the thing looked like it might explode with the tiniest encouragement!


Matt then set about shaving the front side of Beau's manly, cum-laden balls, again ticklishly lathering them up with thick white shave cream and then ever-so-delicately with the old-fashioned silvertip badger shaving brush before razoring the front of the Congressman's testicles until his entire ball-area was now shaved as bald as his ass, asscrack and taint.



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