My College Professor – Part 2

The submissive college freshman endures more tortures including electricity on his cock & balls and roughly fucked in bondage. Includes a FemDom scene.
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My College Professor - Part 2
by PG
Series: My College Professor

college professor 2I laid there on the bed trying to decide what to do. I started thinking all sorts of horrible thoughts. Did he lock the door? What if he didn't and somebody came in? What if the house caught on fire? What if, what if? As I lay there getting more and more frightened, I suddenly became very aroused. I looked down at my cock. The parachute was still doing it's
job. My cock was hard and pointing straight up. If the professor turned out to be a psycho, maybe I'd at least die happy.

As I lay there thinking, I heard a noise. It was the front door opening. I heard the professor's voice and then a young woman's voice. I couldn't make out what they were saying but I could hear them talking, then laughing. I couldn't be seen from the front door or from the foyer but the bedroom door was wide open. If the young woman I heard took two steps in the wrong direction, she'd see me. I was already embarrassed. I was totally exposed and helpless. I listened to them talk a few more minutes, then I heard another bedroom door shut. The professor entered the room and shut the door. I had been alone for about an hour and a half.

"Well, how are we doing?" he asked me as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"I'm ok, I guess. Is it ok to continue with the girl in the house?" I asked nervously, once again trying to prod him into letting me go.

"Who? Melanie? Oh yes, it's fine. She was tired and said she was going to take a shower and go to bed."

He continued to undress until he was completely nude. He had his back to me as he undressed. When he turned around, he had a full erection.

"Are you ready to play some more?" he asked as he stroked his cock.

"Well, actually...." I stammered.

"Shhh!" he ordered, "Of course you are. Before we start, let me tell you a little about Melanie. She's 20, cute, single, one of the hottest little bodies you've ever seen and you really should meet her. While we play I want you to think about her and the fact that she's just down the hall. In fact, I'm going to leave my bedroom door unlocked."

"What if she comes in???" I asked nervously.

"Well, then she'll get to see you naked. She'll get to watch you squirm. She'll get to see you sucking my cock, etc."

"No, really."

"Relax. I want to show you something first," he said. He rolled a big screen TV over to the foot of the bed and turned it on.

"I have some very well-hidden cameras placed throughout my house. Let's check the one in the bathroom where Melanie's showering, shall we?"

He fiddled with some buttons on a box on top of the TV and suddenly a clear picture appeared. It was a view inside the shower. As I lay there in amazement, I saw Melanie for the first time. She was a knockout and I was watching her shower. I watched as she soaped up her beautiful body and then rinsed it off. Several times, her hand went between her legs but I
couldn't tell if she was just washing or playing with her pussy. It was so hot to watch her and her not knowing it. She got out of the shower and he turned the screen off.

"Cute, isn't she?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Would you like to fuck her?"


I was hoping something had been pre-arranged and that he was going to let me go and treat me to a fine fuck with her but that was not what he had in mind. He walked over and retrieved a small box from the dresser drawer and brought it to the bed. It had wires dangling from it and he deftly attached them to the rubber cords wrapped around my dick.

"You ever seen one of these?"


"It's an electronic muscle stimulator. If used according to the directions, you would apply electrodes to your muscles and turn it on. It would send electric current through your muscles, causing them to contract. Basically it's a way to work out without having to do anything. You can turn the voltage up quite high. But tonight, it won't be sending any current through your muscles. It'll be sending current through the shaft of your cock. By the time I get it turned up all the way, you'll be bucking on the bed like a bronco!"

"Please wait. I don't like electricity. I've been afraid of it since I was a kid. I..."

He turned it on and pressed the button. I felt a very light tingle run through my cock. My cock jumped and swelled just a little.

"Please don't...."

He pressed the button again and a slightly stronger surge of electricity ran through my cock causing me to actually tense up and try to twist away from it.

"Oh, these are just the test voltages. Tell me, does it feel like the current is running straight through your cock from the bottom to the top?"

"Yes, but...."

"Good, that means they're attached correctly. Now we can have some fun. Don't worry. I'm not going to suddenly jar you with a large voltage. I prefer to gradually increase it. That way, each time you feel the current, you know it's only going to get stronger and more painful. I'll also control the length of time I allow the current to flow. Sometimes I'll do it briefly just to watch you jump. Other times, I'll press and hold the button so I can enjoy watching you writhe around and moan."

I swallowed hard. I hated electricity. He got on the bed like he was going to lie next to me but instead scooted up and rested his back against the headboard like he was watching TV. He had the controller in one hand and his cock in the other. He was slowly stroking it.

He turned a dial and pressed the button. A stronger surge of current ran through the shaft of my dick. This time it actually was a bit painful. It was a deep pain, almost as though he was running a rod through my cock. I jumped and squirmed. He didn't release the button for a good five seconds. When he did, I collapsed and started panting.

"I love watching that young, tight body of yours tense up and squirm around. That's so hot! I appreciate you entertaining me. Let's turn the voltage up."

"NO, please!" I begged.

"Oh, please DO beg! I love it when a guy begs. It really gets me hard!"

I struggled against the restraints to no avail.

"You might want to try not to scream or anything unless you want Melanie to come see what's happening."

He reached over and felt my cock.

"Mmmm...nice and hard. The voltage control on here goes from 0 to 10. Right now it's on 3. I think before the night's over, we'll be able to get it all the way to 10 but we'll take it slow. I love to watch the desperation on your face as I increase it. Okay, let's try, say 6 seconds at level 4, ok?"

"No, please, the last one really hurt!"

"I know and this one's going to hurt even more. I can't wait to see those nice legs tighten up. Just remember to be as quiet as possible. You ready?"

"No! Please don't! I can't take more of this!" I begged.

He held the button in front of my face and slowly lowered his thumb onto it. He kept chattering for a few minutes as he did so. I know he was psychologically torturing me now but I was strangely aroused by it. He finally pressed the button. The shock ran through my cock and I tensed and struggled and twisted. I bit my lip to keep from moaning too loudly. The
inside of my cock felt like it was on fire. After 6 seconds, he stopped and I collapsed again, panting. He smiled and kept stroking his cock.

"Very nice. Let's try 4 seconds on level 5 now."

"No!" I was almost crying. I didn't want to feel more voltage but as I looked down at my own cock I could see it was still very hard.

"I'll tell you what. Since you don't seem to be enjoying the electricity as much as I'd hoped, I'll give you a chance to stop it. I'm going to climb up on your chest. If you can suck me off in 60 seconds or less, I'll stop. If you don't make me cum in that time, then we proceed. What do you say?"

I guessed that he was horny enough that I could get him off quickly. I had no experience sucking dicks but I had seen it in plenty of porn movies. I opted to try. I hated electricity.

He climbed onto my chest, straddling me and pushed his hard cock down toward my mouth. He looked at his watch.

"You've got 60 seconds, starting now."

He pushed his cock into my open mouth and began to pump. I sucked and worked my tongue on the shaft of his cock as best I could. After 30 seconds or so, he began to moan.

"That feels terrific! 20 seconds left," he said.

I began to get a bit nervous so I increased my suction and began to bob my head to match his pumping rhythm. He continued to moan.

"Five seconds," he said.

I continued but at the end of the five seconds, he hadn't cum. He abruptly pulled his cock out of my mouth and rolled onto the bed next to me.

"Time's up. You lose," he said as he picked up the control unit.

"No, please, give me a few more seconds!"

He held up the button in front of my face and pressed it.

"Uggghhhh!" I moaned as the current surged through my shaft.

I began to convulse from side to side, causing my erection to swing wildly back and forth. The parachute was adding to the discomfort by pulling against my balls as I tried to squirm to escape the current.

"Your cock looks so good waving back and forth like that! It's so hot!" he said as he held the button and continued to stroke himself.

He finally released the button and allowed me to recover.

"Wow, that was really fun to watch!" he said as he reached over and gently rubbed my nipples and chest. "You've got such a hot little body and I love to watch you squirm."

"I really don't like this," I said, again hoping for sympathy.

"Are you saying you want me to quit? I don't believe you. Your cock is hard as a rock. How can that be, if you're not enjoying this?"

"I don't know! All I know is that it hurts and I don't like it."

He smiled at me. "I know you don't like it. That means that I DO like it and because I like it, I'm going to keep doing it. Just remember to keep your voice down."

I looked down at my cock with the straps and wires attached. He was right. I was very hard and practically spewing precum.

"Well, let's see. Let's turn it all the way up to 7 now. We'll just skip 6. How long should we go for?"

"Please! I need to go home now!"

"Don't be silly. You don't need to go home! No one's there and waiting for you. No, I'm afraid you'll be spending the night here."

"Really, I ....."

"Shhh! Let's go for 10 full seconds at level 7, shall we?"

"No, please!!!" I begged.

"You want me to offer you a deal instead?"

"Yes, please! I'll do whatever you want!" I answered and I meant it.

"Hmmmm....well, I could use a nice tongue up my asshole. Whatta you say? You fuck my asshole with your tongue for, say, 3 full minutes and then I'll disconnect the electricity and let you loose and you can go home."

"Okay! Okay!"

"Beg me," he said, cruelly.

"Please let me fuck your asshole with my tongue!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely, ok."

Once again, he climbed up onto my chest, but this time he was leaning backwards, stroking his cock. He pushed his ass closer and closer to my face and then spread his legs wide, shoving his bare asshole to my face.

"Three minutes, starting now."

He began to stroke himself and I began to force my tongue into his asshole, licking and fucking as best I could. He moaned and groaned and writhed around a bit until at last the 3 minutes was over.

He climbed off and laid back down next to me and began to turn some dials on the device.

"Okay, where were we? 10 seconds at level 7, I believe is next."

"I thought you said if I licked your asshole for 3 minutes you'd let me go?!!!"

"I DID say that, but you know what? I lied." He grinned and pressed the button.

For the next ten seconds, I was like a wooden board. My body arched into the air as the electricity flowed through my erect penis. I shook it from side to side. I let out a relatively loud groan. I could see the professor staring at my erection and jacking his cock furiously. The parachute held my balls and I felt like I was ripping them off. I didn't
know which was worse, the electricity or the parachute. Finally the time was up and he released the button.

"That was SO fucking hot to watch! I'm going to have to do it again! I'm almost ready to cum again."

I lay there panting. I wasn't enjoying it but at the same time, I've never been so excited in my life. I was nude, stretched out on a bed, being humiliated and sexually tortured for the pleasure of a man I'd just met and there was nothing I could do about it.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I raised my head in alarm.

"Professor?" I heard a quiet female voice.

"Yes, Melanie?" the professor answered. I remembered that he said the door was unlocked.

"Can I come in?" she asked. I shot a glance at him. He just continued to calmly stroke his cock.

"Sure! Come on in!"

I was mortified. I saw the handle turn and the door opened. Melanie walked in and I saw her in person for the first time. She was the hottest girl I think I've ever seen. She was wearing a short, sheer nightgown that stopped at the top of her gorgeous thighs. I could see her dark, little nipples through the top.

"I thought you were going to come get me for some fun!" she said as she stared at my cock.

"I was coming to get you in a minute."

"Well, it looks like you've been having some fun!"

She walked over and sat down on the bed on the other side of me. She ran her hand over my chest and stomach and then around the base of my cock.

"Wow! He's good looking! Can I watch him squirm?"

"Sure, let's go up to level 8. I'll let you decide the time."

He handed her the device.

"Oh, I don't know. I might do several small bursts and then a long one, I'm not sure."

"However you want to do it is up to you. First let me get off and then you can work the controls."

He climbed back on top of me and ordered me to open my mouth and keep it open. Melanie moved her position to where she could see my face. He stroked his cock and finally had me open my mouth and shot his second load of the evening into my mouth and made me swallow it. Melanie laid on the bed watching and playing with herself. When he was finished, he got off of me.

"Whew! I'm gonna go to the kitchen and grab a bite to eat. Why don't you keep him busy while I'm gone," he said to Melanie.

"Oh, I will," she said as she smiled and rubbed her hand across my chest. The professor put on a robe and left the room.

"You're kinda cute. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No," I answered nervously.

"Too bad. It looks like you've got a nice cock. A girl would be lucky to get that into her. Of course, once she found out that you were getting used like a girl and eating cum and stuff, she might not want you anymore!" she laughed.

I was totally embarrassed and humiliated. I closed my eyes and tried to make it all go away.

"You know, I don't have a boyfriend right now. Maybe you and me could go out on a date sometime. I might let you fuck me even."

She raised up on the bed and pulled her gown off, exposing her small, beautiful breasts. She put her thumbs in the sides of her panties and pulled them down slightly.

"You wanna see my pussy?" she asked playfully.

"Yeah," I answered weakly.

"Okay," she said and slipped her panties off.

She quickly climbed on my chest like the professor and put her pussy inches from my face.

"Can you see it okay. I know it's kind of close but you can get a good look at it this way."

My cock was throbbing, both from the pain of the electricity and from sheer lustful overload.

"You know, I'd let you fuck me right now but you can't with all that stuff attached to your dick. The professor lets me come over once in a while whenever he's got a cute guy tied up like you are. I help him. He says I have a really good sadistic mind and I guess it's kinda true. I not really a mean person but torturing someone really turns me on. When the
professor and I both work on a guy we both get off a lot! You're the cutest one he's had in a long time!"

"Thanks," I answered half-heartedly.

"Would you like me to take all that stuff off your dick and slide my pussy down on it. You look like you really need to get off!"

"Yes, please."

"On second thought, I don't think I will. I'm kind of in a sadistic mood tonight anyway and I think I'd get off harder if I watched the professor abuse you. I'll even be doing some of the abusing myself tonight! Isn't that fun???"

I didn't answer. She got off of me and laid down beside me and picked up the controller and began to look at it.

"Have you ever been fucked by a guy?" she asked me.

"No!" I answered emphatically.

"Too bad. Some guys really like it you know. Personally, I like getting fucked but I don't like it in the ass. Unfortunately for you though, if the professor wants to fuck you, it's the only hole you've got back there so he doesn't have a choice. With me, if I'd allow it, at least a guy would have the choice of my pussy or my ass. It doesn't matter
though. I don't let guys fuck me in the ass."

She toyed with the controller a few more minutes.

"You know the professor's going to fuck you later, right?"

"I don't want him to. Can't you talk him out of it?" I pleaded.

"Oh no! If anything, I'll talk him into it. For a guy like you, it's very humiliating. It turns me on to see a guy get humiliated like that. Makes my pussy really, really wet! You're so cute, I really want to watch your face as he's pumping that big cock of his in you. Yup, he's gonna fuck you later, or as he likes to say it, he's going to sodomize
you. He likes that word, sodomize. He says it makes things sound dirtier. He's such a sexual man and very imaginative. Until I met him, I thought sex was just fucking and sucking but he's taught me the psychological side of it and it's far more exciting to me now. I love doing taboo things!"

"I really don't think I can stand it if he tries to fuck me. His cock is huge!"

She giggled.

"Yes, it is! It's gonna stretch you quite a bit. That's why I can't wait to watch! And don't worry, he'll go slow, but you're not gonna get out of it."

"I could if you'd untie me. We could go out on a date and talk."

"Oh, we can go out on a date Friday night. If I untied you now, the fun would be over and I haven't gotten off even once yet!"

She looked at the controller. "Let's see, what did he say? You've had level 7? Let's try a little level 8!"

"No, listen to me, please!"

"Level 8 it is then! I want to see you make your dick dance for me!"

She rose up to her knees and began to finger herself. Before I could respond, she pressed the button and an even larger surge of current coursed through my shaft. She only held it for a half a second or so, then released it. I was thankful for that. She smiled at me and pressed it again and held for about 2 seconds. I squirmed and helplessly writhed around,
wagging my erection back and forth. She got a glazed look in her eye and began to work her clit.

"Your cock dances pretty good! Let's see some more!"

She pressed the button again. She continued to press it for short periods of time without warning, causing me to jump and tense up, then thrash, then collapse when she released the button. Sometimes it would be for a second, other times, she'd hold it for probably 15 seconds or so. I kept looking down at my cock when I could, expecting to see charred flesh
and smoke but I seemed to be undamaged despite the pain. In spite of it all, I found myself somewhat enjoying the pain and the humiliation.

She worked on me for about 20 minutes, frying my cock. It was obvious that she'd had 4 or 5 orgasms while I squirmed.

"Hey, here's something neat the professor showed me," she said as she adjusted something on the controller.

"I'm going to change the settings and then I'm going to press the button and hold it and I'm not letting go. It'll hurt but I think you'll enjoy it. Most guys cum after about 15 or 20 seconds. I really want to watch you shoot."

Again, before I could respond, she pressed the button. I felt the current surge through me again. It hurt like before but it also produced a weird sensation, sort of like my cock was being viciously sucked. I squirmed around on the bed but within a few seconds, I could feel the change. I could feel my cum welling up, about to spurt. Finally, with a
roar, I felt it cum. I shot a squirt of cum that literally hit the ceiling, followed by several more thick squirts of decreasing height. With each squirt, she turned the voltage down a little so that by the time I was finished cumming, the electricity was off.

"Holy shit! I've never seen a guy shoot that hard! That was awesome!"

I lay on the bed, breathing hard. I have to admit that I'd never had an orgasm that intense. I was wasted. She threw down the controller and climbed on my chest again, this time, pushing her pussy against my mouth.

"Lick my clit! I've got to get off again! Hurry!"

I'd never eaten a pussy before so I just started licking. It didn't really matter though since she was rubbing her pussy hard on my face. She put her thighs on each side of my head and squeezed. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face hard into her pussy as she ground it into my face. Shortly afterward, she shuddered and came. When she was done, she released me and rolled on the bed, panting.

"Oh shit, that was great!"

Now that I had cum, I was hoping they'd both realize that I was done for the night and ready to go but it didn't turn out that way. The professor came back into the room and looked at the pools of cum on my belly.

"Well, Melanie did her thing, I see. I sometimes wish I'd never taught her that. She's sadistic but there's that one little streak in her that likes to get a guy off. Well, rest assured, it's the last time you'll get off tonight. Now as for me and Melanie, we're both gonna get off quite a few more times before the sun comes up."

He reached into the drawer and pulled out another little box that he held in his hand.

"Melanie, are you ready to help me?"

She looked up and saw whatever it was in his hand.

"Oh yes! I'm ready!"

"Remember, just like we've practiced. We'll only have about 30 seconds."

"I know, I know. He's not big guy that it shouldn't be difficult."

"What shouldn't be difficult?" I asked nervously.

"You'll see," he answered. I saw his cock start to rise.

"Ready Melanie?"

"Let's do it!" she answered.

He approached me and pressed the box against my leg. Suddenly I felt myself tense up and lose all control. I realized it was a stun gun. I couldn't move. The two of them quickly untied me and I realized it was my chance to get up and leave but I could move my arms or legs. The two of them rolled me onto my stomach and then resecured me, spread eagled on the
bed. The parachute was adjusted and they busied themselves doing something behind me. I suddenly felt something cold and wet on my asshole. I managed to look back and saw Melanie wearing gloves and realized she was lubricating my ass.

She pushed a few fingers in and out, then finally looked at the professor.

"I think he's ready!"

I was almost back to normal but I was now restrained again and couldn't move much. The professor got on the bed in front of me so I could see him. He held his large erect cock inches from my face. Then he slowly and deliberately opened a condom and began to roll it on. He wanted me to see him put it on so that I'd know what was about to happen. Melanie got on the bed in front of me, too.

"Oh, Tim! You're about to get fucked like a girl!"

She spread her legs and began to play with herself right in front of me.

"The professor says that guys like you shouldn't be treated like real people. He says that you're only good as sex toys, toys whose sole purpose is to get alpha males off. I think it's hot! I hope you realize that he'll use you for sex all year. You'll get an A in his class of course but you'll be eating a lot of sperm and getting your ass fucked for it! It's so cool to watch!"

I felt the professor position himself on top of me, then felt the head of his monstrous cock pressing against my asshole.

"Oh yeah, squirm boy! Try to get away! Try to keep me from getting my cock in you! That really turns me on!"

I squirmed but couldn't do much to get away. I felt the held of his cock pop through my sphincter.

"Boy, I usually go slow but this ass it too good and tight already for me to be gentle so here's what I'm gonna do. You're well-lubed so I'm just going to shove it all the way in up to my balls. Then we'll rest for a second and then I'll start fucking. When I shove it in, it's going to hurt like hell but I don't really care. Hope you're ready!"

I looked at Melanie's face. She smiled and bit her lower lip. Her hand began to work her clit faster. She was looking forward to this. Her breathing increased.

The professor didn't lie. He pushed his mighty cock all the way in with one thrust. I literally was out of breath and seeing stars. It hurt like hell! I blacked out.


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