New author Red1skin takes over writing duties to continue Amalaric's "'Lord Chatterley's Forester". After a day of rest, Jim is put back into hard labor in preparation for Lord Edmund's garden party. Art by Amalaric.

This story was written by a friend of mine, Red1skin, who recently joined this site. It’s both a sequel and a continuation of a story written and illustrated by me called ‘Lord Chatterley’s Forester’. I posted that story over here a while back, so you may want to go to the archive and read that before proceeding to the sequel and blockbuster conclusion at…Lord Edmund Chatterley’s long-anticipated garden party!


Lord Chatterley's Forester 2: The Garden Party - Chapter 1
by Red1skin
Art by Amalaric
Series: Lord Chatterley's Forester

After Jim Oliver’s nightmare experience in the billiards room, the forester indeed did get rest. In fact, Lord Edmund told his minions to allow him to take the entire next day and night to recover. Finishing with “he’s going to need all the strength he can muster”.

During Jim’s day of rest, Edmund was planning the finishing touches on his small garden party. Today was Wednesday and the party was just a short three days away. The notes and drawings would soon be delivered to those responsible for pulling the party together.

Thursday morning arrived, Jim, who had slept through the entire day previous, was again sleeping when Boris entered the room and gave him a quick and hard kick to the abs to wake him up. Jim heard the voice of Lord Edmund “Boris!!!! No!!!!” He remained on the ground now in a sitting position. Edmund came over and greeted him “Good morning, I hope yesterday’s rest has rejuvenated you so that you are ready for a hard day of slave labor. We have to get ready for Saturday’s garden party – and the success of that party rests on your broad shoulders. Boris, take him to the garden and get him started”.

Underneath his sweat pants Jim wore his chastity device, an old white - too small - dirty t-shirt form fitted his torso, work boots were provided and off he went to the garden with Boris and his trusty whip right behind him, then Edmund some steps back.

It is a cloudy cool day as the autumn weather is setting in. In the garden the forester stops at the entrance and observes a couple piles of wood, garden tools lined up on the ground and a folding table of building tools and materials. He turns and looks for Edmund knowing that further information and direction of his daily task will be provided by him, and he was right.

“So, my Australian forester, you like to work with natural materials and I am providing you this opportunity over the next two days. On the table over there you will find drawings and instructions on what you need to do. I will be providing two hired laborers to assist you in your little project here. I do so much for you Jim, you should be thanking me. But remember, the laborers are here to work with you, not for you. Treat them with respect, if you don’t, I will hear about and you will pay for it 10-fold. As you will see, there are five specific, what I would call stations, that need to be completed. You have until tomorrow night to finish. If you need to work through the night, you will – working lights will be provided. Ah, here are the two laborers to help you. Get started, the clock is ticking…” Lord Edmund turned and proceeded back through the garden entrance and disappeared past the hedge of 10-foot-high bushes.

The forester walked over to the folding table and opened the folder that contained the instructions. The first drawing he saw made his heart flutter and stomach drop. The drawing contained a sketch, a sketch of something he had seen before…he flipped to the second sketch, another disturbing sketch. He took a moment to gather his thoughts. He kept hearing the words of Lord Edmund from a couple of nights ago at the end of his nightmare in the billiards’ room, “This weekend I’m hosting a small garden party and I think you may make a suitable attraction”. He shook his head and tried to put that thought out of his mind, but deep down, he knew all too well that what Lord Edmund said was soon going to be his reality…and he was helping to make it happen.

The other minion, Lazlo, made his way into the garden, saw Jim still leaning on the table and nothing being done. He yelled from a distance to get his attention. “Boy you better get your ass in gear, unless you need some encouragement spread across your back”. With that Jim picked up the first sketch along with the specific instructions and moved over to the first station where there were pieces of wood waiting to constructed to look like the sketch he was given. The two paid laborers followed, Boris and Lazlo sat in two of the wooden lawn chairs that adorned the magnificent private garden. Although the weather was cool, Jim and his co-workers soon had wet slicked hair. One of the servants of the house came to the garden and with him he had coffee in a thermos and two cups along with sugar and cream. He set it down on the table between Boris and Lazlo and moved away. Jim took notice and longingly wanted a cup for himself but knew better to say anything. After a few hours Jim and the two laborers stepped back to look at what they had just completed. The two laborers whispered something to each other and laughed. On to the next pile of wood. Jim went to the table and picked up the second sketch with instructions and walked back to get started. The sun was starting to show through a little, but it was still cool, at least for Boris and Lazlo as they watched the building and talked. Every once in a while, Boris’ phone would “ding” indicating a message. He would respond and then there would be silence again. It was early afternoon now, and the same servant that delivered the coffee, came back and delivered a very nicely presented pile of cut sandwiches. He left these items on the table with Boris and Lazlo and removed the morning refreshment items. Again, Jim looked over with desire at the food, after all, it had been over a day since he had eaten – how could he be expected to keep working? “Sir, I need to eat and drink so I can continue to please Lord Chatterley”. Lazlo stood up and slowly walked over to the sweating forester, reaching for his whip at the same time. Jim turned slightly in anticipation of feeling the sting… “Lazlo don’t do it…” This stopped Lazlo in his tracks and he barked “You’ll get what you get when you get it…don’t ask again”. He stomped back to the same lawn chair he had been sitting in all day long. He was irritated because he would like to have done nothing more than to hear the crack of the whip on that tight wet t-shirt Jim was wearing. Jim stood still for a minute, he thought, something is really strange, that is the second time today that someone had stopped a potential beating on him…why would that happen. Lazlo’s voice brought him back… “Dude, get back to work – you don’t want the Lord coming down and see the lack of progress you have made”.

A couple of hours later, this second apparatus was complete. It was more complex than the first so took quite a bit longer. Again, when it was completed, the two laborers tested the strength of it and again said something to each other resulting in a long and hard laugh.

Back to the table to pick up sketch number three…Jim shook his head as he looked at. This one was not very complex but a ladder had to be used for this one. It was taller than either of the other two. It was getting to be early evening when a new servant came into the garden with a covered tray. The tray was taken to the folding table with the other sketches still in the folder and placed down. The forester and the two paid laborers both were called over to the table, the top was taken off and there were two plates with sliced roast beef and potatoes – and one bowl of something that looked like oatmeal. The servant said “enjoy”. The laborers not having reason to hesitate, both reached for the roast beef. Jim, waited even though the enforcers were sitting some distance away. Finally, Boris simply said “go”. The bowl of whatever it was did not look at all appetizing, but he picked up the spoon and bowl then began lapping it into his mouth. It had little taste if any, but he knew his body needed it. There were three bottles of water, one for each of the men working. After drinking half the bottle, Jim thought the water had more of a taste. “Alright! Break over – get back to it”.



  1. 31118azti - June 22, 2019, 10:10 am

    Interesting start but another pic or two would have been nice.

  2. nippel2 - August 2, 2020, 12:01 am

    When will there be new chapters out for this series?

  3. Amalaric - August 3, 2020, 12:03 am

    I’ve got to work up some illustrations- will try and get to it very soon!

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