The privileged heir to a family fortune, young slave owner Lucien is on top of the world until his fate takes a shocking detour in this series by Chrisus.

Changed Circumstances - Prelude: "A Reversal of Fortune"
by Chrisus
Series: Changed Circumstances

Lucien carefully guides his pony, Norge, out of the quiet, side street onto the busy thoroughfare which leads to the central business district and its adjacent law-courts.

In the intensity of the early afternoon sun, the pony is already sweating profusely. Lucien however, is protected from the sun's oppressive heat by the canopy that he'd wisely raised before leaving home. Glancing at his watch he notes the time is 1230 hours- this gives him plenty of time before he is due at Judge Matthew's chambers at 1400. He decides it is better to let the pony proceed at a leisurely jog rather than tire him out in the steamy heat. The Scandinavian pony is a recent addition to his stables and as yet he isn't properly acclimatised to the local summer heat.

Lucien isn't sure why he purchased this slave; it really was a spur of the moment decision on his part to do so. He'd noticed the young slave some six months earlier when visiting the establishment of one of the city's premier slave-dealer's, Schuster and Hanson, prior to lunching with friends. Lucien, a self-acclaimed connoisseur of prime, male slave flesh, is a regular visitor to the city's slave-yards and is always eager to see what merchandise is on offer to the discerning buyer.

He'd noticed the naked slave standing forlornly at the back of a pen and was immediately struck with his sheer, physical beauty. Standing at just under two metres and weighing somewhere in the region of eighty-five kilograms, the slave stood out from all the other slaves in his pen. Lucien still doesn't know what attracted him to the slave; perhaps it was his magnificent body highlighted by its coating of slave oil and his long, golden blond hair. Impulsively, he asked to inspect the slave at close quarters.

As the slave was removed from the pen he struggled and fought the two overseers who dragged him out and placed him on a viewing platform. Lucien watched with quiet amusement as other overseers raced to assist in subduing him. Lucien surmised, correctly, that this was a new, unbroken slave who hadn't as yet accepted his new station in life. Expertly, the overseers soon had him chained in place and on his knees with both hands fastened to the back of his neck collar. Then, as one overseer held the slave's head to the floor, a second overseer applied his whip to the unruly slave's arse and shoulders; taking care to avoid the fresh brand on the left flank. Three times the whip crackled ominously through the air and three times it landed with a resounding "thwack" on the exposed back. The slave roared in outraged anguish and pain as the lash cut into his tender flesh.

During his whipping he knelt defeated, sobbing in frustration and rage. And as the last lash cut across his shoulders, he was ordered to "Stand and Display". Fearful of the whip, the slave quickly scrambled to his feet and with tears streaming down his face, he stood ready for Lucien's inspection.

Lucien never likes to hurry the inspection of a slave; these inspections are, after all, meant to be enjoyed very much as one does with a glass of fine, French wine - to be sipped slowly and savoured. Lucien moved slowly around the sobbing slave pausing to look at him from every angle. Delicately, he traced his index finger along the angry, red welts decorating the slave's back. The slave yelped and flinched at Lucien's touch. This earned him an admonition from an overseer to "shut up and stand still unless you want to feel the whip again". The overseer apologised to Lucien.

"I'm sorry sir. I apologise for the slave's unruly behaviour. Rest assured, if he gives you any trouble he'll be strung up and given a proper taste of the whip".

"There's no need to apologise, overseer." Lucien graciously replied. "I assume from his behaviour that he is new to slavery?"

"Yes indeed sir. He was only delivered here yesterday afternoon, fresh from the courts."

" That's Interesting. What was his crime? Do you know?"

"His enslavement papers say he is an illegal immigrant-from Norway, I understand. And he was found with a small quantity of drugs in his possession. Under the new `zero tolerance' laws, both crimes carry a mandatory sentence of lifetime enslavement, as you know."

"Looking at him he doesn't appear to be a "user". He looks too healthy. Most probably he's an amateur dealer, I should think".

"You could be right, sir. But it doesn't matter whether or not he was a use or a supplier; does it? He's now paying the price for his stupidity and he'll continue to do so for the rest of his life. Still he'll make a fine slave for some lucky owner. Are you interested in him, sir?"

"I could well be. But I do need to examine him more closely."

"Of course, sir. Take all the time you need and we'll be here to make sure he behaves to your satisfaction."

Lucien noted the angry, blistered 'S' brand on the left side of the slave's arse. The fiery red of the brand contrasted with the milky white smoothness of his buttocks. Lucien supposed the brand to be very painful and he thought that it would remain so until the brand healed. Lucien's experience with his own slaves told him a protective crust would soon form over the brand allowing the burned flesh to gradually heal itself. Eventually, this crust will disappear to expose the crisp, sharp outline of the letter "S" for slave.

This brand is a mandatory requirement for all slaves and it must be on prominent display at all times and not hidden from public scrutiny. Since the natural state for a work slave is total nudity, the left flank is the designated site for the brand. However, if an owner chooses to "clothe' his slaves, then an identical brand must to be placed on a permanently exposed part of the slave's body. Lucien's own slaves are always kept naked and also wear his household brand-his family's coat-of-arms- on their right pectorals just above the nipple. Should Lucien decide to buy this slave then, he too, will wear this additional brand.

Lucien reflected on the inner turmoil that the slave, no doubt, was experiencing. Hauled into court the previous day, found guilty and sentenced to lifelong servitude, the new slave would have been in a state of shock at this reversal of fortune. He would have been totally unprepared for what followed.

It is a requirement of the law that all newly enslaved prisoners are stripped naked, collared and branded before they leave the courts' precincts. To this end, there is a forge adjacent to the courts where all the newly enslaved are taken immediately after sentencing. Here a blacksmith and his two slave assistants quickly collar the new slaves, brand them and fit them with their shackles before delivering them into the custody of a court appointed dealer for eventual sale at auction.

Lucien reflected that perhaps, mercifully, the shocked slave would have been in such a state of disbelief and denial that he didn't fully comprehend what was happening to him when taken to the forge.

Lucien stood in front of the slave and gazed into his tear stained face. Sullenly, the slave stared back and the ensuring battle of wills was one Lucien was determined to win. Eventually, the slave capitulated and lowered his eyes to the floor. Lucien was pleased with the slave's action and he now knew that he would be easy to "break". By lowering his eyes, the slave had taken the first step into his servitude and, in future, it would become easier for him to submit to the will of his new master. Lucien wondered if the slave comprehended this. Most probably, he didn't.

Lucien was captivated by the sheer physical presence of the slave standing before him. With his arms fastened behind his neck, both biceps were bunched up into rounded balls of hard muscle. This also had the effect of pulling back on the broad shoulders and thrusting out the slave's massive chest. Lucien's gaze roamed slowly down over the slave's sculpted, naked torso pausing from time to time to appraise and appreciate some aspect or feature of his muscularity. The slave's upper body and legs were tanned to a glorious, rich brown - Lucien wondered what it was about the Nordic races that allowed their bodies to tan so beautifully - and his soft hair was bleached to a light, honey-blond colour.

His handsome face was dominated by intensely blue eyes, an aquiline nose and full red lips which, when parted, showed off the pearly whiteness of his teeth. His chest was highlighted by two large, dark, coin sized aureoles surrounding two, very erect and pert nipples. A prominent and deep navel lay at the centre of his ribbed abdominal muscles. For some reason, Lucien is always fascinated by a slave's belly button and he had the urge to explore it further. But - not just yet. There was more of the slave to savour.

The slave's chest had an agreeable covering of hair- neither too thick nor too sparse- that matched the colouring of the hair on his head. A line of slightly darker hair trailed down the centre of the slave's belly connecting the chest thatch to the thick, blond bush of pubic hair. The density of this bush partly concealed the long, thick cock lying "at rest" atop two large, prominent balls hanging between the slave's thighs. Lucien knew that within the next few days, the slave will lose all his body hair as he is made ready for public display. This was a cause of some regret to Lucien; he really liked the slave's natural appearance and resolved, should he buy the slave, to allow him to regrow his body hair; albeit trimmed back to suit Lucien's refined tastes.

Next Lucien viewed the slave from the rear. He noted the long "V" shaped back tapering from the wide shoulders down to the narrow waist. The slave, aware of Lucien's scrutiny of his body, was breathing heavily and this brought into play the powerful muscles of his shoulders and back. Lucien's gaze moved slowly down the back and paused, lovingly, on the well-rounded globes of the slave's buttocks. Their nervous twitching focused Lucien's attention on the crevice dividing them; he licked his lips in anticipation of what was hidden in its depth. Whether from embarrassment or restlessness, the slave began to fidget, highlighting the corded muscles of his thighs. Lucien stood enthralled for several more minutes; all his attention was focused on the movement of the slave's muscles under their oil sheen.

To Lucien's fastidious mind the only jarring note in the slave's perfection was the whiteness of his arse. Obviously, the slave had worn shorts in his previously free life. Still that situation wasn't irredeemable. Should he buy the slave he would, of course, be sent to the plantation for six months. There he would be placed in a work gang for conditioning and colouring. Lucien envisaged the slave at the end of this training; his body hardened and honed to perfection and sun darkened to an all over deep, rich brown.

Reluctantly, he decided against physically examining the slave. Lucien knew that this firm took pride in the appearance and presentation of its stock. Because the yards were open to the public, each morning the slaves are removed from their pens, washed down and oiled ready for public scrutiny. Obviously the slave had been prepared for the public but Lucien doubted that the slave had, as yet, been fully `cleaned out'; this is only done when the slaves are put on display prior to being auctioned. As much as he wanted to `explore' the slave's hole -and his cock grew hard at the thought - he decided against doing so. He didn't want to soil his clothing with oil from the slave's body; nor did he want to smell of slave at the luncheon appointment with friends.

Once more, standing in front of the slave, Lucien allowed his gaze to wander down over the magnificent body before coming to rest at the genitals. Lucien noted the slave still had his foreskin. This was unfortunate for the slave. Should Lucien buy him he will be `skinned' in keeping with Lucien's preference that the cocks of all his slaves are fully displayed.

After all, the retention of the foreskin is what defines a free man from a slave.

As he watched, Lucien was rewarded with the incipient erection of the slave's cock. Lucien watched entranced as the foreskin retracted down the shaft. Shyly, the eye of the glans began to peep out from the protection of the prepuce. Lucien was charmed by the sight of this and thought it to be one of the slave's many engaging features. Perhaps, just perhaps, he might relent and let the slave keep his foreskin, at least in the short term.

He knew that, whatever the cost, he must possess this slave and decided that day to enquire when the slave would be placed on display and the actual date of his auction.


Now, as Lucien drives his rickshaw down the wide avenue to keep his appointment with Judge Matthews, his success in buying the slave is only too evident. His magnificent pony, resplendent in royal blue harness, and whom he named in honour of the slave's birthplace, is eloquent testimony to that success.


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