A police officer arrives at Sam's front door as the story continues....

The Cellar - Page 6
by Derat
Series: The Cellar

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  1. scotts60143 - September 17, 2020, 7:16 am

    Great chapter. Love adding the cop to the mix as that makes it really exciting. Will his partners be looking for him next? Really enjoy the pics to go with it as well. Like that tiger bench…never saw that before and one can only imagine what might happen as it looks like you can get to just about every part of him and he’s not going anywhere! There was one sort of lapse in continuity as back in the beginning chapters Jamal and Mike just moved here a few weeks ago and don’t know anybody, and now their bestie Ben the cop shows up looking for them. But, that said still really really enjoying the story as very new and creative! Thanks for the story and the pics!! Ben is really hot looking by the way and could just picture him naked in the basement!! Can’t wait until he sees his friends down there and how will they all be forced to interact!!

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