Hercules endures his first three tortures; a heaving whipping, attempted quartering and even a sea monster.

The Erotic Adventures of Hercules & the King of the Manazons - Page 4
by Cavelo
Series: Hercules & the King of the Manazons

Hercules’ first torture had to do with the Manazon’s legendary pride in being able to endure great pain. Part of their early training was to be tortured by their comrades. The more that they could suffer in silence, the grater the rank and respect awarded them. So Hercules’ first torture was to endure a lashing by his comrades, which he was to order himself. Unbeknownst to Theseus, Telamonn, and Peleus, if Hercules would refuse to order his own whipping, his refusal would result in their castration. If, on the other hand, they should refuse, their refusal would result in his castration.

Hercules unhesitatingly gave the order in a tone of command that brooked no question by his comrades. The half-god surrendered his heavily muscled body willingly to his three friends who bound his wrists tightly in front of him, then hoisted his arms high above his head by a rope strung through an iron ring in the ceiling. Theseus, Telemon, and Peleus were each given long braided leather whips. With tears in their eyes but increasing bulges in their loincloths their well-aimed leather snakes whistled through the air and wrapped around Hercules’ chest and back making snapping, thudding sounds as the whips’ flint tips sank home. Hercules clenched his teeth, but uttered no sound. The whipping continued until the king, frustrated by Hercules’ silence, commanded it to halt.


After the whipping, the king ordered for Hercules a hearty meal and strong wine to restore his strength. Then, refreshed and resolute Hercules was dragged into a dirt courtyard where his second torture was announced. The king had summoned fourth the four strongest of his Nubian slaves. Hercules was to survive a tortuous tug-of-war pitting his body against the king’s four black giants. They wrestled him to the ground and tied stout ropes around his wrists and ankles. They then fell back to the free ends of their ropes and spread the muscled titan out flat as they awaited their orders to pull Hercules apart.


Even with the great personal faith in his more-than-mortal strength. Hercules silently prayed to his father. Zeus. to aid him in this test of muscle against muscle. The gods would be watching. but he knew the pain would be his alone to bear. Knowing that his ordeal was being observed and sensing the excitement his massive body aroused. Hercules” great phallus began to swell and rise. He had demonstrated his strength many times in the arena and had always exulted in the attention paid him. Now he would show the gods and this sadistic king what real strength and endurance was. He sucked in great lungfuls of air and tensed his muscles. For an instant before the order to pull. Hercules’ eyes locked with the king’s. Hercules" steely look promised the handsome king much more than this torture. In the same look the king accepted the silent challenge. then barked the order to pull. As he watched with rising excitement. Hercules“ greater strength exhausted the giant Nubians one by one. The king watched them fall to the ground. spent. Then angered he took one last lingering look at the victorious colossus and the erect phallus that strained against his loincloth and turned away signaling the end of the torture.


The Manazons worshiped many gods, but all were idolized for their great strength. The seas that surrounded and protected the island kingdom was ruled by the strongest of its creatures … the giant octopus. For his third torture, Hercules E was transported to a subterranean temple in a grotto by the sea where human sacrifices were offered to the octopus god. At the bottom of a deep, empty tiled pool Hercules was manacled to an upright column. His chains allowed him limited movement but offered no chance of escape. As a sporting gesture against what the king considered to be hopeless odds. Hercules was given a dulled sword as his only protection against the sea monster.


Once Hercules was secured heavy locks were opened and sea water began to fill the sacrificial pool. The king and his guards watched from above as an enormous grating lifted and the giant octopus slithered into the rising waters and immediately found its prey. With horrifying precision. the monster began to wrap its awesome tentacles around Hercules for the death crush. With tremendous effort. Hercules snapped his chains. but by then the huge tentacles covered his entire body except his arms. Grasping the blade the king had dulled until he thought it to be ineffective. Hercules mustered his remaining strength and drove the sword deep through the sea monster‘s eye and into its brain. killing it instantly. Lungs bursting he wrestled free of the limp tentacles and splashed, gasping into the air above. The exasperated king had already gone to prepare for the next torture.


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