Hercules faces 12 tortures from the King of the Manazons while completing his famed 12 labors in this classic story featuring art by Cavelo.

The Erotic Adventures of Hercules & the King of the Manazons - Page 1
by Cavelo
Series: Hercules & the King of the Manazons

hercules-1While being one of twin sons born to his mother, Alcmene, Hercules was one of many illegitimate sons born to Zeus. Though only a mortal bastard, he was legendary for his super-mortal strength from infancy. Hercules strangled two serpents which Hera, Zeus’ jealous wife, had sent to destroy him in his cradle. Before reaching manhood he killed the lion of Mount Cithaeron. Later, having been driven mad by Hera, he killed his own wife and children and those of his brother. When he recovered his sanity, he was so stricken with grief that he exiled himself and went to consult the oracle of Apollo at Delphi. He was commanded to serve Eurystheus, King of Mycenae, for twelve years during which he had to perform twelve labors as his punishment. Even though the gods assisted Hercules in his tasks, he was successful only after having endured great pain and suffering. Hercules’ ninth labor was to obtain the girdle of Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons.

This edition reflects the spirit of fantasy adventure and the prurient interests of those who appreciate The Zeus Collection. Artistic liberties have been taken which purposely contrast with Webster’s Library of Universal Knowledge on Classical Mythology and Larousse’s Encyclopediea of Mythology in our retelling of Hercules’ ninth labor. Led by the genius of Cavelo’s illustrations, travel back into the mists of mythology
for The Zeus Collection’s erotic adventures of “HERCULES AND THE KING OF THE MANAZONS”.

When the madness that his father’s jealous wife, Hera, had inflicted upon him subsided, the grief Hercules felt over his murder of his wife and children was unbearable. He vowed never again to love a woman or to have children, He would devote his existence to the virile world of men … their battles and adventures, their strengths and bodies. As a son of Zeus and strongest of mortal men, he had inherited his father’s lusty nature and knew full well the effect his chiseled musculature and other spectacular endowments had upon his comrades-in-arms. He knew, too, that the barely suppressed animalism he felt deep in his loins for other men would soon have to be satisfied.


Endless days and nights, blistering heat and thunderous storms all blurred together during Hercules” treacherous journey to the oracle of Apollo at Delphi where he hoped to encounter Apollo himself. He had not seen Apollo since childhood, but remembered him as the most beautiful of boys and rumor had it that in manhood he was indeed the most beautiful of the gods. When he was finally in Apollo’s presence, Hercules was so overwhelmed by the strength and sexuality of the god’s glorious body that his only thought was to serve this young master and answer for his own misdeeds in any way he was ordered was ordered.


Never before in his life had Hercules thought of touching himself to ease his desires. There had always been an abundance of the most beautiful women and delightful young boys eager to pull him into their womanhood suck him into their educated mouths. But this Apollo was so golden, so perfectly, masculinely assured, so splendid of body, so unattainable that Hercules uncontrollably stroked himself. bringing his awesome manhood to wrenching release. Apollo watched the muscled half-god’s bastard’s flow with equal measures of admiration an contempt. He resolved to test Hercules with the most arduous of tasks.


Apollo stood and slowly circled the massive giant breathing heavily in the spasms of climax. On his knees, Hercules could not take his eyes from the young god’s masculinity dangling temptingly before him. He felt his own begin to swell again. Finally. unable to hold his need in check, he reached out, held Apollo directly in front of him. Hercules buried his face hungrily into the soft golden pubic curls. He eagerly took in the growing hardness he found there, then gagged in new found ecstasy of Apollo’s shaft, full-hard, rammed deep and filled his throat. ln minutes that seemed exalted moments, the young god exploded into the muscled bastard’s throat filling it to overflowing. Apollo ordered his guards to take the bewildered Hercules to King Eurystheus to begin his punishment.


Upon arrival at the palace of King Eurysteus after deprived days of forced march, Hercules, weakened and exhausted, was cast on the floor of the throne room. In his daze he could offer no resistance when strong hands lifted him and positioned him in front of the throne. Without warning he felt his body explode in screaming pain as he was brutally penetrated from behind. By reputation, Hercules knew of the king’s massive endowment and realized he was being raped by the cruel ruler himself. This taking of his masculinity by royalty did nothing to ease his pain and
king growled out the order for each of the twelve labors Hercules was honor-bound to perform. With the lunge that accompanied the pronouncement of the twelfth labor, Hercules heard the king cry out in triumph and felt himself filled with the spasmed flood of the ruler’s climax.


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