Captured Abroad – Part 4

Hunter's sexual training continues and he forced to perform in another public show this time featuring naked oil wrestling.
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Captured Abroad - Part 4
by Connor Matthews
Series: Captured Abroad

captured-abroad-4bIn the morning I found myself curled up against Cory, much to my surprise. I had never slept with anyone, except Rory when we were younger, and certainly not naked. Now here I was curled up against a naked guy. Strangely it was kind of nice, but I'll deny that if asked. I had my usual morning boner and I wondered if I should get up quietly and go piss it away. I moved slightly and Cory turned to look at me.

"Morning!" he smiled. "I think you're all ready to go." He felt behind him and took hold of my cock. "If you just stay like that, I'll take it from here."

I shrugged and figured I might as well. My dick was already hard and I needed a piss, so let's just get the fucking out of the way. Cory lubed me up and then aimed it at his ass. He backed up against me and I slid easily into him. It felt incredible and he just swallowed my dick all the way. He reached around and grabbed my arm and pulled it over his chest so that I was basically hugging him. My need to get this over with took over and I thrust in and out of him. As I did it, I felt my whole body begin to tingle and change. All my attention went to the feeling in my cock and the messages it was sending to my brain. I think it was screaming, `we're getting laid, we're getting laid!' I tried telling it that we were fucking a dude, and it yelled back, `who gives a shit, we're getting laid!' So I just blocked everything and kept fucking. I didn't last long and fired my morning jizz into my bed partner.

"That was an awesome way to wake up! Thanks Hunter. Let's go get a shower and go for breakfast."

I needed a wicked piss now and even though my dick was still semi hard, we ran to the bathroom. I hit the toilet stall and emptied my bladder which got my entire body back under control. Cory was in the shower along with several other people. Most of them were guys, but one was a girl. Cory pulled me under the shower he was in and we washed each other again. I had a feeling I might not be showering alone while I was here. Another guy came up and grabbed me by the dick and gave it a couple of quick strokes.

"Hey, new guy, I'm Tarrick."

"Hunter," I said as I moved back slightly so that my dick came out of his hand. He got closer and looked behind me and shoved his thumb up my ass.

"Dude, can you take your thumb out of there, please."

"Sorry man, just checking to see how tight you were. I'm looking forward to hooking up with you. When is he free to use?" He asked Cory.

"He's free as of this morning, but we have a lot of training to do. I'm sure he will need time to handle that monster anyway," Cory told him. I couldn't help but look down. He was soft, but it was easily six inches long and his balls looked like he maybe had been given two sets. I wondered how big something like that must get when it was hard. Mine was maybe half that size soft and it went to 8 inches. Could he go to 16 inches? If so, I was going to be sure to avoid him for the next 29 days.

"Tarrick here has probably the thickest dick in the whole place. I'll bring him over to our room one day and you can watch him fuck me with it. You'll be impressed."

`Oh lucky me!' I thought sarcastically. Not one of the things on my to do list.

"Too bad I can't fuck you right now. I'm so horny dude."

"Tarrick, go stuff it in Nelson over there. I know he can't get enough of that thing."

I looked over at the small framed guy standing alone in the shower soaping himself up. Tarrick grinned and ran over to him. He bent him forward and got down on his knees to rim his ass before standing up and fucked him senseless. Nelson was moaning and grunting so loud that you could probably hear him half way around the house.

"Told you he liked it," Cory laughed to me as we finished showering. I had to step over two girls lying on the floor 69ing with each other. I'd never actually seen that before so I took my time drying off as I watched. Cory flicked my dick to get my attention. I looked down and I was sporting a raging bone.

"Guess we know what turns you on," he chuckled. "Better put that thing away before half the guys in the house jump on it." We ran back to the bedroom as Cory told me we had to make the bed to keep things neat and tidy before running downstairs. We dropped the towel we had used for sex into a hole in the hallway which Cory said went to the laundry. I followed him down to the kitchen where we sat at the table for breakfast. I was shocked to see that we got cereal, juice, bacon, eggs, pancakes and coffee. The
only time I got breakfast like this was on special occasions. Normally I just got toast or cereal. Sometimes I splurged and went to McDonald's, but then I had to go on a run to make sure I didn't get fat.

I was halfway through my meal when I almost shot out of my chair in surprise. I looked under the table and there was a guy between my legs sucking my dick. "What the fuck?"

"That's Eldridge. He has kitchen duty this week," laughed Cory.

"Uh hi?!" I said looking at him. "I don't really need a blowjob thanks."

Eldridge shrugged, smiled and moved on to someone else. "You coulda warned me," I said pushing Cory on the shoulder playfully.

"Way more fun to watch your reaction. Don't worry, eventually you'll rush down here just to get the first blowjob of the morning."

"Don't bet on that," I laughed. We finished breakfast and a guy took our plates. "So what do we do now?"

"Since you're training all week, we begin with exercise first. We'll be going for a 5km run and then hit the gym for an hour. After that we can take it easy until lunch. Immediately after lunch we will attend the afternoon show. Normally all you have to do is check the posted list at 11am to see if you are part of the show or not. If you are, you go get cleaned up and report to wherever it says on the list by 1pm. If you're not, then you just go back to chores. Since you are training all week, we both have to attend the show to watch so that you understand what might be expected. Some are actually fun, others not so much.

"Can we refuse to do the show if we can't do what is required?" I asked trying to find loopholes in this bizarre situation.

"No, but then you won't know what the show is until you show up. Don't worry too much about it though. It usually only lasts an hour. The worst one I went to was a guy who had been given a twelve year punishment. The show was him being circumcised and given nipple and eyebrow piercings. I almost puked when I saw the blood. Once the show was over he was given to another man to take with him. Mr. Colson doesn't keep long term guys here. I think he prefers fresh new faces. Mason and I have been here the longest, that's why we end up doing most of the training. I don't mind as it usually saves me from having to do the gross chores. Plus I get a private bedroom. If you were part of the afternoon show, then you have the afternoon off, which is a bit of a bonus. Then it's dinner at 6pm and the night is pretty much anything you want. Occasionally, Mr. Colson will summon one of us to entertain his guests, but usually he just saves that for his shows or parties. Of course, we can expect anything. He sometimes has all of us in an orgy, but those are pretty rare, like last night. He was putting two virgins together for the sake of breeding, so he made a big event out of it."

"Is that even legal? He used me to breed a chick without my permission."

"While you're doing punishment, they can pretty much use you for whatever they want as long as they don't leave permanent marks on you or endanger your life.

"So do we get the afternoon off if we're not part of the show?" So far it sounded kinda easy. If all I had to do was have a little bit of sex with Cory, I might be able to handle it. He was a good looking guy and was pretty friendly too.

"No, you and I will spend the afternoon training."

"More exercise?" I mean I work out at home, but this seemed excessive. I was already really fit and toned.

"No. We will be training sexually. Since you're a virgin, I have a week to show you everything. You have to know how to do it all in case you get called for something."

"Just so I understand. We have sex when we wake up, then from 2pm to 6pm and then again when we go to bed?"

"Pretty much. That's just for the first week though. After that it becomes more random. But expect the unexpected during the training. As much as I wish it could just me you and I, there will be times I have to involve others to show you stuff. It starts easy and gets a bit more extreme as the week goes on."

"Like what?" I asked part from curiosity, part from nervous fear.

"Best if you just go through it slowly one thing at a time. I don't want to scare you, or freak you out before you're ready to move through each step. The only thing that I don't know about yet is when you'll get fisted or whether I am supposed to open you up or turn you over to Mr. Colson. I find that out later today."

I kinda wish he hadn't said that as I'd almost forgotten about it and I was still hoping that he'd forget. We headed outside to the back yard and into a small shed. It was filled with shoes and Cory showed me where mine were located. I smiled when I saw that they were my actual runners. Rory's were right next to them as well. My socks were clean and inside the shoes. We put them on and went for a run. I really didn't like running in the nude. My junk was banging up and down against my legs and stomach and it also didn't help that we were out on the street naked for part of it, although most of the run was through the trails in the forest. I think we ran 100 kilometres, but Cory assured me it was only 5. We got back and the shoes were put away and the socks hung from the heels. Cory said that way they could be washed and returned. We headed downstairs to the workout area and began a routine that seemed to work every muscle in my body. This I was familiar with, although I had never done it naked before. Plus several guys went by and as they said hi, they would feel whatever part of my body they were interested in. Some felt my chest or abs. Others held my cock or balls and one or two checked out my ass. By the end of the hour, I was getting used to being touched and pretty much ignored it. What was I going to do, turn around and punch them? It wouldn't be worth the consequences. Plus there was something strangely fascinating about people admiring me like this. Perverted, but fascinating. Once we finished, we hit the shower and then relaxed and played pool for a while. Lunch was another great meal and I checked under the table for Eldridge, but no one was there this time.

Cory showed me where the sheet was for the show. There were 8 names on it, all guys and the meeting place was the backyard, so we went out and sat on the ground. In the middle of the yard was a large square shallow enclosure partially filled with oil, almost about the depth of a kid's paddling pool but much larger in floor size. Around three sides were chairs and slowly they began to fill up with the guests that were here for the show. I wondered where all these guys came from that showed up for these things. I guess there are more horny guys than I imagined. Mr. Colson came out and said that today's show was oil wrestling. All eight guys would wrestle at the same time and the idea was to fuck one of the guys. If you got fucked you were out and had to go around and give blowjobs to any of the guests that were naked. The last guy left was free to leave and not have to suck anyone. It also meant that the first guy fucked would have the most blowjobs to give. Cory and I were seated off to the side next to Mason and Rory and I smiled at him and said hi, but was warned that we were to be quiet and invisible as we were just observers.

It began and after just a few minutes, I noticed that many of the guys had their cocks out and were stroking themselves as they watched the guys wrestling. If it wasn't for the fact that they were naked and trying to fuck, the actual wrestling in oil looked like a lot of fun. It reminded me of one of those greased pig contests you see at the annual fair. It didn't take long for one guy to be held down and fucked by someone else. The wrestling looked a little rough as the guys were slammed to the ground and flipped over as another tried to fuck them. Maybe I should have tried this technique yesterday to avoid being raped. The first guy fucked climbed out of the pool covered in oil and crawled around to one of the naked guests. The rules were that the guest had to be completely out of his clothes in order to get a blow job. If they just had their dicks out, they weren't eligible. More than half were completely naked already. The fucking moved quickly and I almost laughed a few times as I watched guys slipping and falling everywhere as they tried to get their dicks into someone. I felt sorry for the smaller weaker guys and I decided right there that I would workout harder to make sure I was one of the stronger guys.

By the time the show was over, the naked guests were covered in as much oil as the wrestlers. None of the guests had kept their clothes on, so I was sure that the 7 wrestlers must have had sore jaws by the time they were done. Most of the guys shot their loads and at the end of the hour, everyone disappeared to get cleaned up. I wondered just how hard it would be to get oil off your entire body. I tried to talk to Rory, but Cory advised against it until our free time. I reluctantly followed Cory back to our bedroom where my first sex lesson was to begin.

"Today is pretty easy Hunter. We will be going over kissing, cuddling and learning how to stimulate the body. We'll also get into oral sex as well. Nothing too difficult but we I have to show you how to overcome your gag reflex."

"What's that?" I asked not exactly sure, although I was familiar with gagging.

"It's okay to suck a dick just part way down, but some guys have really long dicks that go to the back of your throat and it could cause you to want to throw up or `gag'. It also cuts off your air for a second, so you want to learn how to avoid panicking or wanting to puke. We'll be working on that. My dick is only 7 inches, so tomorrow, I'll get Alec in here to help us. His dick is almost 9 inches, but it's not very thick so he's good to learn on."

"9 inches?" Holy shit, I thought I was big."

"You are, but he is bigger," grinned Cory as we got onto the bed. He began by massaging my whole body and rubbing me from head to toe. It felt really nice but once he started massing my individual toes, it tickled a little and I squirmed.

"That tickles," I told him.

"Breathe and tell your toes that nothing is happening," Cory said as if my toes would actually understand. He worked each one and then the soles of my feet. A couple of times I almost kicked him off the bed. He eventually stopped and showed me a few other sensitive spots, like between my fingers and underarms. Then he worked my ears and neck before massaging my head. If all sex session were going to be like this, then bring `em on. He had me turn over and did my front including my penis which was enjoying itself way too much. I was no longer embarrassed to be hard in front of Cory since he'd already seen me in this state a few times in just one day. Once he had gone over my whole body showing sensitive spots and how to massage them, he lay on top of me and we got to the kissing. I thought I was okay at it, but he gave me lots of pointers about how far to open my mouth, how much to use my tongue, when to push my tongue into his mouth instead of just letting him do all the work and how to keep my lips from becoming a soggy wet mess as we kissed for an extended period of time. I had no idea that kissing had so many rules. I had to admit that I needed the lesson, but it would have nicer to have had a girl show me, although it certainly wasn't unpleasant kissing Cory. After the first hour of it, I was actually kind of enjoying myself. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against mine and it seemed to just help stimulate the kiss even more. He moved from my mouth to kissing my ears, he warned me not to breathe loudly or make a ton of noises when kissing ears as the sound was amplified. I was trying to listen...but he was kissing my ears...

Then he kissed down my neck and sucked on my Adam's apple for a bit which felt really strange, especially when I had to swallow and it moved. He showed me how to kiss nipples and twist and tweak them, before he continued down my body to my belly button. After he was done in there, I was sure I wouldn't have to look for belly button lint ever again. That sucker was cleaner than it had ever been. I had no idea that having your belly button kissed could be so hot. He kissed my individual toes and fingers and then went to my balls and showed me how to kiss each one and suck them gently into the mouth and roll them around with your tongue. Ball handling 101 he called it. He told me to turn over so that he could kiss my ass next. I giggled at the thought of it. The number of times I had told someone to do that in school and now here I was actually having someone do it. No wonder people requested it so much, it felt awesome. He was actually kissing my ass. As far as I was concerned he could stay there all day. He turned me back over and showed me how to pull the foreskin back and kiss the tip of the penis and then along the shaft and use tongue to lick it as well. I almost forgot to pay attention as I figured I wouldn't need to know how to do this when I got back home, but the sensations that he was sending through my body were incredible so I watched to see what actually felt the best. You never know when I might need to tell some girl how to suck my cock. Then he came back up and lay on top of me and looked into my eyes before kissing each eyelid.

"Okay, your turn," he said as he rolled over and lay on his back.

I looked at the alarm clock hoping that our time would be up, but we had a long way to go yet. I got to work on exploring Cory's body with my tongue and as I did things he gave me advice and suggestions. If school had been this interactive, I would have aced it. By the time I finished sucking and licking him from head to toe, I was almost out of saliva, so had to have a drink of water. We took a break and then he showed me how to go from a standing position, to moving onto the bed and lying down, all while we were hugging and kissing without breaking apart. A few times I fell backward on the bed too fast and we had to start again. I felt like I was in a movie and the director yelled cut every time I got it wrong. But eventually I got it right. We slowly lowered ourselves to the bed and as he crawled above me, I lay back until he was on top and we were kissing and grinding against each other. I few times I felt his hand grab both our cocks and stroke them together. It was so incredible. Who gave a shit if it was with a guy or not. This was some of the most fun I've ever had. I suppose if Cory had been ugly or aggressive or smelly or something I might have enjoyed it less, but he was soft and smooth and really not bad at all for a guy. After a few hours, I no longer had any reservations about kissing him. We tried out different scenarios pretending different things like I was coming home from work and greeted him with a kiss which led to us on the bed together. One scenario he had a towel on and I had to get him on the bed and then unfasten his towel and pull it off as we continued to kiss without losing continuity. I was pretty good at it. I could do any Hollywood romance scene now, even the ones where they show the guys ass. I even learned how to play with Cory's nipples, which felt strange the first few times, but after a bit, it was fun to lick and kiss them and even pull on them a little with my teeth. Flicking them with my fingers seemed to make them stand up too. I had no idea that guys' tits had a use, but I found that mine were a little sensitive sometimes when he pulled on them or licked across them. We did a little cock sucking too, and I was able to get his entire cock in my mouth toward the end of the day. I found out what he meant by gagging, especially when he held my head and pushed his full length inside me and I felt it on the back of my throat. I really didn't like that and it caused my eyes to water and nose to run. There were more than a few times that I thought I must look like a horror flick victim with tears and snot running down my face. Each time he gave me advice when to breathe, how to swallow as his cock got closer to the back of the throat, and other such `wonderful' things. It still took a ton of practice and I was actually impressed that he was able to stay hard that long. At one point when my whole cock was down his throat, he hummed as he licked the shaft. I almost cracked him in the head as I jumped. He looked up and grinned at me before pulling my pole out of his mouth.

"Don't tell me," I laughed. "That was a hummer?"

"Yep. You like?"

"Mmmmm, Hmmmmm!" I hummed as we both laughed. I tried it on him and it just didn't have the same effect as having it done to me. We went back to kissing when the bedroom door opened and Mr. Colson walked in with a young guy beside him.

"So how's the training going?" he asked as he walked up to the side of the bed.

"Good." I said hopefully.

"How far did you get?" He asked Cory.

"Kissing, and basic oral," he told him quickly.

"Okay. Both of you get off the bed. Hunter, this is Brendan. Show me what you've learned today. Start by introducing yourself with a kiss and then take him to bed and get him to cum. Use only the things you learned today." I looked at all of them figuring they couldn't be serious, but then around here, no request seemed too strange any more. Brendan was another good looking guy and he was uncircumcised like me, and had the standard brush cut. He was about the same height as me which would help for kissing. Cory just looked at me and grinned and he opened his eyes wide in a jerking motion as if to tell me to get on with it. I stepped up to Brendan and introduced myself verbally first and then put my arms around him and kissed him. I waddled him slowly over to the bed and lowered him down and climbed on top. We kissed and rolled around on the bed for a while. I even remembered to play with Brendan's nipples as I kissed. He was hard and because he had stroked me a few times, I was as well. As we kissed I had heard a belt buckle being undone and glanced over to see Cory on his knees sucking Mr. Colson's cock, his pants around his ankles. Colson was watching me carefully, so I figured I better put on a good show to impress him. I rolled Brendan onto his back and worked my way down his smooth body to his 6 inch penis. I pulled the skin all the way back and worked on his cock as if it were the only thing I'd ever wanted to do, when in fact it was about the only thing at the moment that I didn't want to do. I slid my hands up Brendan's sides and reached his nipples and tweaked them as I sucked his cock. My jaw was getting sore from sucking the cock so hard, so I grinned to myself and then hummed. Brendan put his hands flat on the bed and shot his load down my throat as he cried out. I almost cheered but was too busy swallowing the reward of my efforts.

I saw Mr. Colson grab Cory by the head and rapidly fuck his face before he pulled out and blasted a huge mess, leaving cum dripping off his face. "Good job today guys. Come on Brendan, let's go. Brendan scrambled off the bed and gave me a quick kiss and smile as he left. Cory reached for a towel and wiped cum off his face.

"So that's lesson one done. Once Mr. Colson comes in to test you, we are usually done for the day. Let's go get cleaned up and we can wait for dinner. Nice job on the humming. As soon as you sent Brendan over the edge, Colson fucked my face hard, so I guess he liked it."

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