When two brothers are arrested on a trip abroad, they endure an invasive bound medical exam and more in a strange prison.

Captured Abroad
by Connor Matthews
Series: Captured Abroad

Captured Abroad 1It was supposed to have been a fun adventure to help us forget what had happened to our parents. My brother Rory, who is 20, decided that we were going to use some of the life insurance money we had received to take a trip and get away from the sadness we had been feeling after our parents were killed in a horrific car crash. My name is Hunter and I'm 18, although most people guess 16 since I'm a little bit on the small side. Last time I looked I was 5 foot 8 and 140 lbs. Rory is 5 foot 11 and 160lbs, so he's not huge, but certainly bigger than me. We almost look alike though and we have been told we should do modelling. I couldn't imagine doing that as I'm pretty shy and wouldn't really like all the attention. It's not like I don't have a good body. Kinda comes with the territory when you have an older brother who is obsessed with toning himself to look like the next top model anyway. We both have killer pecs and abs and are pretty well proportioned everywhere. The only person other than my mirror that has ever seen me naked is Rory. We've never had a problem being in the bathroom together to get ready or anything, but it's not like we hung out naked together. We'd just see flashes of each other getting in and out of the shower occasionally. We only had the one bathroom to share growing up so you just kinda get used to it.

After the accident, it was now just Rory and I as we didn't have any other family. The insurance paid off the house and cars and left us with a ton of money to ensure we would be okay for the rest of our lives. Rory is a bit wilder than me and loves to push the envelope of extreme. I think he pushed it too far this time as he got arrested in a country I've never heard of, and now I was sitting with him in his cell as we waited for a judge or something. No one was really telling us what was happening but they were certainly polite.

"If you'll just wait here, it should only be another few moments before the justice will see you. Hunter, you are welcome to remain with your brother. If either of you need anything, just knock on the door," the officer told us.

"What the hell did you do exactly?" I asked Rory looking at him as if he were a dumbass.

I dunno. You were there too. I was using the zip line that they had set up and it didn't stop at the far end, and I crashed into all those people. The next thing I knew I was being arrested and brought here." He said shaking his head. "They obviously didn't plan that system very well, or those people shouldn't have been on the platform. I guess we'll get a chance to explain shortly."

We both talked and joked around for another 15 minutes before someone returned and opened the door. "Okay guys they are ready for you now. Please follow me," said the officer politely. We both got up and headed out of the small room and down a corridor into a garage where a vehicle was waiting. "Please get in."

We climbed into the back seat and the officer closed the door. As soon as he did the entire back seat was blacked out. A partition separated us from the driver and the inside of the windows were completely back so we couldn't see out. I guess they take the privacy of prisoners pretty seriously here. We heard the vehicle start and head out.

"I wonder where they're taking us?" I asked Rory.

"Dunno, but it's kinda cool that they let you come with me. At home I would be held by myself until we got to the interview or court or something. So I'm probably not in a lot of trouble since they're letting you come along, and so far the only handcuffs were when they first arrested me. Since then I haven't been put in them at all."

"True. If you were a badass they would have you in leg shackles and cuffs. Although that would make a good picture for the Christmas card," I joked. We drove for almost half an hour before it stopped.

Finally the door opened and the sudden light took us a bit by surprise as our eyes struggled to focus. We got out of the car and followed the officer to another room where we were told to wait, and it would only be a minute. I was informed that I could stay with Rory as well. True to their word, we only waited less than 10 minutes before being brought into a room that I supposed was a courtroom. It wasn't very big, maybe about the size of one of my old classrooms at school. There was a man sitting at a desk by himself and off to the side were about 20 other men sitting around another table. Rory and I were asked to stand in front of the man in the middle of the room.

"Which one of you is Rory Saunders?"

"Me, sir" said Rory holding up his hand.

"Mr. Saunders, you have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault causing bodily harm from an incident at the Wild Line Zip Trek adventures. We understand that you failed to stop at the end and hit several people."

"Yes sir. It never even slowed down and no one got out of the way. I hope they are alright."

"We had a couple of cases of broken bones as you knocked them off the platform and one mild concussion."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry." Rory said sincerely apologetic. He may like extreme sports but he would never deliberately hurt anyone, except for himself.

"We have decided that you were negligent in not slowing yourself down or paying attention to what you were doing. We will decide your punishment shortly. Please return to the waiting area and we will inform you of our decision."

The officer escorted both of us back to another room that looked more like a Doctor's office than a waiting room. At least it didn't look like a prison cell any more. There were two examination tables in the center of the room as well as all the regular equipment you might expect. Both of us just sat in the two chairs at the side of the room and waited.

"So now what?" Rory asked. "Don't I need a lawyer or something or is this just a misdemeanor?"

"We don't have lawyers here, son. You just admitted to hitting those people, so the justice panel will decide what is next and you will be informed. While you wait, the Doctor will be in shortly to make sure you are healthy and not carrying diseases from overseas. Please remove your clothes down to your underwear."

He left and Rory looked around a little surprised. "Did he just say that I had to see a doctor?"

"Yep. Something about carrying diseases. I guess they heard about your last girlfriend. I told you she was a skank!" I laughed.

"Well at least I've had girlfriends, Mr. Virgin."

"I'm a virgin by choice. I could have had lots of girls. You even said so yourself. We're good looking, but I just haven't got around to it yet."

"Dude, you passed your prime a year ago." Rory laughed. "And the only one that knows that is your right hand. I guess they have to make sure that foreign visitors don't bring some alien bug into their country. Wonder why you don't have to do it though."

"Because I wasn't dumb enough to knock people down like bowling pins." I laughed as Rory began to remove his shirt. He folded it and put it on the chair. He really did have a well-developed chest, and from the pictures I'd seen of models, he could easily compete with any of them. He removed his shoes and socks and finally his pants. He put them all neatly aside and sat in his boxer briefs waiting for the Doctor. Almost as if on cue, the door opened and a couple of young guys entered wearing khakis and white lab coats.

"Hi. I'm Mason and this is Cory. We're the orderlies for Dr. Falkner. We have to do all the preliminary stuff before he gets here. Would you lie on the table on your back please?" Rory did as he was told and as I looked at the guys, I thought that they sort of looked like models too. Both were good looking and couldn't have been any older than me or Rory. They had brush cut hair and very smooth facial features. If they decided to dress like girls, they probably could get away with it.

"We have to make sure that you are not carrying any lice, ticks or bugs of any kind before the Doctor does the medical exam and clears you to return to the justice for a punishment."

"Kinda weird isn't it? Don't I just get a fine and head out? What's with all this stuff?" The orderlies looked at each other and just shrugged.

"It's just the way it's done. Could you please stretch your hands over your head and lock your fingers together?"

Rory did and it quickly showed off his ribs and chest more definitively. The orderlies pulled out a couple of metal/plastic things and pushed them into the bottom of the bed and placed Rory's feet in them. They looked like stirrups.

"Looks like you're about to give birth," I laughed at my brother.

"Feels weird," he admitted. The orderlies looked him over with a light and carefully checked each part of his body closely. It reminded me of a jeweler checking over a small diamond.

Once they were done, they rolled over table that had a bunch of things on it from a set of clippers, razor and wash basin. Both of us wondered where this was going next. One orderly stood above my brother where his hands were and another at his feet. Almost as if they had given each other some hidden signal they moved in unison. The guy at the top of my brother picked up a set of metal clamps on a chain and the guy at his feet quickly snapped a couple of metal cuffs over my brother's ankles and locked them into place. The other guys snapped two wrist cuffs on and pulled the chain tight which stretched Rory a bit more. He was secured in place.

"What the hells is this?" Rory asked as he squirmed to get loose.

"Please just relax. It's just part of the exam, but it has become necessary over time as people try to kick and punch. But if you just take it easy, then it's not as bad. One of the things that the justice system doesn't like is aggressive behaviour. It ends up making punishments worse, so just let us do our jobs and you can be processed quicker. We have to make sure you do not have any bugs. Lie still for this next part or you could end up injuring yourself."

"What are you going to do?" I asked curiously not liking where this was going. I had been to the Doctor a few times and had never been strapped down.

"We have to shave off all his body hair. It is one place that bugs like to grow and sometimes can be hard to see or remove, so without the hair it is much easier to get someone clean. Once the hair is removed, then we use an antiseptic wash to kill any surface bacteria."

"I don't want to be shaved," complained Rory who was sporting a two day beard to make him look more supermodelish. He liked that look, although I always thought it wasn't that attractive, or maybe I was just jealous because I couldn't really grow one like that yet.

The orderlies ignored him and used shaving foam on his face and quickly shaved him smooth. Then to both of our surprise, they went and did his legs next and then his underarms. He didn't have any chest hair, so he was lucky in that respect as I assumed they would have had that shaved as well. Then they got out the clippers and one orderly held his head while the other moved forward.

"NO!" Not my head. That's not right. I don't want my head shaving," Rory yelled out. He had long blond hair like me that we were both proud of. It was what made us look like us. His plea was ignored and they began to shave it all off. I watched in horror as the long blond locks fell to the floor. When they were done, he was sporting a brush cut similar to the orderlies. They rubbed a towel over his head to get the loose hairs and my brother didn't look like my brother at all anymore. It was surprising how much a person's looks change with the removal of facial and head hair.

"Almost done," said one of the guys as he moved between Rory's legs and pulled his underwear down until they couldn't go any further. Rory began to wiggle on the table as he tried to get away. We both knew what was about to happen.

"Oh god, please don't do that. I'm sorry and I can apologize to all those people if you want. It was just an accident."

"It doesn't have anything to do with us. We're just the orderlies and we have to do this for everyone that comes through here. But one thing I can suggest is that you don't move. If you jump around like that, we could end up cutting your testicles or penis, and that would probably sting like hell when the antiseptic hits it. I know from actual experience."

Rory stopped moving and the orderly with the clippers removed the think pubic bush my brother had. I didn't want to watch, but at the same time I couldn't look away. I'd seen Rory naked a lot, but just to see the hair being removed was unusual and not something I was likely to witness again, so I kinda wanted to see how they did it. I sat still and paid attention. Once they were done with the clippers, they foamed him up and shaved his pubes, along his cock and then very carefully did his balls. I was amazed that Rory didn't get a boner as they touched him like that. If someone had touched my cock, guy or girl, it would have sprung to its full 8 inches. Both Rory and I are uncircumcised but I know from the change rooms that many guys are circumcised. I don't really know why the difference, but it didn't matter as it wasn't a subject that came up every day. Once they had shaved him smooth, they used a wet wash cloth to get all the shaving foam off and then used the light to ensure he was done completely. The final shave was his ass. Once again they warned him not to move. I couldn't even begin to imagine sitting and looking into a guy's ass, never mind shave it. No way I could ever be a doctor, that's for sure. Once he was done, the orderlies checked him over again and were satisfied that he was smooth from neck to toes.

"This next part is a bit unpleasant if you're not used to it. Have you ever had an enema before?" One of them asked him.

"No," Rory replied and I wanted to know what it was but I decided not to ask.

"While Cory fills the bottle, there are a few things to let you know. It will feel a bit uncomfortable at first as the water works itself inside you but just relax and let it. Once we pull the tube out. Hold your ass shut tight so that the water and feces doesn't spray all over the room. We'll put a bucket behind you to release everything into. It's a little gross for the first few flushes, but it does get better. It's just another part of making sure you are completely clean. The last flush has some antibacterial lotion in it which feels a bit strange in your ass as it tingles a bit, but it only lasts a few seconds."

Cory brought the bag over which looked like a large hot water bottle with a long plastic tube hanging from it. He hung it up on what looked like an I.V. pole. Then he grabbed the nozzle, coated it in some clear liquid and got between Rory's legs. I could see the nozzle disappear between his ass cheeks and from the grunt he gave, I assumed the guy had shoved it up his ass. My ass clamped shut in sympathy. Cory reached up and opened a valve which I seemed to let the water in.

Rory's face showed that it must have been unpleasant as he squirmed slightly.

"It's giving me a stomach ache," he complained a while later. Mason looked at the bag and told him that there was just a bit more to go and that the first flush was always the worst.

"After that, once all the main stuff is flushed, there's more room for the water and it feels better."

Finally he was full and Mason put his hand on Rory's stomach which seemed a bit distended compared to normal. They waited about two minutes and Rory's face showed that he was in a bit of pain. I wanted to do something, but wasn't sure what. We were in a foreign country, in some kind of trouble and I didn't want to make it worse for him; or for me either.

"Okay, keep your ass clamped tight and we'll pull the hose out. Mason held a bucket ready as Cory yanked out the tube and wiped it dry. The specially shaped bucket was pressed against Rory's ass and he was told he could go ahead and release the water. I heard his ass empty and it was seriously gross. I hate hearing people take a dump in a public bathroom and this was easily ten times worse. It sounded like he was shitting out a weeks worth of stuff. I had to turn and look away. I couldn't imagine how Rory was feeling at this most private of things. Once he was done, Mason put a lid on the bucket and put it aside. Cory returned with a second bag of water and the process repeated. They did it three times before the final flush which Rory commented on as it tingled in his ass. He was finally cleaned out completed and both orderlies seemed satisfied. Mason took off with the bucket, no doubt to get rid of the stuff. The whole room smelled bad but Cory sprayed some air freshener to compensate, for which I was thankful. Once Mason returned with the empty and hopefully clean bucket, they continued.

They dipped a couple of wash cloths in the basin and began to rub him from head to toe in what they said was the antiseptic. It had a strong smell, but it wasn't unpleasant. They waited a few moments for the skin to dry and then pulled his underwear back up. Then they released the clamps that were holding him down and told him to sit up and hang his feet over the side of the table. I could see the relief on Rory's face, but he was really unhappy about losing his long blonde hair and ran his hand over his head a few times. I knew his expressions well enough to know that he was pissed off to the max and once we got out of there he was gonna lose it. The guys cleaned up the clippers and razor they were using and put everything away. As soon as they were done, another three men entered. Two were very muscular and the man in front had a stethoscope around his neck, which was a great way of knowing he was the doctor.

"He's ready Doctor, said one of the orderlies as they stood off to the side of the room."

"Hello, Rory. I'm Dr. Falkner and these are my colleagues. We're just going to inspect you to make sure you're healthy while we wait for the justice to make their decision." He came over to me as well and shook my hand. I introduced myself.

"You are welcome to stay, but please do not interfere. If you do, we would have to report it to the justice. This may seem like an unusual exam, but I assure you it is necessary." I nodded and stayed where I was in my chair. I had been to Doctors before so I couldn't imagine what would be so unusual. Hell, Rory and I had been examined together lots of times when we were younger, although not since I hit puberty.

The Doctor had Rory jump down and measured his height and weight, which were still at 5'11" and 160 lbs. Then he did the blood pressure at 121 over 80 which meant a about as much to me as if he'd said gliznek over shizbot. Then he tapped his knees for reflexes and took a few measurements of his chest and biceps which Rory was more than happy to pose for. They measured his waist and inseam, almost as if he were being fitted for a new suit. He was told to lift his feet and they measured them too. He wore size 11 shoes, but I didn't know if that meant 11 inches or not. I don't remember having a doctor ever measure me that thoroughly before. When they measured the size of his nipples and recorded them, it almost made me laugh. They had him stand still while his shorts were pulled down and his penis was measured, and then took out a device that looked like some mechanical tool to measure the size and shape of his balls. I couldn't believe they were this interested in him. Maybe they were just wasting time. Oh well, if Rory wanted to be a model, he was definitely modelling now, and probably should get used to being naked and changing in front of guys. About the only thing they didn't measure was his boner, which he had managed to avoid getting during this whole process. He was told to pull up his underwear and hop back onto the bed.

"Lie down," the doctor told him and began to tap his chest and stomach as he listened with the stethoscope. As he commented, one of the big men continued to make notes. "Put your hands behind your head please." Rory did and the Doctor pressed his hands into Rory's armpit and noted that there were no lumps of any kind. At least when this was over, Rory would know his medical condition. He was told to put his hands back at his side, while his neck, nose and ears were checked. Mason and Cory moved up and pulled two slides out of the side of the table and secured Rory's wrists to them. They seemed to have a fascination for clamping people to the table. The two side wings were pulled out a bit farther until they couldn't go any more, leaving Rory looking like he was modelling to be a snow angel. The doctor seemed to ignore it as he asked Rory to open his mouth and shone a light in there to look around. He noted the one filling and other than that he seemed impressed at everything else. He went down the side of the table and pulled Rory's underwear off and handed it to Mason, who put it with the rest of his clothes, while the doctor checked his penis and testicles. He lifted Rory's feet into the stirrups and sat on a stool between his legs. Once again Mason and Cory strapped my brother's legs into place. The bigger men lifted Rory up a little and pushed him down towards the doctor so his ass was hanging off the end of the table.

"Have you ever had a prostate exam before?" He asked.

"No sir."

"Have you ever tried putting anything in your anus before?"


"Not even a finger?"

"No. Well I had a girl who tried once but it felt weird and hurt a little so we didn't go any further."

Okay. Well I'll go slow, but I do need to open you up to have a look. Just relax and take deep breaths and try not to think about it too much. Think of something else. Hunter if you want to come over and talk to your brother or hold his hand or something that would be okay."

I wasn't sure what to do. I hadn't held my brothers hand since I was a little kid and I wasn't about to start now. I did stand up so he could see me though, and just smiled at him. "Guess you won't need that yearly physical when you get home," I laughed as I looked at him in this ridiculous position. I kept glancing over at the Doctor to see what he was doing, even though I knew that Rory must feel super embarrassed with all these people in the room seeing him naked like this.

"You'll feel a bit of pressure as my finger enters. Just take a deep breath and push out."

The Doctor put on a rubber glove and poured some more liquid on his finger. I grinned as I looked at it and then at Rory. You always heard about this test on TV or as a joke in the locker room, but I never knew they actually did it. The doctor pushed his finger slowly into Rory and he jumped and tried to breathe. Rory's hand moved to touch me and I instinctively touched him back. He curled his fingers slightly around mine. It wasn't like we were holding hands but I guess he just needed something to hold onto. He gasped and jumped again as the Doctor kept working inside him.

"That's the prostate. Looks like you have a sensitive one. It feels alright though. Let's check out the rest of the rectum now." The Doctor pulled his finger out and Rory relaxed for a moment. I watched as Falkner added lubricant to a second finger and went back in. Rory jumped again and held my fingers once more. The Doctor probed around for a bit and made a few comments about texture. He pulled the two fingers out and added lube to a third. Once he pushed back in Rory cried out in pain.

"Just relax, Rory. There will be a lot of discomfort before we're done, but it's all part of the exam. Don't worry it'll be over quickly if you just relax. We don't want to damage the rectum as the tissue is very soft in there, and since you have never had the cavity stretched it is a bit tighter than normal. He worked the three fingers inside my brother who was trying hard to breathe and relax but I could see a few beads of sweat on his forehead. The Doctor removed his fingers and Rory relaxed and released his increasingly firm grip on my hand. I almost said something when I saw Falkner coat his entire hand in extra lubrication, but I didn't, as I wasn't sure what it would accomplish except to panic Rory. I moved my hand into place and got a better hold of his hand.

"Okay, this is going to hurt, so if you would like something to bite down on, just nod." Rory nodded as he had a feeling that something bad was about to happen. One of the big men gave him a rubber tube that almost looked like a dog chew toy. He told Rory to open his mouth and clamp his teeth around it. As he did, he looked at me with pleading eyes. I've never seen my brother look to me for help of any kind, and the one time he needed me I was powerless to stop it. I just squeezed his hand tighter.

As the doctor pushed his entire hand into Rory's ass, he screamed loudly through the bit in his mouth and tried to get away. One of the large colleagues held his hips down while the Doctor proceeded further.

"His anal cavity is tight, but firm. The walls are smooth and appear to have no unusual bumps or surfaces. I stood mesmerised as the Doctors hand disappeared further and further into Rory's ass. I didn't even know it could do that. Rory was screaming in pain and gripping my hand so tight that I was sure he was breaking every bone in my fingers. The Doctor was almost at his elbow before he stopped.

"Impressive rectum. He is able to handle a lot and has cleaned out nicely. He is extremely healthy and I can see nothing out of the ordinary at all."

He slowly pulled out and looked at his arm as it came free. "No blood, which means he doesn't tear easily, and there is no residue, so the enema is very effective on him. It is very unusual to see a guy take the whole hand that easily on the first time. I think you can let the panel know that we are finished here."

Rory let out a sigh of relief and let go of my hand, which let me sigh in relief. The bit was removed from his mouth and his forehead was wiped dry by Mason and he was given a drink of water. They still kept him secured to the table though.

The judge and another man entered. Our medical exam room was rapidly filling up faster than a Tim Horton's on free doughnut day.

"Mr. Rory Saunders, the panel has decided that you will be assigned to Mr. Colson for a period of a month. At which time, you will be permitted to leave and return home."

"What does that mean? Assigned to Mr. Colson," I asked unsure of how their justice system worked.

"You are his to do with as he pleases for the period of one month," he tried to clarify.

"Like what?" I asked still unsure. "You mean work for him like community service or something?"

"Sure, if that's what he chooses. The only limits are that he may not leave any permanent scars on you or endanger your life. For more serious crimes and punishments over five years, the guardian may do body alterations such as tattoos, piercings, circumcision, etc., but for minor crimes, the body is not allowed to be altered in any way."

I still wasn't sure what this meant, and neither was Rory who was still naked and strapped to the table in front of all these people. "Don't I get a fine or something or a chance to plead not guilty?"

"You already admitted to what you did, so we gave you a fitting punishment. Once the month is over, your clothes will be returned, along with your property and you may leave. Hunter, you are welcome to remain in the country and wait for your brother, or you can return in 30 days to collect him."

"You mean I'm going to jail for 30 days for an accident?"

"No, we don't have jails. You'll simply be in Mr. Colson's charge until you're released. He'll be happy to explain it all to you. Just a word of warning though; if you fail to follow his instructions, he can petition the Justice to increase your punishment accordingly, so I strongly recommend you do as he says. We had one young fellow who received 30 days and fought so hard that he ended up spending two years with his guardian. Rory, this is Mr. Colson," he said introducing the other man with him.

He came up and smiled at my brother and turned to shake my hand. I didn't really know what to do, so I shook it back. This was all happening just a little too fast for me. This morning we were zip lining and now we were in some weird alternate universe where my brother was naked, tied to a table and being handed over to a strange man who was to be his guardian for 30 days. "We have seen the results of your medical exam and from the look of you; I think we'll get along just fine. It may be something you're not used to, but the time will go by quickly," He said as he looked directly at Rory who stared back, struggling to comprehend. He hadn't spoken a word and under the circumstances I wouldn't have known what to say either.

Mr. Colson looked at Mason and Cory. "Okay guys, go ahead and strip and let's see how he handles the first task." I looked around the room as if I hadn't heard him correctly. Mason and Cory quickly removed their white jackets to show they were shirtless underneath. They had nice smooth bodies with good muscle tone. They removed everything else and stood naked together. Both guys were circumcised and shaved as smooth as Rory. Their cocks looked average to me, but then I only had mine and Rory's to compare them to.

"Mason, you can penetrate Rory anally and Cory, go ahead and do oral please. Then you can switch."

"Wait, I yelled out. We're not gay. I think this is some sort of mistake. Maybe you got the wrong guy or something."

"Son, I just want to see how much training he'll need. I'm not going to use him myself until I see how my boys do."

"No way. That's wrong. He didn't do anything. We were just zip lining. Maybe you should charge the person who owns the company for faulty

"Hunter, your brother had plenty of time to warn the people to get out of the way, but he chose to just slam into them and injure some. We realize that it was an accident, but he has to be responsible for his actions. That's why he is only being given a month of punishment. Mr. Colson will treat him well, but Rory's body will be used as Mr. Colson wishes. Please proceed boys," the judge guy said.

"No way. This is bullshit. He's not gay and you can't just use him for sex. We're out of here and we're going to find someone in authority that can behave properly." I pushed past them and went to untie Rory. I was immediately grabbed by the two big colleagues of the doctor. I yanked my hand away from one of them as he touched me and accidentally hit him across the side of the face. They both took a firm grip and carried me over to the other table where they slammed me down onto it on my back. Cory and Mason rushed over to help, and tied me to the table securing my hands and feet as I cursed and swore at everyone.

Rory yelled at me to shut up and just relax. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone and if I'd known that the zip line wasn't going to stop by itself I would have yelled at people to get out of the way. I have been on dozens of those things and they always slow down and stop. I assumed this one would as well."

"We understand that, and as I mentioned just a few moments ago, that's why we are only giving you a one month punishment. It's not like you're being sent away forever."

"Can't I just apologize to the people or pay a fine?"

"No son, buying your way out of a wrong doing isn't how we do things here. That's something that is done in the western cultures, which explains their high crime and corruption. Cory and Mason, thank you for your help, now I think you should complete the instructions you were given by Mr. Colson."

I was secured to my table but I could turn my head enough to see what was happening. The two naked orderlies took their positions at the top and bottom of my brother.

"Cory, you should remove the head rest, so that you get a better angle," suggested the Doctor. Cory lifted Rory's head and pulled out the top part of the table. He lowered Rory's head until it was hanging off the table.

"Rory, have you ever taken a penis into your mouth before?" Mr. Colson asked.

"No. I'm not gay, like Hunter said." Rory said disgusted at this whole mess.

"Oh we don't assume anything here. We simply wanted to know if you had done it before so we knew if you needed instructions or not. Cory will put his penis in your mouth and you should close your lips around it and be careful to cover your teeth. You don't want to injure Cory as that would be seen as another assault and would extend your time with Mr. Colson. As Cory becomes erect, his penis will get further and further down your throat. As it gets to the back, you may feel like you are going to throw up or gag, just remember to swallow and it'll be easier. As he pulls back, it opens the airway and that's when you should breathe, otherwise it feels like you are suffocating. He'll go slow at first to allow you to get used to it. At the same time Mason will penetrate you anally, but that should be a lot easier as you have already been opened up by Dr. Falkner. The only other thing to warn you about is that when Cory ejaculates into your mouth, please swallow quickly otherwise it goes up your nose and can become very unpleasant and there's a chance it could block your air passage, so just swallow. As fast as you can. He'll warn you in plenty of time. Do you have any questions?"

"You can't do this, it's rape." Rory protested.

"That's not technically a question, but we can do this and I just need to see how you perform before I get you home. Okay boys go ahead."

I watched in disbelief as Cory opened Rory's mouth and pushed his limp penis in. At the same time Mason was stroking himself as he stood between Rory's legs. I stared as his cock became erect. He looked as big as me, if not bigger when he was hard, although it was difficult to judge from the angle I was looking. Mason pushed himself into Rory quickly, which caused him to jump. Mason groaned as he fucked my brother. I had never seen sex in person before, just porn movies on my computer and certainly not between two guys. Until a few moments ago, I knew guys could do this, I'm not totally na?ve, but I never imagined I'd actually see it happen. Mason wrapped his hands around my brother's thighs and just fucked him hard and deep while everyone watched. Cory was doing something similar at the other end as his penis went in and out of Rory's mouth as it hung back over the table. He was getting cock from both ends and he was gripped onto the table the best he could with the restraints. He was doing a lot better than I would. I would have bitten the guy's dick off and moved all over the place to get away from these sick fucks. The Doctor poured lube on Rory's dick and Mason grabbed hold of it with one hand and stroked my brother, giving him a hand job. To my shock, I saw Rory respond and his cock begin to swell as he was being stroked. I was pretty sure that my cock wouldn't do that if I were getting fucked from both ends. The harder Mason fucked, the faster he stroked Rory. He was fully erect and I could even see his balls tightening up. I knew from my own body that it meant he probably wasn't far from cumming. I couldn't believe it. I had seen my brother naked, but never hard and I certainly hadn't seen him cum or get fucked or have sex before. This was almost too much.

"I'm gonna cum," Cory warned and Rory's face showed the fear of what was about to happen. He closed his eyes and I watched as his Adam's apple moved indicating he was swallowing rapidly. I shuddered at the thought. A few moments later Cory pulled out and smiled. His cock was wet and slimy. I could only imagine what Rory must be feeling. Cory replaced the head rest and let Rory relax on it. He went to the side and then lowered his lips and kissed my brother. I watched as he pushed his tongue into his mouth, while Rory's eyes shot out of his head at being Frenched by a guy. I had never kissed anyone, at least not like that. A lip to lip kiss or on the cheek, but never with tongue. If it hadn't been my brother, and guys, it was kinda hot to watch. As they kissed, Mason was becoming more and more vocal and I wondered if that meant he was about to cum next. Cory must have known as he straddled my brother's head and lowered his ass over his face. I shuddered at the thought of having some guy put his ass over me and could only wonder what the sight would be like from Rory's perspective.

"Rory, Cory is going to sit on your face. When he does, make sure you breathe when you can and push your tongue into his hole," advised Mr. Colson. Cory lowered himself and Mr. Colson got behind him. "That's it Cory keep going. Rory, stick out your tongue. Don't worry, the first time is always the hardest as you don't know what to expect. Cory and Mason keep themselves cleaned out, so you should be pleasantly surprised."

The only thing going through my head was that `pleasantly surprised' wouldn't have been how I would have described the experience.

"That's it. Cory, lean forward more so that he can get deeper into your ass. Rory, stick that tongue way out...that's it. Hold it out. Cory, sit up and get that long tongue into you." Cory complied and moaned as he sat on Rory's face. Mason grunted and hammered a few hard thrusts and then groaned in pleasure as he obviously fired his load into my brother's ass. As he did it, he was rapidly jerking on Rory's cock and I watched in fascination as his dick erupted with blast after blast after blast of cum. It shot up into the air, landing on his chest at first. Cory leaned forward instantly, with his mouth open and tongue out, to catch some of the second blast. There were several more spurts from my brother and I wondered if he did that much every time. I was a bit jealous, although felt weird thinking about it.

Mason pulled out and both boys licked the cum off my brother and then kissed each other as they sucked any rogue sperm off each other's faces. It was gross and fascinating at the same time. I almost could feel my dick becoming excited which was beyond a shock. There is no way that watching three guys, one of them my brother, could in any way be sexually exciting; yet I couldn't stop watching.

"Well done. It looks like he performs nicely and will need very little training. When is the last time you came?" Mr. Colson asked Rory.

"Yesterday morning," he admitted. I saw a few tears running down the side of his face and I felt sorry for him, although I couldn't exactly go over and do anything about it.

"Well that was a very impressive load for just one day. Tonight, I'll give you a chance to penetrate Cory and Mason as a reward for how well you handled this today. Once I get you home, I'll be testing you myself to see how firm your ass is, but from what I've seen, I think you'll be a lot of fun. If you are well behaved for the next 30 days, we'll get along fine."

Rory just lay there tied in place. Tears were still running down his face and I saw some cum drip out of his ass.

"Now what are we going to do about you, Hunter? You just hit a guy across the side of the face?"

"He attacked me," I said defiantly trying to defend myself.

"You attacked first by trying to get your brother untied," Colson said.

"John, what should we do here?'"

The judge looked at me and shook his head. "Well he did attack someone right in front of us. I don't think we need to get the panel together, it's pretty cut and dry. Why don't you take them both for the month? That way they can be together. It might make it easier for all of you."

"I can do that. Okay, go ahead and process him and I'll come out and do the paperwork. Sorry Doctor, do you mind doing one more exam today? It would save us reconvening in the morning."

"No problem Neil, I'd be happy to. Cory, Mason get over here and get him ready for a full physical. You might as well keep your clothes off."

All the guys left except for Cory, Mason and my brother.

"Can you untie us?" I asked.

"No sorry. They will be watching through the mirror, so just relax and let's get this over with. That was pretty stupid attacking him like that. Normally for a deliberate assault like that you'd get six months punishment. I think you got off easy because they felt sorry for you," Cory explained.

Mason walked up with a pair of scissors and began to cut my clothes off.

"Wait, I don't have anything else to change into. These are my favorite pants."

Don't worry you won't need clothes for 30 days. We all have to stay naked during punishment."

"WHAT? I can't be naked around other people. I'm barely naked around myself."

"What about around a girlfriend or your brother."

"I've never had a girlfriend and I've only been naked around Rory a few times when we share the bathroom."

"It's just the rules. If you're a virgin, then in about an hour, that's gonna change `cause I know for a fact that we're gonna be told to do the exact same thing to you that we just did with Rory."

"You can't do that?" I've never had sex of any kind. I barely even masturbate." I complained as my pants were finally cut away and removed, leaving me in my underwear. Fortunately they did my shirt next. My shoes and socks had been removed first as they didn't have to be cut off. The shirt was pulled away and I was basically naked except for my skimpy straight cut briefs.

"Rory, help." I said in desperation.

"Guys, can you call Mr. Colson back?" I'll stay and do Hunter's 30 days if you just let him go."

"We can, but it doesn't work like that here. Everyone is responsible for what they do and you can't take someone else's punishment."

"Please just ask him," pleaded Rory as he lay there with his hands tied beside him and his feet still locked in the stirrups.

Cory went out and got Mr. Colson to come back in. Rory proposed his solution and Mr. Colson seemed to consider it for a moment.

"Rory, you appear to be an amazing big brother, but the law is the law. Hunter must do his own punishment, but I think we might be able to make it easier for him. Let me think on it for a while. He will still have to go through the initial processing, but I'll ask the Doctor to go easy during the examination. I know those can be very painful when we stretch the rectum. Continue boys." He left the room and Cory and Mason got to work on me and shaved me from head to toe. I lost my long blond hair as well and once again, Rory and I looked alike. I almost jumped a mile when they pulled my underwear down and shaved my ass and balls, but was quickly reminded not to move as they didn't want to cut me. Once I was completely smooth, Mason leaned down and kissed my cock, then my balls and chuckled as he licked my ass before they washed me with the antiseptic stuff. It was cold as it air dried, my skin tingled. They gave me the enema which was totally gross, unpleasant and demeaning. I even have trouble in the shower when I had to run the soap up and down my ass, and here were these two strangers shoving things into me and doing the most personal things to me that I knew of.

I felt totally sick as I felt the shit and water blasting out of my ass and closed my eyes so that I wouldn't have to see everyone around me. Even worse was that Rory was lying just a few feet away listening to everything. Once I was cleaned properly, they pulled my underwear back up which let me relax a little. The guys brought the Doctor in and he examined me, although he didn't untie me like he had done with Rory, and the measurements weren't taken. I learned later that they only did that so that the justice panel could decide on who was going to get guardianship for the punishment. Almost like they were choosing us based on our physical attributes. I was already going to be with Mr. Colson, so they didn't need those details.

"You have a very well developed body, young man. You're a little small for your age, but it is possible that you could still grow. You may want to consider hormone therapy when you get home. I understand that you have not had any sexual experiences at all."

"Yeah, I'm a virgin," I admitted somewhat embarrassed about it now. Rory knew that I was virgin, but he only bugged me about it when we were alone and never as a bad thing, just a brother thing.

"Okay, well I'll be patient with you and I'll show you what to do myself so that you can handle your next 30 days easier." Once he was finished with the normal exam, he got between my legs. He pulled my underwear down and then took a pair of scissors and cut them away. I was sure I turned 14 shades of red as I knew he could look right into my ass. He lubed up a gloved finger and inserted it into me. I tried to keep it tightly closed but he told me to relax and when I didn't he slapped me hard on the ass cheek with his other hand. It was such a shock that I gasped and it released my ass. He shoved his finger quickly into me.

"Remember to do exactly as I say as it's a lot easier. Disobey when you're with Mr. Colson and it could add time to your punishment. What I'm looking for is your prostate which will stimulate your sexual centre. We need to know the size of it as it helps during penetration." I felt his finger moving around in my ass and it felt like one of my turds had come to life and was moving around inside me like an alien. He touched something and I would have flown off the table if I hadn't been tied down. The feeling raced through my entire body. "And that's the prostate," the Doctor said as he looked up grinning.

He touched it again as he looked at me, and my cock moved a little. Dr. Falkner noticed and took hold of my dick with his other hand and slowly stroked me as he rubbed his finger on my prostate thing. I couldn't believe how amazing this felt for something that was supposedly so wrong. My cock was becoming erect despite my best efforts to will it down or threaten it in my head. I screamed at my brain to send a signal to my cock that if it ever wanted to be played with again, that it better go back to sleep and not embarrass me. Something wasn't working as I was fully erect in seconds.

"Now that's a nice penis. You're large than your brother. I'm guess 8 inches, maybe 8? whereas your brother is closer to 7?. I was both proud of this and mortified that he was talking about my dick in such a graphic fashion. "Do you wash under the foreskin regularly? Very important for boys who are uncircumcised."

"Yes, I do it every day in the shower," I admitted feeling my cheeks burning red.

"Good, the skin slides back nicely and you have a very good looking head on the penis. Very similar to your brother. You can see the family resemblance." I'd have to trust him on that since I certainly hadn't seen the head of his penis. It was always covered by skin. At least not until today, and I only saw it from my vantage point while lying strapped to a table.

"Have you ever given yourself a blowjob?" the doctor asked suddenly "With a penis this large, it should be long enough that you could."

I shook my head no as if I couldn't believe he'd be even suggesting that. I'd jerked off, but just to make my hardon go away. Sucking my cock didn't seem like a viable option, especially considering what shot out of it at the end of each session.

"You really haven't had any experiences have you? I think Mr. Colson is going to be able to help you with that. By the time you get home you'll be an expert and looking for all the sex you can handle. I'm sure you'll impress a lot of people with your talents by then." I noticed that he always said things in a form that wouldn't label me as gay or straight. He never said I'd get lots of pussy or cock, he just phrased it as sex. I guess you have to be politically correct, although he was stroking my dick and fingering my ass. I'm not sure how correct that could be.

"I'd love to see how you use that penis. I think you would really enjoy learning things, but for now let's just let you take a bit of a breather."

He removed his finger from my ass and let go of my cock which was leaking pre-cum and embarrassing the hell out of me. Cory walked over and thankfully wiped the tip of my cock with a warm washcloth. I put my head back and relaxed. Then I remembered what had happened to Rory next. I immediately lifted my head to see if I was about to get more and more fingers until the whole arm was shoved into me, but the doctor had pushed back and was washing his hands. I sighed in relief.

"Before we bring Mr. Colson back in here, I'm just going to have a look in your mouth again. I think you'll do okay with oral sex, but I need to be sure. I can spare you the anal exam, but you should be at least proficient at either oral or anal and since you've had no experience at all, I think oral is the best option."

I wasn't sure I followed him, but if it meant he wasn't going to shove his arm up my ass and have me screaming like I was being murdered with a butter knife, I'd accept the oral exam. I couldn't imagine that causing me to scream in pain. Dr. Falkner stood beside my head and gently turned me so that I was facing him. All I could see was his crotch close to my face, so I closed my eyes as it was hard to focus. I felt a thumb against my bottom lip and he gently pushed down on it as he told me to open up. I relaxed and let him do it. I felt his thumb go into my mouth and press against the roof. He used his other fingers to close my mouth slowly and began to run his thumb along the top palate. It felt strange but then he told me to watch my teeth and use my tongue to lick around his thumb. I hadn't sucked my thumb since I had been a little kid and this was someone else's thumb, it felt like a skin flavoured lollipop. He moved it back and forth and a couple of times pushed it deep into my mouth. It wasn't unpleasant, it was just different.

"Not bad. You should add more suction and use the tongue more," he said as he pulled him thumb out. "Let's try it with a finger." He pushed his index finger in and it went a lot further back which caused me to gag a little, but he gave me advice to swallow and breathe. I sucked on his finger remembering to do add suction and tongue. This seemed like it was way better than a whole arm up your ass. He pulled his finger out and I opened my eyes to see what was next. I should have kept them closed. He pulled down his zipper and fished out his semi hard cock. I slammed my eyes shut and hoped I wasn't going to have to do what I was pretty sure I was going to have to do. He put his thumb on my lower lip again and applied pressure.

"Go ahead and open Hunter," I hesitated for a second until he applied more pressure and I felt some fingers pushing at the side of my jaw to get it open. I reluctantly gave in and felt the head of his circumcised penis touch my lips. This was the first sexual body part that had ever touched me and I was more than scared. He pushed his cock into my mouth and I stayed as still as I could. He let my mouth close and warned me to keep my teeth covered so that they wouldn't scrape his penis. He moved slowly in and out of my mouth, which to my shock wasn't actually that bad. Somehow I thought a dick would taste or smell like pee. This just felt like a large thumb or a thick hot dog. As he moved in and out of my mouth, I became aware that it was getting larger and larger with each thrust. He was getting erect in my mouth. Now I could feel his cock touching the back of my throat, or at least that funny looking thing hanging down at the back of your throat. I tried to imagine a tiny boxer in my mouth hitting it like a punching bag each time his cock touched it. I was doing everything I could not to think about what was really happening.

"Okay, Hunter, I'm about to ejaculate. My sperm will hit the back of your throat and you'll be tempted to close up, just try to swallow and breathe and take it all. You probably won't taste much until I begin to pull out and some of it touches your tongue. Are you ready?"

Geez, I thought to myself, almost laughing at how ridiculous this was. Were all Doctors this insane? Dentists will have their hands in your mouth, a drill, their coffee and the morning paper, and then ask you a question to which they want an answer. They couldn't do it before they stuffed your face so full you thought you had a small family living in there. Now here's this guy with a huge boner in me asking me to answer a question about whether or not I'm ready to swallow his cum? Of FUCKING course, I'm not, YOU DUMBASS! I simply mumbled a grunt which he took as a yes. He held my head and fired the torpedos into me. The first couple of jets went straight down with no opposition, mainly because I didn't know they were coming. The next few hit and by the fourth or fifth shot I was struggling to swallow as cum filled my mouth. He was wrong, I definitely tasted it and it was salty and slimy and smelled like bleach. I'd seen enough of my own cum to know what was now in my mouth and it certainly wasn't helping me to swallow it. He held his cock in until he was finished and when he pulled out, I looked for somewhere to spit it out, but he must have recognized the look as he told me to swallow as I needed to get used to it. I panicked, closed my eyes and swallowed, hoping that someone would give me water. Cory was right there to clean me up and give me the drink for which I was thankful. Even though he was naked and his cock touched me a few times, I barely noticed.

"You'll need some more practice, but that's not bad for a first time. If you take anal that easily, you'll have no problem for the month." I groaned to myself as I thought about the fact that I was going to be fucked at some point. I really didn't want that at all and hoped we could get away from this. But as Mason explained later, it wouldn't matter as we had nowhere to go. They had our clothes and passports. Someone would notice if two naked boys tried to get on a plane with no ticket or passport.

Mr. Colson came back in and smiled as he saw me. "You are very good looking Hunter. I can't understand for the life of me why girls or boys aren't tripping over themselves to be with you. Just looking at Cory and Mason over here, I can see they agree with me. I took a quick look and both of them were fully hard. I guess I should be flattered that they thought I was so hot, but I was actually pretty freaked out and nervous. "The Doctor told me that he didn't open your rectum up yet, so we'll work on that later. But for now I think we should see what training you might need. I know that Cory and Mason are raring to give you a go, but I promised your brother, we'd go easy on you for now. Guys, why don't you untie Rory and bring him over here. Rory, you're not going to give us any trouble, are you? You wouldn't want both of you to spend longer here than necessary would you."

"No sir," he said quietly as he was freed and allowed to stand up. He rubbed his wrists and waited a second for the blood to flow back into his legs. He was brought over beside me and looked down at me. "Sorry bro. We'll get home soon and hopefully laugh about this. Let's cooperate and we'll get through it as easily as possible. So far it's just sex."

"Good advice Rory, thank you," smiled Mr. Colson. "We have a few options we can do right now. I can have Cory and Mason give Hunter the standard treatment as you just got, or if you would like it to be easier on your brother Rory, I'll just have you two kiss for a few minutes and then you can give him a blowjob and rim his ass."

"We can't do that, he's my brother," I complained almost at the same time that Rory opened his mouth to say something.

"Oh sweetie, over the next 30 days, you and your brother will have sex with each other more than anyone else in the house. In fact by the time you leave, you'll barely remember a time when the two of you didn't have sex. What's better than two brothers who love each other, showing it physically?" I was sure I was going to be sick now. He wanted Rory to blow me and then lick my ass after we'd kissed. The closest I came to kissing him was a brotherly hug while we wrestled, or after our parents died. I think he may have kissed me on the forehead that night as we slept together in his bed, but we were both in shorts and a t-shirt. "It's up to you. Cory, Mason get over here and you can take turns fucking him. Just try not to rip him open and cause bleeding."

"Wait, I'll do it," said Rory quickly. He leaned down to look at me. "Do you trust me Hunter?" I nodded. I trusted Rory above all else. He wasn't just my brother he was my best friend and the only family I had left. Since my parent died we had become very protective of each other, although I'm sure neither of us could have seen this coming. "Okay just close your eyes and imagine I'm the hottest girl you know."

"Thank god your beard is shaved off then or it'd be like kissing Sue down the street." We both knew who I meant. She wasn't a very good looking girl and was way beyond weird. She had dark facial hair that could have easily been removed with a razor or whipper snipper, but she chose to just leave it. He grinned and leaned closer. I was about to kiss my big brother for the very first time and I was panicked. "You better be a damn good kisser," I said trying to ease the tension. I closed my eyes and as his lips touched mine I felt a small electric charge run through my body. I pictured Ellen that had her locker next to mine. She had long blond hair and always smelled amazing. She even had nice size boobs that I had to remind myself not to keep staring at. As Rory kissed me, I opened my mouth slightly as I felt his tongue push in. I was a little shocked that we were going for the full on French kiss, but I suppose if we hadn't we would have just been told to anyway. The more Rory kissed me, the more my body reacted and I felt my cock begin to harden. I was mortified. I was getting a boner from kissing my brother. He would beat my ass for this for sure, but I could just tell him I did as he told me and thought of a hot girl. I felt his hand touch my chest as he steadied himself and his touch was awesome. If this was sex with a guy, then I couldn't imagine how much better it would be with a girl. Once I was fully hard and my cock was actually throbbing in pain, we were told to stop.

"Looks like you did a good job, Rory. You're little brother was about to blow his load."

"Just doing like you told me...thinking of a hot girl who is a really good kisser," I said quickly to defend my honor. Rory smiled and I realized what I'd said. I'd just told him he was a good kisser, although I didn't have a base of reference. For all I knew he was a terrible kisser, but it was my first one. Not sure I could blog about it though.

"Rory go ahead and get familiar with your brother's penis. We don't want him to cum yet though, so just bring him to the edge a few times and get used to sucking him. You're brothers so this shouldn't be strange to you to see each other in this state."

Captured Abroad 2He obviously had no idea what he was talking about. This was stranger than anything I could have dreamed up while on mind altering drugs. Rory stood beside my crotch and I watched as Mason lifted my hard dick straight up to position it for Rory. Cory placed his hand on the back of Rory's head and lowered him until his mouth was around my cock. Then they both backed away.

"Make sure you let him experience a full blowjob. Use your tongue and make him see why guys enjoy oral sex so much. Also use your hands on his testicles. I'm sure he'll enjoy those being fondled as well." I felt Rory cup my balls and held onto them. His hands were warm and if this hadn't been so freaky weird, I might have laughed as they rolled around in his hands as soon as he touched them. It was as if they had now come alive and were massaging his palm on their own. Rory blew me, but he was trying not to add much suction or tongue, for which I was thankful or I might have lost my load in his mouth, and that would be beyond sick. I was sure that if I did that he would probably beat me up at the first opportunity, so I tried everything I could to stay under control. I thought of old grandmas in their oversize panties and sagging bras. I thought of gross food like octopus and snails. It was helping but I was still hard. Rory had to stop a few times and I was thankful he did, or I was going over the edge of Niagara falls and he would get the full spray.

"Rory, I think he's had enough, come sit over here and get between his legs. You'll need to use your hands to pull his cheeks apart and lick the length of his ass. After you've done that a few times, just push your tongue into his anus. He's been thoroughly cleaned out and washed, so it should be enjoyable."

I was sure he was thinking the same word as me... bullshit! But I'll give Rory credit, he was braver than me. He put his hands on my ass and I felt his breath as he got closer to my hole. At least when we got home, sharing a bathroom wouldn't be such a big deal anymore. After all, he had now seen parts of me that I hadn't even seen. I felt his tongue lick along the length of my ass crack and it tickled. He did it several times and I tried not to giggle as it might have seemed just a little inappropriate under the circumstances. Then his tongue pushed into my hole and I gasped. It felt incredible, apart from the fact it was my brother down there. He stabbed at the hole a few times and I really wanted to grab his head and get him in deeper. I wondered what it might feel like if he could get his tongue in deep enough to reach that prostate thing.

"Okay, I think that's enough for now. He's obviously very sensitive and it's an all new experience for him. I think I have the perfect event for his first time. Okay boys, we will be leaving here and heading over to the house. Just a word of caution, if you do anything foolish or try to escape while we are out, it would automatically add six months to your punishment time, so just think of that before you choose any unwise course of action. Currently you only have 30 days." Mason and Cory untied me and helped me stand up. My penis was still semi hard and I hoped it would go down quickly. I put my hand over my crotch as I stood there.

"Hunter, Hunter, don't be so shy. You want to be able to show off that fine body. Never be afraid to let people look at you. Don't cover your penis, let it enjoy the freedom. Let's go boys, in pairs. Mason and Cory. Rory and Hunter." As we started to move out, Mason moved my arm to Rory's and made us hold hands.

Christ, could this get any more embarrassing. Not only am I naked and about to leave the place, but I'm holding hands with my naked brother as well. This is one country you don't want to do anything wrong or they make sure everyone knows it and they make a fool out of you. We left the exam room and walked out a back door into the alley. I froze. We were outside and naked. This just kept getting worse. Fortunately we only had a very short walk until we were told to get into an SUV and the door closed. I felt a little relief from that. We drove for about 15 minutes until we got a large mansion like house.

Connor Matthews

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