Captive Cop by Etienne

A hunky cop is bound & sexually tortured by a group of teenage boys in this hot classic art piece and story from Etienne!

Captive Cop
by Etienne

Officer Dave Bronski lay stretched out on the filthy, tattered mattress in the damp, dimly lit basement. His massively muscled arms were bound tightly at the wrists and secured to a ring screwed into the brick waIl. His thighs were spread wide; he no longer had the strength to move them. In the half-light, the regulation Dehner boots on his feet glinted with spit-polished highlights. They had tied a weight to his hairy balls, and his badge had been pinned to his tortured nipple. He could feel the streaks of dried blood that radiated out from his pierced tit like the petals of some strange flower. His gym-trained body was caked with layers of cum (his own as welt as theirs) smelly with his sweat, and marked with evidence of the sexual abuse he had been subjected to since that unfortunate day when they had captured him and dragged him down here to use as a sex-toy.

He moaned softly as the memory of that capture returned to torment him. Dave Bronski, a big, brawny 37 year old motorcycle cop in full uniform brought to his knees by a gang of young teenage hoodlums, trussed up like a pig readied for slaughter, his uniform stripped from his manly body. And then to be used and humiliated, helpless to prevent the young punks from doing anything they wanted to their snarling, cursing captive.

Dave shifted his hips slightly in a futile attempt to relieve the pain in his stretched and bleeding asshole where they had stuffed a gigantic rubber dildo. That asshole, once his most private and secret place, had become nothing more than a plaything for his sniggering captives to fill with whatever their evil imaginations came up with; dildoes, fists, throbbing teenage cocks. It had only taken a few days before the tiny pink hair-ringed opening had lost all its elasticity and gaped red and raw and unresisting, dripping slimy juices and emitting fluttery farts.

A sob escaped the policeman's lips as pictures of his ordeal passed unbidden and unwelcome across his mind's eye. A succession of adolescent cocks brutally raping his mouth; his youthful jailers standing over him in a circle and jerking off onto his naked body; his legs raised back over his shoulders like some cheap whore while the gang members took turns fucking him. And all of it videotaped by the sadistic bastards.

Initially, of course, he had thrashed about in his bonds, snarling and cursing defiantly. But they had finally broken him, stripping away his resistance and his pride and his manhood, as surely as they had stripped him of his uniform. And all he could do was lie there and take it.

How had he let himself get into such a situation? he asked himself bitterly. It had all started three weeks ago, when his neighbors, Walter and Estette Arnold, went away for a month's holiday in Europe. Would Dave mind, they asked, just keeping an eye on their house for them while they were away. They would feel so much better knowing someone was watching the place in the absence. And weren't they fortunate that their neighbor was a policeman! Who better to ask?

Dave had agreed somewhat reluctantly, and almost backed out of the agreement altogether when they asked if he'd also keep an eye on their two teenaged sons, Trent and Scott. The boys were at that "wild age" and had fallen in with a gang of surly kids from school, Estelte had confided, and really needed a bit of guidance.

What they REALLY needed, Dave had thought to himself, was a few months in detention, but he had kept his silence and assured Walter and Estelte that he would keep the boys in line, and they were not to worry.

He may have been a bit too strict keeping the Arnold kids in line, though, because about a week after Walter and Estelle drove off, Scott had asked Officer Bronski to come on over to the house to help him with a "problem."

It was, of course, a set-up! Trent and Scott were there with their entire gang of young hoodlums. Taking advantage of the cop's surprise, they swarmed all over him like a pack of dogs on a lion. Dave's superior muscle-power was negated by a blow to the back of his head with a heavy object, and w hen he regained consciousness, he was naked and tied and completely at the mercy of the grinning juvenile delinquents.

When he had pointed out that the Arnolds would be returning from their vacation in three weeks' time, they didn't seem particularly concerned.

"We can get a lot of use out of you before then, pig," Trent sneered. "Then, just before mom and pop get back, we'll 'sell' you."

"Yeah," Scott chuckled. "They won't find nuthin' here 'cept maybe the smell of your sweat and cum and piss."

Dave had felt his stomach knot in fear. Surety they weren't serious. They couldn't REALLY be planning to 'sell' him, like some animal. They COULDN'T be capable of such evil.

But that had been weeks ago. Before they had reduced the big muscular cop to a mindless, whimpering sex-toy. Dave knew better now. He no longer doubted that they were going to "sell" him. They had even told him who the purchaser was. It had all been arranged.

That's where they were now. Off somewhere picking up the crate into which they would place the abused cop to transport him to his new "owner.

Dave's eyes fluttered open in fear as he heard the sounds of footsteps upstairs and then the click of the basement door being opened. He felt his bladder lose control and he pissed alt over himself as he recognized the sound of a large wooden box being pushed down the stairs.


  1. 31118azti - December 12, 2019, 4:23 pm

    To be naked and sold to a total stranger…whew!

  2. scotts60143 - January 2, 2020, 6:58 am

    This drawing by Etiene has always been one of the hottest on the net and undoubtedly the fuel of many a fantasy!! The added story line just makes it hotter!!

  3. RoughRider83 - January 20, 2020, 9:15 am

    Totally agree with scotts60143 — super hot — I can never decide if I’d rather be one of the teens or the cop!

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