A young lad becomes a hunky captain's "monkey" in this classic story by Lance illustrated by Cavelo.

Captain's Monkey
by Lance
Art by Cavelo

What follows is described as a "journal." Where and when it was written is a mystery. The term "captain's monkey" is still common on ships today, both military and commercial. The vessel is called simply a "frigate" which could be an armed sailing ship from a long-past time, but today's navy has a class of ships called "frigate" bearing heavy armor and missiles. The language might be that of a country-bred youth then or now.

I have begun this journal because I do not know what lies ahead for me. I'd best record that I was a young lad when Pa sent me off to my Uncle Charles, because I was going through those growing stages from being a boy to being a man. Uncle Charles was most helpful in guiding me to manhood, and then he turned me back to Pa.

* * *

captain-monkey-1Day 1

I am on board a ship which is called a frigate. It seems to be a fine craft, although it does rock somewhat on the waters.

Pa brought me here this morning, and he told me I should stand still and ask no questions, so that's what I did when he showed me to Captain Boone.

"Cap'n," said Pa to this man. "This here's my son, an' I truly do wish you'd hire him on as your monkey 'cause I need the money something fearsome."

"What makes you think he can be a monkey?" the Captain asked, looking me over from tip to toe and back.

"He's been growing up under th' care of my brother Charles. I reckon he's well trained, but if I'm wrong, you can return him to me at no charge."

"That's good enough for me."

So I was signed on and sent to get uniforms and gear while Pa settled up with the Captain. That was the last I saw of Pa, and I do believe I'll miss him somewhat.

I've been given a small room outside the Captain's cabin so I'll be nearby when he has need of me. There's just enough space for my goods and a hammock to sleep on.

I don't know what to think of Captain Boone as yet. He stands nearly a head taller than me, and he has black, tightly-clipped hair. His eyes are dark and squeezed up between rounded cheekbones and overhanging brows, and his thin lips barely move when he speaks. His face is rough-cut and leathered from his time at sea, and he fills his clothing bigger than any man I've seen before. I'd like to believe it's all muscle, not fat.

Also, I wonder how Uncle Charles is getting along without me.

* * *

Day 2

This has been a most busy day, what with the Captain rushing about to get the ship at sea, my meeting the other crewmen, and Mister Holme showing me my duties. The crew is made up of all shapes and sizes, tall and short, young and old. I can't remember each name yet, but they all call me "monkey," some with a smile and
others with a sort of sneer.

Mister Holme is the First Mate on this vessel, and he is as handsome as a man can be believed. He has blond, curly hair, and what shows of his body from under his uniform is surely fine. Also, he claps me on the back or ass when he calls me "monkey," friendly-like.

Anyway, Mister Holme showed me how I am to keep the captain's cabin "shipshape and Bristol-fashion," as well as his clothing, bring him food and drink when he wishes, and as Mister Holme puts it, "serve his every need."
Lord, I surely have taken on a full-time job!

* * *

Day 3

This has been our first day at sea, and it has been another busy time, what with all the shouting and bellowing and getting settled. Captain Boone did a lot of the bellowing, but he's been most fair with me.

I went to work cleaning up the captain's cabin as soon as he went up on deck this morning. It's a large room with windows overlooking the water and his work desk is in the middle, and off to one side behind a drape is the bed where he sleeps. Lord, he surely does need a monkey like me to tidy up after him! His desk was scattered with papers, his bed was night-mussed, and his clothes were scattered about carelessly.

After I cleaned up, I went down to the galley (sea-talk for the "kitchen") to get hot water for scrubbing the captain's clothing, and two fellows about my age were there, cooking up the food for the crew. They were most kind, even offering to heat the iron so I could smooth the wrinkles from the captain's shirt and trousers, and they said I'm most lucky to be monkey for such a man.

* * *

Day 4

There's something happening on this frigate that I don't understand. It's more of a feeling than anything else. I asked Richard and Hank, my friends in the galley, if they'd noticed it.

"Some of the men are getting restless," Richard told me. "It happens."

"Shit!" Hank laughed, and he grabbed at the front of Richard's pants. "You're always restless!"

Right away they were groping at each other as if they'd done it often before, and then they added me to their fun. I've done my best to keep my pecker under control since coming aboard, but there was no way I could hold it down when those fingers were pawing it so friendly-like.

In no time, we were all full-hard in our trousers, and then we heard someone coming to the galley. Quickly, we straightened our clothing, and Mister Holme marched in, blond and handsome and looking like he knew what we'd been doing.

"Monkey," he said to me, "Captain Boone sent me for you. You'd best move your little butt."

"Yes, sir." I hustled out into the passageway, and Mister Holme was close beside me, palm stroking my back.

"How'd you feel about being my monkey?" he asked, quiet and personal.

"I'm the captain's monkey, Mister Holme."

"Maybe that bastard won't be captain always." His hand slid lower to my ass, not just patting as before but feeling around and marking the crack between my buns. "I bet you're one hell of a monkey."

"I do my best, sir."

"I'll teach you anything that you haven't already learned, believe me." That sounded somewhat like a threat, and I was relieved when we reached the captain's cabin. Boone dismissed Mister Holme, and when we were alone, I wasn't so relieved anymore because of the fire in his dark eyes.

"Monkey?" he growled. "Have you been reading the papers on my desk?"

"No, sir," I replied honestly. "It's my work to keep things neat, not to read what is yours. Also I don't have time if I'm to get everything else done."

"Goddamn!" he roared with a rumbling chuckle, then nodded to one of the chairs. "Sit there while we drink and talk."

"I'm not much of a drinker, sir."

"Then you'll take a slippet of wine while I down my nightly grog." He went to the liquor locker I was to keep filled for him, and he brought back a little glass of sweet Port for me and a tankard of liquor for himself. "I may have been younger than you when I went to sea and learned to hold my booze. How old are you, lad?"

So there we were, drinking and talking, the captain asking all about me and telling me of his life as a lad at sea, and I couldn't help staring at him and wondering if he was like Uncle Charles under his clothes. No, Charles has warned me that not all men share themselves as he and I did.

Anyway, the captain finally sent me off to my room, which is why I am writing all this in my journal. It has been a most confounding day.

* * *

I've lost track of the days. The last time I wrote was Day 4 of this voyage, but so much has happened since then that I've lost track.

It must have been Day 5 when everything started to change. Captain Boone didn't say anything about how we'd drunk and talked the night before, but I do recall he'd called me "lad," not "monkey," as earlier.

After supper, Boone said he wished to bathe himself, and I hauled in the tub and hustled to the galley for hot water. Hank helped me fill the pails and carry them back to the cabin, and on the way, he spoke directly to me.

"You ain't never been a captain's monkey before," he said.

"No. So what?"

"Some captains use their monkeys roughly. Captain Boone looks t' be mighty fierce, an' it could be that he'll wish t' bruise you before havin' his way with you."

"He doesn't seem to be that kind of man, Hank."

"You never know. Take Mister Holme, f'rinstance."

"What about him?" I pictured the handsome blond officer who'd said I might be his monkey one day. "Have you spent time with him?"

"Nope." He gave me a cheerful smile. "Richard an' me share ourselves with others from time t' time, but mostly we're happiest with each other."

"So what about Mister Holme?"

"I've never sailed with him before, but those who have tell strange tales about him. Some like him strongly, an' others don't."

I wanted to question Hank more, but we'd reached the captain's cabin. We filled the tub, and Boone ordered Hank back to the galley while I was to wait outside the door.

After a time Boone called for me, and when I entered, he was fresh scrubbed and wearing a loose robe. Lord, he looked even bigger than he was in his uniform, what with a belt cinched tight to his waist and a glimpse of his barreled, hair-glazed chest showing.

"Lad," he said, "you'd best wash yourself before the water gets cold."

"Yes, sir." I felt somewhat unsure, peeling off my clothes in front of Boone, but he paid no attention, merely pouring his nightly ration of grog. Naked, I climbed into the tub, and it was pleasant, washing myself where the captain had been. On the other hand, the tub is so small that one must sit in it with his knees tucked up almost to his chin.

"Are you afraid of me?" Boone asked from behind me without warning.

"I don't think so, sir." I saw my pecker puff out a bit as I washed it, and I wished it wouldn't act up so easily. "I might be because I'm signed on to be your monkey, but after talking and drinking with you last night, it'd be hard to be afraid of you, Captain."

"Your Pa said that your uncle trained you. Did you take care of all his needs?"

"I did my best." I remembered saying much the same to Mister Holme when he'd questioned me about being the captain's monkey, and I also remembered what Hank had warned me about how some captain's treat their monkeys. "If that's what you wish."

"That's what I wish." He went to the door, snapping the latch, and he came back to toss me a towel. "Dry off before you shrink away to nothing in that hot water."

"Yes, sir." I leaped up from the tub and toweled off, and there was Boone viewing me and offering a glass of wine.

"You have the face of a youth," he said. "From the neck down, you're man- grown and hung likewise."

captain-monkey-2Nervous as a bullfinch in spring, I downed my wine and watched Boone douse the lights, and then he was shedding his robe and coming toward me in the dimness. For an instant I saw his thick-muscled body, and then he eased his arms around me and brought me flat against his nakedness. I just hung there, hugging him in return, and there was no way I could keep my prick from coming up fire hot. Finally, he lifted me up like I didn't weigh anything at all, he's that strong, and he laid me out on his bed and settled beside me.

I thought of Uncle Charles because he's the only other man whose needs I've ever taken care of, not counting the boys I traded cock-jerks with in school I'd been somewhat fearful when Charles first took me to his bed, but he was most kind and thoughtful in training me, thus I am mighty fond of Uncle Charles. On the other hand, Captain Boone is much bigger all over, and I have been signed on as his monkey, so I must do as he wants.

Anyway, we spent a lot of time just talking and touching each other, and I was surprised at how gentle Boone was. I truly enjoyed tracing his muscles and feeling the slick silkiness of his chest hair, and he said he was mighty pleased with my body and hangings. Speaking of that, I never knew a man to have as much pecker as Boone does, with balls to match, and I was somewhat worried about being able to take care of his needs.

Well, I crawled down over the captain until I was lying between his legs, and it turned out to be a very special time. I wasn't sure I could gulp on his iron the way I'd taken Uncle Charles's, but he didn't force me or anything like that. No, he just let me lick and work on his ram until I was able to get all the way down on it without too much choking and gagging. Damn it, I didn't want him to think I couldn't do my job!

"Lad," he kept repeating softly, and I don't wish to ever forget the sound of his voice. "Lad." Oh, it was terribly fine, especially when he ran his hands all over my head and shoulders and all. "Lad... lad . .. lad!"

Then came that moment when he was all-powerful, clamping me between his thighs and hissing "Lad!!", and he poured out his cum for me to drink down, one burst at a time, slow and steady, so I had ample time to swallow each shot.
When Boone finally finished, he hauled me up in his arms, and I was so heated that I spewed my juices all over him. I was somewhat embarrassed, but he just chuckled and said that I'd poured out enough cream to give him another bath.

That was a night to be remembered, falling asleep with both of us naked and holding onto each other, and the next morning, I was first awake so I lay still and gazed at Boone in the early daylight. No, he wasn't blond and handsome like Mister Holme, but there was the tick of a smile on his lips, and I wondered if he was dreaming about having had his monkey take care of his needs. Lower, his chest sleep- heaved beneath that swirling black hair, his nipples showing flat and wide, muscles gleaming, and still lower, his heavy prick curled outward and down over his loose- sacked testicles.

I truly enjoyed the sight of the captain's body, and I couldn't hold back from running my fingers light as could be over all I was looking at. I was down to his wondrous cock when he gave a grunt and came awake.

"Lad?" he growled. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Touching you, sir." I jerked my hand away, fearing he was angry. "I didn't mean to wake you, sir."

"If you keep waking me up that way," he laughed, locking me close in his arms, "I may need you to serve me morning, noon, and night."

"I'm most willing," I admitted, feeling his hard-on match mine. "I do believe you're as powerful this morning as you were last night."

"That comes from sleeping with such a fine monkey as you."

"Then I'd best sleep here nightly nightly and serve your needs, sir."

"That'd be most pleasing, lad, if you wish to," he told me in his gentle tone. "But only if you wish to."

"That's what I wish," I dared to say. "And not just because it's my duty."

"Lord God Almighty!" he roared and almost broke my ribs with his squeeze, and then he eased off, sober-like. "Speaking of duty, it's time I was getting to mine, which is captaining this ship."

I was somewhat disappointed at not being able to cool Boone's blazing iron, but whenever we were alone that day, he'd hug me or let me grope the front of his trousers to feel how ready his pecker was.

That night we went to bed real early, and it was most pleasing to see that Boone was just as fired up as I was. I couldn't wait to get his heated cock in my mouth, and when I did, he twisted around and gulped on my dick at the same time. Lord, I creamed my guts out, and I do believe he did likewise.

Later on, after resting together, we did that again, and then the captain took me in his arms to sleep, only first he kissed me fast and almost shy-like on the lips.

* * *

More days have passed since the last entry in this journal, but now I have time to record new events.

Last night, I fixed the captain's bath as usual, and he let me wash his back as he relaxed and drank his mug of grog. It was mighty stirring to watch and feel his thick muscles shift beneath my fingers, and my dick began to rise. Then we traded places, and I downed my glass of wine while he soaped my back.

"Lad," Boone said as I was enjoying the lazy strokes of his palms, "if we had a big enough tub we could stretch out and share each other as we do on the bed."

"That'd be most pleasing, sir." My cock swelled full-up at the thought. "But it'd take hours for me and Hank to fill such a tub.

"When we reach port, I know a place where we can bathe together."

"When'll that be?" I asked, perhaps too eagerly.

"That's not for you to question," he cautioned me. "The course of this voyage is a secret, which is why I warned you about reading the papers on my desk."

"I've never read your papers, sir, and I've never lied to you." I remembered a time when I'd squared away the captain's desk while he was on deck, and later the papers were somewhat mussed although Boone hadn't been to his cabin yet. "Boone, I'd best tell you..."

"Goddamn! You rattle on like a fucking magpie!" He reached around and found my hard-on, and he pulled back with a chuckle. "Hoist yourself out of that tub, lad. It's time we made use of the bed."

"Yes, sir!" I hopped up and started to dry myself, and then there were footsteps in the passageway outside.

"Shit!" Boone grumbled, and he grabbed my towel, hooking it about his waist to cover himself somewhat. "You'd best duck behind the bed and hide your fired-up prick."

Giggling like a schoolboy, I obeyed, and when I was hidden, Boone opened the door. I heard Mister Holme asking permission to enter and then questioning compass settings and such, and I dared to peek out at them.

Lord, what a sight! There Boone, big and burly and almost naked, the thickness of his heavy cock showing under his towel, and opposite was Holme, blond and handsome, his shirt part open so I could see the golden peach-fuzz glowing on the hard plates of his chest. More than that, he was viewing the captain most intently, and
the crotch of his trousers bulged man-full. Maybe it was wrong of me, since I am the captain's monkey, but I couldn't help wondering what it would be like serving Mister Holme's needs.

Boone growled at Holme for having disturbed him, and when they'd finished their business, he sent the first mate on his way. Then he closed up for the night, hauled me from my hiding place and flung me on the bed, and for a time we wrestled and laughed and truly enjoyed each other.

"Lad?" he asked while we rested prick-stiff together. "What do you think of Holme?"

"I'm not sure," I told him truthfully. "He's a fine looking man."

"Want to share yourself with him?"

"Maybe. But right now I'm most content to be here with you, Boone."

"How come you've started calling me simply Boone, not Captain like the others?"

"I don't mean disrespect, sir."

"Maybe it's special between us." He eased me facedown on the bed, and his voice softened as he stroked the arcs of my ass. "Lad, I'd like to slide my pecker into your little tail, if you're willing."

"I'm willing to try," I said, a bit nervous. "Uncle Charles taught me to take his tool, but yours is considerably larger."

captain-monkey-3"Rest easy. I don't wish to hurt you, lad." I do believe Boone had planned on fucking my rear that night, which may have been why he'd been somewhat gruff when Mister Holme interrupted us. Anyway, he had a jar of grease handy, and he worked a glob of it into the cave of my buns. He was most gentle, massaging my pucker-hole until it felt spread wide and ready for anything, and then he turned me on my side away from him and nudged his cockhead into place.

Damn it, I couldn't help tighten up, and I stuffed my fist into my mouth to keep from crying out. He pressured again and again, and then ... plop! ... he was flange-deep into me. Christ, it hurt something fierce for seconds, and then my muscles seemed to relax, making it easier.

Slowly, with sureness, Boone inched his ram inward until I felt filled like never before.

Boone was most powerful that night! Once I had become accustomed to his thrusts, he twisted onto his back, carrying me over with him to lie on top of him with his shaft still buried in my ass. He ran his palms over my frontside and murmured of how well we fit together, and then he dug in his heels and arched up to plow me most strongly. Later he turned me on my hands and knees and rode me even more strongly, finally hauling me back to sit on his hammer while he fisted mine. Lord, I shot my load terribly hard, and then he let go deep into my guts.
Afterward, Boone eased me onto my side, once more in the position where we'd started, and his prick softened but stayed plugged into me.

"Boone?" I whispered, content as never before.

"Want me to pull free, lad?"

"No, sir." I wasn't sure how to voice my thoughts. "Maybe it isn't proper for me to say this, Captain Boone, sir, but I do believe I love you."

"Sonofabitch!" he grumbled, hugging me close. "Don't you ever talk that way to me again!"

"Yes, sir."

"Go to sleep, lad."

"Yes, sir."

We slept a bit, and then Boone became most powerful once more. He surely is a wonder!

* * *

Again, many days have passed since I found time to write in this journal. It could be that I've been too happy sharing myself with Boone to stay alert to what might be happening on this ship, but all that ended last evening.
I went down to the storage hold in search of some of the tinned meat that Boone enjoys so much. There are large wooden vats bolted to the deck and racks of of shelves loaded with supplies, and I was alone, digging around in the shadows when I heard voices. I peered out, and it was Mister Holme with two bare-chested crewmen, two of the roughest ones aboard.

"Drink up, men," Holme said, passing a flask. "Tomorrow night at this time, I'll be in command of this vessel."

"Right away," one of the sailor's agreed. "What's our new sailing?"

"I sneaked a view of the captain's charts." Holme bragged. "He's got us on a secret patrol, but I'll take on a hunt for riches."

"And Captain Boone?"

"I'll make that sonofabitch crawl before we pitch him over the side. Yeah, I'll get even with that bastard for the way he's ordered me about."

I remembered how gruffly Boone had spoken to Holme when I was hiding behind the bed that other night, but I didn't think the First Mate had been so angered.

So that's when I showed what a great seaman I've become. The ship took a lurch, and I spilled ass-over-teakettle, making more than a little noise. The next thing I knew, Mister Holme was standing over me, glaring and perhaps somewhat drunk.

"Monkey!" he raged. "Have you been spying on us?"

"No, sir," I answered most truthfully. "I came here in search of..."

captain-monkey-4Before I could finish my words, Holme ordered the others to take me in tow, and they crimped me by the arms, forcing me to my feet. I opened my mouth to cry out for help, and Holme stuffed a rag into it, gagging my sounds.

From that time on, it seemed like a frightful nightmare. First, I was hauled over one of the vats, my arms stretched and held down, my toes barely on the deck.

"You're going to be my monkey." Holme told me, his words slurred by drink, and he jerked my shirt up to my armpits. "Now I'm going to give you a lesson in what to expect."

Then he unfastened my pants and dropped them to my ankles, leaving my backside fully exposed.

"Men," he chortled to the sailors holding me in place, "Ever see a better target for our needs?"

With that, Holme peeled off his shirt, and I saw his trim, bronzed physique, the blond fuzz smeared across his tight-cut chest to his sharp-tipped nipples, his torso slimming to his narrow waist, so unlike Boone's solid bulkiness. On the other hand, I wasn't altogether pleased when he pulled off his belt and moved out of sight.


The lash burned across my shoulders, and I fought against the crewmen holding me.


I don't know how many strokes Holme laid on me, the fiery strokes crawling down my back and over my ass.


Lord, I hurt something awful, and I was screaming into that gag, but that was only the start.

"Monkey," Mister Holme hissed in my ear, "I'm about to teach you another lesson. You'll belong to me, body and soul, and I'll do anything I want with you. No matter what, you'll say 'yes, sir' or you'll suffer far more than the whipping I've just given you."

He ran his palms over my burning flesh, and he laughed. "Next time, you won't be gagged so I can hear you howl and beg for mercy. I'll truly enjoy that."

Then he gripped my asscheeks and spread them, and I knew what was coming. I struggled to escape the sailors holding me in place, and then I felt the tip of Holme's iron center on my puckerhole. Thankfully, he had greased himself as he drove all the way into me with one terrible thrust, and then he began pumping most brutally.

I've become accustomed the the way Boone eases his outsized pecker up my butt, making it a special thing for both of us, but Holme was nothing like that. He hammered me with his rod, cursing and slapping my whip-sore back as if he wanted me to suffer even more, and I was almost senseless when he finally exploded his load.

"I'm not selfish," Holme told the men holding me when he was done. "Each of you can use this monkey as you wish, and so will the rest of the crew when I'm captain."

"I'll go first," one of the sailors said quickly, and he shifted behind me. "Damn it, that sweet little ass is just begging to get fucked!"

A moment later he slammed his rigid meat into me even more fiercely than Holme had, and I may have passed out.

As I wrote, it was a nightmare, and I'm not certain that I wholly remember when the third man mounted me. Too weak to resist, I just hung over that vat and submitted to the brutality.

"Pay attention, monkey," Holme ordered from in back of me when I'd recovered, and he reached forward between my legs to grasp my testicles. "If you speak one word of what's happened here or of what we plan, I'll bust your nuts." He squeezed hard, raising a pain even worse than the whipping he'd given me. "Moreover, I'll let you watch as I make your horse-hung Captain Boone into a gelding. How'd you like that, both of you without balls?"

Lord, I was aching, partly for fear of loosing my testicles and even more for fear of having Boone so badly treated. As if to reinforce his threat, Holme snapped my nuts free, and I thought I'd be sick to my stomach from the agony.

I sagged to my knees, clutching my injured parts, and the men laughed and left me to suffer alone. In time I recovered enough to take the gag from my mouth and get to my feet, and I knew I needed help, so I stumbled to the galley.

I must have been a terrible sight because my friends Richard and Hank gasped and stared bug-eyed, but they were most kind in cleaning me and applying soothing ointment to my wounds.

"You should tell Captain Boone the names of those who did this to you," Richard said as he washed my aching balls.

"I can't." I answered. "They'll do terrible things to him if I speak out."

"Do you love him, monkey?"

"I do," I confessed. "But he's said not to talk of such things."

When they'd patched me up, Hank helped me to my room and left me sprawled on my hammock in the dark.

I couldn't help thinking about the differences between the captain and Mister Holme. Boone is dark-haired and almost fearfully powerful, but he has always been most gentle to me, even when he was heated beyond control. On the other hand, Holme is blond and truly handsome, and he said I'm to be his monkey, to be whipped and used without a gag so he can hear my tortured cries. I feared what might be in store for me.

Boone came into the room and knelt beside my hammock in the darkness. "How come you aren't sleeping in my bed?" he asked.

"I don't feel well. Maybe I'm growing seasick."

"Don't lie to me, lad." He put one hand on me lightly. "Your friend Hank told me you've been badly used. Who did it?"

"I can't say. I'm not afraid for myself, but I don't wish for you to be hurt."

"I can take care of myself." He drew me up into his arms, wrapping me close to him. "Tell me."

"I love you, Boone."

"Damn!" he exploded. "Tell me, monkey!"

He hadn't called me 'monkey' for a long time, but now it was an order. I clung to him and trembled, and I ended up pouring out all the dreadful details. When I was done, he kept on holding me for several minutes, and then he laid me back in the hammock.

"Get to sleep, lad," he whispered, and he gave me one of those swift, shy kisses. "You'll be safe."

I may have been safe, but I spent a fearful night. I slept and dreamed that I was with Boone, sucking his limp-hanging cock, and he didn't get hard until Holme appeared and began whipping me with his belt. The pain of the lash was like fire, but it went away when Boone ran his fingers over each welt. Holme cursed because the captain's swollen ram stifled my screams, and then he ordered us to trade places. Boone took my balls into his mouth and sucked them harder and harder until I cried out, at which Holme laughed with pleasure and laid his belt on the captain with brutal-slow strokes.

A gang of naked sailors, all sizes and shapes, hauled me to the storage hold. They pounded me with their fists, twisted my nipples and squeezed my testicles, and finally the biggest prick one could imagine was thrust against my asshole. The crown felt the size of a man's fist, and that's where my dream mercifully ended.

No, maybe it was still a dream when I thought I heard bootsteps pounding on the deck above my room and, perhaps, pistol shots.

Now I dreamed I was lying with Boone in the largest bathing tub ever seen, washing each other full-length and just plain enjoying ourselves, and that's when Mister Holme came into view. He ordered us to stand close, face to face and body to body, and then our testicles were bound together by a leather strap, aching tight.

"Monkey?" Holme asked me. "Do you love this horse-hung captain?"

"I do," I answered, clutching myself close to Boone.

"Will you swear to be his monkey forever? Will you serve his every need body and soul?"

"I will."

"And you?" he asked Boone. "Do you love this monkey?"

Before the captain could answer, we were seized and drawn apart, and I watched the binding holding our balls drag them to the base of our strained flesh bags. I knew I could save Boone by saying I'd rather be Mister Holme's monkey, and then...

"Wake up, lad," Boone said, alive and once more beside my hammock, his fingertips barely touching me. "It's morning, and you were crying out in your sleep."

"I was having a fearsome dream, sir," I apologized.

"No matter." He drew back, stern and captain-like. "You wash up and appear on top deck beside me in your best uniform."

With that he left, and I hurried to do as he'd said. I washed thoroughly, and before I shaved my face, I twisted to view my backside in the mirror. The welt marks had almost disappeared, due to the kindness of Hank and Richard, but then those two lads came storming in, bringing my uniform and catching me naked.

"Hank," I growled, trying to sound as gruff as Boone. "You weren't to tell the captain what happened to me for fear of his being hurt."

"From th' look of him minutes ago," Hank said, grinning, "he's more horny than hurt."

"He sure fills his pants man-fine," Richard added, and he tugged my pecker playfully. "So do you, monkey."

Hell, there was no way I could stay gruff with them, and we laughed and fooled a little while I finished shaving and dressed myself.

captain-monkey-5I truly enjoy both Hank and Richard. Things were more serious when I went up on deck. The crew was gathered, most solemn, and when I joined Boone, he ordered Mister Holme to be brought forward. The Mate was stripped to the waist with heavy chains locking his wrists together, and I couldn't help admiring his taut muscled physique, no matter what he'd done to me. He was strung up against the mast with his arms stretched full-length above his head, and then Boone spoke sharply to all of us about the crime of mutiny and the traditional punishment, legal or not. Finally, he ordered the bosun to apply that punishment to Mister Holme.

The bosun is a giant of a man, and he carried what is called a 'cat-o-nine-tails' because its nine strands leave cat-like scratches. He took careful aim, and he brought the lash down across Holme's shoulders with a brutal crack. I winced, remembering the beating I'd taken the night before, and Holme tensed with a hiss of pain. Lord, I was watching what is called a 'flogging'!

The beating continued at a steady pace, and Holme fought at his bindings, gasping, then groaning, finally cursing and crying out. By the time his back was crisscrossed with fiery marks, he'd fallen silent, just hanging there and maybe no longer conscious. That's when the bosun turned to Boone as if asking a silent question, and the captain gave him a slight nod. I wonder if they had given this punishment together before.

Anyway, the bosun dropped Holme's trousers and blistered the pale cheeks of his ass until they glowed with heat.

"Lad?" Boone said to me quietly. "Do you wish to add your marks to Holme?"

"I don't think so, sir," I replied. "Perhaps I should because of what he threatened to do to you, but hurting him more doesn't seem truly important."

With that, Boone called a stop and ordered Holme washed down with cold salt water which would sting most fiercely, and then the rest of the crew was to go back to their duties. I followed the captain down the passageway because one of my duties was to square away his cabin which I hadn't done that morning.

"Boone?" I dared to ask when we were out of hearing from the others. "What'll happen to Mister Holme?"

"He'll be kept in chains in the storage hold until we put him ashore at the next port. Before then, I suspect many of the crew will make use of his helpless ass." He tossed me the hint of a grin. "Want to pay another visit to the hold?"

"No, sir. No man could please me more than you."

"Goddamn!" Once in his cabin, Boone stripped me and lifted me onto his bed the way he had the first night we spent together. I lay there watching him undress, and my dick was full hard long before he eased down to me.
Lord, for what seemed like hours we climbed all over each other, touching and licking and sucking until we were both more heated than ever before.

"Boone," I finally whispered, squirming against him, "I'd be most content if you'd slip your pecker into my tail."

"I'm willing, lad. But you may be somewhat sore from having Holme and the others rape you."

"You won't hurt me. You never have." Well, I lay back while Boone brought out the grease and raised my legs, and when he'd prepared both of us, he eased his throbbing iron into me slick as could be. He pumped slowly but strongly, and I enjoyed seeing his thick muscles shift beneath his tanned, sweat-glowing skin. At length, he crouched over me, viewing me hungrily, and he said, "You're a real wonder, lad."

Then he dropped down on me and covered my mouth with his, and fed me his tongue and sucked on mine. I do believe it was his way of saying that he loves me as much as I love him, and I clung to him and shot my load long before he filled me with his cum.

I swear that Boone is the most rugged, powerful, loving man in the whole world!

* * *

I have not thought of this journal for some years, and when I reread it today, I felt I should make one last entry.

Boone and I have sailed together all this time, and he's taught me the ways of the sea and much more. I am now his First Mate, and at times he laughs that I may be the only "first mate monkey" on the oceans. I do believe we've spent many hours laughing together, most of all when we haul into a port where there's a place we can bathe together, lying full-length and washing each other and sharing ourselves, sometimes in an oversized tub, sometimes in a pool or hot springs. I swear I don't know how Boone has discovered all these places, and I surely won't question him.

Richard and Hank still maintain the galley on this vessel, and they've shared themselves with us from time to time. I am most fond of those lads, as is Boone.

I haven't told the captain, but I met up with Mister Holme recently. It was in a waterfront saloon, as he was blond and handsome as ever, yet somehow changed. He was drinking with an ox of a man dressed in sailor's clothing, and Holme kept his head down,almost humble, so he didn't see me. As I watched, the sailor got to his feet, pawed the heavy bulge at the front of his pants, then turned and tromped to a narrow doorway, and Holme shuffled along behind him. Curious, I followed minutes later.

I went into a dark hallway, and as I crept down it, I could hear muffled voices, groans and hoarse laughter. A door stood open, and I surely blinked when I peered inside. There was just enough light in the small room for me to see that the sailor had opened his shirt and dropped his pants while Holme was crouched in front of him, bare-ass naked, his face clamped to the man's crotch.

"Get my meat good an' wet, cocksucker," the sailor rumbled, and he gripped Holme's ears, yanking him back and forth. "When I'm damn ready, I'm goin' t' shove it up your lousy butt."

Frozen to the spot, I watched Holme obey, making choking sounds as if he'd never done this before. Truly, I felt somewhat sorry for him, but then he was roaming his hands over the man's hairy torso, as if worshiping him, and I knew Holme was no beginner at what he was doing.

After a time, the sailor ordered Holme onto his hands and knees, and then I saw what had made Holme choke. Shining with spit, and standing straight out, the sailor's spear-tipped cock was no longer than Boone's, but it was the thickest I've ever seen. Even as I watched, he knelt before Holme and steered that ram between his pale buns, and Holme thrashed and shuddered without really trying to escape.

"Hold still, cocksucker!" the sailor growled, and he hauled his belt from his trousers, doubled it in one hand and brought it cracking down across Holme's back. "Open up your goddamn asshole!"

"Yes, sir," Holme hissed, wincing as the lash wacked him again and again, but I do believe he showed a bit of a smile. "Yesssirrrrr!"

"This is just th' start," the other man said, and he tossed the belt aside. "When we're done here, which won't be soon, I'll take you to my place again. I'll tie you down and whip you black an' blue, an' when my arm grows tired, I'll feed you my dick, front or rear."

I remembered Holme's cries when he was flogged, and he made the same sounds when the sailor's iron plowed into him. Lord, he must have been stretched something fearsome!

"I understand," he mumbled, squirming his butt to the man's crotch. "I can take it...l need it. ..the whipping...the pain... your fucking prick. . . yeah, I need it!''

"Damn right," the sailor chuckled, and he had Holme doubled over and head down when he spotted me in the doorway.

"C'mon in, mate," he offered with a grin. "You can stuff this cocksucker's face while I hump his tail."

My hard-on pulsed inside my pants, and I wondered what it would be like to jam my dick down the throat of the man who'd raped me. On the other hand, Holme was so changed that he might truly enjoy the roughest of treatment.

"Shit!" a gruff voice sounded behind me, and another sailor shoved past me. "If you don't want a blow-job, I sure as hell do!"

Seconds later the new man was in front of Holme, pants spread open and rigid pecker offered.

"Welcome aboard, mate," the one screwing Holme said, and he gripped Holme's blond hair and jerked his head up. "Open your goddamn mouth and get to work on this stud's horny meat!"

Sure enough, Holme did as he was told, rocking forward to gulp on one male ram while the other one pumped into his butt. That was my last sight of Mister Holme.

I've decided to end this journal now. Perhaps it will explain why I've become the captain's monkey permanently.

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