Three friends looking for a quiet weekend in their cabin get a little bondage surprise from the creepy man who owns the cabin in this reader submitted story from Kyle.

Camping Gone Wrong - Chapter 1
by Kyle
Series: Camping Gone Wrong

Mitch, Ben, and Ryan were your typical group of 20 years old straight college friends. Mitch was the big jock, he played football and has a very strong muscular build and had wavy brown hair and a nice tan, Ben was the typical college nerd, he was skinny and toned, had big glasses, and was always giving useless information, and finally Ryan was the straight old virgin, he never had sex and was saving himself for the one. He had a nice build and a little hair on his chest.

Spring break had just started and the 3 guys heard about a cabin that was available to rent for the weekend for the low price of 75 for the weekend. The only catch was the man renting out the cabin asked specifically for men only. The guys had no plans so they contacted the owner and set up to meet him at the cabin.

The trip to the cabin took about 12 hours from their college campus. When the boys arrived they met the man who owned the cabin. The man introduced himself as Neal. Neal looked about 52, he was muscular, white, had white hair, and facial hair. Neal looked at the 3 guys as they approached him. He smirked a bit.

“Hi fellas. Well the cabin is all yours. All I ask is that you respect the property and I’ll see you on Sunday afternoon. The phones don’t work inside I’m still in the renovation phase. Also cell reception is bad out here. So if you need to make a call you’ll have to drive 10 miles back. If you need anything feel free to ask now?”

“Nope.” The guys said together. With that final answer the boys took the keys to the cabin and got ready to start their weekend. Neal got ready as well.

Neal got into his pickup truck and drove a little down the road. He stopped a little ways out of the cabins distance. He got out of the truck and went to his trunk he pulled out a big black bag labeled “Goodies” He removed his clothes and put on a leather vest, leather ass-less chaps, a leather mask that covered half of his face, and boots. This was going to be Neal’s best weekend ever.

The 3 guys entered the cabin and picked their own rooms. Mitch noticed a deck at the back leading to a nice little lake area. Mitch changed into his red swim trunks and headed towards the lake. Ben decided to stay in the cabin and clean up a bit. As for Ryan he needed to nap a bit it was a long drive for him. Little did they know the longest weekend was about to happen.

Mitch’s Pain

Mitch had finally gotten done with his swimming laps in the lake when he noticed a figure in the woods. Mitch, being the macho kind of guy he is, leaped onto the deck and went to see what the figure was.

Mitch figured it had to be someone else who was camping nearby, perhaps a woman since he was straight. Mitch went further into the woods and heard laughter coming from behind a tree. “Hello is anybody there?” he asked. When he peeked around the tree he saw nothing. Mitch shrugged his shoulder and decided to head back. But when he turned around a leather masked man came in front of him and knocked him straight out. The last thing he heard was, “I got you know bitch”

Mitch had finally woken from his unconscious state. He felt a slight bruise on his head. He was also tied spread eagle to the ground. His arms and legs were spread apart. He also had a ball gag in his mouth. When he looked up he saw that the leather man was standing in front of him.

The leather man removed his cod piece unleashed his uncut 11 inch dick. Mitch had never seen such a big dick and never had one pointed straight at his face. The man smiled down and grabbed his cock and said “Your dirty boy! Let me clean you off with some piss!” The man began to piss all over Mitch. The piss was hot and Mitch begged and pleaded through his gag for the man to stop but it only made it worst. The man’s hot piss then went towards Mitch’s face. Mitch was gagging on the man’s piss. Mitch could smell the musky scent and he somewhat liked it.

The leather man finally stopped pissing and looked down at his helpless subject. Mitch kept squirming and pleading for this to stop. But this only made the leather man harder. The man reached into his bag of “Goodies” and retrieved a cock ring. “This is for you boy! I want you to get a nice a fat cock...” The leather man reached for Mitch’s swim trunks and yanked them down. Mitch’s cock was already chubbing up. ”I see you got a grower here. Let me help you out and make it bigger.” Than man placed the cock ring around Mitch’s shaft. Mitch squirmed but it was to no avail.

The leather man stood up and admired his victim. Mitch cock was not thicker and his veins were pulsing through the cock ring. He liked that Mitch had a bushy pubic region and had a hairy taint. Mitch’s cock was cut too. The leather man liked that as well.

The leather man kneeled near Mitch’s cock and began to suck the tip. Mitch could not believe this was happening. He never thought a man would ever suck his dick. The man moved his mouth up and down the shaft. The more Mitch moved the more the man kept sucking faster. The leather man kept sucking and sucking and before Mitch could cum the man stopped. “Not so fast…I want this load to last.”

The man then began to lick Mitch’s hairy taint. Mitch could feel the warmth and wetness of the man’s tongue. Mitch kept squirming and made more noises than he ever did with a woman. The man then slipped his tongue deep into Mitch’s ass hole. Mitch yelped in terror. He had never been rimmed before. The leather man was eating Mitch’s chute. He spit in the hole to keep it moist and lick as far as he could. He then began to tongue fuck his hole. Mitch kept screaming for this to stop but it did not work. The man finally moved back up to Mitch’s cock. It was now red and throbbing. The man began to stroke and suck Mitch’s cock. Mitch could not control himself. He kept tugging and pulling at his restraints. He did not want to shoot his load.

The man kept sucking Mitch’s cock faster and harder. “Get ready to shoot your load bitch!” the man deepthroated Mitch’s cock... Mitch could not control himself any longer and finally shoot his hot load into the leather man mouth. The load kept gushing from Mitch’s cock. The leather man had a mouthful of cum yet he did not swallow it. After he got all of Mitch’s cum in his mouth he leaned over Mitch’s mouth and removed his gag. Mitch knew what he was going to do so he shut his mouth but the leather man was too strong and forced Mitch’s mouth open. He spit all of Mitch’s cum into his own mouth. Mitch gagged and tried spit it out but the leather man held Mitch’s mouth shut. Mitch had no choice but to swallow his own cum. The cum was thick and creamy and it went down Mitch’s throat nicely. After he had swallowed it all the man removed his hand from Mitch’s mouth and stood up.

The leather man grabbed his bag of “Goodies” and went towards the direction of the cabin. Mitch screamed “Wait! You got what you wanted from me. Are you going to let me go?” The leather man smiled and looked back at Mitch still tied down to the ground with a limp red cock. “Not yet boy! I still have two more piggies’ to go then I’ll be back for you. I’m not finished yet. You see we have all weekend. It’s just you, me, and your friends. I have all sorts of things planned. Tell me have you ever wanted to swallow your friends loads because this weekend you will!” The leather man smiled and walked away. Mitch screamed as loud as he could but nothing. This was going to be a long weekend!

Kyle Williams

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    Hey Kyle! I love the story, really hot, Are you gonna have any more?

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