A straight college student is forced to take a camping trip from hell where is endures bondage, painful bastinado and electro cock torture. WARNING: Also includes a brief SCAT scene.

The Camping Trip
by UKBastinado

The Camping TripIt was the last Friday of the last week of college term. Yes, at last I was going to get some time to myself. No more essays, no more assignments and no more study. I opened my locker to make certain that I had left nothing of any importance inside – and there it was, a large brown envelope. Inside the envelope was a photograph, a photograph that would destroy my relationship with my girlfriend if it were made public. The note attached to the photograph read as follows:

“We hope you like the photograph. Lets get right down to the reason behind the photograph. All term you have been a real wanker and the time has come for you to learn about your true status in life. Now this is what we have in mind for you. Tomorrow you will join us for a camping trip to the lakes. During the week you will service all of our needs, you will undertake all the manual labour and provide us with sexual satisfaction in whatever way we ask. You will willingly submit yourself to punishment whenever we feel you should be punished. Simple really. If you agree to this offer wait at the corner of the college courtyard at 8.30am tomorrow. If you are not there the picture will be sent to your partner, posted on the college bulletin board and printed in the next college magazine. If you decide to go camping with us and if you are well behaved then you will be given all copies of the picture together with the negs. See you in the morning. Oh – you will need nothing. Wait at the corner wearing a simple t-shirt, your jeans and your bare feet”.

What could I do? That picture had to be destroyed, it was that simple. I had to go along with them and join them on their little camping trip. My family knew that I would be going away for the week but camping and slavery was not what I had in mind. I had no choice.

The morning came very quickly. I dressed just as I had been told, a t-shirt and jeans was all I was told to wear. I was told to be in bare feet. How was I supposed to achieve this? I expected that they would react badly is I turned up with a pair of shoes, even carrying a pair would not be good. I finally decided to wear an old pair of trainers, walk to the corner and then discard them in a nearby bin. I set out full of fear for what lay ahead of me.

I arrived at the corner, there was no-one there. It was 8.15am and I was 15 minutes early. I sat down on the wall checked that there was no-one watching me and removed my shoes and my socks. I walked in bare feet to the bin in the college courtyard and threw away my old trainers and sports socks. I walked back to the wall and sat down and waited for my blackmailers to arrive. It felt as if someone had erected a signpost pointing to my bare feet pointing them out for every passing car driver. I felt vulnerable, alone and frightened.

It was exactly 8.38am when a black transit van stopped at the corner. The back doors opened and out stepped one of my best friends. “Steve, why are you doing this, please tell me it’s a joke”, I said hoping for the smile and laughs to relieve my worry. “Sorry John but it’s real enough, now get in”. I climbed into the back of the van, the doors closed and a light was turned on. In the van were Steve and Andy, two of my closest friends. There was a third person driving the van but I did not know him. Steve said “Lets see if he has been able to follow simple orders. Take off your T-shirt and your jeans” I obeyed stripping myself naked all but my boxer shorts. “Now what do you call those?” said Steve pointing to my boxers. “Who told you to wear anything else but your shirt and your jeans?” I did not think that they would expect me to only wear the clothing they mentioned, I had clearly misunderstood their instructions (a nice trap for me to fall into). Take them off! I obeyed and was fastened into handcuffs and shackles, I was naked.

I sat down in the corner of the van guarded closely by Steve as we travelled towards the lakes and the week long camping trip of a lifetime.

The van finally stopped. The back doors opened and I could see that we were parked at a motorway service station. “We need refreshment, put on your trousers and your shirt”. I obeyed without question and was looking forward to a cool drink. I was given money and a request list and told to go and buy the drinks. I left the van and walked across the vast car park towards the service centre and shops. Cries of “Where are your shoes” and “Get a job and buy some shoes” came across the car park from people who had noticed my bare feet. I entered the shopping area and headed for the drink stall. I gave my order and paid without anyone making any further comments about my feet. I was not allowed to buy for myself. Back at the van I was stripped again and put back into chains. The journey continued.

The van finally stopped and I was pushed naked out into the cold air. We were somewhere totally remote surrounded by high trees. My handcuffs were removed and I was given the job of erecting the tent. It took ages to finish the tent and I was really tired. I stood to attention while the tent was inspected, it passed.

“Now you need to be punished for wearing those boxers. Lie down” I lay down on the floor. A long broomstick was taken from the van. My ankles were tied together and tied securely to the rod. “You will learn to obey our every word”. Steve and Andy took one end of the broomstick each and lifted it off the ground. The soles of my feet were held at waist height. The third guy cut a long piece of smooth tree branch from one of the tree’s and began to whip the soles of my bare feet. I screamed in pain and my body jerked frantically trying to pull my feet away from the branch. Steve and Andy held my soles in position while their friend took great delight in lashing the branch across my helpless naked soles. We had to be a long way from civilisation because my screams filled the air. I could not believe that my two closest friends would do this to me. My soles felt as if someone had set them alight as the branch lashed across them again and again. After what had to be maybe 20 strokes, the beating stopped. I was openly crying. I could not handle the pain that was throbbing through the soles of my feet. “Any comments – slave?” I took control of my tears and begged for him not to do it again. “You learn nothing” he said and once again began to explode pain across the soles of my feet. It became very hard for my two friends to hold my feet still I was frantically trying to pull them away from the tree branch. The branch was carefully aimed to land squarely across the balls of my feet, my insteps and my heels. The whole of my sole was proficiently whipped without mercy. Once again the whipping stopped. The guy with the branch (who I later found out was called Leon) slowly ran his finger up the soles of my left foot. I reacted by moving my beaten foot away from his finger. “So, you still have feeling in your feet my friend” The beating continued, the branch lashing across my soles and Leon laughing and jerking off in time to the rhythm of every lash.

Steve said “Stop that’s enough for tonight, please Leon stop now”. Leon stopped and my feet were untied. My soles were on fire. I had never experienced pain like it before. Leon stood in front of me as I lay on the floor in tears. “Get to your knees” I obeyed and knelt in front of him trying hard to control my emotions. I could feel the blood throbbing through my soles. I cannot use any words to explain the pain I was experiencing. Oh fuck it hurt and it hurt bad. Leon said “Take down my jeans and suck my cock you worthless little cunt” .I knew that if I did not obey my feet would more than likely be tied back on the broomstick and beaten all over again. I had to obey. I took down Leon’s trousers and boxers and spent the next 30 minutes maybe giving service to Leon’s cock. This was new to me, I am a straight guy with no experience of this but I had no option but to do exactly what I was told. After giving the same service to Steve and Andy’s cocks I was tied very securely in a spread-eagle position on the ground. My captures made sure that I could not escape And turned in for the night.


On the second day it was decided that Andy and Leon would go hiking. I was left tied on the ground being watched over by Steve. They said that they would be back in a few hours and then they would have some more fun with the little cock sucker. After they had cleared the horizon, Steve sat down by my side and started talking. “Josh, I am sorry we have to do this. I mean I don’t really want to do this to you. Are you Ok, do you think you can walk?” He began to examine my whipped soles. As soon as he touched them the pain seared through and I cried out in pain. “Oh God I’m sorry, does it hurt?” What a fucking stupid thing to say to a guy you have kidnapped under blackmail, stripped, whipped and abused. “YES IT FUCKING HURTS, Why Steve, why have you done this? What have I done to you, Are you going to kill me?” Steve was clearly very upset. “Josh, I promise that you will get home in one piece, I am so sorry. He untied me and found my trousers. My shirt had already been lost. I put on my trousers while lying on the ground and tried to stand. Oh the pain was almost unbearable. I put my arm around Steve’s shoulders and we began to walk down the hillside towards the road. Steve said that we about 5 miles from the nearest road and then about 11 miles to the nearest village. How the shit was I going to make it that far walking with beaten bare feet and having to walk barefoot? We were aware that our two friends would start looking for us. The further I walked the easier it became to walk. My soles hurt like hell but the swelling had gone down and I was walking reasonably well. We had travelled a good 2 or maybe 3 miles when the bullet zipped past us and blew a hole in a nearby tree trunk. “STOP”. It was our two friends they had caught up with us and they were armed with real firearms. “So you can walk on those bare feet of yours can you cock sucker?” he told me to drop down to my knees and to place my hands on my head. I obeyed. He turned his attention to Steve. “So think you can walk out on us eh!. Strip yourself down to the waist and take off your shoes and socks”. Steve stripped off his clothing down to his waist and then said “Leon, please not in bare feet, please don’t make me go barefoot PLEASE don’t. Leon smiled and looked at Andy. I knew that Steve hated to be barefoot ever since someone had made fun of his wide feet in primary school (kids just being kids). Leon gestured towards me and Andy sat me down by a large tree and tied my hands behind the trunk. My ankles were tied together and my feet tied to a large root, my soles in full view out in front of me. Andy lit a candle. “Steve, Andy will start to burn the soles of Josh’s feet until you are standing in front of me in your bare feet. Do you understand me? We will burn the skin off Josh’s feet unless you TAKE OFF THOSE FUCKING SHOES AND SOCKS”. Andy moved the candle very close to my toes, my heart starting beating very fast “PLEASE Steve I know it’s hard for you but PLEASE take your shoes and socks off, PLEASE don’t let them burn my feet” I said. Steve plucked up courage and hesitantly removed his shoes and socks. I was untied and we were both marched back to the campsite.

Upon arrival at the site we were stripped naked and sat down with our backs against large tree’s Our hands were handcuffed behind the trunks and we could not move.

“So, we now have an escapee and a traitor to deal with. Why did you help him Steve?”

Steve explained that he did not expect me to be treated so harshly and he was afraid of what was to come. Leon told Steve that he should be afraid and he began to make ready for our punishment. A strong rope was thrown over a large overhanging branch directly above Steve. His ankles were bound together and his bare feet hauled up into the air. Leon took the smooth tree branch that he used to whip my feet and he began to repeat the foot beating across Steve’s soles. Steve howled with pain but was helpless to resist. His beating was far more severe than my own and I was very afraid that my own soles were to be given a second dose. After he had suffered and screamed his way through 50 strokes, the whipping stopped. We were gagged and left tied to the tree’s for the duration of the day and night. Nothing more was said to us and all we could do was sit tied to our tree’s to await the next round of pain and misery that was to befall us.


The day began with Andy kneeling down in front of me and Leon in front of Steve. Our gags were removed and our bonds checked and tightened. They presented their cocks and we took them into our mouths and gave service to the best of our ability. When they had been satisfied they sat down around the camping stove and made a large breakfast. They ate all the breakfast without allowing us to eat any of it. I spoke out and said “Please, we are hungry and thirsty. Could we please eat and drink something sir, please”. Leon stood over us “You need food and drink?” He went away with the promise of feeding us very soon. Andy examined the soles of our whipped feet. The pain in our soles was still very real. My own soles bore some heavy bruises from the whipping and Steve’s were even worse. “You will be taking some more whipping on your soles before the week is out, sorry but that’s the way it is” Leon returned with a tray. On the tray was a large plate and two glasses of liquid. “Time for the prisoners to eat”, he said and sat down in front of me.

To my horror the plate was full of Leon’s SHIT and the glasses were both full of urine. “This week you are only worthy of eating our shit, so lets get started” He took a spoon and filled it with his warm shit. He placed the spoon by my lips “EAT”, he said. I knew that if I did not obey and eat the shit I would really suffer. The fear of eating shit against the fear of another foot whipping. I did not think my soles could take any more punishment today so I wanted desperately to avoid inciting Leon or Andy to use that branch on my soles. “Please, don’t make us do this”, I said. Leon smiled. “EAT, you little dick, EAT NOW!” I had no choice. I opened my mouth and took the first spoonful of shit. The gritty texture, the smell and the taste were fucking awful. I allowed the shit to slide down my throat. I nearly puked but before I could do anything a second spoonful was put to my lips. “Eat, you little bastard, eat my shit”. I have no idea how I managed to do this; even the thought of what I did makes me want to throw up. I knew that Leon was a psycho and who knows what he would have done if I had not eaten; it was too big a risk to take. Between every few mouthfuls Leon would offer me his piss to drink and again I had to drink. When I had finished my ‘breakfast’ Leon moved over to Steve who was also forced to enjoy Leon’s waste products. After checking our bonds once more Andy and Leon retreated back into their large tent and left their two prisoners to wait and anticipate the days pain and punishments. I had to know why I was being put through all this, so I asked Steve. “Josh, I’m so sorry man. All this is because you beat us at just about every subject we were studying. Jealousy nothing else just stupid jealousy .We found Leon from an ad on the Internet. He specialises in punishment and torture. Man you gotta be ready because there could be lots more to come. We paid this guy a small fortune. He got a hold of the photographs and documents about you and he planned the whole thing. When I was holding your feet in the air and seeing you in such pain when they were beaten – man I just knew that I had to stop. I really thought we could get away. All I can do is ask for your forgiveness.” I told Steve that I thought Leon would kill us all, including Andy. After all this was over, how was he going to get away with it? Steve explained. “Leon has flown into the country to do this for us. We don’t know who he is or where he lives. At the end of the week. He will dump us all here and drive to the airport for his flight. By the time we get anywhere, he will be gone out of the country and back home We should have thought this through better man. I am so sorry.”

It was a few hours later when our two captures emerged from their tent. Leon stood over Steve and said, “So you felt sorry for the victim and wanted to help him. A change of mind perhaps or was watching his feet being beaten too much for you to handle? I am going to give you a chance to prevent him from suffering this morning, in way of maybe paying him back for the foot whipping he suffered.” Leon took some gear of the van including a large heavy wooden trestle and an electric generator. He set up the trestle in front of Steve and told him to raise his feet and rest them on top. Steve obeyed. Leon then attached a strange looking device to Steve’s mouth. It was a long thin microphone held secure in his mouth with strong tape. Steve could not open his mouth at all and every sound he made registered on the scale of a monitor that Leon had connected to the microphone. Steve was told that his breathing would only register quite low on the monitor scale but if he made a sound above a certain level the monitor would register the sound made and the result would be fun to watch. Leon moved over to me holding a thin metal probe, lots of cable and some of that strong tape. My heart started beating faster – what the hell was he going to do. “This may be a little unpleasant” he said. He bent down and took me cock in his hand. The metal probe was pushed a long way into my piss slit and the cables attached to it. Everything was held in place with the tape. Leon moved back to his equipment and connected the cables to an electric generator. He then explained.

“This machine is capable of applying electric shock to Josh’s dick. Let me show you” The electricity surged and shot through my cock, I jumped and yelled out from the experience. “That was only a very small shock but don’t worry this machine is capable of applying power that would burn his dick to a crisp. Not that you want me to do that am I right? Steve nodded. “So you will be pleased to hear that YOU are going to control this machine and the number of shocks it gives Josh and how powerful they are going to be. Every time you make a sound the microphone will send a signal down to the machine. The machine will apply an electric shock to his dick according to the volume and length of the sound you make. Simple really. I am going to torture your feet and the screams you make will torture Josh. Great fun don’t you think? If you scream too much Josh will suffer terrible burns to the inside of his dick. Let me tell you what you are going to suffer this morning. I will start by once again giving your soles a thrashing with my trusty old tree branch. Then I will apply a good number of cigarette burns to the soles of your feet and then maybe a few more lashes across your soles with the branch – just to see if the burns make the whipping more painful. Then to finish off I am going to push some needles down your toenails. Shall we test the equipment after all no point you suffering all this if he isn’t getting his dick burnt.”

Andy tied Steve’s feet in place ready for the whipping.

The equipment was given one last check and Leon stood by Steve’s feet with branch in hand. The first stroke of the branch landed squarely across Steve’s bare soles and he screamed in pain. The equipment worked to perfection and my body surged with the pain of the electric power shooting through my dick and balls. The second shot did the same landing across the insteps and causing a second scream of pain to electrify my genitals. I was shouting pleas for Steve to try and control his pain. The third shot landed across the balls of both of Steve’s already very bruised soles and a third cry of pain sent the power surging through my cock. “Having problems controlling your screaming Steve? That’s good it means that Josh will be having a real good time over there” To be honest the electricity was strong and painful but I doubted that it would any real damage and certainly not burn in any way it was too low power to do that. Steve took 15 strokes of the tree branch across his feet and did not manage once to control his screaming. I felt every one of those strokes. “Time to increase the electricity supply. So far we have only been warming that cock, time to give it more to worry about” Leon turned up the power and Andy emerged from the tent with a wooden tray full of lit cigarettes. They were going to burn Steve’s feet and he was going to scream his way through every burn. “Now Steve listen carefully, you don’t seem too good at controlling your screaming. Each time I burn your feet the cigarette will be slowly put out on your soles. The pain will last a while and the power will flow for the whole length of your scream. So please scream long and hard and lets roast that dick.” Leon took the first cigarette and pressed it deep into the flesh of Steve’s left instep. My cock shook with the pain and I knew that if this continued then maybe I would suffer minor burns – it hurt like hell. Six cigarette stubs later and the pain in my dick was unbearable, I screamed out for mercy and I screamed at Steve to “Try to control your fucking screaming man – my dicks on fire”. It was not a good thing to say, not good at all. “Oh so you think its easy to control the pain eh!, lets change the way we work”, said Leon. Steve was untied and staked out spread-eagle on the ground. The microphone was secured in my own mouth and my feet raised and tied to the trestle. I have put a delay on the microphone the electricity will flow 3 seconds after the screaming has stopped. So now I am going to torture your feet and lets see if you can scream your dick into charcoal” Fucking hell, if I could not control the pain my dick would fry. I was in control of my own dick torture. I had to control my screaming, just had to. The first lash of the branch crashed across my soles and yes I screamed out followed three seconds later by the shock up my dick. The branch lashed again and again across my soles and after the first four lashes I had found a way to prevent my screaming. Leon was furious. He removed all the electricity machinery and started working on my soles with real relish and a further 20 blows rained down across my poor feet. Twelve cigarettes were stubbed out into my feet and a needle pushed down each of my toenails. I was in so much pain that my begging and pleadings got really humiliating. Finally he stopped and I joined Steve staked out on the ground. Leon took some time to calm down and when he did he came and sat down between his two staked out victims. “Well, what can I say? You two guys have given me great pleasure. Your feet have been a joy to beat. I love beating the soles of a helpless guys feet and you two guys have been great. It is a shame that Josh was not a willing participator but that’s the way it is. Steve, you should have known better than to walk out on your friends like that. The question is where do we go from here? How do you guys get out of this? Do I just leave you here and drive away to the airport and fly away. Or are you going to want to get your own back on Andy? He paid for you to suffer like this. Are you going to let him get away with it? Now if you guys can give me £2000.00 in cash I will give Andy’s feet the same treatment I gave yours. What do you say. Steve and I talked it through for some time. There was not going to be a way that we could ever be friends with Andy again unless he had suffered the way he had made us suffer. After long talks we agreed to pay Leon to work over Andy’s soles.

We were untied and given our clothing back. Andy held out his hand in friendship hoping that we would repair our broken friendship. We took his hand and held him down on the ground while Leon stripped him, bound him and hauled his bare feet up into the air. Leon handed each one of us a nice smooth branch and we started to pay Andy back for all we had gone through. To this day I have a video recording of Andy having his soles thrashed unmercifully. We are now all friends again. Leon has gone for good and we regularly discuss the punishments that our soles endured all over a list of pass marks and football scores.


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