A pair of straight college students are blackmailed into submitting to the camping trip from hell in this new series by UKBastinado!

The Camping Trip: Part 1
by UKBastinado
Series: The Camping Trip

Two guys in bondage on a camping tripIt was the end of a beautiful summer day and the college was closed for six weeks. Plenty of time for the students to chill and relax. It had been a long drive to the English Lake District and to the private woodland owned by the father of Thomas Grey. They had access to a private boat jetty, complete with boat and acres of dead quiet private woodland away from the eyes of the world. It was going to be a great college break.

The sun had set, the tent had been erected and the day ended, Thomas and his friends Josh and Harry settled in for the night and they dreamt of the day that lay ahead of them and the fun they were going to have.

Darkness settled over the woodland and the sounds of nature became prominent for young Martin Fisher and Toby Matthews as they lay tightly bound, spread-eagle and naked on the woodland floor. The chains around their wrists and ankles secured their tightly outstretched bodies, fully vulnerable to the elements as the gentle breeze blew across their exposed naked flesh. They had no chance of escape and all they could do was lie in fear of what lay ahead.


Martin read the letter again:

“Hello Martin, inside your locker you will find a sealed envelope, I hope you enjoy the contents. Of course, you would not want this information made public, would you? If you want to preserve your reputation and prevent expulsion from the college you have to obey these very simple instructions. You are going to spend the next two weeks on a camping trip with a few “friends”. On Sunday morning at 12.00pm you will sit on the bench outside the college gates and wait for a white transit van to pick you up. You will wear the following clothing. Boxers, Jeans, Casual shirt with buttons and a lightweight jacket. You will not be wearing shoes and socks. You will take a small backpack with you. You will be joined by Toby Matthews, who has received an identical package. DO NOT be late and make sure you have your mobile phone with you. Fail to comply and the contents of the package will go live to the world at 12.05pm”

There was no option, Martin had to follow the instructions and figure out a way to get this problem solved before the whole world knew what he had been doing. Sunday morning came, he dressed as instructed and packed a backpack and set off to meet with whoever had sent the letter. He decided to wear shoes since he had no intention of walking almost three miles to the college in bare feet. He arrived nice and early to find a barefoot Toby Matthews sitting on the bench. He sat down next to Toby and reluctantly removed his shoes and socks and placed them into the backpack. He felt uncomfortable and vulnerable he glanced down at his bare feet resting on the cold concrete paving stones and for the first time began to fear what lay ahead. It was then that the realisation that he was not alone gave him a glimmer of hope that the next two weeks would at least be a shared experience with a very close friend. It was Toby that broke the silence, “Hey, we will get through this. Come on Tintin we are in this together” Martin smiled, even when the day ahead would take them into the unknown Toby was strong and supportive. He even used Martin’s nickname. He usually hated being called Tintin but today it sounded good.

Martin: “You get the photo’s Toby?”
Toby: “Yes, I got them. But it will be ok, don’t worry”
Martin: “Why do these people want us barefoot? What the hell are they going to do?”

Toby was just about to answer when his mobile phone began to ring. Toby answered, “Well done guys. You appear to understand the seriousness of your position. Imagine how strange you look to people driving by. Two guys almost identically dressed sitting on a bench in their bare feet. Our van will be will you in around 10 minutes and I think we need to humiliate one of you a little more in that time. Put me on speaker phone so Martin can hear my instructions. Good, now Martin please take a coin and flip it, heads or tails and tell me who wins.” The two boys gave each other a worried glance as Martin searched his pockets for a coin. Toby choose tails and Martin flipped the coin. It was tails. “Oh nice, well done Toby, you get to make a choice. One of you is going to get down on your knees in front of your friend, you are going to take his feet in your hands and you are going to kiss and lick them until the van arrives. Everyone passing by will see you kissing your friends’ feet. Just a little extra humiliation for you and fun for me. If you do not do this the next thing that will happen is notification on your phones of the video and evidence going public. So, the question is simple. Are you going to kiss Tintins feet or is he going to kiss yours? You have 2 minutes to start kissing those feet and we want to see some genuine kissing, imagine those feet are your girls’ breasts or the world gets to know.” The call ended.

Toby looked at Martin and said “Look mate, we don’t have time to argue or debate this.” He got down on his knees and took his friends feet into his hands and began to kiss them. He closed his mind to his surroundings and kissed his friends’ feet as passionately as he could while waiting for the arrival of the van to bring his public humiliating ordeal to an end. Around five minutes later a white Transit van with blacked out windows pulled up by the bench. Martin’s mobile phone bleeped, another text message, “Go to the van and open the back doors. Climb into the van and lie down face to the floor side by side, place your hands behind your back. You have 2 minutes, GO. I will close the van doors and we will set off on a long drive. DO NOT put on your shoes and socks. We can watch you from the drivers’ cabin. Just relax and obey and all will be well. Once the van is moving you are free to sit against the sides of the van. Understood? Reply YES and then get in the van”

The boys obeyed, throwing their backpacks into the van and complying with the instructions exactly. Once the 2 minutes had passed the boys were lying face down in the back of the van. “Put your hands behind your back”. Toby and Martin’s hands were locked in handcuffs, the van doors closed and after a very short wait the van moved off. A small light in the roof of the van switched on and the boys could see that the van was carrying a few locked chests, two tents and a good supply of camping equipment. They sat against the sides of the van contemplating what lay ahead.

Toby spoke first. “Martin, you do realise that these people know us very well. They could be friends playing a practical joke or friends with a grudge. But they know us really well.”

Martin: “How do you know that?”
Toby: “Because they called you Tintin. Only your friends call you Tintin. You know each other.”
Martin: “But WHY would any of our friends do this to us?”
Toby: “Does it matter? They are doing this and we need to stay calm. OK?”
Martin: “I don’t like this at all, this is way beyond a joke.”
Toby: “Something tells me that this is no joke.”

A small speaker in the roof of the van crackled into life “Enjoying the ride guys? (laughter). You got it in one Toby, this is no joke, and you guys better not treat it as a joke! You are wondering why anyone would do this to you, well, let me explain. Have you noticed how you two guys are so annoyingly perfect? Perfect in sport, perfect in class and everyone treats you as an example of student perfection? Well, it pisses everyone off and your attitude towards everyone is unacceptable! Two of your college colleagues have been assigned to bring you down to earth. To reduce you to servants and to teach you that everyone has had enough of your crap. The photographs that we have of you both would destroy your reputations and you would never recover. We are going to a very remote woodland location on private property. No-one will interrupt us, no-one will see us and no-one will hear us. You will be our slaves. You will serve us with manual labour and with sexual service. You will entertain us and you will suffer pain. You are paying the price laid down on you by your college peers for some of the incidents that has offended them. So, you guys have a choice. You can suffer and serve or you can walk home, barefoot of course, and you can pay the price after the images are posted. Two of your college peers are with me, Harry Lane and Joshua Field but during this time of punishment you will call them SIR. I have been asked to oversee your suffering. You will call me MASTER. Now I will leave you to think and to discuss. I will grant you privacy until we arrive at the camp site. The microphones and the camera will be turned off. See you later.”

The small red light on the camera in the van roof went off and the boys knew that they had the privacy that “Master” had promised. After some time of silence Martin spoke first:

Martin: “I can’t do this. How dare they do this to us?”
Toby: “Dude, we have kinda made fun of some of the guys. Maybe overstepped and been arrogant. Tintin, we have two more years to spend with these people and we need to be one of them not above them. We have no option, we have to go through what they have in mind for us. We have to correct our attitude and accept our punishment. Besides, they have those pictures. We have no choice.”
Martin: “So what you are saying is that we have to work our arse off working for these guys somewhere in the forest while they have a good time. And we have to call them SIR and go without shoes the whole time?”
Toby: “I don’t think you have understood our situation Martin. I think we will be forced to go naked the whole time. That guy said sexual service and pain. That means maybe flogging or caning, it means sucking cocks and maybe submitting to anal penetration. Freaking out will get us nowhere. We have no choice other than facing it or dealing with those pictures going public. Sorry mate but what choice do we have?”

It was a long drive and the boys had plenty of time to prepare for what lay ahead. Toby knew that what lay ahead would not be easy but he also knew that he would have to help Martin keep himself from falling apart or doing something unwise. After what must have been a few hours the smooth running of the van changed into a bumpy noisy ride as if the tyres were running on a rough gravel track. The boys knew that they were approaching their destination and after a short while the van came to a stop. The rear doors opened and the order was given to get out of the van. The boys, hands still cuffed behind their backs, shuffled across the floor of the van and out onto the woodland track. The first impression of their surroundings was the sharp stones and thorny twigs that greeted the soles of their bare feet as they stood while the handcuffs were removed from their wrists. The van was emptied of two large backpacks and the van was parked besides a wooden chalet off to the left of the stony pathway.

The Master spoke, “So here we are. From this point onwards, you two are our slaves. You will do the work we tell you to do, you will perform sexually to entertain us, you will be used sexually by us and you will be punished painfully and without mercy whenever we feel that you need to be encouraged to work and perform better. I have just one question, do you agree to submit or are we going to have to make this even harder? give us your answer and drop down to your knee’s”

Toby was the first to speak, “I don’t know what to say other than I am sorry that you feel this way about us. We never meant to upset anyone and we don’t think we are better than anyone else. I don’t want those photo’s going public and if you feel so disrespected by us then please accept my apology. I would rather not have to go through what you have planned for us but if it is the only way then I will submit. You will have no opposition from me.” Toby got down on his knees.

The Master looked at Martin and asked, “and you?”

Martin stood barefooted somewhere in a remote woodland and all he could think of was the arrogance shown in taking him by blackmail and forcing him into enslavement. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”, he shouted. “Because I get higher grades than you and because you are jealous of me, you think you can treat me like this!” The slave Master glanced at Toby and gave the order to “Strip.” Toby obediently removed all of his clothing and knelt naked on the pathway. The Master looked at Martin and said, “See, your friend knows when he is beaten and when surrender is the only option. No-one is jealous of you and no-one gives a shit about your grades. One last chance then we post to social media. GET NAKED and kneel down by your friend. Be wise and surrender. You have two minutes.” It took around thirty seconds before Martin began to remove his clothes but posting to social media was not an option and so he found himself kneeling naked on the ground by the side of his friend hoping that what lay ahead would be tolerable.

Shackles were locked around the slave’s ankles preventing fast movement but allowing walking at a slow steady pace and Toby and Martin were given large heavy backpacks to carry. “You will carry the bags to our camping site, a clearing in the woodland about a mile or so along this pathway. You will walk along the path keeping your feet on the gravel and stones. You will not at any time walk on the grass verge. You will maintain a steady walking pace and you will remain silent”, the Master said as the two boys were loaded with luggage to carry. It would be dark in a couple of hours and the captures wanted to be at the camp site with the tents erected before sun went down.

It was a long harsh walk for Toby and Martin. The boys walked suffering in silence as the stones and thorns dug into the soles of their bare feet. After walking for almost two hours the group came across a large rock on the left of the pathway. The rock had been painted orange and a pathway led off into the woodland at this point. “Follow the path to the left”, the Master said and Toby and Martin obeyed, very willing to relieve the pain of walking on stones and gravel to walking on the cool hard soil of the woodland path that led to the campsite. The Pathway led to a large open area that was perfect for camping. The Master outlined the area where the large very well-equipped tent was to be erected and the two slave boys got to work.

The slave master, Harry and Joshua sat and watched their two naked classmates empty the backpacks and begin the work of setting up camp. No-one said a word but Harry enjoyed watching his two peers working for him with their genitals dangling naked for all to see. They had good bodies and he looked forward to what lay ahead.

Thirty minutes later and a large eight bed tent complete with covered kitchen area was erected and ready to go. The two slaves stepped away from the tent and dropped down to their knees and waited while their captures inspected their work.

“Good work boys. Now before we get some rest, we need to get you two settled for the night. Toby, you will lie on the floor in the area marked with the four white coloured spikes and Martin in the area marked with silver spikes,” the master ordered.

The boys lay down and were instructed to spread eagle themselves between the spikes that had been hammered and cemented deeply into the ground. Their wrists and ankles were secured by metal cuffs attached to the spikes.

Joshua knelt down by the side of his outstretched prisoners and gently ran his hands over Martin’s chest. “Never thought you were this attractive under all those expensive clothes” he said as he enjoyed Martin’s dilemma. He moved his hand slowly down to the scrotum and took his balls into his hands. “Hmm nice balls and for the whole of this week they are mine, yes mine to do with as I please”, he said as he squeezed the ball sac really hard. Martin whimpered in pain and tried hard not to give Joshua too much satisfaction. “Yes, I am going to enjoy this. One question for you Martin, do you want to swallow my cum tonight or shall we wait a while? Well! Answer me slave boy.” Martin answered, “I would rather wait please sir.” Joshua smiled and gave a few lights slaps across Martin’s face and said “My cock can’t wait boy” and he walked away laughing leaving Martin to think about what lay ahead.

The guys in the tent sat in the kitchen area and brewed a jug of hot tea. They played music and chatted together enjoying the success of their plan to take Toby and Martin for punishment. Eventually the tent lights went out and everything went quiet.

The two slaves lay outstretched between the spikes gazing upwards into the clear night sky, the cool breeze blowing gently over their naked bodies. It was impossible for them to break free and they knew that the night ahead may be a very uncomfortable one. The boys were aware that they were totally vulnerable to the weather and the wildlife, staked out as offerings to any passing creature who may have an interest in examining this strange sight that the woodland had to offer. Toby waited a while for everyone in the tent to hopefully be asleep before speaking to Martin.

Toby: “Martin, how are you doing?”
Martin: “I have always wanted to be staked out naked in a forest! How do you think I am doing? Toby, have you ever sucked cock before?”
Toby: “Mate, you have to stay calm and control your mouth. A few times now you have said stuff that could have made things much worse. I know you are afraid and that is nothing to be ashamed of. I am scared too you know. We just have to make things easier for us and we do that by minding our mouth and doing what we are told to do. Things we don’t want to do, things that will be embarrassing or painful. But what choice do we have? And, No, I have never sucked a guy’s cock before.”
Martin: “Yeah I know, I am sorry about my mouth. I don’t want to make things harder for you too. We aren’t getting out of these chains, we are here for the night. I feel so vulnerable, I mean my naked body just lying here for taking, you know animals and stuff. Do your feet hurt?”
Toby: “Dude the soles of my feet are on fire. Those stones are crippling. I think this spread-eagle outdoors stuff is our lot for the whole week and we are not going to be given shoes anytime soon. This is just the first night of many. I don’t think we will have problems with the wildlife, they are more afraid than we are. He is right you know.”
Martin: “Right about what?”
Toby: “You have a great body. You are a good-looking guy. I think I might be gay but I have never taken any steps to find out. I guess this week might solve that problem, although forced sex is still not appealing to me and pain is never a good thing. But yes, you have a great body. Sorry if that sounds bad?”
Martin: “I have always known that you could be gay, that’s no surprise. You are my friend, gay or straight. Shame we are not shackled close enough to hold hands. It would be nice. Well this is not exactly comfortable ground but I suppose we should at least try to sleep?”
Toby: “I want to apologise in advance. I may want to experiment with gay sex but I know you don’t. We may have to fuck each other you know. I may have to suck you off and you may have to suck me off, you know, for their entertainment. I can’t lie, I am dying to get close to you. I kinda think that I might have feelings for you. I hope that won’t ruin our friendship?”
Martin: “Don’t worry, what are friends for (laughs) and you have a great body too. Enjoy me while you can (laughs) I won’t be offended.”
Toby: “Goodnight.”
Martin: “Goodnight mate and tomorrow will bring what tomorrow will bring.”

The boys settled as much as possible for their first night under the stars and after a short while both of them fell asleep.


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