To combat the issue of bullying in our society, the government has created a dedicated department called The Office of Bully Corrections.


The Office of Bully Corrections: Intro
by Pencil
Series: The Office of Bully Corrections

I love my job. Bullying has become such an issue on our society that the people demanded we create a government department dedicated to to fighting it. I am the local Bully Corrections Officer and I get reports, often anonymous, of bullies that need deserve justice. I show up and interview the parties involved and come up with a verdict. I then enact the penalty. I have an entourage of military trained personal to ensure that my verdicts are carried out. People are terrified of us. Our punishments usually involve corporal punishment but, more importantly, public humiliation.

There is no better way to put a bully in his place then to bully him. You may think I am talking about the typical teenaged school yard bully; and often it is someone like that. However, bullies in our society can be anyone; the overly abusive cop who takes his powers too far, the business executive who abuses his subordinates, the local high school coach or teacher, or even a father who needs some correction in the way he deals with his children. Bullies are everywhere in our society and that's why my department gets so many requests. Its great entertainment putting these guys in their place and it's best to do it in front of their peers or subordinates, which always adds to their embarrassment and the deterrent value.

One interesting case came from a medical student who reported that his senior medical resident was abusing his position..........


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    Good start! Already looking forward to the next chapter!

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    still another set of hottest stories here I hope u keep posting new chapters?

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