More Than Just a Broke Straight Boy

A broke 18 yo has a first gay bondage experience when he shows up for a porn casting audition.
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More Than Just a Broke Straight Boy
by Bryan Smith

broke-straight-boyIt all started when I was 12 or 13. You know what I’m talking about. You wake up, look down and notice your penis looks different. It’s stiff and you grab it… naturally of course. It’s like an instinct to just check it out right? Then you realize grabbing it leads to pulling, rubbing, etc. and you are confused at why it feels so good until all of a sudden. . . OHHH MY GOOOOOD… the moment of true bliss where we say, “What the hell was that?”

So like I said, 12 or 13, I was huffing and puffing then gathered my thoughts and went about my normal day. Little did I realize this was the start of exploring my own sexuality. I soon discovered porn and would hide away in the family’s office and would find myself seeing one site, which led to the next and so on. I remember coming across straight porn sites and then one that I thought was straight, “Broke Straight Boys.” At first I was repulsed, but then I looked down and little Johnny was not so repulsed. For years, I didn’t understand why I enjoyed the site. I liked girls, but thought guys looked hot too. None of this bothered me until I turned 18.

At 18 I was preparing to graduate from high school and to get a job. I knew college wasn’t for me, but my parents made one thing clear, I was on my own. I had some money saved and bought an apartment and a car. I got a job Dick's Sporting Goods which was great as I loved sports gear and Under Armor and hey, I looked good in it too, but then I got my bills. I owed $1800. “What the fuck?” I was legit broke. For a while I didn’t know what I was going to do but that night as I was going to bed I pulled up Craigslist and was looking for a lay when I saw an ad, “Broke Straight Boy Models Wanted.” I remembered the site and clicked on the link. They were offering up to $1500 per video session. I contemplated what to do but decided that I needed the money so I responded to the ad.

The guy’s name who posted the ad was Tyler and he called me on my cell for an interview. He asked for my stats and I told him, “ 5’11, 140 lbs, muscular looking more like a runner, 7 inch cock (cut), white male, shaggy hair, tan skin, blue eyes and blondish brown hair.” He said I was an ideal model and he’d love to have me come in for a solo session where I would jack off on camera. I asked when and we made the appointment for the next day.

I showed up to this sketchy apartment complex and was super nervous. He said they rented apartments in major cities to solicit for models so I thought nothing of it. I knocked on the door and Tyler answered. He was extremely muscular and looked like he was 30 or so and had a body-builder build. He invited me in and we went to a room where there was a futon set up. I was confused and he said that the typical set is not on site because it was too expensive to set up in multiple cities. I nodded and just felt a little uneasy. He must have noticed because he started talking and saying, “First time? Relax, it will be fine.” He told me that everyone is nervous their first time but said, "Just pretend you are in front of a computer screen, not a camera." I tried to just nod along. He then said, “How about a drink to calm the nerves?” I agreed and he brought me back a Gin and Tonic. I took a sip and almost spit it out. “Whoa, strong!” “It’ll put hair on your chest.” As I drank, we chatted for roughly 20-30 minutes, but then it hit me.

“You alright?” he asked.

“I think I had too much. I feel really dizzy.” He kept talking to me in a soft tone telling me to relax. I remember he came by and sat next to me and started rubbing my back and then my thighs. I tried to move but he just whispered "Relax." I could feel everything he was doing but couldn’t reject him. He then lifted my shirt off and unbuttoned my jeans. I groaned and tried to fight, but he just said, “Shhhhh, you are fine. Good boy.” I knew something was up but then everything just went black…

I woke up extremely groggy and just said, “What a strange dream.” I then went to stretch and I couldn’t move. I was tied spread eagle and butt naked to a bed in a strange room I had not seen before. I began screaming but couldn’t get too loud as I had a ball gag in my mouth. I moaned and groaned and finally he walked in. I mumbled, “What the fuck is this?” He responded telling me to relax. I screamed and struggled and then he came over to the bed. He began rubbing my body all over and I squirmed but couldn’t get away.

“You aren’t going anywhere so stop struggling” he said. “Now listen up, if you want to go about living a semi-normal life, you will quit screaming and squirming, do I make myself clear?” I hesitantly responded and just asked, “Why?”

He said, “Well, technically you made this decision. You were the one willing to sell yourself as the little whore you are. Now the way I see it, you are mine and there is nothing you can do about it. So here’s how it’s going to be.”

He explained that from now on, I belong to him. I will be his broke straight boy or in his words, his little whore. I was to tell no one and if I did, he would release pictures to the public and on facebook so everyone knew what a little whore I was. After today’s session, I would be paid because whores get paid. I would return to life as normal but would be expected to come over if he called or texted and that I was to understand that it was my job to aim to please. I tried to beg and explain that I was not gay and I was not a whore, but he then just made a sarcastic comment. . . “Was being the key operative word.” He began rubbing my crotch and I grimaced at first, but he said, “You may say you were not gay, but look how much your cock is enjoying this?”

It’s true, I was rock hard! Harder than I had ever been before and I couldn’t believe it. How could I be enjoying this when I was compared to being a whore? He continued working my cock to where I was on the edge.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to cum, keep going, I’m going to cum.”

But he stopped. “Not yet.” He edged me for roughly 30 minutes and I was begging him to cum. “Are you ready to cum?”

I excitedly said "Yes please sir please. Sir?" I can’t believe that just came out.

“Good boy. Look at my little whore learning his place. If you want to cum, then you truly have to become my little whore.” I asked what he meant and he said that I would beg for his cock. I refused. He said, “Suit yourself and continued to edge me.”

Another 20 minutes went by with him stroking my cock. Slow, then fast, twisting and turning. I was literally compulsing and begging, “Please let me cum!!” and then finally it came out. “OK! . . . OK you can fuck me, just please let me cum.”

“Are you sure you want this?” “Yes.” He then asked, “Why do you want this? Why do you want my cock in your little virgin ass?”

I just blurted out, “Because I’m your whore.”

He said "Good boy" and lubed up my ass. He began fingering my whole and continuing to tease my cock. My cock was harder like never before. He then got up and I said, “Wait, where are you going?”

He told me to calm down and he untied my legs and then hoisted them and tied them to a hook hanging from the ceiling. “That’s better.” He lubed up his cock and I saw him coming.

“What about a condom?”

“Whores don’t need condoms. You will learn to take my seed and love it.”

I felt him enter my ass and immediately told me to, “Relax, it won’t hurt as much.” At first he was gentle, going in and out slowly and then he picked up the speed. Every time he entered, I just grunted to the pulse of his thrusting. He later grabbed my cock and stroked me as he fucked me. I am not sure when but at some point, I was feeling hotter than ever. I lost track of what was happening and then all of a sudden felt an explosion. My body convulsed rapidly and I shot like never before and so did he. Tyler timed it perfectly and we shot together. I huffed and puffed and he did the same, saying, “That’s my good little whore.” He pulled out and I could feel the cum dripping out down my ass. He got off the bed and said, “I will be back.” I didn’t know where he was going, but I was left with cum dripping out of my ass to contemplate what just happened and to hear myself asking, “Am I a whore?”

Bryan Smith

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  1. EdRubber - September 20, 2015, 6:23 pm

    Enjoyed it but it was way to short, there should have been sucking and friends invited for a gang bang. Maybe on the second chapter hunm?

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