Sergeant Harnett thought his Army training had prepared him for any kind of interrogation situation but he never expected his captors to use this kind of torture! A hot cum control story from new author Hunter.

Breaking Sergeant Harnett - Page 1
by Hunter
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“Jesus,” Carl said. “It’s like I’m dealing with a couple of princesses.” He smacked the bar with the palm of his hand and the bartender came by. She’d been very friendly earlier but she didn’t seem so friendly now, he thought. Fuck her. Chicks like her were a dime a dozen. “Three more shots,” he said. She nodded and turned and he leaned over the bar to take a look at her cute little heart-shaped ass. She was still a dime a dozen but even cheap ass was nice to look at.

The two men sitting next to him at the bar, the two he compared to princesses, sighed and he smiled. He didn’t mind that they didn’t like his behavior. “Get some testosterone, boys,” he said. The waitress turned her head and noticed him leaning over the bar. He didn’t bother to look away but kept his eyes on her ass. She scowled at him and he laughed and sat up straight. “You know, as much as she wants to pretend she doesn’t like it, pussy’s all alike. She’d be screaming my name in the bathroom if I decided I wanted her to.”

“Give it a rest, Harnett,” one of the men said. It was Jackson. Jackson was a good soldier, no question, and if Carl had to rely on him on an operation, there was no question he’d be confident about it but the man was so damned straightlaced.

“Jesus,” Carl said. “You got a girlfriend or something I don’t know about?”

“He doesn’t need a girlfriend to know you’re being an asshole,” the other man said. That was Daniel. Another good soldier but another wet blanket.

“I swear to God, you two. The problem is you guys probably have to rub one out to get any action. I swear. Live a little for Christ’s sake. We’re on leave on a tropical island. You guys act like we’re back in that hellhole.” Carl didn’t really think of the city they’d just left as a hellhole. The mission had been a complete success and he’d personally scored eleven kills, although five of them came from two grenades so it didn’t really count. Nonetheless, they’d freed seven of the local insurgents and all three of their files would have nice notes. Maybe even a commendation, though they got so many damned commendations it seemed like the bar had to keep climbing.

“The poor girl’s just trying to work,” Daniel said. “Why don’t you let her?”

As if on queue, the girl set down the drinks. “Hey,” Carl said. “You’re American, right?”

The girl didn’t want to answer but finally said, “Canadian.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Trying to finish my shift.”

She turned but before she could walk away, Carl said, “Wait!” She turned around, unhappy as hell. He pulled out his wallet and put a twenty-dollar bill on the bar. “This is for the round,” he said. Then, he put two more on the bar. “And this is for being a good sport about my playing around.”

She had just a moment of indecision and then relief came over her face as she let go the last thirty minutes of his leering. She reached for the bills and Carl said, “You just have to show me your tits first.”

“Jesus Christ, Harnett!” Daniel said. He pulled out his wallet and pulled out the same number of bills. He handed them to her and said, “I’m sorry.” He downed his shot and said, “I’m out of here.” Jackson downed his shot, too.

Carl laughed and stood up. “Bunch of pussies here.” He looked at the waitress and added, “But I bet yours is the tightest.”

Jackson said, “I swear to God, I’m leaving and if you’re not in the car when I get there, we’re leaving without you.” Carl laughed, blew a kiss at the waitress, and walked out.

A few seconds later, they were on their way. Carl loved how irritated Daniel and Jackson got about his comments, and he kept them up as they drove toward the ship. “Hey guys,” he said. “You know how they separate the men from the boys in the Navy?” Nobody responded. “Jesus,” he said. “We’re Army. It’s okay to fuck with the other services.” He cleared his throat. “You know how they separate the men from the boys in the Navy?”

In a voice filled with resignation, Jackson asked, “How?”

“With a crowbar!” Carl laughed just as much as the expression on their faces as at the joke. “I’m serious. Don’t sleep on your stomach tonight. Those squids are particularly attracted to Army assholes.”

“Well,” Daniel said. “You’re definitely an asshole.”

Carl laughed. “See. Now you’re in the spirit of things. I swear to God, you were acting like a fairy back at the bar.”

The ship was a mile away, and Carl didn’t really want to get there. They had two more days of leave and he didn’t want to bunk there. Of course, this wasn’t a Podunk little island but a tourist trap, and unless he wanted a sleazy motel, he’d have to shell out a lot.

On the other hand…….Sleazy hotels meant whores.

“Pull over,” he said.

“What? Why?” Daniel asked.

He pointed to a motel with four or five local girls dressed in skimpy clothes in the parking lot. “Let’s get laid, boys,” he said. “Don’t forget to wrap that rascal.”

“I’ll pass,” Jackson said.

“No thanks,” came from Daniel.

“Fuck you both,” Carl said. “I’m getting laid. Pull over. You can pick me up in the morning.”

“Come on, Harnett. You know a place like that isn’t safe.”

“Pull over,” Carl said. “Now, sergeant!” He couldn’t order them, really, not on leave and not in this context. Still, in a few days he could make their lives hell. Daniel sighed and pulled into the parking lot. “I swear you two act like butt boys. See you tomorrow.”

“Just in case you end up dead,” Daniel said as he turned off the engine. “I’ll go to the desk and find out what room you’re in.”

“Watch out,” Carl said. “You might end up getting turned on. Try to keep your eyes on the bitches over there and not my ass, okay?” He whistled at one of the girls. “I’ll be right back, Honey!”

“Fuck, Harnett. What is she? Sixteen?”

“Hey man, that’s legal in this country. Besides, island chicks look younger than they are.”

A few minutes later, he had his key and he walked Daniel back to the car. “Last chance for you two to behave like men,” he said.

“See you tomorrow,” Daniel replied.

He watched them drive off and he turned to the women. A fat tourist walked away with one of them and he pointed at the young one. “You. Go get one of your friends.” She looked nervous and he wondered if she was even sixteen. When she came back he decided she was younger and gave her a ten dollar bill, American. “Thanks,” he said. “Now go play with your stuffed animals.” To the other girl, he said, “Get another girl but an adult, not a child. Then come to Room 14.”

He walked to the room and shook his head. He should have just fucked the younger girl. She wouldn’t have been on the street if she didn’t want it. He sighed. No. He couldn’t do that. Besides, how skilled could she be at fourteen or fifteen anyway? Even Carl had a hard time with that justification. He’d fuck any woman with a cunt but she had to be a woman, for Christ’s sake.

He went to the room and a short while later, the women arrived.

And he opened his eyes, head groggy and couldn’t remember a damned thing. He tried to roll off the bed only to discover he wasn’t on the bed. He wasn’t in a cheap motel, either. He was in a brick cellar with stairs in one corner opposite him. Even before he felt the restraints that kept him in place, he saw them. His arms were above his head, connected by manacles that felt like metal but were painted black. He felt like an idiot but even in this situation he couldn’t help but admire his muscular form.


He was naked. His arms, stretched upward, bulged from the position and made his thick, muscular chest seem even more pronounced. He didn’t know where the light came from but it showed his chest taper to his waist and showed the ripples of his abdominal muscles. His cock, even soft, was impressive and again, he inwardly cursed himself as an idiot for even noticing at a time like this. He could see additional bonds at his ankle, keeping him on the floor with legs spread wide.

The girls.

He remembered them coming in with a bottle of that homemade island rum everyone here drank. He remembered them giving it to him and nothing else. Fuck. Set up by whores. That was a rookie mistake but, for Christ’s sake, this was supposed to be a safe island!

He knew it wouldn’t be long before someone arrived who wanted information, assuming they wanted info and not to use him as a bargaining device. Actually, whether or not he would just be used for bargaining, he’d be interrogated. That was the nature of this shadow war, and he’d been on the other end plenty of times. He’d never been on the receiving end but he’d been trained. There would be threats and intimidation but ultimately, there would come an opportunity and when it came he would strike. The key, of course, was to have enough strength left to strike and enough of his wits still about him to recognize the opportunity.

He heard the footsteps before he saw the enormous man come down. He wore all black, including a black baclava over his face. He was an enormous man, clearly as into building his physique as Carl. He would be the muscle and the brain had to be on his way next. Sure enough, he heard more footsteps and a second man joined them. He wasn’t as tall as the first man but he was just as cut. That meant the brains were still coming or one of the men, like Carl, had both brains and brawn.

He wanted to get ahead of them and start the show. So, he said, “Harnet. Sergeant. Serial Number Eight-Five-“ The smack across the face didn’t hurt much. It stung a little but there wasn’t a lot of force behind the blow, and the muscles making the man’s black tee shirt bulge indicated he could have put enough force behind it to cause some real damage. That didn’t make any sense at all.


Psych Ops.

Had to be.

“You only open your mouth when I ask you a question,” the man said. His voice was masked by a digital device of some sort. It had to be attached by a collar underneath the ski mask. “Or for one other reason.” The voice was digitized to a higher pitch rather than lower. That made it easier to undigitize and so was generally frowned on in the specials ops world but that really only mattered if he had a recording device. He didn’t. Still, the guys behaved like professionals, which meant it had to be part of the psychological warfare. “If I ask you a question or if I decide to put my cock in your mouth.”

He knew it was stress making his body react the way it did but he could feel his dick responding to the threat, not growing hard but definitely moving from flaccid to more substantial. That made him more conscious of the fact that he was naked in front of the men, and that realization made even more blood flow to his cock. He gritted his teeth to keep from saying anything and tried not to think about it. That was a rookie mistake, of course. Trying not to think about something ensured he would and it didn’t help that a full length mirror behind the men showed him with his naked body almost suspended by chains from the ceiling.

“Look at the little pussy getting all hard.” The other man said. His digitized voice was much lower. He stepped forward and took hold of Carl’s balls. Carl braced for the pain certain to come and tried not to think about how the man’s touch made his cock pulse with need. The other man took off his gloved and wrapped his fingers around Carl’s shaft.


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