ChainedMuscle gives us clear instructions on how to break our captured Marine and introduce him to a life of male bondage.


How to Break a Marine


How to Break a Marine
by ChainedMuscle

Breaking a genuine grade-A U.S. Marine is not easy, but you knew that already and, perhaps, that is why you have chosen to (attempt to) do so. You may have brought him down by deception; picked up in one of the sleazy bars that litter downtown O’side then drugged or knocked cold in some more private place… Or, maybe, the situation is…shall we say…a bit more formal? Information, tenaciously bottled up somewhere inside the big, stubborn jarhead, is urgently desired. Whatever the case, breaking him is imperative and, you knew it all along, that is going to be a challenge- for you, to be sure, and for him…in spades.

The first step, of course, is to get the brute’s clothes off- all of them- until, buck naked, he presents himself, like a living canvas, all blank possibility for the artist’s inspired attention. If one is experienced then a recommended procedure is to make the stud strip himself- slowly, methodically- as this not only achieves the necessary aim of prepping him for torture, but adds the spice of forced obedience; for a proud jarhead that is a powerful, if different, kind of torment. There are also dangers in this approach, which makes it advisable to only the most experienced handlers. Obviously, commands must be backed up with the threat of overwhelming, even debilitating, physical pain…or worse. This is for the desired obedience of the frightened but still lethal marine and also for the protection of the handler. An electric prod is ideal, but a loaded gun works far better; preferably aimed straight at the ample bulge in his crotch. Whatever the case, don’t be fooled! Even covered by semi-lethal or fully lethal weapons, the wily jarhead remains dangerous and, coupled with an ever present charge of pure testosterone, is both ready, willing, indoctrinated to the duty, and foolhardy enough…to contemplate escape. A safer way is to immobilize the muscular soldier while semi-drugged or otherwise physically handicapped and then strip him yourself. Not only is this method safer- once immobilized, all worries of escape and/or reprisal vanish- but it also offers a certain ‘hands on’ sort of satisfaction to the interrogator. In both cases, however, the stripping of the reluctant buck should be both methodical and, above all, unhurried; though he is undoubtedly used to being naked in front of other men, rest assured that this has always been either within acceptable and known perimeters- as in his induction physical- or completely on his own terms in showers or barracks etc. In this case, though he might put on a stoic face, you can be certain; the young jarhead is deeply shamed by the experience, sexually repulsed and (worse) frightened, as well as being thoroughly confused by unaccustomed feelings of helplessness and vulnerability.

Immobilization of the naked marine is, obviously, a prerequisite for any lengthy treatment to follow. This, however, can be accomplished within a nearly infinite array of variations. Still, all that is necessary is four shackles and a long length of chain or, if one operates within the constraints of a budget, a coil of new, medium weight rope and, by the way, some well placed and very sturdy eye bolts in the floor and overhead beams work wonders. A suitable location is, of course, taken for granted- basement, sound proofed garage, attic, abandoned warehouse or factory, boiler room or bedroom…anywhere, really, that seems safe (for the interrogator) and convenient…and, keep in mind that the immobilization of the young marine should augment the display of as much of his muscular body as possible. That is why the stand up spread eagle position is so highly recommended. For the connoisseur, able to invest in proper gear, a wood or stainless steel metal X-frame is a must and the naked stud can be placed there for display, sport, or serious interrogation.

Once the jarhead is strung up and immobilized to your satisfaction take a moment to step back, relax, and savour the time you and he will spend together. You may want to pull up a chair, pour a drink, light up a smoke…whatever…as you peruse his taut body, sizing it up, making plans for the next several hours. During this time it is advisable to voice your thoughts, speaking in a calm, methodical manner to the scandalized captive. This has the beneficial effect of raising his blood pressure enormously as adrenaline produced by anger, humiliation, fear, revulsion, or any number of other strong emotions surges through his body, increasing and augmenting the proud stud’s receptivity to hard use. Of course, you may also want to take some time in this early stage to explore a bit with your hands, perhaps even delivering symbolic tweaks of pain to sensitive spots (his nipples, the short hairs anywhere on his lower torso, genitals…to name just a few places…are perfect for these kinds of preliminary warm ups) preparatory for the real action that he now knows must inevitably follow.

And, naturally, what ‘must inevitably follow’ eventually does and that represents a full meal of many courses (so to speak). A recommended first course is a methodical whipping. Simple as it sounds, however, it actually involves a considerable measure of finesse. For instance- the heavy duty single woven strand leather bull whip (that can be picked up cheaply in any number of shops in Tijuana just south of the border) is definitely NOT recommended for preliminaries- save that for later stages when things tend to get really hot and heavy, as the single thick strand lacerates the flesh leaving deep rivulets of running blood (Also, a word of caution: If that sort of whip is used keep in mind that very real and permanent damage can be done to the more sensitive parts of the jarhead’s taut body. Nipples, penis and testicles…even his handsome face…all may suffer irrevocably under that sort of lashing). No, what is recommended for these sorts of preliminaries is a medium weight cat of several strands. This will deliver a serious jolt of sustained pain providing (if it were necessary) a kind of ‘wake up call’ and can be liberally applied to nearly any (except those highly vulnerable areas mentioned above) part of the young marine’s hard muscular body. Use the whip liberally until he ceases to grit his teeth and either groans or even cries out in shamed compulsion and make sure that the stud is fully basted in the slick sweat of exertion before retiring the cat and moving on to the next stage.

The marine, of course, has been trained to expect and cope with everything (he thinks) that you are able to dish out. A large part of the fun to be had is ever so slowly disabusing him of the notion while, at the same time, augmenting the quality of torment according to his fearful expectations- in skilful hands the jarhead’s training, in terms of vividly imagined fantasies, can be turned against him with dazzling effects. And so, after the sweating stud is thoroughly whipped, let him ‘rest’ for one or two minutes, turning painfully in his bonds, body still stinging from the multiple stripes of the lash, before producing some toys capable of far more serious punishment to his newly tenderized young body. Various screws, hooks, clamps (try the serrated variety- sensational!), needles etc. are perfect for these occasions and, true to form, the big bellowing soldier should respond well- just like a bull in the arena would to the merciless sport of the picador. Each of your tools or toys (refer to them according to mood) is suitable for various parts of the tortured male’s body and choosing the right part to work on with the right tool can be challenging but also quite rewarding. A personal favourite is serrated clips to the nubs of his nipples or the sensitive flared rim of his penis. Various orifices can also be probed to great effect; from the tiny but extremely sensitive piss slit of his dangling dick to ears, nose, and mouth (tongue piercing without anaesthetic is a personal favourite), and- of course- the tightly clenched gate of his virgin asshole. All are made for various types of probes and the quality of pain elicited is truly gratifying.

Always work according the very special ‘schedule’ of slowly, inexorably increasing pain, of course, taking great care not to maim beyond what can eventually heal or, far worse, render the big stud…er…permanently unconscious. To the nearly delirious marine, however, all of that becomes a moot point as he ascends to thresholds of agony that now may go beyond even his own fertile imagination. At this stage various forms of fire- in the form of brands, blow torches, carefully applied scalding liquids etc.- may be applied and, as a kind of grand finale, a generous application of electricity. Let your own imagination run wild! A common mistake is to concentrate solely on the soldier’s cock and balls, which admittedly are perfectly suited for these applications- especially electricity. Consider, though, that his splayed naked muscular young body is a wide canvas of nearly infinite possibility and, like a maestro or consummate chef, combining the unexpected may create an element of surprise that gives a special zing, which might have been otherwise missed. For instance- after running strong current through his agonized testicles why not ‘garnish’ (so to speak) the dish with a surprise application of heated needles in the highly sensitive area between his spread toes? One quickly realizes the potential in creatively applied combinations as his sweating body is worked over from top to bottom and back again.

It must be considered, and this is difficult to admit, that despite the interrogator’s best efforts the marine may not ‘talk’ or respond positively to the command set at the beginning of the session. This is often a source of great discouragement for the beginner (it is easy to take these sorts of perceived failures personally) but it need not be so. First, consider- the enjoyment to be had is really in the process. Once he talks, or grovels, or consents to jack off or whatever, well, what more is there left to do? An experienced sportsman, reaching the end of a long session marked by his buck’s stubborn intransigence, simply pauses and then begins the whole process again when both he and his captive stud are fresh and ready to fully appreciate (once again) all of the many possibilities of the ‘play room’. A piece of friendly advice, though, may be in order- the interim period between sessions of physical torture can also be used and enjoyed to devastating effect. When the buck is reasonably rested and brought back to restraints, once again nude and on adrenaline-charged display, his expectation (rightly) is that the horrific experience once endured is about to repeat itself. This, of course, is exactly what is going to happen but before it does why not knock him off balance with another kind of surprise? Forced milking, as his big cock is manipulated into betraying him, impugning his masculinity and self-respect in the process, both humiliates and demoralizes the proud marine and, as such, serves as a wonderful prelude to the resumption of pain. The depth of his humiliation can be subtly augmented as well by, say, the presence of some friends of the interrogator invited to view the proceedings, or perhaps forcing him to swallow his own cum after ejaculation. And, naturally, anything (from fingers to the handle of the broom leaning against the wall) shoved past the bastion of his tightly clenched muscular ass and into the warm depths beyond…has much the same effect as that described above.

And so, finally, the buck is ready to begin the process all over again. All in all, and in the skilled hands of a practiced handler, the captive soldier should be able to give many hours, if not days and even weeks, of enjoyment as he is put through his paces and learns to perform to his master’s expectations.

Good luck, and, for further instructions on actually obtaining a young marine please refer to the previously published manual- Hunting Jarheads.


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