A brilliant university student schemes to get the best of his family's hot jock gardener in this new one-off piece by Amalaric.

Brains vs Brawn
by Amalaric


1Liam Vandenburg only had two friends and both, like himself, belonged to MENSA. With an IQ pushing 160 and wide ranging interests encompassing just about any aspect of mathematics, Liam was smugly confident that he would someday be rich and, well, powerful too…but, hey, don’t the two usually go together? At nineteen Liam was set to graduate from university and could have done so even sooner if it weren’t for the time spent on other, entrepreneurial, projects that had already made him a shit load of money. He lived at his parents’ place by choice, occupying a double suite of rooms littered with electronic toys in the rambling suburban digs. His folks had always more or less allowed Liam (an only child) to do his own thing and, besides, spent a huge amount of time travelling; innumerable cruises and packaged tours to out of the way places with exotic names like Timbuktu or Machu Pichu. Liam’s dad, also quite bright, had done very well and the family property, though comfortably suburban, was also oddly grand; with extensive gardens requiring a lot of maintenance…and that’s where Jake Compton came into the picture.

Liam’s parents were away once again and he had the sprawling place all to himself for six glorious weeks. Contemplating the long period of creative solitude, the contented nerd was irritated by the sound of the doorbell. Opening the door, however, completely changed his disposition as he coolly appraised the unselfconscious good looks of Jake Compton who almost shyly extended a calloused hand and introduced himself, ‘Name’s Jake and I was hired a couple of weeks ago by Mr. Vandenburg to look after the gardens and do a little maintenance.’ He paused, oddly discomforted by Liam’s stare, ‘Is Mr. Vandenburg available? I’d like to get started as soon as possible and need to know what his priorities are this week.’ ‘Sorry, but Mr. Vandenburg- my father- is away for the next six weeks and I don’t see how I can help you.’ The look of stark disappointment on Jake’s handsome face would have broken just about anyone’s heart and, certainly, Liam’s registered a fast tremor. He cleared his throat, roaming Jake’s well-proportioned body with wide grey eyes as the wheels in his agile mind began to turn. ‘Tell you what,’ he smiled, ‘why not just pick up where you left off last week and if you see something that needs doing, well, I trust your judgement- just go for it.’ Jake heaved a huge sigh of pure relief, muttered a heartfelt, ‘Yes, sir, you won’t be disappointed,’ and turned toward one of the side gardens where he had been pruning the week before. Liam watched for a moment, savouring the view of Jake’s broad shoulders and upper back, clad in a white tee, narrow waist, and well-defined muscular ass, evident even under the loose denim of his pair of old levis. It was turning out to be one fine day.

Two hours later Liam stretched and rose from his desk, deciding to take a break from the video game program he was designing. Damn! That guy…what was his name? Jake; what a fuckin dream come truecan’t, no, make that don’t want (!) to get the dude out of my mind! He hunted the young gardener down the corridors of imagination… There you are! Jake looked to be around six feet tall, not pumped like some grotesque but, nevertheless, every inch of his young body well-proportioned and padded with natural muscle. Liam smiled at another recollection, and that boyish face with doe-like yet smoldering brown eyes under black brows and a thick head of dark hair. Wonder what he’s up to right now? Liam casually approached one of the windows in his room, searching the extensive grounds at the back of the house. What he saw changed the course of both his and Jake Compton’s lives because, as luck would have it, Jake was hard at work trimming one of the hedges almost directly below and, as the day was excessively hot, had decided to strip off his white tee.

All unaware of Liam’s lustful observation, Jake slowly swung the electric scythe, neatly trimming the overgrown hedge. His naked torso glistened with healthy sweat, pumped muscles fully defined. Liam watched for a few more moments, fascinated by the workman’s powerful biceps and the rippling movement of muscle on his back and abs as he continued to swing the electric scythe. He also noted, nodding with fascinated approval, Jake’s sagging levis clinging, somehow, to narrow hips and revealing the full elastic waistband of his briefs. I wonder what you’re packing down there, stud? Well, one way or the other…Jake…your ass (and all of the rest of you) is gonna be MINE.

‘Hey! How about a break, man? It’s damn hot out here today.’ Glancing toward the sound of Liam’s voice and noting the six pack of beer clutched in one hand, Jake’s boyish face broke into a wide grin. ‘Excellent idea, can’t thank you enough!’ Following his employer’s masterful son, the gardener sauntered over to one of the patios dotting the property and, sprawling gratefully in the deep recess of a rattan chair popped a proffered beer. An hour and three beers later Liam, having expressed unfeigned interest in Jake’s circumstances, had his prey’s story in enough detail to begin formulating a plan. Jake, for his part, had been struggling lately and was gratified to have a sympathetic ear. ‘…yeah, see, I’m a senior at Uni…’ ‘No way!!’ Liam broke in, ‘So am I.’ ‘Damn, you look kind of young to be a senior…’ ‘Well,’ the boss’ son shrugged modestly, I kind of fast tracked things…I only just turned nineteen.’ ‘Shit! What, you’re some kind of genius or something?’ They both laughed. ‘Yeah, well, I’m looking at the far side of twenty-three because I took a year out back packing…and I sure as hell ain’t no genius.’ Jake’s self-deprecating, lopsided grin sent a frisson of pure lust up Liam Vandenburg’s spine. ‘Uni’s a big place- what, something like 25,000 students? So, no surprise we never ran into each other,’ Jake sighed, ‘besides, my major’s PE, physio and all of that, you know, and I reckon you’re in a way different department.’ ‘Yep…’ Liam trailed off enigmatically, subtly inviting the workman to continue. ‘Actually, I’ve been kind of worried lately because, see, I put off a lot of the general requirement stuff- concentrating on sports, things that I like- and now I’ve got to rush through biology, sociology 1, and algebra…and I fucking HATE math.’ Liam nodded, oozing sympathy, as his guest continued, ‘On top of that the tuition hike has really hit me hard; I’m so deep in debt it’s going to take years to see any light…’ he took a long swig from the bottle, ‘That’s why the job your dad gave me is so important- without the extra money I’d probably have to drop out of school and, damn, it’s so close to the end…’ Glancing up, Jake blushed. ‘Hey, sorry man, I didn’t mean to bend your ear like that.’ No problem…no problem at all.’ And Liam meant every word. Jake Compton eventually levered himself out of the rattan chair and, comfortably buzzed, returned to wrap up the day’s chores.

When Jake finished up at half past four he was surprised to find Liam waiting for him in the driveway of the Vandenburg property. ‘You know, Jake…I’ve been thinking about things,’ Liam purred…and a week later the bargain struck in the waning light of late afternoon was in full effect- Jake Compton dropped by regularly for several tutorials (all well and good), help writing essays (dodgy to say the least), and was fitted out with a tiny camcorder and earphone so Liam could ‘sit in’ on his exams…and feed him the correct answers to questions (patently illegal). Furthermore, Liam unilaterally authorized a raise in the young gardener’s salary- in fact, doubling it. For Jake Compton, things were suddenly looking very much brighter.

He also, occasionally, wondered what Liam Vandenburg might want in return for all of the favours and, possessed of some decent intuition, had a fair idea of the geek’s breathless attraction. For that reason, feeling somehow obligated, and secretly complimented (though Jake Compton was for the ladies and only the ladies, thank you very much), he often stripped to the waist while working at the Vandenburg place.


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