Two young men are abducted for a harsh interrogation in this brutal story with a happy ending from UKBastinado.

The Blue Anchor
by UKBastinado

blue anchorJason had a dilemma. It was his own fault and he always knew that the smallest loss of attention could quite easily blow his cover, compromise the agency and maybe even endanger his life. The memory stick had been left on the table in the quiet tea room in the high street. He had placed it on the table while he dealt with the waitress in the payment of his bill but clearly he had left it behind in a rare moment of insanity. The information on the memory stick could quite easily end his career and maybe even add his name to an elimination list. He had no option but to get the memory stick back and quickly.

A return visit to the tea room gave him the information he needed to begin tracking down the location of the lost data. A few minutes after leaving the table a young man took his place and ordered a full English breakfast. It was obvious that either the memory stick was still in the tea room lost and found box or the young man had found it and taken it. The lost and found box did not contain the mislaid memory stick so Jason's only option was to track down the young man who must have taken it and get it back. There was also the fear that he young man would have found a way around the password protection and had access to information that had to be protected maybe even at the cost of the young man's life. A team of agents were quickly appointed and the search for the young man's capture had been authorised. There was no time to waste.

It had been a long day at university and Luke knew that staying up until the early hours of the morning to watch American Football was maybe not such a great idea. He had no option however, his favourite team the Seattle Seahawks had made it through to the Super bowl, and he had every intention of watching the action. He had everything he needed for a long night of televised sport and settled down to enjoy the action. Twelve seconds into the game and the Seahawks began the takedown of the opposition, the crowd cheered, Luke leapt of his seat with excitement and the power went off plunging his small student flat into darkness.

Before Luke could react to the power failure, all hell broke loose in the small confined space of his flat. The door to the flat burst off its hinges, four masked men entered the flat, Luke was forced onto his knees and a bag forced over his head. His hands handcuffed behind his back and the question asked "Where is the memory stick you found in the tea room?" Luke had no answer, he had no idea what the guy was talking about. He had no memory stick. Luke heard the instruction given to "Tear the flat apart, find that stick". It was made very clear to Luke that giving up the memory stick would make life so much easier for him. All Luke could do was plead for his captures to believe him, he had no memory stick. He had no idea what the hell was going on. He could hear the sounds of his flat being systematically taken apart in the search for the memory stick. "Guys, please, I don't have a memory stick of yours, you have the wrong person. I don't have it, please believe me. What can I do to prove I don't have it? Please don't hurt me, please" Luke cried out in desperation but the ransacking of his flat continued. The leader of the intruders gave the instruction to "Take him to the van". One of the men knelt down on the floor and pulled Luke's trainers off his feet. "Time for you to come with us" he said as he removed Luke's socks, baring his feet ready for the walk to the van. The bag was removed from Luke's head and gaffer tape used to cover Luke's eyes and gag his mouth. He was hauled to his feet and after his ankles were locked in shackles, pushed out of the flat. Luke was terrified. Gagged, blindfolded, handcuffed and dragged barefoot across the cobblestoned pathway to the waiting van. The van doors were opened and Luke was thrown inside, the chains around his ankles secured to a metal ring in the floor of the van. The doors close and Luke was driven away.

The team of agents searched the flat thoroughly but to no avail. The memory stick was not in the flat. Jason was not a happy man. No memory stick in the flat meant one of three things. Either Luke did not have the memory stick or he had found the data and had stashed it elsewhere for safe keeping or even worse that he had already sold it. The sad thing about all of this is that the kid had to be interrogated and maybe even executed. It was going to be hard to interrogate without executing afterwards. Jason so much hated taking the life of an innocent, especially an innocent nineteen year old who may have accidently been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course either way the kid will claim to know nothing about the memory stick and this meant that due to the importance of retrieving the data quickly, there would be no time for polite questions. Torture will have to be used from the start of the interrogation. Jason's team enjoyed inflicting torture, especially on the youthful naked body of a nineteen year old guy. For some people this was going to be lots of fun.

The interrogation centre was hidden deep in a remote forest area of privately owned land. There was no public access and the nearest public road way was 4 miles away. No one would hear or see anything. The centre was fully equipped with very uncomfortable dungeon style stone prison cells, various torture and interrogation rooms, execution rooms and a prisoner medical centre. The outside of the centre was also well equipped for the torture and execution of prisoners. Jason never enjoyed watching a guy broken under the hands of the torture experts but sometimes certain actions need to be carried out for the good of many.

Cell number three was a medium sized cell around 12 feet square. It had one narrow high window which let in enough light to permit decent vision by the prisoner. The walls and floor were made of rough stone. The door was made of solid oak and was completely impenetrable. One light bulb hung high from the ceiling. There were various chains hanging down from the ceiling and attached via rings into the stonework both on the floor and walls. Various locked metal panels hide electricity power points away from the prisoner. The only other items in the room was a toilet, a sink unit and high mounted surveillance cameras.

The gaffer tape had been moved from Luke's eyes and mouth and his hands freed from the handcuffs. Apart from being barefoot, Luke was still fully clothed. The chains around his ankles were the only restraints in use and he was free to walk around his stone cell.

Jason made his way to the observation room. From there he could watch the prisoners in their cells and oversee interrogations by radio. This was the first time he will have seen the young victim and the first time to face (in his own mind) the morality of torturing someone who could quite easily be innocent. The shock on Jason's face could not be hidden. The sight of Luke sitting huddled in the corner of his cell clearly afraid of what was to come was momentarily too much for Jason and everyone heard him quietly mutter to himself "Oh my God no, why, why do we have to do this? Must be done, must be done". Jason hated himself for what he was about to order his men to do, but he had no option. "Ready the young man for forceful interrogation". Forceful interrogation was a much better way of ordering torture and somehow made the immoral choice easier to make. Jason decided not to watch for the time being and would make his first appearance a few hours into the ordeal.

Luke was sitting in the corner of his cold stone prison cell fearful of what lay ahead. He just did not see how he could get out of the predicament he was in alive. He knew nothing about a memory stick and not could comprehend why he had been targeted as the person who stole it. He knew that there was a very high chance that some serious interrogation was heading his way and the fear of torture had been going round his mind since the soles of his bare feet made contact with the cold wet cobblestones outside his flat. The door of his cell opened and two guards entered, one holding a gun and one with a set of keys. The guy with the gun ordered calm while the other guard unlocked and removed the shackles from around Luke's ankles. A black plastic bin liner was handed to Luke and he was told to obey order's quickly and without discussion. Failure to obey would cause Luke to suffer extensively. Luke nodded his head and replied with a short "Yes Sir".

"Remove your T-Shirt and put it in the black bag". With just the smallest pause for thought, Luke obeyed. Luke stood in front of his guards stripped naked to the waist down and barefoot. He hoped that no more clothing would be removed, after all he was feeling seriously vulnerable. "Stand with your legs apart, hands on head". Luke had never felt so vulnerable and afraid in his life. The guard with the gun stood menacingly by as the other guard began to run his hands over Luke's naked chest, teasing the nipples with his thumbs and whispering sexual comments into Luke's ear. "Can't wait to get my meat into you boy. For your sake boy, you better suck well and suck deep". Luke said nothing but the look in his eyes told the guards all they needed to know. "I wonder if you kiss well? Let's see shall we. Let's not make this a one way effort. Keep your hands on your head and kiss, imagine that I am your girl, Katie I think her name is. Yes, we know and we know where to find her". Luke had no choice but to obey without question. It was bad enough that he was going through this but the last thing he wanted was for Katie to suffer. Luke closed his eyes and waited. The sensation of the guards hands gently stroking his pecks took his mind off what was to come but come it did as lips made contact and for the next ten minutes, prisoner and guard kissed long and deep. "Nice and obedient. If you stay this obedient you may even survive this. Now get those jeans and pants off, in the bag. get naked boy. Let's see that cock". Luke had no option but to comply, like it or not, he had to strip naked and do so without hesitation. A few minutes later Luke was standing naked before his captures, his hands on his head and his legs outstretched. His cock and balls hanging for inspection. It was not long before the boys balls were in the guards hands and the head of his now hard cock being teased and stimulated. "If I had the time boy I would make you spill your load but we have no time for that. I have to go and prepare for your forceful interrogation or you may know it better as torture. I will enjoy seeing you in pain boy". The guard took one more kiss from the terrified young man and left him locked in his cell contemplating what was to follow.

For the next four hours Luke was left to think about what the guard had said " forceful interrogation" was the description he used. He also said that "Torture" would be another way of describing it. So Luke knew that he was to undergo torture and face enforced pain. But what exactly was going to happen to him? He had no way of stopping what was going to happen. He knew that no-one would, or maybe even could, believe that he did not have the data stick that had been lost. This meant that the torture would continue until he had been completely emotionally and physically broken.

Jason sat in the control room looking at the monitor screens. He was looking at a naked, frightened and vulnerable young man. Luke was sitting in the corner of his cell hands covering his genitals trying to sleep. Even alone the young man felt vulnerable and covering his genitals for no reason was a sure sign that this boy could be broken. He was weak emotionally. Maybe this could be resolved without any pain? Maybe if the boy heard the screams of another boy being tortured the fear of facing the same treatment would be all that was required. Jason ran a check and to his delight there was another boy imprisoned in the centre. It was a guy who had wondered into the woods at night and stumbled across the centre. Usually these boys would be introduced to drugs and dumped under the influence in a remote part of the countryside. The boy in question had been taken the night before and no drugs had been given at this time. Perfect. Maybe Luke should even be forced to watch the torture? Why stop with just allowing him to hear the screams of pain? Let him see the guy having his toe nails and finger nails ripped out. Make him watch as the victim suffers his cock and balls being burnt to a cinder with a naked flame and watch the boy face execution. It was agreed and Luke was taken from his cell to the main torture room. The room has been set up ready for the planned demonstration and he was led to a cage in the corner of the room where he was chained ready to watch. Instructions were given and it was made very clear that he was to watch the proceedings. Turning away and not watching would be a very bad thing to do. Just why Jason was permitting Luke to watch another guy be tortured and executed was a mystery to everyone but if the kid buckled at the sight of pain and death then maybe time would be saved.

The centre guards were shocked at the cold heartedness of Jason towards a completely innocent young man who had accidentally crossed their paths. It was out of character. He was willing to torture and execute an innocent young man in the hope of saving a potentially guilty young man from the same fate.

The very unwilling victim was pushed into the room and it was obvious that he was in a state of shock. He had no idea where he was or why he was there and his constant pleas for an explanation went ignored. When he saw Luke, naked and chained in a cage he reacted as expected and tried all he could to escape the room, of course to no avail. "Ok Stephen, get those clothes off, STRIP!" but the confused young man just kept shouting questions "Strip?, No way, Why?, Who are you?, Where am I?, Fuck you". It was clear that he had no intention of complying with the order and so the guards took it upon themselves to hold him down and rip strip him of all his clothes. The guards looked down at the naked guy squirming on the floor of the torture room and made it clear that things would go much easier for him if he obeyed without all the fuss and fighting. "Fighting this is a waste of time Stephen. You are bollock naked, surrounded by half a dozen strong guys, all dedicated to making you comply. Now, lie on the metal table!". What choice did he have? Either lie down on the table or be dragged to the table. No choice. Stephen lay down on the table and gave no resistance as his wrists and ankles were strapped securely to the corner rings. The sight of a naked young male strapped spread eagle to a torture table was always good news for the interrogating officer. He was perfect for the role, gay and a sadist. He so much enjoyed inflicting pain to well defined young male bodies and Stephen was very well defined.

The guards left the room and after a short while the interrogator arrived. At first he paid no attention to either of the naked young men that were restrained and at his mercy. He took his time to casually make preparations for what was to follow. Taking a selection of implements out of various draws and cupboards he laid them out ready for use on a small wheeled trolley. When he was satisfied that he gathered together all that he needed he moved over to the washbasin area, filled a kettle and made himself a coffee. Coffee cup in hand he wondered over to where Luke was chained, quietly and spookily weighed up Luke's body and said "Nice, very nice, soon maybe eh?. Can't wait". The interrogator strolled over to the metal table and looked down on the naked body of his victim. With coffee cup in one hand he caressed Stephen's body with the other hand. "Wow, you are a nice boy. Sensitive nipples eh. Nice cock. Ever been fucked by a man boy?" Stephen said nothing. "No?, well maybe we can do something about that boy". He moved to the top of the table and ran his hands through Stephen's hair, "Shall I fuck you boy?". Stephen began to plead "Please don't, please don't do that Sir, I don't mean any harm Sir, please Sir don't do that". The interrogator stood over the terrified young man sipping his coffee and stroking his victims hair. "Too old for you eh? Maybe I want to watch today?". He opened the door and invited two guards into the room. The two guards untied Stephen's ankles from the table and secured them wide apart to a spreader bar. Stephen's legs were raised up and secured, his ass available to take cock. Stephen's pleas for mercy had become screams for mercy but they all fell on deaf ears. Stephen's hole was well lubricated and after a good deal of finger probing the interrogator delivered a really hard backhand across Stephen's face and ordered silence. Stephen obeyed and quietly sobbed fully expecting the interrogator to fuck his ass.

The interrogator moved over to the cage and turned his attention to Luke. "Luke, not nice to watch eh? Simple truth is that Stephen is going to be fucked, tortured and executed. We have no choice in his case. He has seen too much but he is innocent. You are going to watch as he suffers at my hands and then you are going to watch him die. Torturing Stephen will be for my benefit only. Practice makes perfect. It is not often I get a chance to inflict pain for no reason. No answers to get. Just for the pleasure of inflicting pain. You will be different of course. I need to extract information from you. But that is for later eh. Thing is, how should Stephen die? Quickly or very slowly? YOU are going to choose for me. You are going to fuck him, enthusiastically. If you do then he will die reasonably quickly. If you don't then he will die slowly, very slowly and you will watch every minute of his suffering. Entertain us and you both benefit". Luke was shocked. He had never penetrated a guy before and he most certainly had not added sex with a guy to his bucket list. But it was in his hands to make this guys death easier and quicker and he had to do everything he could for a fellow human being. So unfair. Entertain the guys in uniform, fuck a guy and in doing so give him an easier death. What could he do but to at least try his best? Luke kinda figured that if he refused then he too would face an long drawn out death. He was already convinced that he would not be seeing freedom again. May as well do all he could to make his end as easy as possible. Luke agreed to be used to entertain although he was unsure of his abilities to perform well.

The chains were removed and Luke was escorted to the metal table where Stephen was so embarrassingly positioned and bound. One problem he faced was that of being able to penetrate Stephen. Luke was not gay and not turned on by naked guys. How could he get hard under those circumstances. He knew that he had no choice but to somehow make it happen. He was instructed to mount the table and straggle Stephen. "Ok guys pay very close attention. From this point on you have the power in your own hands to make your life easier or harder. We want to watch you guys making out, we want to enjoy a show before we start on our work with Stephen. Instruction shave been given to Luke. Luke, you need to comply and Stephen, you go along with it or face a very hard few days. Now go guys".

As instructed Luke mounted the table and straggled Stephen. Luke whispered "We have to do this, please, for both our sakes". Stephen nodded in agreement and the two boys touched lips and began to kiss. Both boys closed their eyes and aimed to forget that they were engaged in kissing another guy. Their kissing grew in intensity and both the boys did their very best to perform in a suitable manner. After a short while Luke broke the embrace and moved his cock and balls to Stephens mouth. "Suck his balls boy". Stephen had no choice he opened his mouth and allowed Luke's ball sack to enter and he slowly sucked and licked Luke's balls. Even though Luke had no emotional desire or drive to have sexual relations with another guy, having his balls sucked could not fail to initiate a response from Luke and his cock after a while began to harden. It was so hard for Luke to not show his delight at having his balls sucked but the sheer pleasure was so obvious for all to see. "Put it in boy" Luke knew that it was time to get his cock seen to and he removed his balls and once again their lips met for a short time while Luke stimulated his cock just to try and get that little extra stiffness and with success. Luke's cock was nice and hard when he slipped it into Stephens mouth for sucking. It was not long before Stephen was gagging as Luke deep throated him fully erect and dying to cum. "Don't orgasm boy, save it". Luke may not have been gay but he was for sure having a great time. "Suck those nipples boy", Luke obeyed and moved to work on Stephens nipples licking, sucking and biting. Stephen had very sensitive nipples and for the first time his cock began to harden. Five minutes later he was fully erect and the order was given to for Luke to take Stephens cock into his mouth. Luke sucked and teased Stephens cock until the boy could take no more. Stephen's cock finally exploded filling Luke's mouth with warm sticky cum. "Swallow boy" the guards ordered and Luke had no option but to take Stephens cum and swallow it down. "Now get back to the cage, my turn" Luke was dragged back to the cage and chained secure, losing out on fucking Stephen. Clearly the interrogator wanted that pleasure. It was not long before the huge wide meaty cock of the interrogator was pounding Stephens ass. Stephen sobbed and pleaded for his tormentors to stop but to no avail. Luke sat and witnessed Stephens rape at the hands of the interrogator and could not help but fear that he was to be next. Eventually the interrogator came to orgasm and pumped Stephens anus with cum gasping with pleasure and delight at taking the boy. The interrogator stepped back and cleaned up. "Tie him back down", he ordered and the boys legs were lowered and his ankles secured once more to the corners of the metal table.

The trolley prepared with instruments was drawn up alongside the bottom of the table and a chair placed between Stephens bound feet. The interrogator sat down and facing the table and Stephens right foot. Taking his foot in his hands he began to massage the foot using the thumbs to manipulate the balls of the feet and the insteps. It was clearly a very enjoyable experience. "You enjoying that boy?" he asked and Stephen responded "Yes Sir". "Good, good, how about this". The massaging stopped and a few seconds later the interrogator had grasped Stephen's right foot and the big toe nail with a pair of pliers and slowly ripped the toe nail away from the toe. Stephen screamed out in pain. The blood was wiped away and the wound seared and sealed with the low yellow flame of a blowlamp. Stephen's response was an incredible sight for Luke to see. The pain had made Stephens arch upwards lifting off the metal table and the screams filled the room over and over again as one by one each of his toe nails were slowly and methodically ripped away from the toes, first from the right foot and then from the left. Each wound seared with the flame for the greater enjoyment of the interrogator and his guards. The blood was wiped away from Stephens tortured toes and once again the gentle massaging of the balls of his feet replaced the searing pain of torture. Stephen quietly sobbed, he knew that pleading for mercy would be a waste of time and maybe even spur his torturer on to inflict even more pain. "You appeared to enjoy that boy, would you like more?". The next half an hour saw Stephen suffer much more at the hands of his captures. Luke was made to watch as the soles of Stephen's feet were ruthlessly burnt with the blowlamp and his finger nails torn from his fingers. Finally the blowlamp was turned on the young man's cock and balls and the sight of his genitals being burnt made Luke beg on the poor guys behalf. "You seen enough young man? Now you pay attention to me. Tomorrow YOU will be strapped to that table and our boss will ask you a few questions. This is the deal, you answer correctly and you don't suffer. Refuse and tomorrow will be a great day for me. You understand?". Luke nodded and begged for Stephen to be released. Luke knew that Stephen was to be killed but he had to try to save the guy. After much pleading and begging and to Luke's surprise, Stephen was injected with a sedative and taken by helicopter to a location around five miles from civilisation. Drugs were given that would confuse short term memory and he was abandoned naked to find his own way to safety. Would he make it? No-one really cared but at least he had a chance. Although getting to civilisation with burnt feet and genitals would not be an easy task.

The price of Stephen's freedom was not cheap. Luke was taken to the Guard dormitories and made full use of for the pleasure of his guards. He endured every possible sex act that a guy could engage in with another guy. Every guard in the building pleasured themselves with Luke pumping their loads down his throat and his anus with their meat. Gang raped for the chance that another guy could make it to safety. The ordeal lasted until the early hours of the morning. Finally locked back in his cell Luke was faced with the cold hard fact that after five hours sleep, he would be strapped down to the torture table and the pain would begin. He had witnessed the no mercy approach that he would be facing and he knew that he could not give any information about the memory stick. He knew nothing. Tomorrow would be the start of a nightmare and there was nothing he could do about it.

The morning came quickly and as expected Luke found himself strapped down spread eagle to the torture table. The cold, dark sinister room had a smell that was quite unusual and Luke put it down to the smell of fear. He lay there wondering just how many innocent people had suffered terribly on the very table that he was lying on. He wondered just how much he was to suffer and if he would indeed survive to see the outside world again. The restraints securing his ankles and wrists to the table were quite secure and he had little or no ability to move. He had never felt quite so vulnerable in his entire life. he was totally at the mercy of a sadist who really enjoyed his work and he was very afraid. He lay there strapped down for a good few hours before anyone entered the room to begin his ordeal.

Jason entered the torture room and pulled chair alongside the table and sat down. "Luke, please understand that I really have no wish to see you hurt. You are a good kid and you don't need this any more than I do. You know that my chief interrogator is thorough in his work. He has no feelings, no compassion, no morality that would stop him from doing what has to be done. I want you to understand that I don't want to see you go through his hands. So I am going to ask you a few questions and I just need you to give me honest answers, you got that?". Luke said "Yes Sir, but please, I have no idea who you are or why I am here. I don't see what information I have that you would need. I don't I really don't." Luke started to cry, "Please Sir, please don't hurt me. Please.". Jason put his hand on Luke's shoulder and gently squeezed, almost a comforting gesture. "I know, I know this will be hard son but I will do all I can to make sure that my interrogator inflicts pain without damaging your body too much. I have to make certain that you have no classified information. I have no choice, I am so very sorry". Jason ran his fingers through Luke's hair, stood up and moved over to the place where the guards were sitting and made himself a coffee. "Get his feet ready guys, oh and wire him up, let's try to do this without blood and fire".

Luke's feet were unchained from the corners of the table and his ankles tied tightly together. A chain from the ceiling was lowered and fastened to the rope securing the ankles. This enabled Luke's feet to be hauled upwards off the table and into the air just a little above the table top and at an height where the interrogator could easily beat Luke's soles. The genitals were positioned so they rested on top of the legs and the balls placed through a tight fitting metal ring. The interrogator took Luke's cock in his hands and inserted a smooth metal rod into the urethral opening and pushed the rod a good distance into Luke's cock. Electrical cables were attached to the rod and the ring and Luke was wired ready for electric shocks to be applied to his genitals. He turned to Jason and said "Almost ready to start Sir". He flicked a switch turned a control knob and pressed a red button on a the black hand held box, instantly Luke shouted out "Oh God please No!", as a surge of electrical power flowed down his cock and through his balls. "All ready Sir, at your command" the interrogator announced and Luke knew that things were about to get very uncomfortable.

Jason sat down by Luke with his coffee and a few rounds of toast. "Ok so let's try and make this easy, yes? You took my table in the coffee shop. I left my memory stick on said table. There was no memory stick in the lost and found box. So, you must have my memory stick, yes?". He looked at Luke and said "Well?". Luke was at a loss. He had no idea what Jason was talking about. He knew that he would not be believed but he could not deliver a memory stick that he did not have. "Sir, please believe me. I took the empty table and I sat there and enjoyed a coffee and a cake. There was no memory stick on the table. If there had have been I would have handed it in. Please Sir please, I don't have your memory stick". Just a few seconds after he stopped speaking, he screamed as a surge of power, much higher than the test shot was delivered through his cock and balls. Ten seconds of agony that felt like 5 minutes. "Not a good answer Luke" The power surged again and Luke screamed and cried for mercy his cock and balls throbbed and convulsed with shock and pain. Jason finished his coffee while Luke's cock and balls enjoyed another four or five surges of power, each shot a higher amperage than the last. Luke's screams and desperate pleas echoes around the room but nothing stopped the power. Eventually, the power was turned off and all that could be heard in the room was the sobbing of a guy who desperately wanted his suffering to end. "Please Sir, please don't do...." Luke was cut off mid sentence as a searing pain exploded through the soles of his feet. Over and over again the electric cables were lashed across the bare soles inflicting terrible pain with each blow. Luke was besides himself with pain and desperately tried to break his feet free from their bonds but to no avail. Thirty to Forty lashes later the whipping stopped and Luke once again settled down on the metal table sobbing and pleading but once again his cock and balls shook with electrical power and his soles received a second assault from the cables.

Jason ordered a break from the torture and once again turned to Luke. "So Luke, tell me about your father". What kind of question was that? Luke was puzzled and asked why the interest in his dad. "Where is your dad Luke?". Luke had no idea. His dad left home when he was just a baby in arms. He had always wanted to try and find him but he knew nothing about him. The only thing he knew was that his dad had a tattoo of a blue anchor on his left forearm. A good friend told him that if ever he saw a guy with blue anchor tattoo then that person, if the right age, could easily be his father. Luke explained to Jason and Jason appeared surprised. "You know that he has a tattoo?, impressive. Considering that you have never met. We need to be certain that your father is safe. He is under our protection and his location can be found on that memory stick. He has no idea that we have you prisoner and he will never know. He is a top agent in our organisation and we MUST protect his identity and his location. This is why I don't want you permanently harmed. I will torture you beyond what you can endure if I have to. We must protect your dad, even from your accidental involvement. Luke, we need that memory stick. So come on, tell us where you put it". The power surged again at a much higher rate than before and Luke's cock and balls were in danger of burning. between jolts of electricity Luke's soles were thrashed without mercy in an ongoing alternating tirade of torture. Twenty minutes later Jason stopped the torture. "I think he is telling the truth. I don't think he knows where the data is. Beat him and dump him". Jason left the centre and drove away to continue the search elsewhere. The memory stick was somewhere and he intended to find it.

Luke was freed from the table and his hands were tied behind his back. Guards surrounded him and using rubber hoses, beat him into unconsciousness. The usual dose of drugs were injected and Luke was driven out to one of the remote locations used for dumping trespassers and he was left untied but naked to awaken and find his way to help.

Jason sat parked outside Luke's flat not quite knowing where to look next. He reached down to pick up a part drunk can of coke from the car foot well only to find the memory stick lying on the floor of his car. Relief, all the agents locations had been secured. he got out of his car for some cool fresh air and removed his jacket and placed it across the back seat. Jason's relief was huge. It was all over and no-one had died - well that was unless Stephen and Luke could not make it back to the town.

The local newspapers reported a few days later the mystery of two naked beaten and tortured young men found wondering the marshland in a state of shock. Both guys were taken to hospital where they were doing well.

Jason was relieved to read the news. He glanced down at the small blue anchor tattoo on his forearm and felt pride for a son who knew how to suffer and survive.


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