A muscular hung rapist is strapped down for electro cock torture in prison by the guards for raping another inmate in this intense reader submitted story by Mark Patterson.

Big Bull Stud Otis's Sexual Torture
by Mark Patterso

He had raped a lot of young men,but never caught for it,as the boys dare not inform on Otis as he would have killed them. Put in prison for raping a girl,while in high school,the big athlete was cut off at his prime. Using illegal steroids & working weights for years, he was impressive. 6'9,290lbs of solid muscle, handsome and given a phallus huge and perfect of some 14inches and bull balls.

The southern prison was under a new warden, who had a device to teach men to behave. This was 1966 and his device was a big telephone generator with two big dry cells attached to increase the agonizing shocks. The first few men did not discuss what happened, but young Damion, a big stud did, and it horrified the men.

"They dragged me down to the basement, stripped me, shackled me on a table, thick wire was wound on my cock, and each testicle. The doctor injected meth, so I would not pass out. I thought I would die. I cannot get a erection now, it's been two weeks"

Otis had heard rumors but he had to have his fuckboy, following a young blonde, he knew he'd have to rape the young stud, as nobody could take that huge cock. And Otis loved fuckin ass. Never caught, but this time a guard happened to see him yank the kid into a closet. Gathering up guards, they broke the door lock. There was the black bull mastiff, jamming the boys ass as he cried in pain. Guards pulled him off as his huge phallus ejaculated,several feet.

"To the basement" the lead guard yells. Otis fights naked and stun gunned and beat,he is dragged towards the table Damion described.


It took several huge guards to force him forward, his huge juice drippin cock sprinkling the guards uniforms. They stun gunned him hard, he began to scream as they slammed him down on his back, up to eight men spread his ankles and wrists and leather cuffed him down. Big belts held his neck and powerfull abs. He felt the sting of a shot of methamphetamine and helpless he became erect before the men who hurried to wet him down. A gay guard shaved his public hair,

"Don't want any stinkin hair burning in here stud," thrashing as he was shaved bare, thick wire wound his cockshaft, his huge purple head swelled and juice gushes. Each massive testicle wired so that his balls were skin tight. A leather gag he bit down on as they tied it round his head. A big crank generator rolled in and wires attached. A sadistic muscleman guard and the men stood around gazing as the man cranked a few turns. Otis thrashed, screamed only when current ceased, his genitals were broiling, grilling and soon steam rose from his cock and balls.

Guards roared with laughter, "Bet you keep that huge horse cock in your pants now stud!" Over and over the crank spun and stopped, so he not have a heart attack and it prolonged the pain. The gay guard misted him down, grounded, he was wet on his wired organs, pain now unbelievable, swelling huge balls and cock. He sobbed and now sparks and crackling popping sounds were lighting up his huge proud cock and balls. Nearly a hour he was taken to the infirmary, burned and raw, he screamed as ointment was rubbed to his cock and balls. He was impotent for nearly a month and never raped again.

Mark Patterson

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