Poor Fabian wakes up in an concerning predicament in this fiendishly fun new art series by Derat!

Bezul - Page 1
by Derat
Series: Bezul

A shrill, loud sound brought Fabian back to consciousness. He tried to move, but could only manage to turn his head. His arms and legs felt like cement, and as he tried to process his surroundings, the shrill sound slowly grew softer and more muffled. He peered into the darkness, but could not make out where he was. He tried to remember, but his memories were completely wiped. All he could remember was his name, and that he had gone camping with his friend Marcel. But nothing else, it was all gone. He had no idea how he got to this place or what would happen next. It seemed there was no escape.

After some time, the dull tones he heard started to take shape, and Fabian began to focus on his surroundings. It was dark, so he could barely see anything. There was also no noticeable smell. It was cold, but strangely he only felt the coldness on his face, his feet, the front of his erect penis, and his slightly aching testicles. "Shit," Fabian thought, "I've got a hard-on...". And his balls? They ached as if they were being pulled or stretched. Not unbearably strong, but still unpleasant.

Before Fabian had a chance to figure out what was happening to him, the dull tones kept modulating until they started forming words that Fabian could understand. "..aaand now, let's welcome our host of the day," boomed the voice from the speakers, while the floodlight system suddenly lit up the room, then pausing before continuing, "Xelux!"

"Yeehaw, my dear friends!", Fabian heard, this time from a corner that made him assume that Xelux was in the same room. "Today we have something new, something groundbreaking for you.", Xelux continued. "Bezuls! No animal is more connected to Xalaxian culture than these magnificent riding beasts. Already 25,000 years ago, our ancestors bred Bezuls to traverse the wide steppes of Kandria, the Senits rode them up the Julup and the Pelaner survived the great famine of Kendri thanks to their large Bezul herds, but, as you all know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to breed these magnificent creatures."

"The lack of nourishment for the Bezuls is less an issue of their own consumption, but rather of their only food source - the nectar of the Gohlshroom. The habitat of the Gohlshroom has been heavily restricted due to the extensive mining of the stone deserts, and the changed environmental conditions since the Polar Shift 350 years ago have taken their toll on the mushroom. Rarely can one find a specimen, and even if one is lucky enough to stumble upon one, everyone who has attempted to relocate it knows how difficult it is. Digging up its sprawling roots is a gamble, and the fungus rarely survives the effort to cultivate it elsewhere. This would all be manageable if it were not for the fact that a single Gohlshroom produces enough nectar for only one Bezul per day."

Xelux chuckled, "Isn't that cute? Look at how happy the Bezul is pecking at the mushroom to get a taste of the delicious nectar inside!" Clearly, Fabian thought, one of these creatures and mushrooms was in the room.

"In a nutshell," Xelux continued, "a Gohlshrrom provides enough food for just a single Bezul. At least until today! However, in my long travels through the Fireband I encountered a species that raises its young with a secretion that so closely resembles Gohlpilz nectar that the Bezuls happily accept it as food."

The sound of a drumroll filled the room as a voice proclaimed, "This is it - the revolution in bezel breeding and keeping - the Gigantus Nektarius! Sekus, please tell us something about the Gigantus!"


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  1. scotts60143 - March 24, 2023, 8:42 am

    Very interesting beginning in an almost cartoon like environment. Since the Gigantus is bound in a way that he cannot move, should prove interesting!

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