The horny author returns to his BDSM master for more intense CBT and bondage and even gets to inflict some of his own cock and ball torture on another young stud in the second part of this gay bondage story from CABallBoy.

Ball Torture Part 2
by CABallBoy
Series: Ball Torture

It had been six weeks since the last experience at the guy's house. The last time was pretty intense. My balls were swollen and sore for a week. I couldn't help but think about that night every time I went to take a leak and had to touch my dick. It was sore too. Of course, every time I did think about it, my cock started to get hard.

I decided it was time to call him again and see about my continued education in ball torture with me as the subject. I was disappointed to get his answering machine but as I started to leave a message, he came on. He said to be at his house at 9:00 that night and to wear nothing but running shorts and he had a new experience waiting for me. I started to ask what he had in mind, but he cut me off saying to just be there on time and hung up on me.

Well, I guess I would find out when I got there.

His house is out in the country and it was very dark when I arrived. I left my car in front of his house and went to the door wearing just my tight, black running shorts and shoes. My cock was already feeling the first stirrings of anticipation for the evening. I knocked and he opened the door immediately, motioning me to come inside. It was pretty dark but I saw someone else sitting in a corner of the room. He didn't say anything and the guy didn't introduce me either. He asked if I wanted a beer and I said yes.

When he came back into the room, he gave the other guy and me a beer. He sat down and didn't say anything for awhile. I was starting to get uncomfortable just sitting there when he offered me a joint, saying just relax, we have all night. I took a couple of quick draws on it and started to feel the calming effects almost immediately. The other guy just sat watching us from the corner of the room sipping on his beer occasionally. He looked young and hunky from what I could tell in the darkened room.

I had just finished off my beer when the older guy said it was getting late and we should get started. He pointed to the same door leading to the basement where I went down that first night, and was followed by both of them. It was very dark at first with that same small red light in the center of the room. Right under it was the hard flat table where I had my first experience here. My cock had started to stir again, against my will. I didn't want to show how excited I was getting yet.

The young guy retreated to a corner to watch, I guessed. Neither he nor the older guy said anything at first. He told me to stand by the table and finally, after looking me over for a few minutes, he ordered me to take my shorts and shoes off. I did and stood there naked in front both of them. He then told me to lie on my back on the table. No electrical jock strap this time. He went around the table attaching leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles. He seemed to make them extra tight this time. After he was sure they were secure, he attached a length of chain to each one and locked them to hooks under the table. I was being stretched, tight, in all directions. Then over each thigh just above each knee, leather straps were belted into place. And two more leather straps were added across my lower abdomen and chest. I was completely helpless, naked, spread eagle on my back, I virtually could not move. Defenseless with one guy I barely knew and one I didn't know at all.

He completed the ritual by blindfolding me, but no gag this time. He said it didn't matter, his house was so far from any others and in a sound proof basement, no one could hear me scream anyway.

The older guy finally started talking to me like we were having a normal conversation at a party. He said the young guy's name was Nick. Nick had answered the same ad I did and had been tied down to this table before. But Nick wanted to be trained as his apprentice. He told him that he wanted to see how it felt to be one that worked over someone else's nuts and could he at least watch the next time. Obviously, the older guy had said yes. He said Nick wanted to hear a guy scream a lot. I was starting to get really nervous. Despite that, my dick was still getting hard.

I could hear the guy moving around the room and dropping stuff on the table. I couldn't tell from the sounds what they were. He said to Nick, "Why don't you loosen up his balls a little bit while I finish getting ready. Stretch his sac out, massage his nuts and slap them around a little, not too much, we have a lot planned for him this evening."

I didn't hear Nick approach and jumped in my restraints as he stroked my dick and fondled my balls. Slowly stretching the sac out, rolling each nut between his fingers, back and forth, taking turns, doing each nut one at a time. This went on for about five minutes, nervous sweat started beading up on my skin. It was hot down there anyway. Then Nick started slapping my balls. Lightly at first, then stepping up the speed and strength of the hits. I was starting to feel the real, deep-seated gut pain when the guy told him to stop and step back and watch.

The guy grabbed my left foot and wrapped a wire around my big toe. He did the same to the right. It was quiet for a second and then he started pushing what I thought was his lubed finger up my ass. But it was thin and smooth and felt cold like steel. It didn't hurt, but it was definitely staying in place.

So far, nothing bad had happened and my dick kept getting harder with each manipulation to my body. He stroked my cock a couple of times and muttered something like, "We'll see how long you like having your dick standing at attention."

Roughly grabbing my ball sac, he pulled and stretched it down. He tied some heavy twine around them so they stayed stretched out. He wrapped something around my balls too. It was tightly wound, but I couldn't tell what it was. Then, holding my dick with one hand and stroking it a couple more times using some kind of lubricant, I felt what I thought was a rubber being rolled down over my cock. So far, I had been hooked up different parts of my body and didn't know what to expect.

He started talking to Nick, almost ignoring that I was there. "You see how I have him attached to the machine? There are just 2 more places to attach and then we'll be ready for the fun part."

Talking to me directly, "You may think that's a rubber on your cock and it is, but a special one. It's lined with a metallic conducting material. I've attached electrodes to all the things attached to your body. I can switch the machine to run the electricity from any electrode to another, more than two or all at once, and vary the strength and frequency as I desire. Of Course, I left some of the best for last."

With that, he pinched my right nipple and attached an alligator clip that really bit in. Without hesitation he did left nipple also. The metal teeth bit in and hurt enough, but he added one more. With this one, he pinched skin around my navel and attached it. I started to squirm against the restraints. I could tell a bright light had come on around the edges of the blindfold. He said, "You're going to be a star. We're taping you this time so we can enjoy it over and over."

"Don't worry, the pain from the tit clamps will be the last of your concerns in a second." And with that he flicked the first switch. It was a very audible click. There was a tingling sensation up and down both legs. Nothing hurt yet, no pain, just like you can't stop a nervous twitch in a muscle. With each click of the dials, he started playing with the power and frequency of the current. My leg muscles started to spasm. Then stopped. I had started to breathe pretty hard thinking about all the other spots he had hooked up to me.

He said to Nick, "Come over here and watch his stomach muscles. You'll like this a lot more than he does." With that, he clicked another switch and it was like someone hit me in the gut. It just kept tightening up, more and more. You couldn't relax the muscles and he started to vary the voltage, up and then back down. It was a rolling sensation, hard to describe. I didn't have time to adjust to any particular feeling, I just had to lie there and take it. Nick said something for the first time, "When can you turn it on his balls and cock?" He told Nick to wait, it was coming and he would know when it happened.

I started struggling against the restraints by then, when the guy started to feed the electricity through the tit clamps, he said to me, "You know, this is the really dangerous part here. If I'm not careful, you could have a heart attack. But don't worry, I don't want you to miss any of the fun."

He left the tit clamps on low power, just enough to tingle on each nipple. But I started to feel it in my groin now. It seemed to be everywhere there. He said, "I've started it through your dick and ass. I have a special automatic hookup that will change several times a second between shooting it through your dick, ass and balls. The balls are the best part. It feels like a vice has been put on them. I can just turn it on and sit back and watch you squirm. And from the look of Nick's basket, he's starting to enjoy it too. Nick, why don't you get comfortable and strip your clothes off." It wasn't a question, it was a command.

He must have turned it up a notch. It changed so fast, I couldn't tell where it was going to or coming from. You could feel the charge from the tip of your cock down through the prostrate and into the ass. Everything clenched and stopped and started again, over and over. It felt like something was alive in my dick. He turned it up again and I started to say no, no , no, but then he must have really turned it up and said if I wanted to complain, he would give me something to complain about. I clenched my mouth shut in a silent scream.

He said, "I've always like doing this part to the balls." He turned off on everything but the circuit running through my nuts. It was like a vise tightening from all directions. It kept building, getting worse. This time he didn't turn it back down again. He cranked it up again and I started to grunt with each surge, he turned it up again. Now I started begging him to turn it down, but he turned it up again. I couldn't think of anything else but trying to escape. I couldn't move and still the pain intensified. I heard Nick through my pain say to turn it up more. I said, "NO!! Don't. I can't take it" but it still went on. Another click and I started screaming, now I wasn't just struggling with the restraints, I was nearly hysterical trying to get loose. This went on for several minutes, helpless with my balls being crushed, over and over and then without warning, he shut everything off.

Nick said, "Can't I try it out on him?" I just lay there, breathing hard and in disbelief he wanted to keep hurting me.

He said, "NO, I don't want to ruin his balls too soon. We still have lots more to try on him."

The sweat was pouring off of me now and it took awhile for my breathing to ease. The guy took the tit clamps off and removed the rest of the wires and the metal dildo. He left the ball stretcher on though. But that was nothing compared to the electrical shocks. I was still spread eagle at their mercy. My poor dick still tingled like someone had been slapping it around. It was still stiff but felt kind of numb. It felt really funny when he peeled the rubber off my cock. He let me lay there unmolested for a few minutes, catching my breath. I could hear hem moving things around the room but I had no idea what was in store for me. The bright light was still on so I know he was still recording all the action.

He said to Nick, "Put this leather harness on. I want you in the video, too. Take his cock and pull on it. Nice and easy. I want you to keep him hard while I do the rest." Nick did as he was told. His hand was soft and moved gently. I could have cum in a few minutes, but Nick made sure to keep me on edge, just below the point of no return.

The guy was pulling my balls down and something hard was being fitted over them. I couldn't tell what he was doing. He said, "Did you know that I invented the ball press? This is the original model. You should feel privileged." I knew what was going to happen next. My cock was rock hard, Nick was still playing with it, edging me to the brink, only to stop before I could cum. The guy told Nick to keep it up, but to make sure I didn't cum until he gave him permission to finish me.

He then told Nick to start working on my nipples in between edging. "Pinch them, twist them, pull them as much as you like, make it hurt", he said. And Nick went to work right away.

The guy was still holding my balls in place tightening the ball press down. He said, "I designed these especially for the testicles. Most of the ball presses let the balls slip out when you start to tighten them. This has curves designed to hold your nuts in place. The more I tighten it down, the more securely your balls are held. You're going to love this." And with that I could feel the hard edges of the press starting to take hold while Nick was apparently enjoying himself torturing my nipples.

I was already starting to twist in my bonds with Nick pinching my tits and the ball press crushing down. My cock was still hard and the guy gave it a couple of yanks and said, "Looks like he likes it." He was no longer holding my balls. Just the hard edges of the ball press were holding them in place. He started cranking it down. He said as the pressure was starting to grow, "I've never cranked this all the way down before. Who knows, maybe today's a first." And it was starting really hurt. At first, it was just pressure, now it was becoming that deep-seated pain a guy feels in his gut. He turned it another full turn as I realized for the first time that he might actually crush my nuts. I didn't know him or Nick that well, he might actually destroy them.

The sweat was starting to pour off of me. Nick twisted and pulled just the tips of the nipples at the same time. I couldn't concentrate on which pain to think about. My nuts were being slowly and steady crushed. The guy took a doctor's rubber mallet and started thumping the top of the press. He'd screw the ball press down and then use the mallet. I croaked out that it hurt, but all he did was hit them harder. He took his fingers and pressed in from around the sides of the ball press on each nut. The pressure was becoming unbearable. I was struggling again, helpless to escape but trying, I starting screaming when Nick took his smelly shorts and stuck them in my mouth. I tried shake them loose but couldn't. The pain was shooting up my legs, my nuts helpless against the pain. I heard Nick say he wanted to use the hammer on my balls. I was shaking my head trying to say no, no, trying to get them to stop.

The ball press was turned again. I thought this is it, my nuts are going to pop any second. I couldn't stop the pain and didn't think it could be worse. I would be wrong.

At that moment when I thought they were going to destroy my nuts, a buzzer went off in the room. The guy cursed and stopped what he was doing. He told Nick to stop, not do anything more to me and wait for him to get back, he had to go upstairs and take care of something for a minute.

I heard the door close and no sooner was the guy gone that Nick started snickering, without me being able to tell what he was doing, he grabbed the mallet and swung down hard on my trapped balls. The shock of the new pain was like nothing before. I did scream through the gag. He hit them again. I couldn't even breathe trying to scream again. I could hear Nick giggling when I heard him say, "This is going to hurt" and he must have hit my nuts as hard as he could. I choked and screamed at the same time. The pain was everywhere and I kept screaming. I think I went beyond screaming, I started shrieking. I don't remember when I stopped. I must have blacked out for a couple of minutes. When I could think again the ball press had been removed and the excruciating pain was slowly turning into a continuous ache in my balls and gut.

The guy said, "Nick didn't have permission to do that. I decide how much a guy can take. So, since he got to do you, I'm going to let you have a shot at him." He took the blindfold off and it took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the light. I must have blacked out longer than I thought. Nick was strapped to the wall on a Saint Andrews cross. Completely naked with his arms and legs spread and secured. Leather straps across his thighs, stomach and chest. He was as helpless as I had been, firmly restrained and blindfolded.

The guy carefully undid my restraints and let me sit up and rest for another few minutes. Nick was asking what was going on, this wasn't part of the deal he said. The guy just laughed, it was an evil laugh that sent chills up my spine. Sweat was starting to drip off of Nick. He couldn't see what was happening. The guy moved the camera around on Nick's position and turned the lights on. Nick was a great looking guy. He looked about 23, 6' 3", 175, with longish blond hair, clean shaven with a smooth, tight body. He was also hung nicely about 8 inches with low hanging goose-egg size balls. A great target I thought. So did the guy, obviously. He took a leather cord and tied it around Nick's cock head. He pulled up hard and tied it off over Nick's head. Nick was trying to stand on the tip of his toes to relieve the pressure on his stretched out dick. The guy looked at me and said I could just watch or help. I said I'd watch at first and then see. I think Nick was relieved that I didn't want to jump in right after what he had done to me.

He said, "Well, I like my boy's balls nice and smooth to work on. Why don't you help me with this first part and shave Nick's balls and around his dick for me. The stuff is right there on the table for it." I thought this will be fun and went right to it. There was a mug with a soapstone and brush for applying the foam. I put a little hot water in the cup and started whipping it up. As I approached Nick, I could smell Nick's fear thinking about me with a razor working on his exposed and defenseless cock and balls. With a good load of soap on the brush, I started to lather up his balls. Stroking up the underside of his dick a little at a time. He moaned as the soft bristle brush moved over his exposed cock. My dick kept getting harder as I worked it over his balls. As I soaped them up good, I kept slapping the brush harder and harder against his ball sac. Finally, I was hitting his balls with the brush, stroke after stroke. Nick was starting to squirm, trying to move with no luck. He could hardly move at all. I hit them harder and harder, remembering how he tortured my balls. The guy said that was enough, Nick would get what he deserved soon enough.

I put the mug down and looked around for the razor. The guy said it was in the case next to the mug. It was a straight razor. I said I had never shaved using a straight razor before. The guy said that was ok and to go ahead. Nick was trying to shake his head and saying no as I approached him holding the razor out in front of me. "I hope I don't mess up with this", I said with a smile. Nick struggled in his bonds and I told him he better be very still if he wanted his nuts to stay where they were. He stopped instantly.

As I put the edge of the blade to his nut sack for the first time, sweat poured down his smooth stomach. It was very exciting to have this kind of control over a guy. Very slowly, I drew the blade down the first time, letting the sharp blade glide over the smooth ball sack. Slowly, excruciatingly, the hair came off. Down one side, then the tender underneath, backside. Nick shuddered every time the blade touched his skin. I slowly took the hair off the base of his cock, just leaving the tuft of hair above his dick.

The guy gave me a really hot, wet towel and said to clean him off. I did and then stood back to admire my work. His nut sack was completely smooth. The guy said I did a really good job and now it was his turn to work on Nick.

He took a 3-inch ball stretcher and put it on Nick roughly. He stood there pulling down on it. Nick's cock stretched to the ceiling while his nuts were stretched to the floor. He couldn't move much in either direction without causing pain to his dick or balls. My dick was getting hard watching all this, but my nuts still ached from what Nick had done in part, so I would enjoy watching this. The guy took some tit clamps from the table and without any ceremony put them on Nick. Just the tip of the nipple and then played with them. Nick was starting to squirm in his bonds. He added a weight to each of the nipple clamps. The last thing he did to Nick was to take a thick leather strap and put it around Nick's forehead. The strap was then secured to the wall so Nick couldn't move his head at all.

The guy turned to me and said, "When I do this next thing to a guy sometimes they lose control and hit their head against the wall. I want to make sure he can't hurt himself. I'm going to be doing the hurting like he's never imagined possible."

Nick could hear all this and was sweating. I was getting really hard watching all this. Nick looked pretty good immobilized like that. He was a good looking, built guy and hung. Lots of meat to work on. Nick's nipples stretched painfully towards the floor. He had started to breathe faster. The guy adjusted the camera to get a better view of how stretched out Nick was. He went to a corner of the room and brought a large plastic bucket over and set it between Nick's spread out legs. With a short rope it was attached to the ball stretcher and just kind of swung free when the guy let it go.

He told me to go over to the corner and bring back the other bucket there. It was full of water. He said, "Go ahead. Start pouring. Don't stop until I tell you. And do it slow. I want him to feel his balls being pulled off a little at a time."

I started to pour the water into the bucket hooked to Nick's nuts. The sweat beaded in Nick's armpits and trickled down his smooth stomach. His nut sac was slowly being pulled down. He started to squirm a little in his bonds, but could hardly move at all. His cock was still tied up, stretching towards the ceiling. The base of dick and nut sac stretching more and more down. His smooth, shaved balls were being spread more as the weight continued to increase. He had big balls and the skin was really starting to stretch. I had poured a couple of gallons into the bucket when the guy said to stop and I moved back to watch him. It was quite a sight. And I knew that it was really starting to hurt.

The guy went to one of his toy tables and picked up two metal c-clamps and walked back in front of Nick. He bent down, roughly fitting one on Nick's left nut and then the right. He just fit them on so they wouldn't slip off and then turned to me again and said, "Go on. Turn them a couple of good times." My hands were shaking as I got down close to Nick's dick and balls. The smell of his fear was exciting. My dick was rock hard as I turned one a full turn on one clamp and then the other. I did this a couple of more times for each clamp. Nick was straining to get away but he was completely helpless. His nuts were being pulled to the floor and crushed by the clamps at the same time. The guy told me to stop and I backed off, admiring his tormented body.

The guy then took a pair of electrodes that I remembered so well and attached one to each metal clamp on Nick's balls. I shuddered to think if that had been done to me. But my cock was still at full attention watching this go on. Nick must have guessed what was going to happen because he started to beg the guy not to do anything else. The guy continued on like Nick hadn't said anything. He turned to me and said, "Do you think we should gag him or let him scream?" I said that I wanted to know how bad his nuts were hurting and let him scream. He said ok. Nick's begging turned to whimpers knowing what was coming next.

The guy took two heavier weights and attached them to the tit clamps. He gave Nick a good shot of poppers and flipped the switch on the box for the electrodes. Nick's body stiffened with the first jolt but didn't make a sound. The guy said it was a light one. This was just a tickle. He turned a dial and hit the switch again. This time the knuckles on Nick's hands popped and he started begging him to stop again. The guy said, "I hate it when I've hardly started and they start begging. It just makes me angry and then I hurt them even worse." And turned it up again and flipped the switch. Nick was desperately struggling, but he couldn't even move his head.

I noticed that the guy had a pretty good hard on going, massaging his dick through his pants. I was ready to cum myself. Poor Nick was still squirming, trying to get away from the constant pain. The guy said to me almost ignoring Nick, "Guys have told me it's like a constant hit to the nuts when the jolt hits. It never ends and just keeps building." He shut it off for a moment and untied Nick's cock from its restraint while listening to Nick plead not to hurt him anymore. The guy said he only wanted Nick to appreciate his body more and started to softly stroke Nick's cock. It took a couple of minutes before it got hard.

The guy looked at me and winked and said, "Why don't you give Nick a hand."

My own dick in hand, I went over to Nick and started gently stroking his cock. It was large and well shaped with a big head on it. Nick was still moaning between his tortured nuts and the pleasure in his dick. The guy gave both of us a big hit of poppers and then I saw him turn the dial all the way up on the machine. Without any warning, he flipped the switch. The current went straight through one ball to the other. Nick's body tightened and strained at the restraints and screamed at the top of his lungs. The guy would flip the switch off and just as Nick started to relax, he would flip the switch back on and Nick would start screaming over and over. The last time, he left it on for a full 4 minutes, it must have been excruciating. Nick was now the one shrieking.

He flipped the switch off for the final time and while poor Nick was sobbing, he went over and slowly removed the wires and the c-clamps. I thought and Nick must also have thought that his agony was over. But the guy wasn't finished with his punishment. He said to Nick, "The next time you disobey my instructions, this is only a prelude to what I will do to you the next time." Nick's face turned ashen white.

With Nick still firmly restrained and his balls still distended by the ball harness, the guy walked over to his toy table, came back and handed to me the rubber mallet. He said, "Go ahead, take 5 good swings, make it hurt."

I have to admit, I was excited and scared at the same time. I still hadn't cum and my cock was rock hard after seeing what had just happened to Nick and my balls were ready to explode.

I took the mallet and walked over to Nick while he pleaded with me to please don't do it. He had suffered enough and was so sorry he hurt me so bad. I must have had an evil grin on my face as I knelt down in front of him. The guy walked over with lube in his hand and started jacking off Nick, slowly. I cupped his balls with one hand and then without hesitation slammed the mallet into Nick's balls. He jerked and screamed at the same time. The guy without missing a beat just kept slowly stroking Nick's cock. I waited a minute and then swung again, hitting his nuts squarely in the middle. Two down, three to go. Once more I swung the mallet and Nick was full out screaming now, begging us to stop.

I waited a couple of minutes this time and then swung again, his balls flattened in my hand. This was such delicious revenge. All the while he was still being jacked off. I didn't see how he could still be so hard, but he was. I definitely was hard.

The guy told me to wait a minute. He would tell me when to slug Nick the last time. The guy started increasing the rhythm of his strokes, taking his time, he was bringing Nick to orgasm. Nick's ragged breathing from the pain in his nuts was being replaced by his coming orgasm. Moaning and begging to let him cum, it didn't take long. Just as he started to spurt cum, the guy says to me, "OK, hit him hard now." I pulled way back this time and slammed the mallet the hardest yet directly into his nuts. Cumming and shrieking at the same time, he shot gobs of cum splashing across the floor in front of us.

I stood back watching as the guy continued to pump Nick's cock while Nick was hysterical and screaming. I was slowly stroking my own dick and came almost immediately shooting onto poor Nick. It was one of the strongest orgasms I ever had. I had to hold myself up to keep from falling over. Soon everything and everyone slowed to a stop.

Poor Nick was basically just hanging in the restraints. It took him awhile to realize all the weights and restraints had been removed and we had to pick him up and practically drag him over to a cot in a corner of the room and let him rest. It wasn't until we set him down, I looked over and the guy had cum in his pants without touching himself.

We finally went back upstairs and rested for awhile with a couple more beers, Nick didn't say much and kept clutching his crotch as if trying to protect his balls. I already knew from my previous experience that his nuts would be swollen and tender for at least a week.

It was finally time to go. I left thinking about what I had just gone through and although this was the most scary, intense scene I have ever gone through, I though that I would probably be back again. Nick's apprentice days were undoubtedly done, however mine might just be starting.


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