A horny dude endures intense ball torture and cum control when he answers the ad of a gay bdsm master.

Ball TortureBall Torture Part 1
by CABallBoy
Series: Ball Torture

There was one time I went to see this guy in a town nearby. I had seen an ad he placed saying that he specialized in ball torture. I've always had a fascination for how much pain a guy could take. Especially if that guy was me. I wrote him, telling him about myself and to see if he was interested in getting together if we had mutual desires. That I wanted to be tied down, helpless to stop him and to see how much torture I could take. I told him I thought my balls were tough and I wanted to expand my limits. I even sent him a couple of photos showing my balls tied up and stretched out. His ad said he was very inventive and had all kinds of nasty equipment to work on balls with.

I got a letter back from him right away saying he would like to get together and how about this weekend. I called and said yes. It seemed like forever until the day arrived for me to go over. It was all I could do to keep from jacking off five times a day thinking about it. It was finally time.

I got to his house about 8 PM on a Friday night. It had been a hot day and wasn't getting much cooler in the evening. I had on my running shorts and a white T-shirt with my running shoes. He answered the door and looked at me for a minute without saying anything. I thought, "Great, he doesn't like me." But then he smiled and let me in.

He didn't say much. Just motioned for me to sit down and then asked if I wanted a beer. I was nervous and so said yes just to be doing something. He brought the beers back and we talked for a couple of minutes about the weather and other bullshit while drinking. He said he had some grass if I wanted a couple of hits to relax and loosen up a little. I said ok. When I finished, he abruptly said to get up and pointed to a door in the corner of the room I hadn't noticed. He said to come with him it was time to get started. Nothing else.

The door led to stairs that went down to the basement. It was dark. There was a small red bulb on in the ceiling. It gave the room a very eerie glow. I could make out some kind of table in the center of the room. He led me to the table and told me to strip. That was all. Nothing but the command to strip. I started to hesitate and say something, but there was a look in his eyes that made me just do it. He then handed me a jockstrap to put on. It had a funny feeling to it but I couldn't really see anything in the dark, so as I put them on, he said to lie down on the table on my back.

I was starting to get nervous. We hadn't talked about what he was going to do and apparently he wasn't going to now. He turned to another table and picked up four leather cuffs. He put one on each arm and leg and padlocked them closed. He then picked up lengths of chains and attached one to each cuff. Taking one on my leg, he attached it to a hook under the table. Then pulling my other leg tight over the other edge of the table he attached that one. He then took my right arm and pulled it taunt up over my head and secured it. Now was my last chance to do or say anything and have some control over this. He picked my other arm and pulled it tight and secured it.

I was now stretched, tightly spread-eagle on the hard table top wearing only a jock strap with someone I really didn't know in control. Already feeling pretty helpless, he then took a blindfold and put that over my eyes. He then picked up a gag and as he put that on he said, "You could scream down here and no one could hear you anyway. But I like it when a guy can only squirm and squeal when he is trying to escape the pain. There is no escape for you now until I say so. As he shoved it in my mouth and secured the buckle, I tried talking but it was no use. I couldn't get anything but grunts out.

I could hear him move around the table. He started feeling my body with his hands as he moved around. He gently pinched my right nipple, then the left. His hands moved down my chest, stomach, where he slid his fingers under the top of the jock strap. I couldn't move at all. He tested the bonds to make sure they were tight as he moved around. He gently squeezed my balls, kind of rolling them around with his fingers. I started to feel the first stirring in my cock as it hardened slightly.

He must have noticed as he started to squeeze harder. Pulling down on them a little more. He let go suddenly and I felt him working with his fingers on the jock strap. I thought he was going to pull them off to get at my balls but he let go. He said, "You want to know why that jock strap felt funny? I made this especially with wires running though it. And I just hooked up those wires to a magnetometer sitting here. It does a great job of making you wish you didn't have balls."

I could hear a slight humming noise and didn't know what to expect. I could start to feel a tickling sensation along my cock. It just made me get harder. "Feels pretty good, huh?", he said. He reached into the jock strap and pulled my hardening cock up along my belly. I started to feel the tingling in my balls now. The noise was getting louder. The tickling started to become more intense. In fact, as I started to sweat, it wasn't tickling at all. It felt like something was moving through my balls. It was becoming more intense by the second. I started to squirm in my bonds but couldn't move. The pressure was building on my nuts. It started to feel like someone had grabbed them and was squeezing harder and harder. I started to groan. The noise was growing. So was the pain up in my gut.
The pain went up through my cock, which just kept getting harder. My dick head felt like it was on fire. I could hear him through my agony, "The funny thing is that there is no physical damage to your balls. I could keep you in agony for hours and not leave any evidence."

He must have spun the dial up for one brief moment as I tried to scream around the gag, my nuts in agony, the pain wouldn't stop. It radiated out from my balls. My cock was so stiff it hurt. Just then it stopped when I didn't think I could take anymore. Not that there would have been anything I could have done to stop it. My breathing was ragged, the sweat pouring off of me. I couldn't hear what he was doing. I was so relieved by the pain easing away. My balls felt swollen even though he said there was no physical damage.

Then I started to feel the tingling again. He could control the frequency as well as the strength of the electrical surge. He would lower the frequency and it felt like someone was tapping my nuts, then swing it up to where it was like someone had my nuts encased with this crushing force. It's hard to describe until you have experienced it. I started to strain against the restraints as he kept increasing the power. My nuts felt like they were literally being crushed, over and over again. I was totally helpless, starting to scream around the gag, "enough, stop, stop", but it just came out as grunts as I was struggling to escape the bonds, to no end. It was like being punched in the balls, over and over.

I was gasping for breath, trying to say, I can't breath, can't breath. I could hear him laughing as he suddenly shut it off. My breathing still ragged and my chest heaving. I was finally starting to breath a deep sigh of relief as my still raging hard cock still struggled against the jock strap.

I could hear him moving around the room. It sounded like he was picking things up and putting down on the table next to my body. I felt his hands pulling on the jock strap. In one quick motion, he cut them off of me. My stiff cock standing straight up and my nuts exposed to anything he wanted to do. Completely naked and spread-eagle, helpless, I couldn't even talk to him. He would do whatever he wanted to my exposed nuts.

He reached down and roughly grabbed my ball sac, stretching it down as far as my sac would allow. He started tying something around them. A leather harness that stretched and separated the balls. He massaged them as he was tightening the stretcher. With his thumb and forefinger, he clamped onto my left nut and punched down hard. The pain came slowly as he increased pressure on the tortured nut.

He said, "I've always wanted to see if I could feel my fingers through a guy's nut." And kept tightening down. He let go, gave me a big hit of poppers and then started on the other nut. One at a time he kept going back and forth. Each time the pain becoming more intense and lasting longer. My cock still hard as he ground down on them. It started to become too much to bear. I was struggling the restraints, trying to get loose, but couldn't move. There was no way to stop the pain. He took one nut in each hand now. Then slowly, twisted and pulled at the same time, grabbing each nut harder and harder. I was twisting in my bonds, trying to scream and tell him he was destroying my nuts, but couldn't. He gave them one final jerk each and stroked my hard dick until I thought I was going to
come. But he stopped before I could. The pressure to cum was unbearable. I ached to let my load shoot. He let me rest until my breathing returned to near normal.

Still held by the chains and blindfolded, I could only listen to him move around the room. He started pinching one nipple, then the other. He then held one of then and attached some kind of nipple clamp to it. He then did the same to the other. They didn't hurt bad at first, but then he must have tied a string to them as the clamps gripped hard and they were pulled up over me. They were stretched up hard. I couldn't move to relieve the pressure. I had to lay there and take it. Moving around just hurt more.

He gave me another hit of poppers and then suddenly took the ball harness off. That hurt almost as much as when he was hitting them. It wasn't more than a second before he again stretched the ball sac out and tied a rope around them, stretched as far down as they would go. He then pulled them hard and tied off the rope at the end of the table between my legs. They were really stretched out. Next he tied a string around the head of my cock and pulled it up and tied it off above my head. Now, spread-eagle, my tits being pulled away from my body, my dick pulled away from my balls and my poor tortured nuts stretched out with nothing to protect them.

I was already breathing hard again when he started to talk to me, "I made a little machine just for ball torture. It's an old fan motor that I can place just over your nut sac. Only instead of fan blades, I have hard rubber paddles set up in it. I can adjust the speed as it turns and slaps your balls. It can be set very close and very hard or slow and easy. I think we'll start out easy and work our way up to very, very hard."

He gave me a really big hit of poppers. I knew this would be bad. My poor dick was still rock hard with anticipation. I could feel him moving around the table. I heard some whirling noise. Then I felt it for the first time. You know how you can take a hit to the balls and it takes a second to feel the pain. This hit and hit and hit and hit. Each slap, even if he didn't increase the speed hurt more each time. It doesn't stop. The rush from the poppers was hitting just as he turned up the speed. My nipples hurt, my cock ached for release and my poor nuts were being pounded to shit.

I strained against the chains, moaning around my gag. I think he was starting to beat off. I could feel his arm jerking next to my leg. He moved the machine away from my balls for a minute. Savagely playing with my tortured nuts while jerking his own dick. He held my balls in one hand and swung with a balled up fist right into my balls. I screamed around the gag. He hit them again, and then again. I couldn't take any more and he put the machine back on my nuts again. There was no relief, it just kept getting worse. I was struggling for real now against the restraints, he was going to ruin my nuts. I could feel each paddle as it hit them, it felt like my balls were going to explode. That horrible, gut- wrenching feel only a guy can understand.

He gave me a big hit of poppers and must have turned the machine on its highest setting. Loosening the string around my cock, he started slowly pumping my still rock hard shaft. Meanwhile, my balls were still being beaten. They felt like they were ready to rupture. The popper rush hit me at the same time my cock exploded with cum. My jism spurted everywhere, gobs of it across my stomach and chest. He turned the machine off right away and continued massage my cock, milking more cum out of it. I think he shot his load at the same time. I was still breathing hard as he slowly continued to milk my dick.

He let me just lay there, saying relax, just breath slowly, we're done now. He loosened all the bindings and released me slowly. Taking his time. When he finished and I got my cloths back on, we went back upstairs, he gave me another beer. He wanted to know if I wanted to come back sometime. I had be a good "subject". He said he had lots of other toys he wanted to try on me. I said I have to think about it. But I already knew I would be coming back for more.


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