When a bored teenager hooks up with a mysterious man in a South American gym, the experience turns out to be a lot more than he bargained for in this new story by Tarquin.

Bad Company in South America - Page 1
by Tarquin

Mid-week and late-morning and the hotel’s fitness suite of was quiet, the air hot and humid after the earlier rain. Eighteen year old Chris Reynolds had only been in San Marco for a few days and was still not acclimatised to the temperature or humidity of summer in the small South American country…besides that he was bored. Uncle Charles ‘call me Chuck’ Jacobs had promised him an exciting trip to South America but all he’d seen were hotel rooms while his uncle went off to business meetings ‘out of town’ and he was stuck without money or even a phone or iPad.

Then he discovered this hotel had a pool and a fitness suite that didn’t seem to be used much during the day. Intent on his routine, Chris didn’t notice he was being watched by men who enjoyed the thrill of looking at a blonde teenager, lifting, stretching and flexing while wearing only a black exercise thong that left his muscular, tanned young body almost naked and barely the proud bulge of a big, thick cock and heavy balls.

Chris lifted and held the weight for a long five count then let the bar settle back on the rests and wiped the beads of perspiration from his face with his forearm.

‘Good, very good…you are looking very good, my young senor.’

Chris jerked round at the unexpected comment. A stranger was watching him. The man was in his forties, heavily built but obviously fit and very much in shape. He had a towel wrapped low across his hips but his torso was bare. His teeth showed white against dark olive skin when he smiled taking his time to study the teenager’s near-naked body.

Chris felt a pleasurable tightening in his own groin as he reacted to the comment and the man’s obvious stare down at his groin. His reflection showed the thick curve of his cock clearly outlined by the black mesh pouch of his jock. Chris liked what he saw in return, black hair trimmed short in a military cut, a strong face with a pencil slim moustache on his upper lip. But Chris was more excited by the mat of hair on the man’s broad chest and the enticing thin line of hair leading down from the toned abs to where he could see the edge of a bush of black wiry curls showing above that low-slung towel.

Instead of replying immediately, Chris deliberately turned back to face the big mirror wall, flexing his muscles as he did so. The reflection of a ripped and toned young American teenager grinned back; short, blonde hair now bleached and streaked by the South American sun, broad pecs and washboard abs tapering to slim hips and a tight ass. His sun-bronzed skin gleamed with sweat that showed the cut and development of gym and workout-honed muscles.

Chris Reynolds looked good and he knew it…and he could tell that the man watching him liked what he saw. He turned sideways to let the man see more of his naked butt and way the elasticated mesh of his exercise thong hugged the creases of his groin to emphasise the thrusting bulge of his genitals. He smiled to himself and his cock jerked in the confines of the mesh cup when he imagined the man’s fingers fondling his balls while his tongue licked and flicked across the slick helmet and round the flared rim of his circumcised cock.

And later… Chris had a fantasy of other hot, naked men holding him, watching while the man masturbated him expertly and slowly to a spurting climax before being forced to lie back on a padded bench, his thighs held spread and doubled against his chest so the man could fuck him in the ass with his long, thick cock. At the same time one of the man's friends would hold his head bent backwards so he could slide his big circumcised cock into his mouth and down his throat.

The man, Miguel Romero, smiled happily at the sight of the young American teen flexing his muscles and posing so obviously in that tight black pouch that left almost nothing to the imagination. These young gringo men were such easy meat! He could feel his cock tenting the front of his towel when he remembered that other young stud they’d had some cock fun with last month, that so-called ‘student’ who’d arrived in town wanting to see a bit of ‘real’ action and make some easy money.

Under Miguel's guidance Colonel's men had stripped and tied him bent forwards over a bar, tormenting him with a mixture of pain and pleasure; the drinks dosed with Viagra keeping him hard and erect, using a black flexible paddle on his butt while Colonel Mendoza took his time playing with his cock until the combination of pain and pleasure made him cum for the first time. Then two of the Colonel's men had fucked him in turn while he was forced to give the Colonel a blowjob. But they hadn't let him rest...they'd used the paddle again before it was Miguel’s turn to fuck him in the ass while others masturbated him to a second climax that left the gringo squealing and crying.

Then came the games; the pinching discomfort of the two zippers of clothes pins they'd fixed from his nips, down each side and round his cock and balls while he’d used a finger vibe, sliding it into the boy’s anus, working it round up inside to find his prostate. Listening to his pleas and groans as he edged him back to the brink of cumming for the third time...finally making him cum with the buzzing touch of the metal studs of a pocket-rocket vibe stroked against the nerve centre under his glans. Miguel’s cock jerked against the confining towel when he remembered the way the boy had threshed in wild convulsions when he started to cum and both zipper lines were ripped away.

Miguel smiled at the memory; that was when the young American had passed out briefly.

He'd come round strapped into in a black leather swing, hands tied above his head and his thighs spread wide. There’d been crude laugher from the Colonel’s men pressing around him when they saw his cock was still fiercely erect, despite being forced to cum three times.

Of course, he'd pleaded with them to stop, snivelling and crying because he was so sore, but Miguel’s cruel hands were soon at work again. Pumping the oiled shaft of the student’s big circumcised cock with long strokes, stretching the skin down to make the swollen, gleaming helmet stand out even more proudly. The boy bucked and jerked even more when other fingers started teasing his scrotum and the swollen, pouting rim of his anus. There had been more laughter at his wild bucking spasms and desperate squealing noises when Miguel had used that vicious little vibrator again. Working the buzzing studs so delicately around the rim of the boy’s glans, under his balls at the base of his cock and against the nerve centre under the sore, leaking helmet.

Others pinched and flicked the swollen protruding stubs of his nipples adding to the onslaught of sensations that had him babbling and pleading uselessly for them to stop. That was when Miguel had slid the long finger-like vibe back into the boy’s anus, moving it gently while he listened to those wonderful pleading cries...waiting to hear the sudden gasp and the involuntary jerking thrusts when the vibrating bulb stroked and stimulated the young man’s prostate once more; pleasure and pain blending until the young American’s cock finally jerked and spurted a few more watery jets of semen across his belly, his wails of throbbing pain and anguish at being forced to cum for the fourth time that evening.

Then Miguel remembered what had happened a few days later when Colonel Martinez found out the young American was being paid by that bastard Mendoza. Miguel’s smile was cruel when he remembered them taking the boy to the private villa well away from curious eyes and ears. Keeping him strapped down, conscious and fiercely erect while using first the cane, then the electrodes on his cock, balls and anus. Making sure the agony was applied so carefully and precisely until he’d told the colonel everything.

Maybe this was another pain-loving fuckboy Miguel thought when he saw the young American touching his own nipple then flushing red with embarrassment. The teenager wiped the sweat from his brow then twitched and flushed red when he realised where he was...and that Miguel had been watching him. Miguel smiled encouragingly and walked over to the boy holding out a fresh towel. 'My apologies, I did not mean to interrupt but I was impressed by your workout. I think you are here with my good friend Chuck Jacobs, yes, Senor?’

Chris took the towel and shrugged as he wiped his face. ‘Chuck Jacobs? Oh, oh sure…you mean my Uncle Charles! Yeah he’s here doing business all over the place so I kinda got left in the hotel while he’s in meetings.’ He held out his hand, ‘I’m Chris, Chris Reynolds.’

Miguel shook it making sure Chris felt the controlled power in his grip. ‘Nice to meet you, Chris, I am Miguel Romero. You’re lucky your uncle has much money this place is expensive,’ he smiled knowingly, ‘but maybe is not so exciting for a young guy like you eh?’

‘Oh, it’s not so bad. Uncle Charles was due back tonight and we had a day out planned.’ He paused, ‘but he called earlier to cancel because now he’ll be away until at least next week.’ He wondered for a moment how much to say to a stranger but went on, ‘trouble is I can’t do anything as he didn’t leave me with any money and there’s not much to do or see round here anyway ‘cause this place is so far out of town.’ While he talked Chris was concentrating on the man’s interest in his near-nude figure with his tanned skin gleaming with a mixture of oil and sweat, and the way his cock was so obviously tenting the mesh pouch of his thong. That meant he missed the narrowing of Miguel’s eyes and sudden interest when he mentioned his uncle would be away for at least a couple more days.

'Of course, I know Senor Jacobs is always busy with things, I have done business with him many times. So, as I am a friend of your uncle, maybe I can help you have a good time, yes?’ Miguel nodded towards the weight bar and moved closer. ‘I saw you checking me out, Chris,’ his tongue touched his lips, ‘you like men I think,’ he said and his eyes looked down to the big firm curve swelling the boy’s exercise thong. He smiled when he caught Chris doing the same at the obvious tent in the front of his towel. He laughed, ‘OK guess you can tell I like seeing a young man working out.’ He held the towel-covered bulge of his erection, the invitation obvious. ‘If you are bored and want some fun Chris, I was on my way to the sauna which I’ve booked for a private session,’ he paused, ‘with a young friend…you want to join us?’

He smiled and put one hand on Chris’s shoulder, his fingers stroking down his arm in clear invitation. ‘No-one will know and we can take time to relax and get to know each other better, yes?' His hand slid down the slick skin of Chris’s chest. His forefinger and his thumb stroked and tweaked the erect, jutting stub of the American teen's left nipple, ‘I think you like have a little fun with us too…without Uncle Charles to say no?’

Chris smiled and grinned at the familiar signals then leaned over to pick up his shorts and tee shirt. ‘Sounds good, if you’re sure?’

The man grinned, ‘Oh yes Chris, my friend and I always enjoy getting to know new friends.’ He looked at the obvious bulge at Chris’s groin, ‘I think you are ready too and,’ he nodded at the shorts, ‘you won't need to put those on.’

The sauna was down a private corridor Chris hadn’t noticed on his earlier visits to this part of the hotel. Miguel opened the door and ushered Chris ahead of him. Inside there were the usual tiers of wooden benches round three sides. Chris gasped when the steamy heat caught his throat and he could feel the sweat pChrisling across his skin. Miguel waited for a moment, watching the American teenager’s reaction when he realised the sauna was already occupied.

The Latino boy waiting for them was a similar age to Chris but looked younger. The teen lounged back in the angle of the benches with his arms spread wide along the second tier on each side. He was naked except for a very small towel draped over his crotch so the bulge of his cock beneath it was obvious. A wide grin spread across his face under a shock of black hair when he saw Chris, his grin widened at the sight of Miguel. Unlike Miguel, he was short and slim, his wiry body smooth and hairless, soft dark skin gleaming with perspiration in the wet heat of the sauna. He ran his tongue over full lips and studied Chris's near-naked figure and the sight of that bulging black thong intently before nodding approvingly at Miguel, his teeth suddenly gleaming white against his glossy brown face

Miguel pressed against Chris’s back making him step towards the boy and letting the door shut behind him. Chris realised that Miguel had dropped his towel when he felt the pChrisle of wiry hair against his ass and the shaft of the man’s hot, hard cock pressing between his butt cheeks. Miguel leaned forwards his fingers stroking one pebble-hard nip, his mouth close to Chris’s ear. ‘This is my special young friend. His name is Luis. Luis, I want you to meet a new friend, Chris Reynolds,’ Miguel paused then added, ‘Chris has important friends Luis…I know his uncle who is out of town…so we need to show him a good time, yes?’’

Luis grinned. ‘I am pleased to meet you, Senor Chris.’ Before Chris could say anything, he’d sat up and reached forwards his fingertips teasing across Chris’s genitals in their mesh pouch. Chris’s cock jerked and roused even more as the boy’s slim fingers stroked him. Luis grinned at the look of surprise on the young American’s face. 'Is OK, no need to worry, very private here so no one sees. ' He paused and grinned again, 'besides I can feel you want me to play with your big American cock.' His fingers touched the taut bulge of Chris’s balls while his thumb rubbed to and fro across the damp mesh where the domed head of Chris’s cock pressed against it. He held up his hand and rubbed his fingers together with another knowing grin. 'See, already you make my fingers wet and slippery, yes?’

Chris shivered, the sweat beading across his body when the boy touched his cock while behind him there was an added excitement with the hot slippery rod of Miguel’s cock probing into the damp cleft of his buttocks.

‘I think my friend, Luis likes you already, Chris,’ Miguel laughed. Luis grinned at Miguel’s comment, teeth very white against his brown skin. He reached forward, his fingers expertly stretching and easing the elasticated edge of the mesh cup to one side letting the eighteen year old’s cock and balls spring free, Chris’s eight inch circumcised cock flicked up and out in a hard erect curve, the naked glans almost touching the waistband of his thong, the heavy pouch of his balls bulging tight below the up curved shaft. Luis cupped the soft weight for a moment then circled the shaft of Chris’s cock. 'Miguel, you are right, this guy has a nice big cock...so, now is my turn, Chris...my turn to make you happy.'

He kept the fingers of his left hand holding the shaft of Chris's cock then licked the first two fingers and thumb of his right hand. He watched the American’s face as he stroked his slippery, saliva coated fingertips across the exposed glans. He grinned happily when Chris jerked and gasped each time those skilled fingers stroked the sensitive helmet particularly the prominent rim and the nerve centre in that little vee of flesh underneath.

'Ah Chris, you're so sensitive there...' He ran one finger around under the rim of his glans holding it up to show a thin coating of whitish cream. ‘I think you have cum already today...I wonder what you were dreaming about when you cum, eh? Perhaps a pretty boy you like to fuck, yes…a boy with a nice tight ass and a big cock?’ He grinned up at Miguel and slowly and deliberately licked the tip of his finger. 'Mmmm, you taste good, Chris...but now you are all hard so I can make you cum again…for Miguel and me this time, yes?'

Chris just grunted and reached out to hold Luis’s shoulder for balance, staring down, concentrating on the growing pleasure as the boy used his other hand to fondle and scratch his fingernails across the soft skin of his scrotum and round the base of his cock, while masturbating him with a slow, deliberate skill. Miguel pressed Chris forwards until he was standing against the edge of the bench, legs straddling Luis's thighs. There was near silence for a few minutes, broken only by the small wet noises of Luis’s fingers and the increasingly hard and heavy breathing from the three of them.

Chris broke the silence. 'Oh yeah, yeah that’s good...so fucking hot...ah-aaaah...t-t-there...yes...yes...harder...go on Luis...oh fuuuuuk! GO ON, FASTER!'

But the two of them just laughed and ignored his pleas. Neither Miguel nor Luis were in any hurry... Miguel was enjoying rubbing the shaft of his cock slowly up and down the slick cleft of Chris’s butt and Luis was having fun masturbating the blonde American boy’s cock in front of Miguel while watching the expressions on Chris’s face as he brought him nearer and nearer the edge. Luis grinned, gathered a mouthful of saliva and leaned over to let it drool down onto Chris's cock before sliding his hand slowly up and down the now wet and slippery shaft, watching his rising excitement as Chris’s hips began that familiar thrusting movement.

He took his hand away bringing a gasping moan of frustration from Chris. 'No, no, not so fast, plenty of time, no one is going to stop our little game, Senor,' he chided. Chris groaned then caught his breath when he felt Miguel’s finger, now slick and slippery with lube, probing between the cheeks of his ass. He bent forwards, shuffling his feet wider apart to let Miguel’s forefinger stroke and press against the puckered ring of his anus more easily.

He took a deeper breath and bent forwards a little more opening himself with a grunt of pleasure to let Miguel’s forefinger slide inside then out again in a slow deliberate impalement. Luis watched the blonde teen’s changing expressions as Miguel began to finger-fuck him with long, slow strokes, each time pulling his finger almost out, then twisting his wrist as he slid it back gradually working deeper and deeper into the young American’s rectum. In…out…in…out... in a few minutes the teenager’s hips were bucking forwards and back even harder as the two of them fucked him. Miguel finger-fucking his anus and Luis masturbating his hard, slippery cock, the two of them grinning at each other as together they brought young Chris Reynolds to the edge of cumming.

Luis smiled and flicked the towel away so he could stroke his own fiercely erect six-inch penis. Chris’s cock was now even more slippery and gleaming with the pre-cum seeping from the small gaping slit of his urethra. Luis leaned forwards, mouth open and let his lips slide over the swollen glans with his tongue lapping and licking and lapping the salty fluid.

Minutes passed with Chris bucking and gasping on the edge then Luis pulled back and looked up at his face. 'That's good, Chris...nearly there...’ He looked up at Miguel and grinned, ‘use two fingers now, Miguel...against the special place…make him ready for you to fuck him after he cums.' Luis grinned at the Chris’s sudden anguished expression as a second finger stretched his anus, not just filling him but expertly crooked to stimulate his prostate while Luis’s fingers blurred to a frenzy of movement on the shaft of his cock.

Chris looked up at the ceiling and wailed.


Luis knew the exact moment Chris started to cum and leaned back, guiding the teenager's cock to let the first jets of semen splatter across his chest and the little bush of hair at his groin. Miguel grinned when he saw the white fluid spurting out but kept his fingers reaming Chris’s anus while Luis milked the teenager’s cock using long, powerful strokes, stretching the skin down the shaft to make the exposed glans thrust up wet and glistening with cum.

'Hey, Chris...is good...you like cumming for us, yes?' Luis said reaching up to cup the young American’s heavy, swollen balls...holding and controlling him as Miguel continued to ream his ass with both fingers. Luis gripped Chris’s cock, running his fingers up the shaft to squeeze the last few drops from the pouting slit.

'You like me to play with you a little more, yes?' Luis gripped Chris’s cock shaft and reached down with his right hand using two fingers to wipe some of the sticky cum from his chest. He grinned then fondled the now ultra-sensitive glans with slippery, cum-glazed fingertips

Chris jerked and bucked violently. 'Naaaah! Oh no...no d-don't...fuck...fuuuuck! No, that's enou...AAAAAH! FUUUCK! don't...DON'T! Not t-there...AAAAAAAH!' He brought his hands down but Luis laughed and squeezed Chris’s balls in warning when he tried to grab his wrist. 'Oh no, we give you pleasure...now we have a little fun with you, Chris...all this fuss, besides I can see you are still hard.' But he stopped tormenting the purple-red swollen helmet and gently circled his cock, sliding his fingers up and down the sticky shaft letting Chris gulp and get his breathing back under control.

‘Bend forwards, Chris, let me get you ready,’ Miguel said, reaching for the lube bottle and letting a stream of oily liquid dribble into the cleft of the young American’s ass before moving the bottle so the lube dribbled onto his cock as well. ‘And Luis is waiting for you to say thank you properly too.’ Luis grinned lifting himself onto the higher bench so the naked glans of his cock flicked up almost touching Chris's face. He pressed the slick domed head to the American's lips just as Miguel pulled his fingers from Chris's anus.

Chris Reynolds opened his mouth and his tongue licked and flicked against the head of Luis's cock. He caught his breath when he felt the head of Miguel's penis stretching his anus. Then he jerked and gave a long moan as the flared rim of Miguel's penis popped through his anal ring. Luis knew what had happened and thrust upwards. Chris's moan turned into a drooling gobbling noise as the Latino boy’s cock slid deep into his throat and his nose was buried in a thick tangle of wiry hair, hair that was already oily, pungent and sticky with a mixture of pre-cum and semen.

The two of them grinned at each other over the young American's curved back and began to fuck him with a slow, deliberate rhythm. Miguel took his time, letting Chris adjust to the thickness of his seven inch uncut cock…each stroke stretching the his anus then easing back before pressing forwards again to slide another inch of his penis into the boy’s now well-lubed and slippery rectum. With each deeper impalement Chris bucked forwards letting Luis's slim penis fill his mouth and throat while his tongue lapped and licked round the head of the Latino boy's cock.

The silence in the sauna was broken by the noises of growing pleasure from the three of them and the wet slap of flesh on flesh. Miguel was breathing heavily but moving in a slow, tormenting rhythm. His face was tight with concentration as he rode the pleasure of the American's anus gripping his cock like a velvet sheath. On the bench Luis was almost still, just his rapid breathing and occasional murmurs breaking the silence as he used one hand twined in Chris's hair to guide the American’s movement as his tongue swirled against and around the rim of his penis.

Chris Reynolds was making the most noise. Each slow thrust of Miguel's cock made him grunt as the bulbous head rubbed and tormented his prostate. Luis's cock muffled his panting breaths and turned any noises into bubbling moans. Saliva seeped from his mouth and oozed down the shaft of Luis's cock to add to the sticky mix of semen and saliva already coating the bush of wiry hairs at the Latino boy's groin.

It was Luis who came first.

After masturbating Chris to cum a few minutes earlier he was so aroused it didn't take long for Chris to return the favour. The American's talented tongue and lips worked Luis's cock with expert skill so very quickly young Luis was arching his hips up from the bench with one hand clenched in the American's hair making Chris to suck his cock harder and faster.


Luis shivered then pulled Chris's head back while jacking his cock with the other hand until the first spurt of semen splattered across the American's nose and cheeks. He grinned then slowly moved his hand up and down his cock squeezing the last drops from the slit while rubbing the slippery head across Chris's cum-covered face.

He grinned and eased out from between Chris's arms 'Hey, Miguel, you want Chris to do the work now? He watched Chris's expression each time Miguel slid his cock deep into the boy's ass. 'You like what Miguel is doing eh, Chris?' He grinned and licked the American boy's earlobe then reached down and wrapped his fingers round his cock. Just as he'd done before he stretched the skin down the shaft of Chris's cock so he could use his other hand to caress the naked, swollen glans. 'You like what I am doing to you too, yes?'

'Oh-oh haaah fuck...fuuuuck!'

'Aaah yes, Miguel making you feel good up inside...you feel his cock against that special place, yes?’ He grinned, ‘and you like it when we hurt you...the pain makes you cum harder, yes?' He gripped the shaft stretching the skin cruelly downwards even more then licked his fingers and went back to torturing the naked glans.

Chris groaned and grunted at the sensations of Miguel's cock reaming his ass and Luis's clever fingers teasing and tormenting his cock. But he moaned with disappointment when he felt Miguel's cock slide out of his ass. Then Luis forced him to move to one side so Miguel could sit down on the bench in the angle of the corner where Luis had been sitting. Miguel smiled and leaned back, the wet, slippery horn of his cock rearing up from the thick bush at his groin. He knew exactly what Luis was going to make Chris do next.

Luis quickly stripped Chris’s exercise thong down his legs then urged him forwards, 'stand up, up on the bench, Chris...go on put your feet on either side of Miguel.' He held Chris's arm, helping him up to stand on the bench obediently straddling Miguel's hips. Luis slapped Chris on the butt. 'No, no not that way round...turn around and face me, Chris.'

Chris Reynolds turned and stood with his back to Miguel. Luis reached forwards and slowly gripped the shaft of Chris's cock then grinned up at him. "OK Chris, you squat down now...nice and slow.' Chris shivered with anticipation, oh fuck, yes he knew what to do! He lowered himself astride Miguel's hips feeling Miguel's fingers spreading the cheeks of his ass apart.

Luis left Chris's penis alone and wrapped his fingers round the shaft of Miguel's cock guiding the slippery head back into the young American's anus. He watched as Chris grimaced and bit his lip while he squatted down slowly and carefully to impale himself on the jutting horn of Miguel's cock. But he didn't squat down all the way, not at first. Chris put his hands down on the upper bench on either side to brace himself for balance, gnawing his lip in concentration as the domed head stretched his anus wider and wider...

'Oh yes, oh fuck...JEEEES...huh-huh-HAAAH! FUUUUCKK!'

Chris's muscles trembled as he held himself poised with just the helmet of Miguel's cock inside, he moved and gasped aloud as the bulbous glans popped inside once again, the shaft keeping his anus stretched wide as he sank down. Luis ran his hands up Chris's slick body, his fingers twisting pinching the jutting stubs of his nips as Chris began to ride Miguel's cock. Not fast, just a slow rise and fall so Miguel's cock slipped a little deeper into his ass with every movement.

Luis reached down to continue stroking and fondling Chris's still erect cock. 'That's good, Chris, take it all...you like riding on Miguel's cock,' he brought his other hand down to squeeze the American teenager's balls, making them ache, his nails scratching and teasing the sensitive skin of his scrotum and the base of his penis. Within minutes Chris Reynolds was rising and falling faster, sweat streaming of him, his face red and his chest heaving as though he was in a race. Riding the full seven inches of thick cock meat he arched up each time until just the helmet was inside his ring before squatting down until his ass cheeks rubbed hard against the bush of Miguel's pubic hair.

With Luis playing with Chris's cock and balls, it was now Miguel who reached round to pinch the boy's nips, squeezing and twisting the hard tips to make Chris squirm even more. Miguel was trying to hold back and force Chris to cum again but the boy's anus was squeezing and milking his cock so wonderfully he knew he would have to cum very soon. He began to buck his hips each time Chris squatted down, intent on impaling his cock deep in the boy's rectum as he could. Finally, Miguel could hold out no longer.

'Gaaah...oh yes Chris, that's it! OH FUCK YES! HARD YES! FUCKING HELL! I'M...GONNNA...CUUUUM!'

His hips slammed into Chris Reynolds's ass with a series of hard, ramming thrusts then he arched up into the air with the young American riding him like a jockey, his muscles taut and quivering as he spurted jet after jet of thick warm semen into the teenager’s rectum. Luis knew Miguel was cumming and redoubled his efforts, his hand blurring on the shaft of Chris's cock as he pushed him over the brink once again.

Chris shouted out, gasping and panting as semen oozed and dribbled down the shaft to coat Luis's fingers in a sticky glaze. Miguel gave a long gasp of pleasure when the softening length of his cock slid free from the American's anus with Chris still sitting astride his thighs. Luis, grinning happily, reached forwards to take a cock in each hand, squeezing and milking each one so the last drops of cum dripped onto his hands then he grinned and wiped his fingers across Chris's hard abs.

Miguel sat upright easing Chris off his lap. He spread the smeared splashes of cum across Chris's tanned flesh into the wet bush at his groin. Chris shivered when Miguel's fingertips touched the oily shaft of his cock the tips curving round and under so his nails could trace across the wrinkled skin of his scrotum. 'Very good, Chris, a young man who can cum twice in such a short time is good to find...and you made Luis happy too.' He squeezed Chris’s testicles, watching intently as the teenager clenched his teeth and tried not to react. He chuckled and rolled his fingers, squeezing harder until Chris gasped and groaned at the fierce and growing ache in his groin. Miguel chuckled and brought his hand up so he could use forefinger and thumb to flick his nail hard across the swollen tips of the boy's nips. 'I thought so…you like it better when we hurt you a little too…don’t you Chris!'

He exchanged a knowing look with young Luis then glanced across at the door. 'But now I think we need to go.' He looked at Luis who was stroking his own cock and grinning back at him. 'There are always people who wish to cause trouble for those of us having a little private fun.’ His fingers moved again squeezing and twisting the hard tips of Chris’s nipples. ‘You want to have more fun, eh, Chris?’ Chris Reynolds could only nod, his body reacting to the clever stimulation, the combination of pain and pleasure that was making him hard all over again.

Miguel looked down and chuckled when he saw the boy’s slippery cock was jutting up, almost fully erect again. ‘Oh yes, Chris, I see you are ready again for us but,’ he stroked his fingers along the wet length of the boy’s cock making his gasp and jerk when his fingers played with the slippery and too sensitive glans, ‘I think we need somewhere private for some special fun. Come on Chris, we need to get dressed and go.’

The place was out of town, a villa hidden down a private road with a pool in front and a view down and over a green mass of jungle to the beach and sea beyond. Miguel led Chris and Luis, who had obviously been to the villa before, round to the wide patio area in front of the pool. He sat down on a padded recliner under a big sun umbrella and waved Chris to the other recliner next to a small table. ‘Luis, do something useful and get something to drink…long and cold…OK, Chris?

Chris sat back, sweat beading his forehead despite the shade of the big umbrella, ‘Fine, something long and cold sounds good…’ he wiped his face with the back of his hand. ‘I didn’t realise it was this hot and sticky…that pool looks great just now but…’

‘…but you didn’t bring anything!’ Miguel laughed and pointed to a big cabin to one side of the patio, ‘there’s bound to be something in there…if not, well there’s no one to see if you don’t want to bother with…’ He was interrupted by Luis arriving with a tray and two glasses of what looked like fruit juice clinking with ice. Miguel took one then Luis held the tray of Chris to take the other. Miguel took a long drink. ‘A local speciality… a mix of citrus fruits, white wine and a touch of rum to add some kick.’

The two of them watched as Chris took a sip then a long, slow drink that emptied the glass. Chris smiled at them, it tasted cool and delicious. ‘You’re right Miguel, that’s a great drink for a hot day.’ Luis took his glass and padded off into the house to reappear moments later with a refill. Chris took another long swig then grinned. ‘You’re right, Miguel, the rum gives it a real kick.’ Miguel smiled back, but not as much kick as the two Viagra tablets Luis added to your glass will give you, he thought, ten minutes should be about right.

Chris Reynolds lay back his head buzzing despite the shade. Some minutes later Chris realised that for some reason he had a raging erection, his chinos suddenly too tight and confining for the hard, hot rod of his cock. He wriggled on the recliner trying to get comfortable and ease the ache in his groin. Luis grinned at him and let his hand brush along the blonde teenager’s thigh and across the straining bulge of his cock. Miguel looked at the hot, wriggling figure and grinned, well aware that the effect of the tablets and other things Chris had taken were now beginning to work…..



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    Extremely well written! I really like the little “back story” of the student they had captured, stripped and played with. That part of the story was very hot in itself and kind of serves as a prelude as to what might happen to our young Chris! Also love the playing with the nipples…I think they are a part that often gets overlooked yet they can become so sensitive they can drive a guy nuts! And, that is before feeding him drinks laced with Viagra!! Hot story can’t wait to get to the next chapter. Thanks for posting!

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