Four straight, young accountants are trapped into prime victims at an exclusive S&M executive club in this new series by steve mchalperin.

Audit Team Delta - Chapter 1
by steve mchalperin
Series: Audit Team Delta

Chapter 1: Audit Team Delta

Economics has been labeled “the dismal science.” It’s not as flashy as sending man to the moon or inventing mRNA vaccines, but, unlike love, it really does make the world go ‘round. Or at least it keeps track of all the pieces and parts. For that reason, every major accounting firm has teams of auditors who go into corporations, banks, manufacturing plants, etc., to make sure their books are on the up and up. When Bear Stearns dispersed several years ago, most of their audit teams were picked up by the remaining Big Four firms, as well as many smaller accounting companies. E&Y ‘s delta team was one of them. It made sense for the hiring firms to keep the teams intact, since most teams were formulated with a specific set of skills. There had to be a computer expert, since most of the records were now electronic. There had to be someone well versed in the incredibly complex federal and state tax code; audit reports often went to government agencies for review. There had to be a “big picture” accountant member on the team, often as team leader. And there had to be a very patient, low-key individual who could scan endless columns of data and intuitively or even mystically see the inconsistencies and abnormalities that were the essence of the audit.

And so it was with delta team. All four of the young men had met at Texas A&M and presented a ready-made audit team when they went through the on-campus job interviews in their senior year. Recruiters were impressed with the skills and dynamics of the four of them, which resulted in higher than normal starting salaries when they were hired by Ernst & Young. After E&Y broke up, the team was acquired intact by Prime Accounting, headquartered in Beaumont.

The team leader was Jack, or as he was known internally to the team, JJ, for Jock Jack. He was a former college wrestler who almost made all-state in Texas, a high honor indeed. JJ was the strongest physically and had a forceful personality, a natural leader. Alex was the computer expert. He was a big guy with a chub layer hiding a strong musculature. He knew several computer languages and had a knack of combing through reams of information to identify weak spots for the others to work on. Fred was the tax code expert and specialized in federal and Texas tax law. He boasted he actually read the CFR (Code of Federal Register), thousands of pages of legalese which would have driven most men to insanity or alcohol. He also was a former college wrestler, mostly intramural. The quietest of the group was Harold, tall and lanky. He stood out by the fact he needed hugely thick glasses to read, and he was a red head. His particular skill was an almost photographic memory for groups of numbers, which helped him discover accounting shenanigans others would have missed.

The four of them were drinking buddies in college. This continued after they had joined Prime Accounting, and they added a gym regimen to balance off the drinking. The firm had an excellent in-house gym. The four of them were all straight and single, and they enjoyed watching the women employees work out in the gym, finding that muscles and boobs were a strong turnon. Like most young, male professionals they dressed in fairly tight clothing. Tight, stretchy shirts showed off bulked pecs, seductive man nips, and trim waists. Tailored pants were good advertising for tight asses and good-sized crotch plumbing. It also made for some awkward moments when an unexpected boner was in play.

Their newest assignment was a medium-sized hedge fund in downtown Houston, Lone Star Investments. Although the contract identified the project as a routine audit, word on the street was that the SEC was looking into the company after two very unprofitable years and very high executive compensation. .

Their first meeting with the hedge fund’s executives was a standard meet and greet but it was held in a sumptuous board room.

“We’re pleased to have y’all on board,” the CEO, Thomas Bentley, Esquire, said after coffee and refreshments were served. “You have a solid reputation, as does your company, and we expect a good report on our finances here,” he added.

JJ was immediately aware that as Bentley spoke, his eyes wandered downward, taking in the physiques of the team members seated around the big table in the board room.

“Thank you, sir,” JJ replied. “We will give it our best shot.”

“Do you have a time table for the audit?” Mr. Bentley asked.

“Yes, sir, we do,” JJ said as he took a thin booklet from his computer case and handed it to the CEO.

He continued: “The first two pages give a rough time sequence for the work and list several check points where we will report our progress and findings to you. Our time here will be about a month. Then we will go back to our offices and work on the final report, which will take a week or two. You will see a draft before it is finalized for issuance.”

“All good,” Mr. Bentley said. “Our CIO here, John Reynolds, has set up an office for you with desks and monitors. You will be issued a temporary ID and password to get into our internal systems. I’m sure I don’t have to emphasize the need for total confidentiality here. Any and all data you have access to must be kept under strict control.” His eyes again wandered down, mesmerized by the muscular pecs of the team members.

JJ smiled: “Sir, we are quite aware of the need for very careful handling of our clients’ data. Everything will be kept in strict confidence.” JJ deliberately flexed his pecs. Bentley’s face got a bit red and a vein at his right temple started pulsing.

“Good, good to hear that,” the CIO spoke up. “Your office is just down the corridor on the right,” he added. “We have a few things to work on here, so why don’t y’all get settled in.”

“Right-o, sir!” JJ said, as his team got up from the massive wooden table. They gathered their computer cases and jackets and left the board room.

“Well, well well,” Bentley said to his fellow officers. “I think we should consider Plan CTF for these lads. Handsome herd of young man flesh, right?”

The other four company officers nodded their agreement. Two of them rubbed their crotches. Plan CTF was simple: capture, torture, fuck. They left off the ultimate step, S for selling to slavery. That would come later.

Then Bentley added: “I have first dibs on JJ’s tight, little ass.”

The VP of HR spoke up: “I’ll get the paper work started. I think they’re going to like their new jobs at Lone Star Investments. Ha!”


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