A blond biker is abducted by two horny men who tie him up and rape him.

ASSault - Part 1
by Unknown
Series: ASSault

assaultThe sun was climbing to it's zenith and the heat rolled in heavy waves off the blacktop road which stretched for miles into the distance. Bill gave a tug at his crotch and wiped the sweat from his eyes as he manhandled the big Harley out of the flat desert floor into the gentle rise that signaled the start of the foothills. They swelled in the haze ahead to towering snow-capped peaks. "It'll be tougher cycling," thought Bill, "but maybe some relief from this heat." He'd been deadheading these past two days in order to get through the desert on his cross-country camping trip. It had been a meandering trip up and down, in and out of side roads, leisurely exploring any way that struck his fancy.

The road started rising more noticeably now and patches of trees and greenery began replacing the scrub brush he had become accustomed to. After two more hours he was well into the hills and the desert was dropping behind. The cool breeze felt great on his hot dust-streaked body. The sweat ran down and pooled in his crotch and the crack of his ass. His jock and the seat of his jeans were soaked through, and in away it felt good. The vibration of the roaring motor seemed to form a bond between his damp ass and the hot leather seat, making him feel almost as if he were a part of the sleek black and chrome machine. Idly he reached down and stroked his cock, which had swollen full and fat, trying to push up under his wide leather belt.

The cycle had slowed on a steep grade, and Bill pulled to a complete halt by a wide arching bridge where he breathed deep of the fresh air and looked down at the clear running river in the canyon below him.

At the far side of the bridge he noticed a rutty dirt road winding its way down the canyon wall to the green-lined riverbed. On the spur of the moment Bill revved up the bike and swung his wheels onto the narrow dirt trail. The descent was steep at first, but leveled off as he neared the bottom. He idled along the dirt lane, which had become ridged and bumpy like a washboard, probably from the last spring flood. He sort of enjoyed the way his balls bounced on the hot seat as he made his way toward a quiet secluded grove of trees with thick, sweet-smelling grass forming a soft carpet running to the river. The water rippled over flat slab rocks jutting half in and half out of the current.

Bill pulled over to the trees, but before dismounting, bounced a few times on the soft leather seat, enjoying the pressure on his balls, and feeling his cock push up under his belt as if it too were stretching after a long hard ride. After fondling himself for a while he unmounted. In a few minutes his gear had been unloaded and camp set up. Stripping down to his sweaty, stinking jock, he fished a chamois out of his pack and carefully wiped the road dust from the Harley. After lovingly cleaning his rig he ran to the river, pushed out of his tight jock, and splashed into the water.

Bill romped and frolicked for a while, then washed the dust out of his curly blond hair which now hung limply to the base of his neck. With the sweat and grime washed from his muscular, hairless frame his eyes seemed to have been cleared of a dusty film, as they now shown an almost iridescent blue, reflecting the color of the sky and water. The swiftly running current refreshed Bill and as he stood in the shallows he glanced at his own reflection. He saw a 6' 2" frame, deeply tanned, smooth, muscled arms, broad chest and shoulders, tapering to a trim waist and tight thighs that merged into the shimmering waters.

He lowered his eyes to the reflection of his pendulous balls and fat cock jutting hard and full up toward his stomach.Having been stimulated for so many hours on the bike, his cock had remained hard since setting up the camp, and now throbbed urgently for attention.Wanting to prolong the pleasure of the moment, Bill stretched out on his stomach on a nearby rock slab and felt the heat stored there caress his cock and balls like a warm hand. He closed his fist over his swollen cock and caressed it slowly up and down its heavy 8 1/2 inch length as lovingly as he had cleaned the Harley.

Quickly he flipped on his back -- the hot sting of the rocks on the cheeks of his ass somehow felt good and added to his stimulation. Stretching out he closed his eyes, tensed his body and began whacking away at his blood-gorged prick in earnest. It didn't take but a few minutes of this and Bill felt his balls tighten up under his cock and with a mighty, Unnnghh," he convulsed, toes curled tightly, and shot wad after wad of hot, creamy cum into the air.

The first shot flew over his head into the river, more hit the rock behind his head with a sizzle and the rest splattered his mouth, chin, and chest before the hot spasms puddled the last remaining drops into the golden curls surrounding his still stiff cock.Fulfilled for the moment, he licked his own cum from his lips, lazily rolled onto his stomach, closed his eyes, and gently drifted off into a deep sleep.

Bill was pleasantly aware of having just come and he wallowed in the sensual warmth he had just experienced, all the while clutching his cock in a loving caress. After a while he dreamt that he was sleeping on a beach and that a warm tide was lapping at his ass. He liked the feeling and wriggled his ass in enjoyment; even letting out a soft sigh while raising his ass a bit so the warm flow of water could wash his tight puckered asshole. With a start he realized he wasn't dreaming. "How could this be?" he thought, "I'm camped by a river -- there's no tide here, and the water is cold, not warm like what's splashing on my ass!"

His eyes snapped open and stared at two large black lumps on either side of his head that hadn't been there before.As his eyes came into focus, the lumps resolved themselves into two heavy, scuffed, black boots. He swiveled his neck to see what was splashing his ass, but in a flash, one of the boots slammed between his shoulders, forcing him flat on the rock. Bill had caught a fleeting glimpse of a big hulk of a guy standing at his heels with his Levis pulled open. In his hand he held his huge, flaccid cock, and from its broad, almost smiling head he was sending a hard, warm stream of piss straight at Bill's asshole.

"Well, sleepin' beauty is with us again Ed," said the guy holding Bill down with the boot. "Yeah Chuck, guess this golden shower is ticklin' his fancy." Bill struggled under the heavy weight of the boot, but again was forced down flat. "What the hell is..." he started to shout, but was cut off in mid-sentence when Ed reached over, picked up the sweaty jock Bill had dropped earlier, balled it up and stuffed it into Bill's mouth. "That ought to keep sweet-ass quiet for a while," snickered Chuck.

With that, Ed and Chuck pulled Bill to his feet and dragged him over to the camp. They pulled two leather tent thongs from his gear and lashed his ankles together. This done, they pushed him headlong to the ground and stood smugly over him.Chuck with one boot on the cheeks of Bill's ass, which swelled ripely like two melons, grossly rubbed the swollen bulge in his Levis. The fabric had been worn thin and where it stretched tautly, covering the huge basket, but barely hiding the outline of the monster cock that was hidden there. Ed's cock still hung limply from his open fly, and while a few last drops of piss dripped slowly into Bill's hair, he fished down deeply to pull out his plum-sized balls so they hung loose below his free-swinging cock.

"Wheeoo!" Ed cried, "Ain't we just about stepped in some Lady Luck shit today. We ripped off that little 'ole doctor's car, bag and all, filled with all those groovy high-o-high pills We come a sneakin' down this dirt trail to loose the fuzz and find this sweet young ass stickin' up in the sun, jus' waitin' to be plucked. Chuck, ole buddy boy, we're goin't' have one sweet fuckin' time for ourselves--startin' right now."

"Hell man," Chuck answered, "I'm with you. Hey, look how the kid is starin' kinda bug-eyed.Wait'll he gets an eyefull of what we're packin' in our pants." He looked down at Bill and smiled evilly, saying, "Man you ain't seen meat till you see what we got--and baby, just relax 'cause you're gonna get every hungry inch we got, six ways to Sunday."

With that Ed and Chuck ripped off their clothes, throwing boots, leather jackets, T-shirts, and Levis every which way till they both stood there, balls-ass naked, flexing their magnificently muscled bodies in the crisp, fresh air.

They pulled Bill over between two trees and retied one ankle to each tree, spread-eagleing him so that the brownish pucker of his asshole was barely hidden between his rounded ass cheeks. They shoved his sleeping bag, which was still rolled up, under his stomach so that even though Bill's ankles were still tethered to the trees, he was up on his knees with his stomach bent over the sleeping bag, which supported the weight of his body. His face was level with Ed's still flaccid cock, which he had glimpsed briefly when it was pissing on his ass. Ed was playing lightly with his own balls, and the cock above them was half fluffed. Even soft though, it still hung down a good eight inches from the root. Bill's stomach churned in fear. Although he had fooled around with the guys at school, he was scared of these two, especially since they were hopped up on pills. He had never seen a cock that was that big while it was still soft. How the hell big can it be hard? he asked himself.

"Oh baby," Ed croaked, "You're gonna start on this prick nice and easy. Take it in that hot little mouth of yours and work it 'round to get the juices started. You do like we say and you'll be OK You don't and you're in for big trouble.Unnerstan?" Bill was frozen with fear and just lay there staring. Chuck, standing behind, pulled the belt from Bill's pants and, with a resounding THWACK, laid it, full force, across Bill's ass. The flesh quivered and twitched under the blow, and a rosy welt quickly swelled across both cheeks."The man said 'unnderstan'" he growled, "you understand now kid, or you want some more explanation?" Bill's fright was heightened by the blow and he decided to go along with them some in order to save his skin, so he nodded a shaky OK. "That's better," smiled Ed, as he pulled the jock out of Bill's mouth.

Ed knotted his fists in the long blond hair on top of Bill's head and gently pulled him forward. He positioned himself in front of Bill, braced his legs apart, bent his knees slightly, and pushed his ass back a bit. This maneuver brought his cock to rest on Bill's lips and he brushed it back and forth a few times, enjoying the thrill of first contact. "Open up baby and work that meat like it was your momma's tit," he cooed. As Bill opened his mouth, Ed straightened his legs. With this motion the cock slipped easily into the hot, moist warmth. "Ohhh, baby, that feels so good," Ed whispered. "Now, work it around with your tongue." Bill obeyed and felt the hot cock start to grow in jerking swells within his mouth. Ed started a slow push-pull motion with his ass and in seconds his cock was leaping out to its full eleven inches. As the fat monster swelled and gorged in Bill's mouth, Ed backed off some, leaving about six inches jutting into those hot lips. Meanwhile, Chuck, standing at Bill's feet, watching his buddy's cock grow in the hot home it had found, was turning on to the shiny spit which coated Ed's cock each time it was pulled from Bill's mouth. He hawked up a good handful and stood there rubbing it up and down the length of his own shaft.

Bill's fears eased a bit as he noticed how Ed withdrew some of his ever-lengthening cock, so that what was left in his mouth was comfortable and he was able to handle it with no problem. Suddenly, Ed gripped Bill's hair tighter and started pumping his cock faster into the mouth. Each stroke came in a little deeper than the last and soon Ed was striking the back of Bill's throat, making him gag. This caused Bill to clamp down a bit and his teeth grazed the swollen invader. A resounding slap to his cheek completely knocked his mouth away from Ed's cock and he gasped for breath.

Ed hissed, "You relax and open up kid and keep your dammed teeth clear of my cock." With this he grabbed Bill's ears and pulled his head back into position over his prick. Bill eyed it warily. This was the first time he'd seen it fully hard, barely an inch from his nose, pulsing erect at its full eleven inches, thick, massive, heavy, and throbbing. He opened his mouth to an 'O' pulling his teeth as far back under his lips as he could. Ed released one ear, only long enough to push his cock down until the head again plopped between Bill's lips. He grabbed the ear again and eased his cock in five or six inches--in again, out again, then, grabbing Bill's head harder, gave a mighty heave, pushed his ass forward, and with a hefty drive and grunt, forced the fat monster clear down Bill's throat. Bill let out a muffled, "Mmmmngh," as Ed continuously drove his cock in and out of Bill's throat, pulling out only two or three inches before battering his way down the tight passage again. Bill was gasping for breath when Ed finally pulled the spit-slicked shaft completely out. "Man, that's more like it," he muttered.

Chuck, standing behind Bill, watched the goings-on and had gotten all worked up. When he released his cock from his fist it sprang up and swatted against his stomach, staying erect and throbbing, pointing almost straight up. "Shit man," he exclaimed, " I got to get me some too." He knelt down and started to knead the tightly packed asscheeks spread before him. "Hey Ed, think I should let the kid see this rod before I plug him?" "Nah Chuck," Ed replied, "why don't you just slip it in and let him guess how big it is."Chuck grinned as he spit a gob to smear Bill's ass. He worked his free hand up and down his rigid shaft. It was a sight to behold... not quite as long as Ed's eleven inches, but fat, fat, and fatter.

The head came to a blunt point, but it quickly swelled to the size of a ripe pear. After a slight narrowing just behind the crown, the smooth, ivory-white gleaming shaft swelled from just a little more than two-and-a-half inches, just behind the head, to an incredible three-and-a-half inches at the base. It was even more impressive because, unlike a lot of big cocks that were soft and mushy, never getting really hard, Chuck's cock was like a steel rod. Hanging there it looked like a milk bottle stuck out from his crotch.

He slobbered more spit all around Bill's ass, working a finger or two in to get it good and slick. He felt Bill's ass tense at the invasion, but squeezed the plump cheeks to calm him and warned him what would happen if he didn't cooperate.He slicked up his cock again with more spit and rubbed it in good. The he spread the mounds wide apart and grinned as he caught his first real sight of the moist, puckered hole, now glistening in the sun. He eased forward and the head of his cock pressed in against the pouting lips. He pulled back once, then pressed steadily forward as the head started to slip in. The lips of Bill's ass unfolded and clenched the cockhead in a wet embrace. Bill moaned as the invading prick spread him wide. He had never been fucked before and the initial pleasure which the first half-inch of head gave soon turned to discomfort, then downright pain as Chuck inched forward. He wriggled his ass and tried to slide sideways, but a crack of the belt across his ass stopped the movement.

Chuck pulled Bill roughly into position and rested there a minute. The sharp slap of the belt had momentarily diverted Bill's attention from the ripping pain and Chuck had used it to good advantage to slip the whole head in. The ass muscles clenched tightly just below the head at the shaft's narrowest point and Bill breathed freer as the pain eased off somewhat.

Chuck's mouth twisted into an evil leer and he nodded to Ed who stood ready with his prick in front of Bill's mouth. The muscles of Chuck's ass squeezed tight and with one mighty heave he shoved with all his strength and drove the huge cock clear into Bill's hot, sticky bowels. As he did so, he lunged forward, grabbing Bill by the hips, pushing him down so as to hold his ass in place. Tears welled in Bill's eyes as he raised his head and screamed in agony. While his head was thrown back and his mouth wide open, Ed grabbed his hair and pulled his head clear down the length of his shaft, burying the rod deep in Bill's throat. With that, both men started a deep fucking rhythm; Chuck plunging relentlessly in and out, in and out, of the ravaged ass. Spiralling first left, then right, pushing up and down, and forced head-long, straight in, the huge monster stretched and split the virgin ass. Meanwhile, Ed's cock was on a rampage in Bills throat. It flew in and out with incredible speed, barely allowing Bill time to gulp a breath of air into his bursting lungs. Faster and faster they fucked. Sweat dripped from their brows onto the quivering body being mercilessly assaulted beneath them. Chuck's monster milk-bottle cock pounded away, battering Bill's prostate on each inward stroke, then slipping past, forcing its way around the bend in his bowels again and again.

The bombardment on his prostate caused Bill's cock to swell and throb in spite of the agony he was in. In spite of himself, the sensations ravaging his body made his head reel. His cock was not fully hard under him, but each plunge of Chuck's prick made him feel like he was going to piss... no, cum... no, piss... he strained to shit the huge invader from his guts. His muscles tensed and strained. His muffled grunts, forced involuntarily from his body by each thrust from both ends were matched by the much louder animal groans from the two rapists. The air was filled with the shouts and growls of the assaulters. "Oh, fuck baby--fuck, fuck, fuck. It's so hot and tight. Take it--take that fuckin' cock up your ass now, ungh... now, ungh...again... 'n again UNGH! Oh man, look at that big mother cock fuckin' the shit out of your face. Go Ed baby, go, go, gooo!"

Ed, in turn, twisted his cock down the constricted throat sending thrills through his whole body."Yeah baby! That's the way. That's so good! All the way kid. Go Chuck! Shove that cock clear through his stomach."

The assault went on relentlessly, Both studs shouting each other on. "Go Chuck go! Fuck his ass dry!" "Come on Ed, I'm getting ready to shoot." "Me too buddy boy!" "Ungh... ungh... UNGH!""Arghhhhh" "I'm coming... I'm CUUM-M-M-M-inggggg..." "Ohhhh."

Both cocks exploded simultaneously. Chuck flooded Bill's ass with a burning hot enema of cum and Ed's cock jumped in spasms, buried deep in Bill's throat sending a torrent of cum straight down the tight passage. Ed pulled hard on Bill's head, burying his nose in his crotch hairs while he grunted and panted, breathless and drained as the final spasms forced the last drops up and out of his shaft.

Even after he had come, Chuck continued to batter Bill's ass with his mammoth cock. "Shit... piss... cum... Oh! ! Oh! ! ! ! Oh! !"Bill cried. "Oh! ! ! Fuck! fuck! fuck! FUCK ME-E-E.e.eee... Argh... OH-H-H-H.h.h.hhhhh..." And, in spite of himself, Bill shot a huge sticky wad of cum in unison with the ramming that Chuck's prick still forced on his ravaged ass.

They all lay still, breathing hard for a minute, then together both monster cocks were pulled free in one quick jerk. Bill gasped as his ass opened as if to shit out a monster turd and then quickly snapped shut, leaving just a trickle of cum leaking out and dribbling down his leg.

Chuck kicked the sleeping bag out from under Bill and Bill fell forward, exhausted, aching and drained. Ed and Chuck sprawled on their backs, slick cocks lying limply over their thighs while they floated free on their pill-fed highs. The three bodies sprawled motionless for a while, then the two rapists stirred, roused by the stimulants coursing through their veins.

To be continued......


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