An arrogant Arab Prince's massage boys, security detail and British aristocrat business partners get tangled in the web when His Excellency decides to explore his kinkier side in this 4 part series from Richard!

Arab Royal's Cum-uppance - Part 1
by Richard
Series: Arab Royal's Cum-uppance
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Mega-rich Crown Prince Sheikh Ahmed bin Sultani roared up to his immense Belgravia manse (to the irritation of his less-than-tolerant, albeit well-heeled, London neighbors who felt such “squealing of tyres” “lowered the tone” of the [ultra-exclusive] neighborhood) in a red Ferrari, one of his many exotic vehicles stored in the huge underground garage that had been carved into the ground below the stately residence. The darkly handsome royal admired himself in the rear view mirror from behind his designer mirrored sunglasses, resplendent in his Savile Row bespoke-tailored suit, his dark, impeccably-trimmed beard adding to his exotic good looks, if he did say so himself. Completing the picture was his handsome head crowned with a red-checkered ghutra headscarf held in place by an egal.

The 35-year-old royal was married with 3 young children/royal heirs being raised/spoilt by a fleet of nannies who catered to their every need and whim. The Prince divided the family’s time between the Arabian Peninsula and London, the Prince actually preferring London because of its freer views as to the various vices, all of which the “playboy Prince” was devoted to- wild women, gambling, and intoxicating substances to name a few.

The family in general and the Prince in particular were protected by round-the-clock security including the Prince’s own personal bodyguards, uniformed Security Guard Wasim Nazari, 26, and uniformed Security Guard and ex-U.S. Navy SEAL Duke Madison, 25, who were always close at hand to protect “His Royal Highness/Excellency” which all the “help” were obliged to address him as.

While the Prince derived great pleasure from and “kept” mistresses in luxury flats all across London who catered to his every sexual need, his sex drive was uncanny and in constant need of fulfillment. Apart from the excellent financial remuneration and luxury flats his mistresses enjoyed, they didn’t have to “act” like they enjoyed his visits because the well-endowed, movie-star-handsome Prince also prided himself on and kept himself in peak, gym-toned condition such that it was pretty much an “honor” to have his hunky body all to themselves (well, almost “to themselves” since each was well aware of and in competition with the others to keep the Prince happy and his sexual needs attended to).

Consequently, given his immense sex drive, the Prince routinely required two 18-year-old male servants from his Homeland, Hakim and Ali, to be a constant presence in his immense royal bedroom suite, and not only run his bath or shower and dress and undress him (while they at all times remain fully clothed) but also arrogantly demanded that they perform 4-handed massages of his hunky body on the massage table to release his “tension” which the 2 Arab teenagers soon learned meant releasing his sexual “tensions” as well.

Hakim and Ali were in fact “recruited” by the Prince whose private investigators in his Homeland had located them for him, since the duo were young gay men in a country where such activity was strictly forbidden and the Prince required personal male servants who were able to service his needs when necessary and who “knew what they were doing.” The Prince further well knew that while such activity was technically strictly forbidden, the traditional all-male baths in his Homeland not only provided opportunities for men from all walks of life to conduct business networking but also provided clandestine opportunities for men of all sexual orientations to be discreetly serviced by those who were so inclined (i.e., by gay men) without fear of the ones being serviced being thought of as “gay” themselves by their fellow conservative countrymen.

In fact, the Prince was not too surprised when his investigators (both of whom were married as well) not only located Hakim and Ali in one such establishment in the Homeland but had “auditioned” them several times there and assured the Prince that they indeed “knew what they were doing” unable to suppress a knowing “wink” at the Prince at just how very well they knew their “craft.”

Given this knowledge of their skills, the Prince in fact not only required Hakim and Ali to use their strong hands to massage and/or to expertly masturbate him to immensely satisfying orgasms with their talented hands, but further required them, over time, to arrogantly “order” them to also suck his rampant uncut manhood (both singly and then together and/or “taking turns”, lick and suck his hairy balls, lick, suck, and tweak his hair-haloed nips making them poke up through his manly chest hair, sniff and lick his manly armpits and chew on his pit hair, and eventually even encouraged/ “ordered” them by raising one strong, muscular leg and then both hairy, muscular legs into the air to rim their straight, married Prince’s virginal, hair-haloed anal rosebud, with one of his servants sucking the Prince’s royal, uncut manhood and balls while the other simultaneously rimmed him, all the while with the servant duo remaining fully clothed and their own erections concealed as much as possible in their clothing (although there were occasional “accidents” where one or both of the servant duo secretly came in their pants, so aroused and honored were they to be servicing their hunky, married employer and Supreme Ruler).

The Prince in fact often became so aroused by having his most intimate areas toyed with and teased, and was so nearly being driven up the wall with increasing lust and an approaching ball-shattering orgasm by the duo’s expert ministrations that Hakim and Ali felt empowered enough to cheekily ask “do you like that, Your Royal Highness?” and “does that feel good, Your Excellency?” to which the panting-with-lust and-breaking-a-sweat Prince replied “OHHH FUCK YEAHHHH!!! JUST LIKE THAT!!!!!!,” which was music to their ears.

Seconds later, their royal subject indeed threw his handsome head into the air and then back onto the massage table as he curled his bare toes and emitted a sexy grunt of well-deserved carnal satisfaction as Hakim’s talented tongue had naughtily and unexpectedly wriggled and wormed its way slightly up into and was lapping gently at the Prince’s royal back door whereupon the Prince shamelessly moaned, wagging his hair-flecked backside all the more lustfully as he backed and bounced his ass further onto Hakim’s long, pink teasing spit-slick tongue as it eased its way up his tight, royal ass though his hair-haloed anal ring, whereupon His Royal Highness again grunted with pleasure as he got off on the obscene pleasure of this unaccustomed but welcome anal stimulation and suddenly let fly, as he flexed his naked toes and fiercely blew his enormous, pent-up wad of Princely cum as Hakim’s educated taster continued to penetrate and goose him from within the Supreme Ruler’s tight, butch ass, jet after jet of red-hot, highly pressurized royal baby-makers flying out of their Supreme Ruler’s manly, hirsute balls and cascading out of his uncut rampant manhood with volcanic force, as his royal seed sprayed out over his heaving, hairy chest, nips, and into his hairy armpits, neatly-trimmed beard, face and eyes. The duo was then “obliged” to lick up every drop (other than on the Prince’s face of course), which the duo eagerly did (albeit carefully, putting on “dutiful” faces as they did so despite their secret enjoyment of tasting the delicious fruit of their Master’s manly loins that they had conspired to milk out of his hunky body, the scent of his seed having mingled with the musky scent of their Master’s gym-toned body as they eagerly sniffed and licked it to further satisfied moans and purrs from their momentarily sexually exhausted Prince who lounged luxuriously on the massage table as he slowly recovered from his ball-shattering orgasm.

The servant duo then duly drew their Master’s bath and loofah sponged him all over with expensive, foaming cologne-scented soap (while still fully dressed themselves) before rinsing the Prince off with hand-held spray attachments and vigorously towel-drying and hair-dryer-ing his hunky body to perfection before discreetly applying designer spray cologne to pressure points throughout his body (including his private parts of course).

Then, after an hour’s satisfying post-orgasm nap in the nude in the Prince’s silk designer-sheeted king-size bed, the duo duly laid out formal wear and dressed their Master for an intimate, but elaborate, dinner with his wife served by their fleet of servants (the children having been put to bed by their nannies after being fed their own dinners).

Over the next few weeks Hakim and Ali were amazed when the Prince announced that from his incessant perusal of porn on the Internet he had developed an interest in a particular “niche” of sexual expression that he had never previously explored but which excited him greatly.

He explained to his servant duo that he did not trust his mistresses to perform these new “acts” on him either with the skill required nor did he trust them to perform these new “acts” on him with the requisite safety demanded, given that the “acts” involved his royal personage being, well, under a certain amount of “physical restraint” which would otherwise require that his uniformed security guards be present and His Royal Highness wanted to keep this activity “strictly private.”

As it was, the Prince had been annoyed at how his security guards had already voiced their displeasure at their having been ordered “off duty” and locked out of the Prince’s royal bedroom suite while (unbeknownst to them) the Prince’s servant duo was sexually serving their Master, the Prince having indicated to his security guards (somewhat truthfully) that they were only giving him a massage to his upper back under cover of a towel and assisting him to select his dinner attire. The security guards insisted that it was “unsafe” for the Prince to be alone in the locked royal bedchamber with the 2 servants who “could be terrorists” despite their having been vetted by the Prince’s government (and Hakim and Ali secretly detested the guards who often voiced their unwarranted suspicions about the servants being potential “terrorists”). But the Prince had to reluctantly admit that the security guards might be right to insist that they be present if His Royal Highness was to be restrained by any of his mistresses without the presence of his security detail- there were “elements” in the Prince’s Homeland who wanted political change (even a democracy!) and an end to the monarchy’s total power and were not above using persons like his mistresses to set him up for kidnap, torture, even murder.

Meanwhile, the servant duo was honored to hear that their Master trusted them with these new “duties” although they were not exactly sure what the Prince was talking about although they had a good idea.

The servant duo’s uncertainty dissolved when the Prince finally emptied a bag of items he had had some anonymous third party purchase for him at a local high-end sex shop in Soho which contained various restraints and blindfolds along with an array of brushes and other implements clearly designed for some sort of (apparently mild) “kink.”

Hakim and Ali’s teenage hearts raced with excitement since it now actually appeared that their Master wanted the two 18-year-olds to explore “taking things up a notch” sexually when the two servants tended to his sexual needs, apparently to be kind of “restrained and
drained” but in a kinkier way this time given the “restrained” part instead of just the “draining.” They both nearly came in their pants at the thought of their hunky Prince’s royal body flaked out naked and helpless while he would apparently be blindfolded as well, with the servant duo in more complete control for a change (although they assumed the Prince would give his usual explicit instructions as to what they could (and could not!) do. But just the same, the duo couldn’t believe their luck at this unexpected but very welcome turn of events.

Before the Prince had had a chance to put the bag of goodies to use, he was furious when he learned that his snooping security guards/bodyguards had taken it upon themselves to inspect the “bag of goodies” that His Royal Highness had inadvertently left on a marble counter in the Prince’s expansive bathroom of his royal bedchamber.

To the Prince’s further fury, uniformed Security Guard Wasim Nazari and uniformed Security Guard ex-U.S. Navy SEAL Duke Madison had had the audacity (or “balls” as the Prince referred to it, having picked up Anglo-American slang terms) to confront the Prince about the bag’s contents and actually “demand” to know what he was up to!!

The Prince was barely able to masterfully control his temper (for the time being anyway) the Prince deciding to lie and say that he intended to indulge in some kinky sex with his mistresses implying that he intended to use the paraphernalia on his mistresses as opposed to the other way round. While the security detail was pleased that the contents were not intended for use on the Prince, and opined that the “bitches” probably deserved being tied up and beaten, they warned him that the mistresses could also be “closet terrorists” who might attempt to drug him and use the items on him instead of on his mistresses as part of a plot to overthrow him. They therefore insisted that they both be physically present, armed and in uniform throughout any “sessions” with the mistresses, just in case.

The Prince was angered about this interference but managed to continue to conceal it. Just out of curiosity the Prince floated the idea that he might “order” his mistresses to also service his uniformed guards as part of the mythical “sessions” which was greeted with man-to-man guffaws and words of gratitude from uniformed Officers Nazari and Madison, as the security duo indicated that they would indeed look forward to that, that “their assignment here has kind of precluded their ‘social life’ during the past many weeks of their being hired,” each unconsciously slightly grabbing the crotches of their uniform pants for unwitting emphasis, the Prince musing that his buff young security guards had apparently been reduced to getting off on cell phone porn. That might be good enough for the common masses, but the Prince took satisfaction in his knowledge that few other men in the world got off with the frequency and imagination that he himself did.

The Prince laughed this all off in their presence, but was secretly furious. Although the Prince appreciated their apparent concern and attention to duty, it seemed to His Royal Highness that they were overreacting because he had no intention of using his new “toys” with his mistresses at all and was in absolutely no danger. Moreover, this was all messing up his plans to first explore things safely with his loyal and unquestionably devoted young servants, Hakim and Ali.

The Prince smiled to himself as a plan to put his security guards in their place and teach them a lesson about snooping in his royal residence came to mind, a plan he intended to implement sooner rather than later.


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