Ajax is publicly whipped for losing the wrestling match then is bound and made to cum by two curious house slaves.

ready for a whipping

Antebellum - Chapter 8: The Morning After
by Drum
Art by Amalaric
Series: Antebellum

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I was woken by Herbert carrying my collar, shackles and manacles and some lengths of chain. ‘Sorry, nigger, but I have to do this,’ he said as he locked the collar on and then my manacles and shackles. Chains connected them and I was led out to the yard, my collar locked by a chain to a post, to stand on display as the other slaves went off to the fields. If anyone asked why I was to be punished I was to reply, ‘Because I lost a wrestling bout.’ The Master had explained I had to do this first to show humility that I deserved the punishment and secondly so I would have it drummed into my head why I was to be punished and would not, ‘like some dumb nigger’, forget it.

gEventually Mr Raikes came and took me to the frame where I was held stretched in an X shape. They pulled off my cloth and left me naked. A few niggers were assembled. ‘This is what happens when you don’t come up to your Master’s expectations. Ajax lost a wrestling bout last night and must pay the price. He fought well, though, so the Master has decided he will not receive a full 39 lashes with the bullwhip. He will take 20 with the driving whip.’ Mr Raikes said. It had often disturbed me that when I saw a slave being flogged I became aroused and that on the rare occasions I was flogged the same thing occurred. I prayed I could control myself. I heard the Master’s voice behind me, ‘Proceed, Mr Raikes, try not to damage him.’ I heard the whistle of the lash directly before it crossed my upper back. I grunted with the pain and shock. The next fell and I wanted to cry out but held firm. To my horror I felt the stirring in my loins. The third crossed my buttocks and seemed to burn a line. My cock was semi-erect and my back seemed to be on fire. By the fifth and sixth I was hard and my cock speared the air in front of my shaking and shuddering body.

From what I could detect the other niggers paid little attention to this embarrassment. At 10 lashes a bucket of cold water was thrown over my burning back. I had a raging erection like I had never enjoyed before with my cock pointing vertically up my stomach. I silently prayed that they finish the flogging before I shot my load. I tried to wipe out any thoughts that might make me climax. I thought about the inhuman treatment the Master had meted out to me last night.

At last they had finished and let me down. ‘Go with Henry and Herbert and work under them this morning, nigger. They have full powers to use the cane or whip if you don’t instantly obey them. Remember they are skilled houseslaves and you are just a fieldslave,’ the Master said. I bowed my head to try and conceal my wet eyes, ‘Yes Master.’ I said. Henry gave me a cloth to tie and took me inside. He sponged my back and I washed myself and then he applied some oil to my skin which caused the burning sensation to ease off. I was given a good breakfast, porridge, a slice of bacon, some white bread – all leftovers from the Master’s table.

When I had finished Henry and Herbert came in, ‘Stand up, boy.’ Henry said, ‘Listen to a few words of slave manners, nigger. You address us, as your superiors, as “sir”, understand?’ ‘Yes sir.’ I said. ‘You remember what the Master said, we have the power to use the cane and whip on you if you vex us, understand?’ ‘Yes sir.’ ‘We have decided you won’t be permitted pants and a shirt when you are working under us today, just a brief loincloth or pouch, understand?’ ‘Yes sir.’ ‘You know why we have decided that, boy?’ ‘No sir.’ I said lying. ‘Guess, nigger. Guess why we want you near naked around us, nigger.’ ‘May be because you want to see my big muscles working, sir. Plenty of folk enjoy watch me and my muscles working naked, sir.’ ‘There, boy, you ain’t so dumb.’ He looked at Herbert and sniggered, ‘Now, boy, to test your muscles are up to the work we have for you we want to see you naked and examine your body.’ ‘Yes sir.’ I said, dropping my cloth. Curiously I was amused by their aping of their Master’s ways and, for a change, held my naked body with pride when I flexed my arms. Being naked in front of another nigger didn’t seem to be so humiliating as being naked before a human. They felt my biceps and chest and abs. Henry remarked how impressed he’d been with the size of my cock when I was being whipped. Herbert wanted me to relax and contract my buttocks as he stroked them and then felt over my shoulders.

‘How is the pain, boy.’ ‘Much better, sir.’ I said. I was first put to work unloading smaller boxes and crates from the wagon and placing them where directed to various parts of the stockrooms. Then there were several large sacks of potatoes to unload. I hefted them onto my shoulders and carried them in. On the third sack Henry and Herbert stopped me. I balance the burden on my shoulders as Henry said, ‘Why Herbert, takes a big, strong slave to carry a load like this.’ He felt my arms and chest and Herbert did the same. ‘Big and hard, like his dick.’ They laughed as Herbert pulled the cloth away. ‘Lets make him work naked. Get back to work, nigger.’ ‘Yes, sir.’ I grunted as I took the sack to the dark store room. Next I finished by unloading some barrels from the wagon and it drove off.

Herbert and Henry came in and said, ‘You worked good and hard, nigger. Now for your reward.’ I was placed against a post and my wrists tied behind it so I could not move. The two houseslaves knelt down and started playing with my dick. ‘Please Henry, sir, Herbert, sir. Please don’t.’ ‘Shut up you dumb brute and get hard.’ Henry said as he massaged my cock while Herbert took it in his mouth and sucked it. Again I was disgusted but helpless that they were forcing themselves on me like this. Soon it was hard and they were slurping on it and remarking on its size and hardness. Herbert sucked on my nuts while Henry serviced my cock. They were rough in their play and jerked me violently until I started to feel my juice rising. I noisily came over Henry’s face and looked down and watched while Herbert licked him clean. My knees trembled and I prayed nobody came in and caught us.

They released my hands and gave me my cloth. I was fed good food from the kitchen and they told me to report to Mr Raikes for work. ‘You make sure you are back here at sundown clean and ready to serve the Master his dinner, nigger.’ Henry said. ‘Yes sir.’ I said leaving through the cellar steps.


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