Ajax and Nero are forced into a high-stakes naked wrestling match in front of the Master and his guests; the winner is promised a wench and the loser suffers a harsh whipping!


Antebellum - Chapter 6: Entertainment for the Master and His Guests
by Drum
Art by Amalaric
Series: Antebellum

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Nero and I were told to wash and then given a very light coating of perfumed oil. New white loincloths were given to us to tie on. ‘At least we ain’t serving their food,’ Nero said, ‘Otherwise it would be our finery.’ We were taken to the house and told to wait in the cellar. Herbert and Henry were serving dinner in their house finery of black tailcoats and white shirts. I noticed Nero’s manner when they spoke to him. ‘Ah! Nero, and who is this handsome fellow you have brought with you?’ Henry said. ‘This is Ajax, Mr. Henry, the Master sent for us to amuse him tonight.’ ‘Yes, our Master has excellent taste in his slave boys,’ Herbert said as he patted my shoulder and then, to my surprise, fingered my nipple. I backed off. ‘Stay where you are, nigger!’ He snapped, ‘and show some respect for a senior house slave.’ I glanced at Nero who nodded slightly. ‘Yes, Mr. Henry, sir, sorry, sir.’ I said. ‘The supply wagon comes tomorrow, we could use a big, strong buck to unload and stow the goods.’ Henry said, as he continued to explore by feeling my upper arm, near my brand mark. ‘They’ll soon be finished, we’d better go, Henry.’ Herbert said, glancing upstairs. Nero said, ‘I heard the Master still has his cousin here and the nephew. Dr Sullivan has been invited as well.’

We were soon sent for and were taken to the ballroom. In the middle of the floor a canvas mat had been laid out. To one side on sofas, the Master, his cousin and nephew and Dr Sullivan sat, also dressed in black was Mr. Raikes. ‘So, this is the famous new nigger, Tom,’ Dr Sullivan said. ‘A fine looking boy too. Looks like a good match for Nero.’

Georgie piped up, ‘Uncle Thomas, as there are only us here, can we see them wrestle naked?’ The Master laughed, ‘This boy has a taste for naked male flesh – I suppose he’ll grow out of it.’ ‘Well, I can see his point,’ the doctor said, ‘They are both impressive creatures. Besides, before they fight perhaps we can take a look at the new one.’ ‘OK then,’ the Master said, ‘Nero, Ajax shuck your cloths.’ Dr Sullivan stood up and came to me. He prised apart my lips and said, ‘Good teeth and clear eyes. Flex your arms, nigger.’

‘Yes, sir.’ I said. Georgie and then the others joined him as he felt my arms and chest over and then my back and buttocks. I was told to walk round the room and they watched my movements. They sat down and Henry served them brandy and cigars while Mr. Raikes supervised the fight. ‘OK gentlemen, Nero and Ajax will fight for the best out of three falls, a knock out or three submissions. As an incentive the loser will receive a dozen lashes tomorrow morning and the winner will get a wench for the night.’ I could hardly believe my ears, one of us was to be mated and the other whipped!


The fight started and it was a hard struggle to take Nero down. He was a big, powerful slave. He managed to get the first fall by pinning my shoulders to the mat. I could not understand it, though, I found Nero attractive in a curious way and had not had a woman for days, but contact between our hot and sweaty bodies was exciting me. By a twist of fate I unbalanced Nero and pinned him, winning the second fall. By now our bodies shone with the oil and sweat and getting a grip on Nero was difficult. The last session was desperately fought but, much to my disappointment Nero got the better of me. I lay exhausted as he stood up and planted one of his feet on my heaving chest in victory. Henry threw old rags at us and told us to rub down. Nero was called over to where the Master and his friends sat. The Master nodded to Mr. Raikes who left the room. He turned to me and said, ‘Well fought, nigger, but not quite good enough, you will receive your flogging in the morning.’ Then he addressed Nero and said, ‘Well fought, nigger, now for your reward.’ Mr. Raikes came back with a big, good-looking, high-coloured, girl. ‘Shuck off, wench, you know what to do. You too, Nero, get to work.’ I watched in a state of shocked disgust when she dropped in front of Nero and took him in her mouth. When he was erect he took her on her hands and knees from behind. Soon their cries and moans filled the room. Despite my disgust at the sight of the two slaves coupling I could not help getting an erection. I guessed I was not alone. Georgie was completely unable to control himself and shot a load in his pants causing a dark stain and, among his peers, a round of laughter. Soon, loudly, Nero yelled out and filled her with his juices. They both collapsed in a sweating, panting heap.

Apart from their panting the only noise was Georgie who exclaimed, ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’ The Master laughed turned to his other guests and said, ‘I hope you didn’t mind watching that, gentlemen, it’s just that I like to be sure the stallion does his duty at least once. I used to let them go in private but found some were only being sucked by the wenches and that, my friends, does not provide me with any goods to sell.’ ‘Mr. Raikes, have these two locked together in a quiet cell somewhere for the night. Enjoy yourself Nero, you’ll find Daisy an insatiable bitch.’

The talk turned to breeding new slave stock and the Master said, ‘All of my better bucks like Nero and Ajax here are expected to breed well. As yet I have not put Ajax to stud duties but I expect to earn quite a bit by letting his services out to some of my neighbours. This area, thanks largely to my selective breeding programmes, has a reputation for good quality slaves.’ ‘Now I have seen him for my self I’ll put the word out about Ajax, here.’ Dr Sullivan said, ‘I am sure he will attract a lot of interest. Have you done a potency test on him?’ I was colouring and embarrassed that they should speak of me like this. ‘Yes.’ The Master said, ‘milked him myself. Good big load and thick with quality.’ This last remark was delivered accompanied by a slap on my upper thigh. ‘If I am not wrong we have a pedigree Mandingo here. I have sent to the Agricultural Bureau for full records on him. Should make interesting reading.’

The evening broke up shortly after this.


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