Ajax and Cicero's punishment for buggery continues when they are forced to do hard labor in the nude. Then their newest master separates Ajax from the rest of the slaves for a little buggery of his own.


Antebellum - Chapter 16: Punishment Duties and Recovery
by Drum
Art by Amalaric
Series: Antebellum

Sleep cast its merciful blanket of unconsciousness over me and despite the inflammation of my back and the pangs of hunger in my belly I was able to rest and pass a reasonable night’s rest. I was too fatigued by my punishment to worry about what the dawn may bring. There were rumours that changes were to be made. I was wondering if it was true what Nero had said about Paradise failing. As I slowly and sublimely grew drowsier I lost the will to care. I slept dreamlessly and was startled to hear the work bell sound just before dawn. The door was unlocked and Boss Rowan yelled, ‘On your feet, boy, there’s work for you.’ I was fitted with more chains. When a slave was worked in chains it was a sign he was under punishment. They were more comfortable than the iron manacles of the previous day as they were ring-sectioned steel and had no hard edges to chafe the skin. I was fitted with matching collar, manacles and shackles and handed an old loincloth and told to tie it after I had been liberally coated with palm oil. I was led out to the yard where I found Cicero similarly dressed and equipped. A six-foot length of chain was locked between our collars. Two other big field hands were led out in cloths and chains and my collar was locked to a chain on one of them.

We were taken out of the yard by Boss Nat, who I gathered was newly promoted to whiphand. He was a good-looking man, straw-coloured hair and blue-eyed with a big built body. He wore a wide brimmed hat and sat on a fine big gelding. We were walked about two miles, the chains between our shackles rattling on the stony ground. We arrived on the banks of another reach of the creek from the previous day where there was a pump. It consisted of a capstan with four beams or shafts. We were each chained by the wrists to a beam. ‘Right boys, shuck your cloths and hang them on the capstan, punishment gangs work naked.’ Nat said. He watched us strip and walked round the pump. ‘Right boys, I want the tank kept full to overflowing.’ He stopped in front of me, looked me up and down and said, ‘You are all big strong bucks and should be capable of hard work.’ He raised a hand and felt one of my pecs and then fingered the nipple on it and carried on, ‘In fact very big and strong.’ In a lower voice, as he continued to finger my chest, he said, ‘I’ll be keeping a special eye on you, nigger.’ ‘Yes Boss Nat,’ I said, bouncing my pecs. He smiled broadly. The pecs act never failed to please. ‘Right boys, heave! That’s it, lean into it.’ He cracked the driving whip he carried over our heads. We leaned into the beam and started it up. Once it was on the move it was easier to turn. The water was hauled up from the creek in a chain of buckets attached to the capstan and, at the top, they tipped over and splashed into the tank. Boss Nat could see in the top to see how much was in there.

We had been working for two hours when the breakfast wagon arrived. We ate the gruel standing in our chains at the capstan. I was starving from having no food last night and made quick work of the tasteless mush. Boss Nat came over to where I stood and said, ‘Ajax, how’s your back feeling this morning?’ ‘Sore, Boss, but at least it does not feel like it is burning like it did yesterday.’ ‘Turn round.’ ‘Yes Boss.’ I turned and could feel his hands on my shoulders and upper back. ‘Plenty of bruising but that will fade, Master Patrick certainly knows how to whip a slave without doing serious damage. Not like the Doc did with Cicero. Still he’s plantation property, you belong to Master Richards at Paradise so it wouldn’t do to send you back scarred.’ He turned to Cicero whose skin was cut in places across his back. He would, in my experience of seeing other floggings, heal in due time. ‘As for you, Cicero, you are very lucky the Master was in a merciful mood and didn’t castrate you, boy. I guess he must have hopes of you breeding new stock in the future with these.’ He gripped the chained buck’s balls and gave him a hard squeeze. Cicero whimpered with the pain. ‘You are lucky you have something to hurt when I grip them.’ We had been watered a few times as the work was thirsty going. As Boss Nat was relocking my wrists to the beam I said, ‘Boss Nat, sir.’ ‘What is it boy?’‘I need to piss, sir.’ ‘Ha! You are on a punishment squad, boy, one of the reasons you are naked like an animal is you behaved like one when you got caught and now you will be treated like one. When a horse needs to piss, it pisses where it is, that’s the same for you. Didn’t you see the others? Ha! Right boys, get the pump moving. Heave!’ He cracked the whip over our heads and we pushed the capstan into motion. I had a problem and felt dirty when I could contain my water no longer. I leaned forward and a steady stream ran on the dusty ground. In the hot sun it soon soaked into the dry earth. We pushed on until the sun was way up and overhead. The chow wagon rolled up and we were fed and watered. The usual stew with old vegetables and rotting meat, not good tasting but nourishing.


When the wagon had gone Boss Nat unlocked the other three slaves and led them, in a coffle, to a windowless hut that stood a little way off from the pump. I saw him go in and heard the rattle of chains. Then he came out and locked the door. He came to me and said, ‘Now for a little sport, nigger.’ He unlocked my wrists from the beam and faced me. ‘I have enjoyed driving you, boy, you are a real handsome buck.’ He was touching my unshaven cheeks and neck. ‘Yes, Boss.’ His fingers lightly stroked my shoulder and, again, my chest. When he played with my nipples this time I couldn’t help getting aroused and feeling my cock stiffen up. ‘There, boy, you like it when I touch you, huh?’ ‘Yes, Boss, feels good.’ He took a metal box from his horse and led me by the chain on my collar into a small thicket. There was lush, soft grass in the small clearing and the creek flowed down one side of it. He pulled off his shirt and said, ‘Kneel down and pull my boots off, nigger.’ I did as he ordered and then, when he told me, I helped him out of his pants so he was as naked as me. His body was well-muscled and proportioned, his cock was erect. He opened the metal box and I saw it contained food from the Massa’s kitchen. ‘Like what you see, boy?’ ‘Yes, Boss.’ ‘How would you like to taste it, boy?’ ‘Very much, Boss.’ ‘You will have to earn it, Ajax,’ he said, offering me a piece of bread with ham in it. ‘Lay down here and eat it.’ ‘Thank you, Boss,’ I said as I lay down next to him and tasted, and swallowed it. It was good and tasted so much better than the usual stews we ate. As I chewed on it he ran his fingers over my chest again and rolled towards me. ‘Those, er, “unnatural acts” the Master punished you for yesterday. They are only unnatural between two slaves, boy, that’s because slaves ain’t civilised like us humans and their instincts should direct them to mating between males and females to breed new stock, like animals and the other livestock on the estate, understand, nigger?’‘Yes, Boss, I think so.’ ‘However, boy, when a Master or Boss takes a liking to a fine, upstanding buck like you, that’s different. You see, Ajax, a slave’s job is to serve and please his Boss or Master. So if I felt the urge to use you like a wench that’s fine because I am your Boss and you are my slave whose job is to please me.’ He turned to the box and took out a small glass jar and opened it. ‘Use a finger of this pig fat and grease up your hole, Ajax. There’s talk on the estate you are talented when it comes to pleasing a Master – I want to see if it’s true this afternoon.’

I took the jar and smeared the grease into my hole and fingered myself to relax it. Boss Nat directed my head towards his cock and said, ‘Suck it, slaveboy. Get it nicely slicked up.’ I sucked him until he said, ‘Right boy, on your knees, spread ’em and bend over.’ I felt his cool, wet cock between my ass cheeks and then on my hole. He pressed forward and stretched me. For a white man he was pretty well hung and I grunted with the initial pain of the insertion. He gripped my flanks and slid deep into my guts. He took his time and slowly thrust in and pulled out. I did as I had learnt and gripped him with my ass as he pulled out and relaxed as he thrust into me. ‘Good boy!’ he groaned, ‘Shit boy, you are better than a ten dollar whore in town. I could ride this all afternoon.’ Eventually he increased his pace and let out a long, series of loud cries and I felt his thrusts get more violent as he unloaded his juices into me. He softened and his cock slipped out. I felt the dribble of his juices running down my inner thighs. He rolled me over onto my back and surprised me by sprawling on my chest and kissing my lips. I felt his tongue force its way into my mouth and touch mine. ‘That was beautiful, nigger, I can certainly, now, understand why Master Patrick and his friends like to take their pleasure with a handsome young buck or two.’ He slithered down my chest, the sweat from our bodies mixing. He licked and kissed my nipples before chewing and biting them. Then he took my cock in his hands and licked the shaft and my balls until I was hard and erect again. He sucked on the head and slurped as much as he could into his mouth. The rest he massaged with his hands. I ran my fingers through his golden hair as he sucked on me and soon I was ready to shoot a wad. ‘Boss, it’s coming.’ I groaned, expecting him to pull it out. Instead he briefly let go and said, ‘Shoot in my mouth, boy, give me a taste of nigger juice.’ I cried out in ecstatic pleasure as I felt my seed shoot up my shaft. It was a huge load and he couldn’t take it all. When I had finished he licked my cock clean and I saw his face was covered in my juice. ‘Lick it off, Ajax, lick my face clean.’ With an intense pleasure I covered his handsome face with my tongue, tasting my own seed and lapping him clean.

I rested and he gave me some of the fine food from his box. We cleaned ourselves up by bathing in the cool fresh water of the creeks before I helped him dress and he led me back to the capstan. After he had chained my wrists to the beam he raised my chin with his hand and tilted my face to his, he kissed my lips again and said, ‘Boy, you are one fine specimen of an animal. I’ll watch out for you.’ ‘Thank you, Boss,’ I said, unaccustomed to such gentle treatment from a so-called human. He stood next to me, his hands stroking my shoulders, arms and chest, and said, ‘Shit nigger, you’re beautiful. How does your ass feel?’ ‘A bit sore from the fucking you gave it, Boss.’ I said, unable to suppress a conspiratorial smile. His hand caressed my ass cheeks, ‘Well there’s plenty more where than came from.’ ‘Yes, Boss, thank you, Boss,’ I said as he went to the shed to fetch the other three slaves.


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