After serving his master and Dr Sullivan dinner, Ajax is forced to strip naked for inspection then bred with an attractive female slave named Steria in front of the men.


Antebellum - Chapter 10: Breeding Buck
by Drum
Art by Amalaric
Series: Antebellum

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I had changed into my finery and had gone to the dining room with Henry. I noticed the table was made up for two and said to Henry, ‘I thought the Master was going to eat alone tonight. Does he have a guest?’ ‘Don’t you trouble yourself about the Master’s eating arrangements, boy, that’s his business, you just serve him. As a matter of fact Dr Sullivan is staying over to oversee some breeding. He’s brought a wench along to be covered by a buck. She’s down in the kitchen with Kresha now. Real pretty wench too. Not that wenches interest me much. Now if he’d brought over one or two of his fighting bucks that would be different!’

We prepared for service and then I served the pre-dinner drinks to the Master and Doc Sullivan. The Doc glanced at me and said, ‘Ah! Good, your new nigger is serving us tonight, very kind of you to acquiesce to my request, Tom. He’s a fine looking boy. I felt a little inhibited about looking him over the other evening when you had company.’

They moved into the dining room and sat down to eat. Henry and I served them soup and I cleared the plates as Henry served a main course. ‘You know, Doc, I don’t quite know how to say this but do you think it’s normal for a master to enjoy, even get a sexual stimulus, from beating or whipping a slave?’ ‘O yes, Tom, that is a very normal thing to happen, it’s called Sadism. I have even known perfectly normal masters to experience full sexual satisfaction and climax when whipping a slave boy or even a slave girl. I must confess that if I need satisfaction I have often taken one of my wenches to the bedroom and given her a belt or cane across the buttocks to make me feel good before I mount her. You see, Tom, these niggers were not only put here to serve and work for us but to give us pleasure when we need it, even if it is only watching them play. Take the other evening when we watched Nero hump the wench.  It was not only our duty to watch so we made sure he did his job but I personally enjoyed the sight of two, fit young slaves rutting.’ ‘I only asked, Doc, because we had to brand and whip a runaway today and I found myself almost out of control when I leathered his back and this morning I whipped Ajax here with a light lash and felt myself getting off on that too.’

‘Well, Tom, they are yours to do with as you wish. I am sure a big, strapping nigger like Ajax can take a beating. Niggers’ skins are thicker and less sensitive than ours, it don’t cause them so much damage and keeps them in their place.’ The Doc continued, ‘That’s why they have bigger physiques and more strength, to be exploited by the superior race and serve as our slaves. Ain’t that so, Ajax?’ I turned and said, ‘Yes Doc, sir.’The Master said, ‘I noticed this morning when I was laying the leather on Ajax’s back he got real horned up.’ ‘O, I have seen that plenty of times, it don’t necessarily mean a nigger is enjoying it but often it does. Did you enjoy being whipped, Ajax?’ ‘No Doc, sir.’ ‘There, you see what I mean.’

At the end of the meal they moved back to the corner in the ballroom. I was called to follow them and I entered and faced them. ‘Ajax, the Doc here would like to take a closer look at you, boy. Seems the other evening when you wrestled there were too many folk around for his comfort. Take your gloves and footwear off.’ ‘Yes Master.’ I said ‘Now your shirt, strip to the waist.’ ‘Yes Master,’ I stripped to the waist as they watched closely. ‘OK, Ajax,’ the Doc said, ‘Drop your pants and show me your naked body.’ ‘Yes Doc, sir.’ I stripped naked and faced them not daring to eyeball them. Once again I felt the shame of being made to stand naked before my master and his friend. ‘Why, Tom- he is a magnificent creature! Nigger, walk around the ballroom and show me how you move.’ ‘Yes Doc, sir.’ I walked smartly round the perimeter of the ballroom I could feel my cock gently swinging between my thighs and was conscious that they were looking at it with interested pleasure. ‘Trot, boy.’ ‘Yes sir.’ I jogged and then, when ordered, ran until I was told to stop. They had risen up and called me to where they stood. ‘On your knees, nigger,’ the doc said. He forced his fingers in my mouth and pulled my lips apart. ‘Good, white and regular teeth.’ He dried his fingers in my tightly cut scalp. ‘Good clean hair, too.’ He pulled my eyelids up and down, ‘Clear and limpid eyes, very healthy animal. Stand up slave boy, and flex your arms.’ ‘Yes sir.’ I said pulling and flexing my arms. Both the Masters felt my expanded biceps. ‘Enormous!’ the Doc said, ‘Huge, hard and, no doubt, very strong. I’d like to test him hefting rocks one day just to see how much he can lift.’ He felt my shoulders and chest, lingering on the whorls of hair on my pectorals. He slapped my abdomen hard and gave it a punch for which I was braced and ready.

He told me to turn round and flex again. I felt their hands on my upper back. ‘I see the bruising from the whip. Nothing serious, it will fade in a day or two. You need a regular whipping to keep a big brute like this in his place, not that it hurts them much.’ ‘Ajax, go to the hall stand and bring my crop.’ ‘Yes master.’ I said and went out to the hall stand and found it. I took it back and handed it to him. The Doc took it and flexed it. ‘As I said earlier, Tom, it’s no sin to give a slave a beating, even when he has not done anything wrong. He understands he must be kept in line. When was the last time you were caned, nigger?’ ‘Don’t know, sir, a long time.’ ‘Guess it’s time for you to be caned again and reminded of the feel of a crop on your hide.’ The Doc said, taking off his coat and handing it to me to hang up. ‘Bend over that table, boy.’ ‘Yes, sir.’

I bent over the table and prepared myself. I could see the Master and Doc Sullivan in a mirror and saw the Doc raise his hand with the crop in it. It came down with a whooshing sound and connected with my buttocks with a burning sting. I grunted with the pain and shook slightly. The Doc gave me nine more across the buttocks. My cock, true to form, was firmed up. To finish my Master took the crop and brought it across my upper back and shoulders 10 times. By this time my cock was rigid and throbbing. ‘OK, slave, stand up straight and face us.’ The Master said. I turned and faced them trying to conceal my erection. ‘Hands at your side, boy.’ The Doc said. He looked at my groin and said, almost in awe, ‘Now that’s what I call a horned up nigger, and just feel it, it’s like an iron bar.’ Both men felt my rock hard shaft and gave my balls a squeeze. ‘You understand why we just caned you, boy?’ ‘Yes, sir, to keep me in my place and remind me of my manners, sir.’ ‘And you know your place, nigger?’ ‘Yes sir, to work hard and obey my betters, sir.’ ‘And to fornicate with this monster and make new niggers to work for their betters.’ ‘Yes, master.’

antebellum-10b‘Well, it’s a pity to waste it, not that a virile young buck like this would have a problem getting another erection. Send for the wench to come up.’ The Master rang the house bell. Henry came in and smirked when he saw me.  ‘Henry, fetch up Doc Sullivan’s breeding wench.’ ‘Yes master.’ Soon the door opened and a girl was brought in. She moved with dignity and was of a light colouring, despite her poor clothes she was very beautiful. She lowered her eyes when she saw me naked and erect. ‘Ajax, get ready to service the bitch. Steria, get your clothes off.’ The Doc said, ‘I name all my wenches after flowers if they are beautiful like her, Steria is short for wisteria.’ I watched with growing excitement as the wench stripped naked. She wore some kind of scent and its effect on my senses heightened my desire for her. I began to tremble slightly and my breath rate increased. ‘Shit, look at that buck, he can hardly wait. OK Ajax, get to work. Cover her.’ I was, of course disgusted that Steria and I were to be allowed no privacy but realised this was how things were done on this plantation. I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply.  ‘Enough of that crap!’ the Master shouted, ‘Get on with the job, nigger!’ We dropped to the thick carpet and I gently penetrated her from behind, animal fashion. She sighed and groaned and I felt her juices in her vagina as I drove further into the warmth of her body. I massaged her full breasts and gently thrust into her in my insistent love-dance.‘That’s it boy, show her what it’s like to be mated with a randy nigger stallion,’ the Doc said.

After a while they stood up and watched over us. I felt, in my delirious pleasure, the Master’s crop across my arse a couple of times. This had the effect of spurring me on to coming. I shouted with the basest of instinctive pleasure and Steria seemed to scream with ecstasy as we both, loudly and sweatily, exploded; joined as one. I felt the Master’s shoe on my arse when we had collapsed face forward on the floor, ‘Keep inside her, nigger, I want her knocked up.’ When I had softened I was thrown a rag to wipe myself and tie at my loins. The Master said to the Doc, ‘I reckon that was worth at least $20.00 in stud fees, Doc, that is, if she takes.’ They rang for service, Henry came in. ‘Put these two in a secure cell for the night together. Take the nigger’s finery. Ajax, give her a good time, nigger, you will be called late tomorrow so show the bitch how long you can go on for.’

I was taken with Steria to a basement cell and we were locked up for the night. We fell upon each other in a passionate, unending session of furious love-making that lasted until we were both sated and exhausted. The Master was good to his promise, and we were allowed to get up way after the rest of the slaves. I washed and put on my work clothes and saw Steria on the box of the Doc’s carriage as he left that morning. I determined to see her again ….


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