Alex's transformation to a slave continues........

Alex’s New Life Part 2
By TaigaStar
Series: Alex's New Life
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Alex curled into the fetal position on the table, its dark green surface cool against the touch of his skin. He could not block the world out, his senses keeping him in the reality he now faced. His ass hurt from being fucked for the first time, cum dribbled out, cold when exposed to the air; he could taste his captor's cum still; his cock was limp and touched the table behind his knees, and he could feel the piercings in his skin. He was left completely alone, hairless and naked, and yet he also felt a twinge of joy at the situation. As the sense of joy seeped into his thoughts, Alex wished he were dead; clearly, half of his feelings were not his own anymore.

From behind, the table's console made a barely audible beep. Its surface rippled and stretched, snaking another probe upwards and seeking Alex's sensitive hole. Alex gasped as the probe penetrated him, much gentler than his captor had been. The probe gently began to expand, widening itself and Alex's hole until the flesh could expand no more. As the probe began to vibrate, Alex tried to shift away from it and escape further violation, but found it was too far inside of him. He sighed again, his body impaled anally on a giant vibrator.

He shifted his position again, stretching his legs to their full length. He briefly admired their musculature before frowning as his new penis entered view. It was impressively long, and proportionately thick, with a beautiful hood of foreskin covering the head. His balls were equally impressive, perfectly smooth as they rested in their pouch. He felt equally bitter, seeing the thick metal ring piercing his head, knowing that he'd never be hard again. The stimulation in his ass would very likely have had him rock-hard, normally. His balls would probably have ached for release as well. Neither activity was possible anymore.

He glanced down at his chest, seeing his buff, defined pecs and ripped abdomen. His captor had known what he was doing: he was totally male, but so completely not at the same time. As he was staring at his chest and stomach heave with each breath, he felt a rush of pleasure jolt his entire body. The vibrations had intensified, and his nerves exploded in pleasure at the stimulation. He came to the realization that he wanted something more as he lay there. He wanted to suck cock again, to taste cum, to be the slave he was chosen to be. Each tingle through his ass rippled across his entire frame, wracking his mind with desires to submit, to accept his new life. Alex drew another breath and released it. He tried fighting the urge. The vibrations continued, but he could not tell how much time was passing either a long period of time, or minutes that felt like hours. He was overwhelmed.

He looked down at his knee-length member and stared at it. It lay between his legs limp and useless, much like he was feeling. He gripped the flaccid shaft and brought it up to his face, studying his dickhead. Before his capture, he'd been cut. Staring at his new foreskin, he decided to see what he'd lacked in previous years. He slid the skin back, exposing his pierced, purplish head completely. As disgusted as it made him, there was a certain sexiness to it. He slid the skin over the head again, then back down. He could feel how much more sensitive he was, yet the stimulation he felt was not enough to give him an erection. He brought the cockhead to his lips and licked the tip gently. His tongue studs clinked the ring. The sound aroused him, an erotic interruption of the table-vibrator's soft hum. He slipped more of his cock into his mouth and began to suck. He could barely fit the entire head in, but he could feel the piercing at the back of his throat. His tongue studs rubbed against the sensitive head. He felt thrilled at the pleasurable sensations he experienced, but found he wanted to suck a different cock next.

The door opened abruptly, allowing Alex's captor to enter. He roared with laughter. 'Ah, I see you're playing with your new body,' he said with satisfied amusement. He walked over and nodded approvingly. 'Suck all you want. You won't cum, either.' He watched Alex a moment longer, then pressed the console. The vibrating extension of the table retreated, disappearing into the flat surface. 'Keep your cock in your mouth, kneel on the floor, then let go of your dick. I want to hear it clunk on the cement.' Alex moved as he was ordered, dropping to his knees on the bare cement floor. He pushed the head out with his tongue and other oral muscles, and his saliva-covered dick hit the floor with the metallic sound he was asked to provide. 'Do you want my cock, slave?'

Alex sat in silence. His body wanted to lunge at his captor's cock and cram it into any available orifice. His mind, however, was hesitant. He wanted to say no, but he also wanted to submit to his body's urges. 'If I agree to this,' he said, 'will you let me get hard?' He thought for a moment. 'Or cum, instead?'

His captor laughed loudly. 'Slave, you misunderstand the situation. You are my thing. Whether or not you agree is irrelevant. You do not get to negotiate.' He placed a hand atop Alex's bald head. 'Still, maybe I'll be nice and set you free like this. You can go out into the world with no clothes, no wallet, nothing; I'd be interested to see how you get along unable to perform sexually, hugely hung, hairless. Eventually, your need to be with another person would win out over your shame-induced solitude. It's already happening.' He saw Alex's expression change into something resembling defeat. 'Now, before I proceed with that plan, I will ask you one question. Do you want to be my plaything?'

It was not much of a choice. Either way would be a freak, though as a slave he would at least have companionship. And a cock to service. Alex did not bother to hesitate. 'Yes,' he whispered.


Yes, Master,' Alex said loudly.

'Excellent. Now get on the table and show me you want me inside you.'

Alex got up and sat back on the table, spreading his legs wide to expose his ass. 'Please, Master, I want you inside of me.' He realized his actions and words were completely voluntary now. 'Please fuck me again.'

Alex's master smiled, then he walked over and put his hand on Alex's ever-flaccid penis. 'In time, you'll come to love this.' He picked up the massive member and let it drop lifelessly to the table, its piercing making a clang on impact. He picked it up again and draped it upwards, across Alex's abdomen and pulled Alex's spread legs closer to him. His cock slid effortlessly into Alex's worked hole, and he began pounding furiously. He exploded into the hole quickly, then stepped back. 'Slave, I want you to get on the floor on your hands and knees.'

Alex complied, sliding his bare legs over the side of the table and onto the floor, lowering himself to his knees, punctuated with the sound of his piercing hitting the ground, and then placed his open palms on the floor. He felt his master's cum start to drip out of his hole and down the underside of his balls. He hoped his master would fuck him again, to add more cum to his hungry asshole. He awaited instructions, actions, anything, but there was only silence. 'Master?' In response to his speaking, he felt pain surge through his massive balls. His stomach twisted and he felt the urge to vomit from the sheer force of the blow. He cried out, only to receive a second blow to his balls.

'Silence!' Master punched Alex's balls a third time to emphasize the command. 'You will not speak unless spoken to. I gave you massive balls for this reason. If you speak out of turn again, you will be punished in the same manner. Is that clear?'

'Forgive me, Master,' Alex pleaded. His answer was another painful blow to the balls. Startled, he cried out, only to realize a moment too late that he made noise out of turn. Yet again, he was struck in the balls. Despite the agony, he managed to remain silent.

'I asked you a question. You will answer it. Are you clear on the punishment for speaking out of turn?'

'Yes, Master,' Alex whimpered. He felt his arms trembling from the pain of his punishment. He had the sensation that his new lifestyle would be filled with pain if he did not do better.

'From this point on, I will not repeat myself. You will listen and obey instructions the first time, or you will be punished. I expect you to be more useful than that dick of yours.' As emphasis, he nudged the limp member with his foot. 'Anyway, it's time for you to meet your roommate.' He walked over to the door and opened it, allowing another man to enter on all fours. He was similarly muscular, equally hairless, and had an equally huge dick dragging between his legs. The only differences were the shape of the face and a slightly redder pigment to the skin. 'The two of you will sleep on the floor. When I want you, I will come for one or both of you, and you shall follow me. For now, I'll leave you two to get acquainted.' He closed the door behind him, sparing a single glance at his two slaves.

Alex stared at the other slave, unsure of everything. He found himself marginally saddened that he would need to compete for his new master's attention, but found it erotically comforting that he was not the only one of his kind. He pondered the thought; he thought of himself as something different, separated from his old life and body. Before he could think further, the new slave walked past and began to lick Alex's exposed, cum-filled hole. Alex let out a startled noise, but remained still. There was something he enjoyed about having his master's cum lapped out of his well-fucked hole. The other slave's licking was almost animalistic as it probed for every drop of cum. He knew his useless meat would have been hard at the sensations he now felt. Part of him yearned to have some brief moment for either erection or orgasm.

The slave finished licking Alex's hole clean and walked back to face him. He pressed his lips to the other's and pushed his tongue through. Alex felt the other slave's two tongue studs rub against his own, and returned the kiss, enjoying the lingering taste of cum. When they broke their kiss, the new slave spoke. 'I want to feel your dick.'

Alex shifted, willing to comply, and found himself yearning for the same. He sat back, his muscular butt cheeks resting on the heels of his feet. He adjusted his position and looked down his muscled chest and abdomen to his massive, utterly useless dick with the large ring going through the enlarged slit at its tip. His balls still ached from his punishment, but the pain was beginning to subside. The other slave drew closer, his hands probing Alex's meat before licking along the entire length of the shaft. The slave then sat back in a mirror of Alex's, revealing an identically sculpted torso. Alex leaned forward and mimicked the other's actions, feeling the enlarged shaft, licking it sensually. When he finished, he sat back in the same position.

'I'm James,' the other slave said after a moment.

'Alex,' he replied. He stared from his dick to James' identical one, then at James' face. It seemed so awkward to proceed, in spite of their circumstances. James was his competition for their master's attention, but also the only person that could understand him. He looked down at James' groin again. 'How long have you been like this?'

'Not too long,' James answered. 'I haven't been able to keep track of how long I've been here.' He felt a pang of desire as he stared at Alex. 'I feel weird. I'm so horny, I want to fuck around with you so badly, but since I can't get hard, I just don't have as strong an urge.'

'I feel the same way,' Alex said in a vain attempt to comfort his fellow slave. The words felt totally wrong. The entire conversation felt wrong, the only rightness was the sensation of animalistic desire he felt. Rather than say more, Alex opted to walk over to James on all fours and wrap himself around the other. James shifted and lay back, stretching his legs out and entwining them around Alex's. They lay with their bodies pressed together, their hands and legs wrapped around each other, tongues probing the other's mouth, their identical studs clunking against each other with each motion. They ground the bases of their shafts together for no other reason than to feel more of each other.

Eventually the broke apart, lying next to each other on the bare floor. James grabbed his limp member and playfully swung it over across Alex's stomach. Alex let out an amused chuckle and did the same. They stared at their cocks, draped across the other, identical in every way. Alex sat up and pulled his dick back, turning the large piercing until he found a small seam in the metal. He pulled James' dick over and linked his piercing into the other, connecting them.

'Our cocks are kissing,' Alex said, amused.

'It's the only thing they can do,' James said, a strange tone in his voice. 'Big, limp, useless floppy cocks that do nothing but hang there. It's kind of hot, especially knowing that you're the same.'

'That was kind of hot,' Alex commented, feeling a rush through his body.

'Do you know what your tattoo says?' James had a sly grin on his face.

'No. I don't know where Master put it. I presume on my back,' Alex replied. James rolled onto his stomach, enjoying the slight tug on his linked dickhead. Alex saw words written at the base of James's spine, reading: 'I am a slave. I am so useless; my cock can't even get hard. Make me feel useful by fucking my asshole.' Above the words was a tribal design. Alex studied it for a moment before discerning the pattern to be a penis with cum spraying out of it. 'I have the same?'

James rolled onto his back. 'Yeah. The two of us are useless slaves, forever limp. And I love having a huge cock that can't ever get hard linked to yours, which will never get hard.'

Alex straddled James, their cocks essentially forgotten as they lay on the floor between James’s legs. 'I'm glad to be useless with you.'

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