A sexy British aristocrat endures a humiliating experience when he books an in-home reflexology session with an equally sexy Spaniard in this new foot tickling & cum control story by Richard!

Something is Afoot in Mayfair - Page 1
by Richard
Art by @Ticklerdraftsman (Instagram)
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Lynley Montague, the 14th Earl Of Carlisle, was relaxing in the drawing room of his magnificent Mayfair mansion one early Friday evening after a tedious day at work in The City, where he served on the Boards of many companies. At least the notoriously changeable London weather was cooperating tonight, a notably balmy summer evening.

The handsome, dark-haired 6’ 3” 30-year-old Earl and his blonde, “Sloane Ranger” wife, Cecily, the Countess of Carlisle, (by marriage) shared the vast Mayfair mansion with their 2 young children, the entire family normally well seen to by a fleet of servants.

The Earl and Countess, while not “celebrities” in the true (and rather vulgar) sense, did secretly enjoy a certain notoriety among “those in the know” of exactly “who mattered and who didn’t,” and were well-known in the best elite UK circles for their charity balls, charity polo matches, and other extravagant events covered extensively and fawningly in Tatler and the like, including discreet photos of the events and with detailed reports of the expensive designer clothes worn by those fortunate enough to be in attendance and so lushly photographed.

However, this evening, Peer Of The Realm Lynley found himself alone, since the Countess and the children were at her mother’s country estate, accompanied by the children’s nanny and other servants, and it was the rest of the servants’ evening off. Ordinarily, it was arranged that there would always be at least a few servants, notably The Earl’s butler/houseman, Alfred, to “see to” things in the household, but this evening Alfred had recently departed to care for an ill relative, but had, of course, made sure that a suitable and sumptuous evening meal had been laid out for Lynley, including an appropriate bottle of wine to enjoy with his meal.

That completed, Lynley now looked forward to a relaxing evening he had proudly arranged all by himself (well the Countess had circled an advert in the Tatler for him, but he had actually telephoned and arranged an appointment himself, speaking earlier that afternoon to a briskly efficient female assistant who managed such appointments), his wife having noted that the advert in the esteemed magazine touted the fact that “Sebastian” was an “expert who catered to persons suffering from tired, aching feet” who attended to same “in the privacy of one’s own luxury abode” and the fact that Sebastian particularly excelled in the study of the “reflexology” of the feet in a “holistic approach” that “guaranteed beneficial effects throughout one’s entire body, not just in the area of one’s feet.”

Dear Cecily knew quite well that although the young Earl prided himself on his extremely fit body that he kept in peak physical condition assisted by a Personal Trainer, he did often complain that his feet were tired and ached at the end of the day or, for instance, after the Earl performed in one of the family’s charity polo events. The Countess even teased the Earl a bit about this, finding it amusing that the very same physical specimen that appeared in the best magazines (whose hirsute, manly chest was often depicted open-shirted at the conclusion of said charity polo matches, and whose prowess was avidly admired by the assembled nobility and even some royals) secretly suffered from “foot trouble”. “If they only knew, darling…” was Cecily’s take on it, whereupon she would emit one of her charming (to the Earl- but grating to others) girlish giggles.

Anticipating Sebastian’s imminent scheduled arrival, an impeccably Savile Row bespoke suit-and-tie clad Lynley had retired to the library of the mansion where he reclined on a leather chaise lounge which he often laid on to read, deeming that to be a suitable location for Sebastian to see to his needs.

Sure enough, minutes later, the Earl heard the Westminster chimes of the Mayfair mansion’s doorbell ring meaning that no doubt Sebastian had arrived.

The Earl Of Carlisle was not accustomed to answering his own door since Alfred always “saw to” that, but managed to extricate himself off of the leather chaise to answer the door.

Lynley was somewhat taken aback when the person at the door who identified himself as Sebastian did not appear to be a fellow Englishman at all, but rather was a rather deeply-tanned, olive-skinned muscular young man with some sort of accent.

The 6’ 2” Sebastian was clad in a form-fitting, starkly white Ralph Lauren Polo shirt that emphasized and contrasted with his olive-skinned musculature and black trousers and was carrying an item about the size of a massage table as well as a gym bag.

Sebastian shook an astonished Lynley’s hand with a surprisingly strong grip and, having noted Lynley’s surprised look (a look equally due to the handsome Sebastian’s accented foreignness and the fact that the Earl was not accustomed to having his noble hand shaken so vigorously, especially by one not of one’s own Class), explained in his heavily-accented English that he was originally from Spain, that he had “arrived” in Britain 3 years ago when he was 22 (the xenophobic Lynley silently wondered if, indeed, Sebastian was even legally in the UK), but, in any case, the foreigner apologized for his accent. (Sebastian’s accent further secretly annoyed the insular and xenophobic Lynley but Lynley acknowledged to himself that the accent combined with the fellow’s olive-skinned muscularity was of a sort that would seem exotic and appealing to many women, (Lynley also beginning to suspect that Sebastian’s following in the adverts section of the Tatler might be explained by women readers’ enthrallment with the fellow’s muscular good looks and exotic accent). Lynley therefore also secretly consoled himself with the fact that the Countess herself had not professed to have any foot trouble- Lynley would not trust this handsome “foreigner” to get anywhere near to his wife, but the fellow’s strong body and otherwise affable (if decidedly foreign) manner seemed to otherwise affirm that the fellow likely did know what he was doing with this “foot reflexology” business, and at this point Lynley was willing to try most anything.

The Earl therefore formally introduced himself as “Lynley Montague, the 14th Earl Of Carlisle,” Sebastian apparently quite impressed by Lynley’s elite lineage, not to mention his amazement at the elegance of the huge but impeccably and tastefully furnished Mayfair mansion. Sebastian was a bit taken aback, however, when he replied “eet eees so nice to make your acquaintance, Senor Lynley” whereupon Lynley rather icily informed Sebastian that he was ONLY to “refer to me as ‘My Lord’ or ‘Your Lordship’!”

Lynley then led Sebastian into the library and approached the same leather chaise. Sebastian momentarily admired some sterling-silverframed photographs of Lynley on horseback in his polo attire at various charity events, mostly polo events and at fox hunts. “Yes, those are of me posing after several major polo wins if I do say so myself. The rest are photos at the fox hunts those dreadful Marxist animal activists boycott. I think it’s rather clever how my wife, Countess Cecily, keeps one of my riding crops placed against that table as testament to her husband’s prowess at the sport- one can only succeed at polo by showing the horse who is boss, and, believe me, when I ride a horse he knows who is in control!” boasted Lynley.

Lynley then again lay on his back fully- and impeccably-clothed on the leather chaise as he watched Sebastian put down the gym bag he was carrying and also begin extricating what Lynley had assumed was some sort of massage table.

However, Lynley was surprised when the item Sebastian had brought was not a “massage table” per se, but rather was a wooden contraption with a top portion and a bottom portion with 2 “holes” spaced some distance apart.

Sebastian then affixed this item to the foot of the leather chaise with some sort of built-in clamps where the fully-clothed Savile Row bespoke suit-and-tie clad Lynley was reclined on his back, and then lifted the upper portion of it, whereupon he placed both of Lynley’s impeccablypolished John Lobb shoes (2,500 British Pounds Sterling a pair) into the wide-spaced “holes” in the contraption (this pair having been made-toorder for His Lordship based on molds made to his specification- just like the Prince Of Wales’ and other royal patrons of John Lobb).

Lynley was quite startled by this, especially when Sebastian closed the top portion down and locked it in place so that Lynley’s ankles and highly-polished John Lobb shoes were essentially “trapped” in the confines of the contraption!

“I say! What is the meaning of this. Sebastian? Those shoes are priceless one-of-a-kind objects! Whyever have you placed my feet in this contraption?”

The “contraption,” whose resemblance to American Colonial “stocks” for the punishment of prisoners was not lost on Lynley, caused His Lordship some alarm.

Lynley was mollified, however, when Sebastian replied “Oh, Your er, Lordship, sir, theeese eees so your feet, how-you-say?, stay in place, Your Lordship, sir. Sometimes when I perform my reflexology treeetments some of the clients, they, how-you-say?- move their feet too much, Your Lordship, which limits the results. Some of them, usually the ladies, Your Lordship, may even be a bit teek-lish, Your Lordship, which can cause problems, Your Lordship…”

“Well, for heaven’s sake I am not a bit ‘teek-lish’ as you say, but it is good to know the purpose since it is a bit odd….” Lynley amusing himself by making fun of the “foreigner” Sebastian’s accent, which was not lost on Sebastian who did not find it amusing.

“Now we get to work, yes, Your Lordship? You will see- Sebastian will give My Lord everything he deserves, Your Lordship, and release all his tensions!…” went on Sebastian, as he reverently unlaced Lynley’s expensive John Lobb shoes and carefully removed them from each of the nobleman’s feet, Sebastian’s nose noticeably wrinkling from Lynley’s foot odor as the nobleman looked on in horror, Sebastian noting “not to worry, Your Lordship- Sebastian’s fragrant oils and creams will eliminate all embarrassing foot odors, Your Lordship, you are in excellent hands!”

Sebastian then set about removing each of Lynley’s expensive Turnbull & Asser black sheer Merino wool mid-length business socks, reaching up through the cuffs of his bespoke pin-striped Savile Row suit pants to slowly draw down the elegant material of his expensive socks, slowly, slowly down and then off of the nobleman’s size 12 feet, suddenly exposing Lynley’s bare, pink crinkly soles and wiggling, flexing toes as they were released from their socked imprisonment, the relatively cooler air of the room caressing each foot and emphasizing their total exposure to Sebastian’s view.

“Ah, Your Lordship, your feet are of a good size, My Lord. Like most Englishmen, particularly a nobleman like you, Sebastian is sure that you are not accustomed to going around barefoot, but eet is sooo good for theee feeet- it amuses Sebastian that many Englishmen they say to Sebastian when he has bared their feet like theees, they say-‘ooo Sebastian eet makes me feel like the rest of me is bare also!’- ees that not amusing My Lord? So peculiar to Sebastian are Englishmen….”

“Harummph! Stuff and nonsense! Well, suffice it to say, Sebastian, that I am no ‘ordinary’ Englishman, now am I?! And I feel quite clothed-and impeccably so- I might add!” replied the pompous nobleman Lynley. Just the same, for some unexplained reason, as the cool air of the room continued to caress his bared yet bound soles, a brief frisson of a feeling of total nakedness did wash over him briefly, a disconcerting feeling to say the least- Imagine being reduced to a state of nature in front of a lowly person like this foreign Sebastian fellow! Unthinkable! mused Lynley.

Lynley’s thoughts gave way to contented sighs as Lynley was amazed as Sebastian then went to work on his bare feet, using some kind of fragrant scented cream and deeply massaging each of his bare feet in turn. The nobleman found himself “oooing and ahhing” with pleasure at the handsome Spaniard’s smiling ministrations to his tired, aching feet and wriggling toes, Lynley reassured by the foreigner’s smiling countenance, Lynley noticing for the first time what an engagingly white-toothed smile the fellow had as he so appropriately subserviently kneeled at Lynley’s exposed pink crinkly feet attending to them, and how the whiteness of his teeth contrasted so starkly against the dark olive-skin of the exotic foreigner’s handsome face. Lynley even began to feel a bit guilty that he had doubted the skills of the fellow who actually seemed to pride himself on slavish devotion to his clients or that he had mused that such a handsome, muscular fellow might be some kind of “gigolo” for bored, aristocratic women. The fellow really seemed to have real talent! Lynley was beginning to totally relax.

It was at this point that Sebastian announced that “eet is now time for theee important reflexology part of the treeetment, Your Lordship. Theees eees the most important part, yes? You see, various parts of theee feeet they have- how you say?- powers over the other muscles and parts of theee body…theee feeeet are theeee key to unleashing great power and relief of pain depending on which part of theeee foot she is stim-u-lated, My Lord…”

“So now Sebastian he will begin….” Sebastian then extended one strong, olive-skinned finger in the air in front of Lynley’s startled eyes before suddenly and out of Lynley’s vision sliding it delicately down the pink crinkly sole of the English Nobleman Lynley’s bare, exposed right foot to “test for the reactions” as Lynley suddenly jerked and went rigid in his leather chaise as Sebastian’s devilish finger (and then multiple fingers) did its/their work, Lynley then raising his head off of the chaise and going “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEH!!! WHAT HAHAHAHA ARE HAHAHAHAHA YOU HAHAHAHAHAAH DOING??? THAT OH MY HAHAHAHAAH GOD!!!! TICKLES!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! STOPPPPPPPP!!!!”

“Aha My Lord! Thees ees very interesting! It seems Your Lordship is indeed teek-lish like many of my women clients, My Lord, but the occasional man as well! But Sebastian he is the ‘sole’ of discretion, Your Lordship- eef you will forgive Sebastian for the pun! Sebastian will never let on that Your Lordship ees a bit teek-lish…” announced Sebastian.

“Ahem. Well I am NOT ‘teek-lish’ as YOU call it! You merely startled me a bit is all! But be careful that you make firmer contact with the feet- one does have sensitive nerve endings down there, after all… replied Lynley, trying to catch his breath.

“Of course, My Lord. Sebastian he will be more careful. But, My Lord, thees ees part of the reflexology! Already Sebastian he has discovered just from tapping the various points of His Lordship’s fine aristocratic feet just now, that these parts of your feet have signaled to Sebastian that there are many, many other parts of Your Lordship’s noble body that have much, much more tension, My Lord and these tensions they are not good- they all must be released and Sebastian will aid his Lordship in releasing all of these many pent-up tensions, My Lord. In order to holistically treat Your Lordship, Sebastian will be obliged to examine and treat these areas as well as your noble feet, My Lord!” replied Sebastian.

“Whatever do you mean? Treat other parts of my body other than my feet? But it is my feet that need work, no other places! This all sounds like a lot of psycho-babble to me!” insisted Lynley, confused and a bit perturbed.

“Ah My Lord- You will see- Sebastian he will make Your Lordship feel much better all over My Lord! For instance, your feet- their reflexes a minute ago when you thought you felt ‘teekles” in your feet this told Sebastian exactly where many, many other troubles and tensions exist! So now Sebastian he will proceed to examine and treat these tensions in the order Your Lordship’s feet have told Sebastian to do so. The first point of tension noted in Your Lordship’s feet was tension in Your Lordship’s upper body. Sebastian will now therefore examine this area’s reflexology as well…”

“What the devil!?” exclaimed Lynley as Sebastian proceeded to now rise from his subservient kneeling position at Lynley’s feet and rise to his full 6’ 2” height towering above the recumbent Lynley, and, after reaching into his gym bag of oils and creams suddenly extracted a pair of leather wrist cuffs, and before Lynley realized what was happening, had managed to fasten the cuffs around Lynley’s wrists over his patrician head and behind the top of the leather chaise!

Lynley now struggled wildly in his bonds, realizing Sebastian now had him virtually immobile and strapped to his own leather chaise!


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